BlackBerry App World surpasses 10,000 apps as we head into DevCon

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By Bla1ze on 7 Sep 2010 02:05 pm EDT

As we gear up to head to San Franciso for the BlackBerry Developers Conference there, Alex Kinsella, Senior Product Manager for BlackBerry App World at Research In Motion tweeted out some news for us all. BlackBerry App World has surpassed the 10,000 available application mark. This years BlackBerry Developer Conference is shaping up to be quite the event and hopefully, with all the great things happening within the BlackBerry platofrm it won't be long now before BlackBerry App World passes its next 10,000 applications.

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BlackBerry App World surpasses 10,000 apps as we head into DevCon


a good 2000-3000 are those stupid comic series, dictionary and language crap. I personally don't think you can count a doc addon as a separate app.

Why not? Apple counts a fart app as an app. A lot of the apps in the Apple AppStore are worthless junk that do absolutely nothing useful. So why the heck not? lol

I just recently got a chance to play around with a Galaxy S phone (Captivate). The Apps on Android Market are impressive. There was a free app for almost anything I could think of. On my wonderful 9700, I'd be lucky to find quality free apps. I like fun apps especially for entertainment to kill those long minutes when waiting for a meeting to start or actually during one of those long boring conference calls. I am not one of those people that enjoying paying for apps unless I absolutely think I need it.

Go get the Captivate if that's what makes you happy. I'm thinking of doing it myself, but don't complain if you choose to buy and stick with a BB.

Hmmm. If developers and rim stop being gay app world will have lot more apps. Developers are lazy and rim refuses 2 make all devices with openGL and memory like the torch. The 9780 better have at least a GB of memory if not rim should stick with the business market and shut up bout bbm lol. Torch is like 3 or 4yrs 2 late. But watch crackberry addicts like me will still get a 9780 lol.

.MemoryUp Pro.Smart wi-fi
.V Cast Song ID-
...keep them coming...

And how many of them are even good? lol. Even some of the best apps for blackberry are watered down compared to versions on other phones.

Way to go RIM!!

Probably less then that are useful on the iPhone app world. People keep going on about how apple has 100's of 1000's of apps, but less then 1 out of 20,000 are impressive. They also have maybe 5? "good" games.

i bet that new os with qnx will change this kevin believes that it will be possible to run android apps on it bang over night 200 000 apps! if its true and the way kevin was talking he really believed it to be true you guys should listen to the last podcast

Keep Android apps away from BB. Android marketplace is full of malicious software. Some analysts have said 1 in 5 Android apps are potentially malicious. REALLY! Android is the new Windows, you have to use virus/spyware/malware scanners.

P.S. 75% of Android apps are absolute crap. I had an Android and barely any apps run on all phones. While theres a lot of free's mostly garbage. Unless it's from a big name company.

How many of em are actually quality apps? Not many. Not trying to be negative, but I'm thinking 6 to 8 out of 10,000

This is too funny. Droid just dropped and they have waaaaay more apps. Iphone came out in 2007 and they have waaaaaaaaaaaay more apps. Rim has been around for at least 10 yrs and they just hit the 10,000 mark. What a damn joke. The apps are pretty lame and useless. When the number one app us a flashing led light that's to bleeping funny. Hurry up contract and expire or bite the bullet and pay full price. Lol. BB has nothing else to offer besides something to talk on.

Is this supposed to be good news? Face it RIM- BlackBerrys are not meant for apps, failure. That's what happens when you're late to the game in technology and innovation. Not to mention the quality of these "Apps"...

For some reason I was thinking they passed 10k awhile ago....

I wonder how many are themes? And, do themes really count as an app?

10,000 apps and only 3 good ones: ScoreMobile, Weatherbug and Show Me The Images.

Until RIM finally gets with times and puts a respectable amount of app storage on their devices; pretty much every app is going to be craptastic.

wow! now if we can add another 95,000 we will catch up to iphone... and seeing it came out after blackberry we really do have a poor showing.