BlackBerry App World surpasses 1 billion downloads

By Ryan Blundell on 12 Jul 2011 01:45 pm EDT


Discover a world of possibilities. Those are the words that have greeted you just before you start browsing through BlackBerry App World on your desktop. Though not as vast as the Android Market or the Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World is home to tens of thousands of applications. Looking for IM or Social Networking app? You can browse through hundreds of them. Are References and eBooks more your flavour? Over 10 thousand of them are there to look through. Within its doors are some amazing applications from amazing developers with even more amazing success stories. Bellshare GmbH, the developers of apps like BeWeather and SmartAlerts have seen over $1 million in sales. Jingu, an app used to upload emoticons, chat and create avatars, is nearing 1 million downloads in less than a month. As the Inside BlackBerry official blog states:

“BlackBerry App World is now in over 100 countries, seeing an average of 3 million downloads per day, and we recently crossed the 1 billion app download milestone!”

These numbers are a result of both smartphone and PlayBook application downloads. As recently reported, RIM has also started a Developer Stories series on their YouTube Channel, where developers are showcased and explain why they choose to develop BlackBerry apps. Perhaps this will attract more developers, more apps and, in turn, more download milestones.

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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BlackBerry App World surpasses 1 billion downloads


Please show me a smartphone or any device as a matter a fact with 300,000 apps installed on it. That's right, shew fly!!!

I wonder how inflated those numbers really are with people downloading updates. As terrible of a selection and as pricey as most apps are in BB App World, I just can't see 3 million downloads strictly being for new apps.

But at least this is something positive for RIM to hang its hat on.

It's cool and all, but android has over 3 billion app downloads since only 2008 and iOS has over 15 billion app downloads since 2007. So, uh....

I don't care about other application markets. I'm halfway in a decent mood after reading this article, and 1bil is a decent number as far as I'm concerned. Woot!

BB app world is pretty pathetic with the amount of apps there are available. Its true android and iOS have a lot apps that are pointless, however there is a far better selection and a far better quality of apps available in comparison to BB app world.

apps are a essential part of a Smartphone, however it seems RIM don’t understand that and still think their secure push e-mail & BBM service is enough to make them survive for years to come.

Iphone will soon have imessage there are also other cross platform options such as whatsapp, ping chat etc..., these alternatives may not be as good as BBM or secure as BBM but it’s the first step to a near like experience, the point is apple and other OS developers saw something in this market and banked in on it, they adapted to the changing market. RIM on the other hand hasn’t done anything. the two retarded CEO's mike and Jim just probably sit in their offices and communicate to each other and everyone at headquarters on BBM as they don’t know how to address share holders or even know how to behave and answer simple questions in interviews.

Major developers have already quit on developing anything for BB OS, sooner or later the remaining will jump ship too.

I've been using BB's (work & personal) since 2006, the security/encryption on BB devices including email and data is by far the best and it’s actually one of the reasons why I’ve continued using one as a personal handset. However the market is changing and other OS will sooner or later have security/encryption similar to that of BB's. Major companies are allowing employees to use personal handsets now which can range from iphones to android devices, you get the idea.

I really hope RIM does something to address the issues they are facing and do it quick, cause even the most loyal BB addicts will jump ship, and I’m pretty sure the crackberry team own other Smartphones besides a BB.

The number is not that impressive. Take 50 million users who download an average of 20 apps in their BlackBerry lifetime, and there's your 1 billion.

An important point to note - but was not mentioned above - was that this number _includes app updates_. I'd like to see the numbers without updates. If you assume that each app is updated (on average) at least twice, then the number of applications 'bought' or fresh-installed is much, much lower, i.e. ~ 333M.

Source was BGR, which cited RIM themselves: