BlackBerry App World storefront gets an official launch

By Bla1ze on 22 Oct 2010 02:04 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World

We mentioned back on the 20th that Research In Motion had finally enabled online purchases of apps from BlackBerry App Word but, today was actually the official launch of the storefront. Within the official announcement Research In Motion gave us some of the feature list currently enabled on the site right now:

  • Purchase apps directly from the website
  • Edit My World accounts to sync app downloads directly to the BlackBerry smartphone
  • Read and write reviews and recommend items to peers
  • Access purchased or downloaded apps from a computer  via the My World page in the  BlackBerry App World storefront 

Since we first mentioned the update to the site, Research In Motion has put a lot of changes into effect as well. Better browser support has been impplemented and things seem a whole lot smoother know overall. How do you guys feel about it though? Will you use it more often now?

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BlackBerry App World storefront gets an official launch


Love the spell checkers and grammar patrollers. Must we forget the authors of these blogs are human, have lives besides crackberry and are taking time out of their lives to present to us the bb new. They don't have to ya know, they do it to share info in our bb community. Cut them some slack for being human. Also there is no reason to cuss.