BlackBerry App World Stats: Over 2 billion downloads; 60,000 apps available

BlackBerry App World Stats
By Adam Zeis on 7 Feb 2012 11:10 am EST

During the general session keynote at BlackBerry DevCon Europe, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took the stage for the first time and, along with VP of Developer Relations Alec Saunders, spoke a bit on the success of BlackBerry App World. We've seen some numbers before, but they just keep getting bigger every time. In addition to noting that 13% of BlackBerry developers make over $100,000 from their apps BlackBerry App World, RIM hit a milestone in January this year as they reached over 2 billion total downloads with 6 million coming daily. BlackBerry App World supports 26 currencies in 164 countries and currently has over 60,000 apps available for consumers. RIM stands by the fact that BlackBerry apps are still the most profitable for developers as well. Some interesting numbers here that will certainly keep growing as we move toward BlackBerry 10 devices later in the year. More to come from BlackBerry DevCon Europe so stay tuned!

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BlackBerry App World Stats: Over 2 billion downloads; 60,000 apps available


Well, the problem with the App World is that because of the nature of how the OS runs on BBs, not all apps are compatible with all the RIM devices out there. For example, I forced load the to OS 7.1 phone and it works, but the app is screwed up. is not available for OS 7.1 because developers may have dropped support all together.

It is sad but the truth is compared to what iPhone and Android phones have, Blackberry is nothing.

That last statement is actually retarded. And personally, with an iPhone/Android mentality, those folks should stay away from BlackBerry so they stop trying to make the app thing relative.

iPhone has tons and tons of twatty, redundant apps. While Android has piles and piles of questionably compatible garbage. When I say that, I mean, IF you cross your fingers, the app will work on your Android device. Also, keep your 2nd set of fingers crossed that it's not some bullshit malware app.

why? how did he become fanboy?
only because he told the truth that we don't like to hear?

come on! i use 9900 alongside gnex (which i regretted, because s ii is far more superior device),
& as much as i love me bold, in terms of apps, android win by landslide victory (even that is an understatement)!

the sizes, the quality free apps, refunds everything.
we must not be blinded by our own fanboyism to BB,
that is definitely a proven recipe for disaster.

This is disgusting!!! RIM stop lying! Of those 60,000 apps, most are ebooks offered as standalone "apps". You can fool non-BB customers, but we know the truth.

Sorry just venting out because it looks like the app count has been deliberately and artificially inflated.

Oh OK. I forgot that some numbnut on an internet message board has access to total app counts and downloads.

Do you have any proof other than your nonsensical rambling that "most" of the 60,000 apps are e-books or what the actual number is?


No proof is necessary. Open AppWorld daily. Go under New Apps and count the ebooks. About a half.

It may not be most, but certAinly a very considerable proportion.


And you know, at least eBooks are useful. Unlike the 10,000 different versions of fart machine apps.

That's the whole point. Fart or not, an app is an app. If I want ebooks, I shouldn't be going to APP world.

I have an idea for RIM to make the app count even larger: offer USEFUL wallpapers as standalone apps :)

How in the... would a wallpaper be classified as an app, but not an eBook?!

Sounds like the guy who said "I have an idea for RIM, they should allow developers to make an app for eBooks so they can be posted on App World"

Proportion - A part considered in relation to the whole.

Considerable proportion - a large part of the whole (i.e. total number of apps).


Most Apps are repackaged websites so....

Here is another idea put up a bunch of fart apps where the farts are different lengths, I guess under your definition that would be OK! Thumbs up RIM!

Haha. Android = 1,000,000 fart apps + Skype, Kindle, Netflix, many good Office suites, decent maps.. should I continue?

Right at this moment, under Newest, I see

- The Will to Believe
- Under the Red Blanket
- Royal Places and Parks
- Notes on Old Edinburgh
- Murder and Mystery Trails
- The Suffrage Cook Book
- The Sun Will Still Shine Tomorrow
- Blackbeard - Buccaneer
- and a couple more

All ebooks by Digi-Media-Apps

This is out of the 25 new apps shown.

I know, I know, we're all kind of tired of Digi-Media. But, they are a developer (at least in the strictest sense of the word), and their products don't violate their developer agreement. Like it or not, there's no way to limit them without setting an arbitrary editorial standard. That's one of the few reasons I dislike Apple.

I don't blame Digi-Media (or others of their ilk), I blame the organization of App World on the Playbook. It its current form, it pushes ALL new apps through a single "Just Released" queue, so the cheapie e-books, jigsaw puzzles, and photo collections represent a lot of noise that drowns out the signal.

Fortunately, we've already seen that App World is being reorganized for 2.0, including separate "Just Released" queues for each category. That should clear things up considerably.

Yes, I hope they will make a separate category for ebooks.

The Top Rated tab also looks very promising. I hope they will limit the ability of developers to remove negative feedback to make that tab useful.

App World desperately needs an overhaul. I have a thread about this and am hoping that most things proposed by current users will be taken into account.

It's amusing how BlackBerry sheep defend BB by repeatedly stating that Android and Apple have thousands of different fart machine apps. You know what, they also have pretty much any app that you can get on a BlackBerry BUT they are much better! They run faster, are just as stable for the most part and they look better as well. I used to be a BlackBerry addict but ever since I got a Galaxy S, there's no turning back. It's so much more intuitive and has better developer support. BB OS has seemed to have gone the opposite way and gotten less intuitive with OS 7.

The design of the Bold and PlayBook are just as good, if not better than the Galaxy S. Mobile Nations has a whole site dedicated to Android devices that I'm sure would love to have you.

the same can be said for any platform...

android..ios..therea re tons of soundboards, ebooks. or fart apps.etc.

the truth is..the quality of apps is far more important than quantity.

i came to bb from android, and i cant say i 'needed' more than 20 apps when i was with android.

AFAIK ebooks are not classified as apps on Android. At least, you don't see them under apps.

If ebooks were counted as apps, Amazon would have the biggest number of apps. :)

I can make a video right now and show you how many of the new apps on the Playbook are simply ebooks.
Go to Android market and browse apps, and you won't see a single ebook.

How in the hell do you know this??? Did you count all the Apps in Android? Just because RIM put the books up how do you know that are counting them as Apps? Did you count all the Apps in App World????

The answers are No, and No. In other words you are talking out of your ass.

Exposed as an Ass Talker! Not the first on Crackberry and certainly not the last!

How in the hell do you know that this is not the case? You are an A$$ Talker.

See my posts above. I go to App World every single day and can tell you with certainty that half of the newest apps are always ebooks.

Do you own a BlackBerry? And if so, why do you talk so much junk about it? And if you don't, why in the world would you check app world on a daily basis? Why don't you do the world a favor, join the fold, get an iPhone, and stop hating. I'm sure RIM won't miss you as much as you think they will.

Unlike you, I am doing RIM a favor by criticizing where criticism is due. What RIM really doesn't need in its current situation is a horde of blind fanboys.

And yes, I do own a Playbook, which I believe is a fantastic little device, but not without its shortcomings. And no, I don't worship it like some do.

I remember the time when the AppWorld still wasn't available here in Saudi Arabia. When it was made available, most of us just used the free apps as they got the job done. Now, on my playbook I am finally purchasing some games and apps because I can actually use them on a bigger screen.

To hell with those stats; Ajani Info tech Private limited and a couple of others have accepted my money but won't fix my app when it malfunctions. If it doesn't work @ all like in one case they blame dri appworld for not Being able to issue a refund. A lot of these developers SUCK; I've never owned a smartphone other than a BlackBerry. So, for the moment I can't compare horror stories. Rim needs Professional App Developers.

Not sure what the number will be for the tipping point, but you will see a massive influx of new apps after that. 90,0000, 130,000, 250,000, 500,000 etc.... I think BB can get a foothold in the market if/when they figure out how to make finding the app you want, easy. I just don't understand how, in a pool of 500000+ apps, you can really have meaningful search. It's like when google reports 52092309258203502 hits on your search target. Does anyone go past the first page (MAYbe the second) of results?

Will the new App world only be available for Playbook or for smart phones as well?
How can I see how many apps there are now in App World? I'm always interested in stats..

there's still a whole lot of apps that blackberry need to at least remain competitive in that field. Themes, ebooks etc are fine and all but shouldn't be slumped into that figure.

There are a lot of ebook apps but I've noticed that they released some good apps also. Like, the remote desktop app and the IP camera app. So what that google and iphone have 300,000 apps. Most of them are crap. I need useful apps and blackbery has always been about quality not quantity. I've owned all those phones, iphone and android and got rid of them to come back to blackberry. None of them help manage my day like blackberry. They were good social phones but never busisness built. So there you have it... I've said it. Long live blackberry.......!!!!!

To be completely honest, if I wanted a ton of apps, I wouldn't have gotten a BlackBerry. Most people buy BBs because of the amazing messaging and email capabilities. Its a phone first a foremost, and it does all those things very well, if not the best. And as a phone, its great too. I have a tv, xbox, and PlayBook for everything else. And as far as a lack of apps on the PlayBook goes, having Flash available on the browser allows you to access the full internet, and the websites the apps are designed to replicate are better represented in their original online form. When it comes to mobile gaming there are great choices in the upcoming PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Both are designed for games, and do them very well. Why get dumbed down games for your tablet or phone? I think people are starting to forget that phones are made for communication... And if they have a phone, texting, and email then what more do you need? I think RIM said it best, I need a tool, not a toy. If I wanted a toy I would get an iPhone or Android.

To be completely honest, I don't quite understand why people say the Playbook is a tool, but other tablets are toys.

I believe people like you confuse apps with games.

There are tons of productivity / business apps on the two platforms you mentioned. Much much much more than on the Playbook. The selection of Office suites alone will make the Playbook blush. And I am not talking about third-party IM / conferencing and PIM apps.

And Flash is available on Android (natively) and AFAIK on iOS (with a third-party app).

So, in this regard, PB = (iPad = Android tabs) - many useful apps (not only games or "fart" apps).

I was refering to my phone as a tool, not my PlayBook. And while the other platforms have more apps, the strengths of the BlackBerry phones lie in communication, which a phone is made for in the first place. And who in the world needs multiple office suites? If you need more than one way to type something up, then that's your problem. The PlayBook will also allow access to those precious applications that are found on Android. Maybe not all of them, but some at least. I have my PlayBook for media consumption as well as work, and it handles both well. And I have owned an iPhone and an Android device, and found both lacking, at least for me. I am not a heavy app user, therefore things like games or multiple office suites don't matter to me. And at least when it comes to their phones and tablets, each serves a different purpose. They didn't just repackage something and make it bigger (iPhone, iPad, iPod) (Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab). Some people will just buy anything though, just because it has a little apple on the back of it.

Let's go one by one:

I can't comment on the phones. I have never owned a BB. May be you are right here about BBs being more productivity/business oriented.

Who in the world needs multiple office suites? Who in the world needs hundreds of different HDTV or car models? Who in the world needs hundreds of different BB phones? Sorry but choice is a great thing. Besides, the Office suite on the Playbook is simply limited compared to what other platforms have.

Android player won't give you access to the apps so much desired by many. Besides, the functionality of the ported apps will be limited and, since they are emulated, they will require much more resources to run.

As for iOS and Android being repackaged for different sizes, the same applies to QNX, which will be the OS both phones and tablets will run.

Neither am I a heavy app user, but there are still a few essential apps I would love to see on the Playbook. The fact they are missing is hurting PB so much.

With all this said, I can say that the OS/UI on the Playbook is simply awesome. Better than the competition IMO. But I also believe that the attitude "who the f. needs apps?" has led RIM to where it is now.

Well if you owned a BlackBerry phone some crucial apps appear on your playbook, such as email and calendar. Not owning a BB, I wouldn't have recommended you a PlayBook, at least not until OS 2. A few different people have asked me, and if they don't have a BB phone, then I wouldn't suggest getting a PB. It makes it a completely different experiance. And why are you comparing having choice in a car to 14 different versions of Word. Some things are good for choice, others are just overkill to pump up stats.

QNX is most definitely not like the scaled up phone OSs of apple and roid. QNX is a very different beasty. A heavy duty industrial OS compared to the household grade OS of the competition.

Guys, your argument is self-contradictory. You are saying a phone OS is not suitable for tablets, but, at the same time, you are saying the OS that powers cars and power plants is just perfect for a tablet :)

And don't start that "secure OS" cr99p. Tell that to the DinngleBerry team :).

Anyway, my point is that QNX is indeed a great OS (the forefront/UI; average people don't care if it's muti-kernel and real-time, after all) and the Playbook is a wonderful tablet, but the lack of good apps that are standard on other platforms makes it less desirable as a consumer product.

i need my netflix and skype on my playbook soon please! especially with the hdmi port i want to see netflix on my tv via the hdmi connection.

Was made available on Feb 3, 2012 for only one day and since then again not available in Pakistan.

and that's only app world from rim, imagine checking every app store, including mobihand store, I'm sure that number would be way up, and we don't need to jailbreak our device to use different store