BlackBerry App World storefront rebranded to BlackBerry World

BlackBerry World
By Bla1ze on 28 Nov 2012 10:48 pm EST

With the addition of videos and music when BlackBerry 10 launches, the original name 'BlackBerry App World' no longer fits. As such, RIM has begun the process of re-branding their storefront. As announced at BlackBerry Jam Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, BlackBerry App World will from here on out be known as BlackBerry World. A small yet, fitting change.

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BlackBerry App World storefront rebranded to BlackBerry World


Call it Geeked out or whatever, but is there a BlackBerry or BBM party going on sometime in January within the tri-state? Mainly speaking within Manhattan?

I think there should be one....officially promoted or not I would attend it.

I actually think thats such a great idea! Watching the Jan 30 release with other dedicated BB fans will be great. CRACKBERRY! Organize launch event parties across canada please!!! Or start a thread?

About time. That is so much better. There should be fridge magnets made available that look like that picture to: Get it at Blackberry World!

Yeah, BB logo fridge magnets would be cool. They can throw one in the box with each new BB10. You can use it on your fridge at home or stick it up someplace like graffiti. Takin' BB promo to the streets, getting BB's name/logo out where the ads don't. Hmmm...

Seems like RIM is making changes for the better.. I'm liking where things are going so far with this company. New vision, New focus. Back to BUSINESS!!

No, Chuck, you seem to have missed the memo...RIM is targeting the mass consumer market or at least that was the message during the last few months. Are they refocusing on business users again? I get a headache with the violent changes in focus and announcements. January 30, 2013, cannot arrive soon enough when the truth shall be laid before us and the media either praises RIM or readies the pyre for the funeral. Hopefully, RIM pulls off a resurrection without the funeral.

They never said they were abandoning the consumer market. Ever. The media misquoted Thorsten as saying that and he's since come out and made a point of correcting them several times. The most recent I can recall was the engadget video interview with him.

WHat he did say was that they had taken their eye off their original business market a bit too much and let things like BYOD become an issue, so they've been refocusing some more of their efforts on this space again.

I, like many others, are still having a problem with App World "My World". It won't refresh and show installed apps! So RIM, get that fixed FIRST (think it's BBID related) and then start on things like renaming it! :)

Dude, use ALT-RST. That'll force appworld to quit and reload the list once you select My World. Works every time and it is NOT related to BBID.

Should have been Digital World.

Anyway, what is the icon going to say? World? BlackBerry World seems too long.

Just like they did with Blackberry App World on OS 6/ OS 7.

And it was longer :P

digital world is to generic. Do you really want people to say Yeah I got that at Blackberry Digital World?

Blackberry World at least has the branding built in.

I kinda noticed this when pictures of the new icons leaked last week. No one cared :(

I wish 7digital is integrated in the service... I made huge purchases already in the PB music app and therefore entrenched deeply already

I was wondering when they were going to change it or not after we did that poll. :D

I guess it worked and they got inspired!

TRU /78/
Wow, we shouldn't be worried like this. We are customers, we shouldn't be worried about whether or not this company is gonna tank next week. I'm a hardcore bb fan. But this is to much.they are making there last few customers doubt they can make it. Very disappointed. I don't think I see bb in my near future. Listen to yourselves, bb world fridge magnets! You people have lost your frigging minds.

I hope that the content in BlackBerry World will be available to everyone, such as movies and songs. The way the video store is restricted to some countries on the PlayBook, not call at all. It would lose meaning calling it BlackBerry "World".