BlackBerry App World now available to BlackBerry users in Vietnam

By Yousif Abdullah on 29 Aug 2011 10:36 am EDT

RIM's Alex Kinsella, Product Manager for BlackBerry App World, announced on Twitter that BlackBerry App World has finally opened its doors to BlackBerry users in Vietnam. A relatively new, but potential market for RIM, Vietnam is home to an evolving BlackBerry community with specific needs. To address these needs, RIM introduced a localized BlackBerry Bold 9780 smartphone in cooperation with telecoms operator Brightstar back in July. The localization occurred in the form of a Vietnamese keyboard on the BlackBerry Bold as well as a translated user interface, both very important properties to appeal to the Vietnamese market. But RIM's commitment doesn't end there, which can be seen from today's announcement that BlackBerry users in Vietnam finally have access to BlackBerry App World.

The video above comes from a Vietnamese BlackBerry community, which recently discovered that BlackBerry App World is accessible in Vietnam on the new BlackBerry Bold 9900. The group has also discovered that Wikitude, among other features of BlackBerry 7, fully work in the country, giving Vietnamese BlackBerry users a small glimpse into the future. The future is now however, when it comes to BlackBerry App World, so tell me CrackBerry readers from Vietnam, how are you enjoying this new feat?

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BlackBerry App World now available to BlackBerry users in Vietnam


hi Yousif,

This is cmknight from BisVN. I posted that video on Youtube last week after I coincidentally found out that AppWorld was available for use in Vietnam.

So far, it has been a wonderful experience. There is still problem with payment methods but like you said, it has opened up a whole new perspective on what BBs are capable of for Vietnamese users.


cmknight from BisVN

Nice article, its encouraging to see RIM thinking about expanding but as I write this comment off my Playbook I've had close to 2 weeks but still has the same old default apps it comes with straight out of the box, just because I don't have app world in my country, Uganda, so I just need help understanding what it takes for RIM to deem a country worthy of getting access??