BlackBerry App World is the Name of the RIM App Storefront

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Mar 2009 02:00 pm EST

Coming Soon... BlackBerry App World

BIG NEWS HERE... RIM has OFFICIALLY announced the name of their upcoming application storefront and they've gone with... BlackBerry App World!

The site for developers will be updated tonight and should be live again by 10pm (Eastern Time). In other words...the following link below won't work until tonight! At the same time, they will launch a sign up page for users who want to be alerted when BlackBerry App World goes live. They should go register at

As for the rollout of BlackBerry App World, back at the Developer's Conference RIM promised we'd see something by the end of March, which will come up quick. I won't be too surprised if we see it get pushed back a bit, but at least this is a sign that it's coming sooner than later. So how do you like the name?! I wonder what other surprises RIM has in store for us on the app world front... I bet we'll find out more tonight when the new site goes live! ;-)

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See subject ^^^^

The page has moved.

Kevin Michaluk

Per the post, the Site/URL won't be live until tonight.


get "the page you have requested has been moved or no longer exists"

Nachos Libres

Did you even read the article?


who has the time to read those 3 short paragraphs?!


The name is ok at best. However if the store lives up to the potential it has it wont matter what they call it.


It's better than Blackberry App "Store", but maybe RIM Apps, or just BlackBerry World woulda been nicer. Either way, I can't wait...especially since I'm PRAYING that VZW finally releases a new Storm OS around the same time.


cant believe that the creative minds at RIM could only come up with BlackBerry App World.... too many nouns


It's actually one noun, one adjective, and one adverb.

A little bit of everything for everyone. I like it.


No it's actually two adjectives and one noun, but nice try.


It is to nouns acting as adjectives+ world. They are nouns that describe world.


It is two nouns acting as adjectives+ world. They are nouns that describe world.


It is two nouns acting as adjectives+ world. They are nouns that describe world.


Blackberry App World

Well, if we all really care, which I doubt anyone really does:

"World" is the noun. "App" modifies "world." For "blackberry" to be an adjective, it would also have to modify "world." However, in this case, "blackberry" modifies "app."

examples of what I'm talking about

1) the big, green car. two adjectives, one noun
2) the dark green car. One noun, one adjective, one adverb.

Adverbs modify adjectives. Sure, all three words in "blackberry app world" can be nouns, and I can see how people would think that "blackberry" and "app" are both adjectives, but they are not. Just like the word "dark" in the second example is not an adjective in that case. The car is not dark. "dark" modifies the meaning of the word "green," making "dark" and adverb.

I suppose the argument then would be that "blackberry" can be describing the word "world." I don't think that's the case. The world/store is specifically for apps, not for blackberries. and more specifically they are for blackberry apps.

Yesterdays Shoveler

They should have named it Ted's App Emporium.

(ling long)

Ted himself

You are incorrect Gregory, it was called Ted's Blackberry and App Emporium. We only sold one app, it was the Robert Reed Cup O Broth app. It was a good seller then abruptly died off.


its about time we get some news is name what matters is what we blackberryheads are going to get haha


Dont get me wrong, I love everything Blackberry, but they could have spent a few more minutes and came up with something better than that. Sounds like a cheap cell phone booth at the mall. COME ON RIM!


its not a great name...but like the post says, its atleast a sign that its coming. So as long as it works, it could be called anything.


Im not worried if it will get bumped back a month or so, we should all learn the lesson the bb Storm taught us. RIM was pushed by Verizon and its customers cuz the Storm was'nt done in time. The result was it came out faster, but it has a lot of bugs and general issues. Yea yea, all phones have bugs at first, but if they would have waited an extra month or two they might have been able to work out the kinks, and it would have come out with a bang and killed the iPhone. But we pushed `em and they sent it out too early. Same with this app store. I really hope that RIM takes ALL the time they need to really get this thing going. We should'nt push RIM at all, they need their time to get it worked out completely, so that when it comes out its as good, if not better than the iPhone app store.

Yesterdays Shoveler

I wish I was allowed that kind of slack when I missed a major deadline.

I say hold their feet to the fire.


is vzw bringing out the iphoe


Finally around the corner!
Like the name.
I'm sure it will be full of interesting/useful apps, and keep those that keep on barking about how Apple has a big app store, held over.

Looking forward to it.



This is all pointless until we can save apps to the SD card. RIM are you listening. You have a built in cap in how much people can spend. Don't screw up like Nintendo.

Here's to hoping that isnt just a software stack limitation that theyll never fix.


OMG, It truly is pointless if we can't get these apps on the SD card. Totally agree with you. Having to delete apps to add new apps is very frustrating.


anon is right. I have to delete apps so I can add new ones already. This is BS. Way to have more onboard storage RIM


Wow, just a name, great. nothing to get excited about.


This is going to be schweet.


Some Good News,Eventho The Name Isn't Something I Would Of Used, But Hey All I Need Is Some More Nice Apps To Make It A More Perfect Storm...


its awesome that this is finally coming soon. but it might be the lamest name ever.


The name is kinda goofy don't ya think?


RIM needs to fix the problem of not being able to install applications on media cards. How are we to install applications on 512kb of memory. RIM is smoking weed!


Who was it that named it Sky Mall. I like that. Was it MS?


I like the name, and im stoked for the release. I think they could have simply gone with App World and it would be nice too


Where on that link does one sign up for notification please. It's pretty much a dead looking page, nothing explained


Where on that link does one sign up for notification please. It's pretty much a dead looking page, nothing explained


"I bet we'll find out more tonight when the new site goes live! ;-)"

Hopefully it is
And the name
Its ight haha

Kevin Michaluk

hahaha... you got it! give it a few hours...


They should name it the FU-BAR.


Is this the app store for the storm?


Is this the app store for the storm?


if you go to that site it says come back at 10pm est for a big annoucement


Or is it only for the newer BB's such as the bold?


The Blackberry App World??? That's almost the worst name for a product I've ever seen. However, if it does anywhere near what the App Store does, I won't give a shi* what it's called!


Would someone like to point out the reason for all this HYPE? I have many apps on my storm just by downloading them from ota links or whatever....what is the huge deal about having them all put into one place when it is reasonably easy to get them from the internet?


The name is cheesy, but I'm glad it's coming. I agree with others that RIM needs to change the OS so we aren't limited so much on the memory. I only have one app now that I know is coming and I really want, but if I see others I want I'll be out of luck on space.


This is not big news. Maybe for developers. All they did was announce a name, but it's not like it's super creative either. Not really a big deal. Maybe the future announcement tonight will be bigger but for now this is barely news, so definitely not big news.

Hopefully, they will be talking about the new official OS. But if all they do is announce the name of what version it's going to be and not give any other information like they did today that will be disappointing as well. Even so, that is much bigger news then the announcement of "Blackberry App World."


I hope it opens up a whole new world for my storm.


RIMS would have been enough.


I second that lol, where is it


ummmm....time management...not strong


I hate it when people are late.


well its 1006EST and no exciting news From BB


any one else getting a blank screen when you try to register?


Yes, i am getting the samething. its quite annoying. it may be the servers and all of the blackberry users haha they should have been better prepared


All this wait for something we knew long ago??? A notification to let us know when app world is up and running??? How much you wanna bet that Kevin will be giving stuff away from the app world by the time is available?!!!


whats the announcement????sign up and wait????


i....zzZZzzZZzz...wanna see th.....annnnn..ZZZZZZZZ


just register?!?! 'sup Kev?? what big deal???


while everyone else is worrying about the name, will Rim finally open up on API for developers? Or are they going to seat on their bums and close us out? That is a nice way to get completely destroyed by Apples' App Store.