BlackBerry App World Launches In Australia & New Zealand

By Bla1ze on 13 Dec 2009 01:08 am EST
BlackBerry App World Launches In Australia & New Zealand

It's been long awaited by many that I know who live in Australia and New Zealand but finally, Research In Motion has delivered BlackBerry App World. Folks in Australia and New Zealand can now download and install BlackBerry App World to their BlackBerry smartphones which of course, brings with it many other applications. No having to look for work arounds once things are fully up and running. Content currently is based on free applications but more and more apps will be loaded over the next little while to make it as robust as other countries offerings.

From The Press Release:

“BlackBerry App World makes it very easy for our customers to discover and download a wide variety of applications for their BlackBerry smartphone,” said Adele Beachley, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Research In Motion. “BlackBerry App World provides a fantastic new resource and enhanced experience for customers and an equally exciting business opportunity for RIM’s partners.”

Another milestone down in making BlackBerry App World a global offering as Research In Motion envisioned. Anyone from Australia or New Zealand out there currently using BlackBerry App World? Let us know in the comments folks.

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BlackBerry App World Launches In Australia & New Zealand


Yeah, I'm using it...

It's nice to have it officially-available here, though one has to wonder - if it's taken them this long to release it in Australia, how long will it take Research in Motion (RIM) to make paid applicaitons available?

Also, there's a LOT of free applications missing from BlackBerry App World, including some big-name titles (such as Google Maps)...

Hopefully this is only temporary though.

I don't think Google Maps is available on App World, period. At least not on my Storm2 (Verizon). I had to get it from

all you want to do is download the free BB apps like Facebook BBM etc..

Someone explain to me why Apple can sell itunes all over the world and it takes RIM a year to be able to allow Australia to download free apps and still can't figure out how to take paypal from OZ?

I dunno it works I guess.

Been waiting for the Aus release of this for so long... Always sick of seeing new apps "download at app world" and not being able to get them....

Xmas is early this year...

App world looks cool and works good, i have found a few useful free apps so far, bt cant wait for them to add some good paid apps, New Zealand is finally on the map