BlackBerry App World Integrated Carrier Billing gains momentum

BlackBerry App World
By DJ Reyes on 27 Feb 2012 01:15 pm EST

Mobile World Congress kicks off today and while we have Simon Sage is there in Barcelona getting us goodies, though we're not expecting there to be huge news on the BlackBerry front. However, today RIM has announced that there are now over 40 carriers around the world that have integrated carrier billing for customers to purchase apps through BlackBerry App World.

Some of the carriers include: 

  • A1 Telekom (Austria)
  • AT&T (United States)
  • Bell (Canada)
  • Digicel (25 markets in the Caribbean and Latin America)
  • Indosat (Indonesia)
  • Rogers Wireless (Canada) 
  • SFR (France)
  • Telefonica (UK)
  • T-Mobile (United States)
  • Telus (Canada)
  • Telstra (Australia)
  • Vodafone (Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, United Kingdom & Netherlands) 

Carriers have seen an increase of 120% in app downloads by introducing carrier billing, so it is expected that more carriers will start to integrated carrier billing in the future, making it easier then ever for folks to purchases apps.

Press Release 

Integrated Carrier Billing Gains Momentum on BlackBerry App World 

Carriers Experience 120% increase in BlackBerry app downloads 

BlackBerry App World is now available in 164 markets and territories worldwide. More than 60,000 apps are currently available on RIM's app store and over 174 million apps are downloaded each month. Over two billion apps have been downloaded to date.

The deployment of integrated carrier billing is an example of RIM's ongoing commitment to work together strategically with its carrier partners and it has proven to drive significant value for the whole mobile ecosystem, including carriers, developers, content providers and customers. Integrated carrier billing enables a user to purchase apps or digital goods (such as the additional chapters of an e-book or additional levels of a computer game) without interrupting the user's app experience. They can simply charge the purchase to their regular monthly bill, and both one-off and recurring (subscription-based) purchases are supported.

Data suggests that customers' propensity to purchase apps on BlackBerry App World increases when carrier billing is offered. After implementing carrier billing on BlackBerry App World, carriers on average experienced a 120% increase in BlackBerry app purchases by their customers, with 65-70% of their customers' purchases being transacted through the carrier.

Dario Talmesio, Principal Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media, said: "There are clear business benefits for mobile operators when implementing carrier billing, since it enables them to build upon existing billing relationships with customers. RIM has always adopted a strategy of working constructively with operators. It follows therefore that implementing carrier billing through BlackBerry App World represents a rich opportunity for carriers."

Ronjon Nag, Vice President, App World & Intelligent Systems at RIM, said, "We're delighted that many of our carrier partners around the world have recognised the value that integrated billing provides, by making it easy and convenient for customers to purchase BlackBerry apps. RIM remains committed to continued innovation in the way we align with our partners in order to best serve customers while providing a profitable platform for the whole mobile ecosystem."

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World Integrated Carrier Billing gains momentum


I don't wanna use paypal too much as it's linked to my bank account. But regardless, paypal's as good as debit can get.

Carrier billing would be handy for those that don't have (prepaid) credit cards or paypal.

I have carrier billing on my Torch 9810 and it is super convenient. Unfortunately it does not work on my Playbook (no surprise there as the Playbook is not tied to my cell company) but I sure wish it did.

I use carrier billing for my cell & Visa for my PB. Both are instant & super convenient....too convenient...I use to spend a lot less on apps lol

Glad I can use papal for my app purchases, don't like dealing with the carriers too much, just like to pay my bill and that's it.
Don't want to owe my phone company anything and have them turn into "oh you owe us so much money for apps and were gonna harass you untill we get it"
Rather use paypal and payment is instant.

But I'm happy BB is getting options.

They need to somehow get the App World on the Playbook to read the carrier billing if your bridged to your BB. That would be awesome.

So that AT&T can tack on BB App World "access fees" or some such nonsense?

No thank you. I'll handle any app purchases I want to make on my own.

I personally feel pretty secure just using my debit card, so while that's a really good idea, I just don't think it's one I'd use much.

I can definitely see where other people really might take advantage of that, though.

Sprint is a bit of a nightmare on trying to have anything slightly unusual on monthly billing, and quite frustrating to solve any problems (expect at least 40minutes and several pass-alongs to solve anything), so I hope they don't go with this. There is the option of linking PayPal to this, which is good enough for my uses.

On a weird related note, I have just reinstalled my OS6 on my 9650 for the fifth time in two days. After numerous frustrating moments trying to re-load apps, validation failures, and losing my e-mail ability several times, I finally removed BlackBerry App World and BlackBerry ID and that enabled me to restore some of my other apps. Whatever changed recently, it appears on OS6 that if you activate BlackBerry ID and have App World loaded prior to anything else, then it locks out all other apps. Something is definitely not right in the latest updates.

I'm not interested in carrier billing - I don't want my carrier knowing what apps I have.

Carriers may use this info to target you for their in house advertising or other other advertising, or use it in other ways.

PayPal and credit card have proven to be very secure and are instantaneous.

When I read this news, I though finally.. But when I check the payment option.. My operator not yet support it... Hiks...

I'm going to be in App Heaven when AT&T adds their carrier billing service for Playbook! We have it for our Torch 9800 phones and it's made it so simple to buy all the cool BlackBerry phone apps we want and to have the billing on our monthly phone bill.

Thank you RIM & AT&T... You're both putting a big smile on this BlackBerry girls face... Woooo Hoooo!!!!!