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BlackBerry App World hits three billion downloads

BlackBerry App World
By Adam Zeis on 6 Jul 2012 03:02 pm EDT

It looks like all the traveling around for the BlackBerry Jam World Tour may be paying off as RIM has announced that BlackBerry App World has hit the three billion download mark. That's right, 3 billion apps have been downloaded from BlackBerry App World. This number doesn't include any carrier-pushed or third party store apps, so it's pretty impressive overall. It equates to about 2.5 million app downloads a day for BlackBerry users.

Currently BlackBerry App World has over 28,000 app vendors and upwards of 90,000 BlackBerry apps in total. These numbers are certain to keep growing as well as the BlackBerry Jam World Tour goes on and brings in more eager developers for BlackBerry 10. Congrats App World!!

Read more at the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog




BlackBerry : Closing the App Gap and a great place for Devs to make $



do we get a freebie? lol


I saw this on a episode of Myth Busters!


Myth confirmed. It can be and was accomplished, but we're just starting.


I hope RIM can shut up those media/analyst big mouth...


Se7en! After BB10 hits with one platform across the phones and tablets I'm sure the numbers will increase substantially.


*standing on a rooftop, Shouting* Go RIM!


Whats the Poynt when there aren't enough apps still worse yet whenever BB10 launches...


The poynt is the apps that are there are functioning well made apps that a lot of folks actually download and use. How is it worse when BB10 launches? And I was just about to comment on how the trolls haven't started in yet.


So your saying all the apps in the app store will work on BB10 ? Really?


I dont care, do you? it kind of misses the poynt.


Ahaha! Enjoy the massive library of BB10 apps lol


I'm a businessman. I enjoy the apps that are useful to me. I dont care if you have a big app store full of apps.


Enjoy the thousands of fart and flashlight apps in iTunes and the malware in Google Play....


3 billions? I think it's been a while since I've seen a useful app in App World. Those 3 billion must be from people who formatted their Playbook and redownload all the apps.


Sometimes you need to check what you say about yourself. If you are going to troll at least try to make it stick.


That a good look for BB, love it.


I don't need 90k but seemingly in this heavily marketed world ya do..... If I ever decide I need say half doz more than stock loaded, I'll be surprised. Interim, Congrats to the BB app world and the developers !


Nice job App World. As for the complainers and trolls....learn to spell, then leave at least some of your comments off certain posts. No one ever said it's a victory or is claiming that RIM is reclaiming "the market". It's just a significant accomplishment like any other news from any other platform. Stop reading (or putting) too much into what is written.


Good point settle for less enjoy meantime i'll enjoy a real facebook, linkedin, twitter, foursquare, instagram, N.O.V.A.(Game) experience LOL


So weird that the BB Dev Blog guys would choose the lowest number available to them in describing number of apps downloaded per day. 2.5 million per day is the average for all downloads going back to Day One, I believe. The last billion apps were downloaded in 176 days, though, and that says that the average daily download rate is 5.68 million per day. That's the number RIM should be touting!


That's very impressive considering how 90% of my friends with corporate phones are completely locked down. Bodes well for the future!


I wonder if this is unique downloads, or if it includes re-downloaded apps.


Based on 78 million subscribers that's 38 apps per subscriber, I got 84 on my PlayBook so I well above the average.


"I wonder if this is unique downloads, or if it includes re-downloaded apps."

Good question, cause I would be damn sure hard pressed to say that is the reason why crapple has so many apps downloaded. You gotta love when you select something in Itunes to not push to your iphone or itouch then hit the sync button and it is there with a bunch of apps you deleted long ago, and how it always erases the newest ones you grab after you sync , they are missing and have to be grabbed again. I mean a fart app is a fart app but when all you have is that to select from, you gtota make sure you have it, regardless of it being 15 times in your account!

Congrats RIM, keep doing what you do best, and the faithful will contiue to ignore the trash talking biased US media.

Just remember people, according to the US, CNN is the ONLY real viable news source.