BlackBerry App World Goes Live!

BlackBerry App World Goes Live!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2009 01:01 am EDT

True to their word and not a moment to soon, Research in Motion just launched BlackBerry App World. You can head on over to on your BlackBerry or from your PC to download the App World client. For an overview of RIM's new app store, be sure to check out this BlackBerry App World Overview .pdf.

We've been following RIM's application storefront endeavor since they first dropped word of it back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, so it's nice to see them pull through and get this launched. Big congrats go to the App World team! At the time of this post, we have yet to give the BlackBerry App World a test drive, so we'll report back with our thoughts once we return from a brief world tour and hear what RIM's coCEO Mike L has to say at his CTIA keynote in the morning. Be sure to drop your initial reactions in the comments! 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World Goes Live!



I got the App World with no problems. I've downloaded a couple apps no problems. It works great.

But I couldnt find Shazam. And then when I went to on my desktop I got them to send me the link which opens it up in the App World client. I see Shazam However it wont let me download.

Anyone having the same issue? BTW I have Storm 9530 with

It said that I did not have enough space on my Blackberry for the APP. Will a memory card help? I am new to Blackberry, so I don't really know what I'm doing yet.

Is anyone else with a Verizon Storm having trouble accessing App World?

"BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to he BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again."

I am fully connected with full service!


I want the Ticketmaster app that appears on the first screen shot. I am on Bold and cannot find it in a search or any category? is it out there?

Yeah nice job goodies for those of us outside RIM's world i.e. Europe, Asia etc instead of wasting time hacking together an App store wannabe you could have had a new OS out by now, or two or three, way to prioritize.
I'm just going to stick with Mobihand thank you, I get emailed app updates, and whenever I buy anything I get a promo code for up to 20% my next purchase...oh... and I don't have to use friggin PayPal!
You all enjoy the next 48 hours trying to get the thing to work I'm off to dl some free trials ;-)

I downloaded at midnight the moment it was launched and trust me it works like a charm! One thing we need is sometype of alert system when new or updated apps get updated on the AppWorld Store.

I guess will wait and see what RIM does for this.

Every time I try to launch App World, I get an error message saying "Blackberry App World is having trouble connecting to the Blackberry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again"

I can launch my message services, my Bolt browser and other network heavy applications and they all work just fine.

Anyone else having this issue?

RIM needs to get their priorities straight. Here we have another failed attempt to make things better and not all BB users can use it. Appworld no wifi support, only paypal and users can't tell what apps work with what phone or OS......plese. Big time let down!! Some of our BB brother and sisters can't even get a stable OS let alone find a new app..........RIM needs to FIX the way they are getting things half a** done and correct the problems that are out there now not creating new ones!!!!!!!! WE NEED TO UNITE!!

I've downloaded but can't find it on my Storm. 3 times now and looked everywhere but no application. this the April Fool's joke? Most of the apps in the store are already out in the wild. Nothing new and exciting. Where's Live Search by Microsoft. This app would be awesome for the storm...Where, Google Maps (how do you get rid of the stupid keyboard?), Yelp, etc. pale in comparison.

Where's Sling mobile, oh that's right, no wifi...Here's an example of Canadians drinking cheap beer. What brainiac decided not to include wi-fi?

Based on upcoming phones: BB own 9630, iPhone 3.0, Palm Pre the Storm will be short lived and mostly a failure.

I downloaded this earlier this morning and have had nothing but issues. The app store itself crashed on me twice with "app is not responding" exceptions and one of the two programs I got from the store (MyWeather Mobile) locks up my Bold any time I try and launch it. All in all, disappointing.

Some of us don't have data plans, but do have wifi which works well for all other apps (except Google who stubbornly won't add wifi support).

Sadly RIM have coded the whole app store thing so that you must have a data plan. If you access the web site in hotspot (wifi) mode then you get a generic page telling you that Blackberry is wonderful and that you should visit the page using a Blackberry (which I just did).

To install the app using Blackberry desktop requires using Internet Explorer, numerous ActiveX controls with warnings like "Unknown publisher" and finally getting it inserted directly to the phone.

When you try to run the app it then insists you get a data plan and exits. Oh well, I guess they don't want my money.

The App store is absolutley awesome. If you are having issues YOU are doing something wrong. That's right its your fault not RIM's! Read directions before you download, look to see if your device is compatible, and do your homework. Too many people are bashing the product on the release date and they dont even know what to do.

This is my first post, however, I have been on this site daily since the first day the Storm was released. Use the community to figure out all the "how to's" before wrecking your device or trashing RIM.

Oh sure...RIM has never ever coded anything wrong, I´m guessing that 99.9% of the people posting comments know exactly what they're doing and that RIM has rushed t put out a half assed product that they will eventually fix 3 months from now. So YOU enjoy all the great apps troll ;-)

Although kinda harsh, it's true. The people flaming the forum with complaints are not people who can't get the app store to work. Rather it's people who either are excluded completely due to lack of geographical coverage or worst yet are fed up with RIM pushing out another piece of sub par crap that they think will hold us off long enough till they can get around to fixing it.

At the risk of sound like a tool, I have been using different BB's for a few years now and this is the first time i've ever experienced them pull some lame sh*t like this. Usually the BB is noted as one of the most efficient and sound phones on the market. The Storm is far from that standard.
Like your Storm all you want, just keep in mind that it SHOULD be a lot better right from the start.

My only problem with this is that they don't tell you which apps work on which phones, its frustrating to download an app only to find out that its not compatible with your phone GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

viigo, stopped at 756/1238 KB, and it will not cont to download which has locked up my phone. I've tried taking out the battery, i can't delete the world app, nor is there a stop botton. can anyone help me stop this or get this down load to happen?

As far as I can tell so far, this is a great app. Its very user friendly, fast dl and easy to use. Just an all around great app. I am very pleased so far...



Just downloaded it through the BlackBery Help link in bookmarks and straight through no probs.

Sorry if anyone else has said this but i'm just happy!!!

Nothing there I use, need or want ... just another lame attempt to generate revenue. Haven't we had enough of that yet?

for all the hype it was kinda pointless thus far. Most of the apps that are on there you can get free on the forums here or other places. Not sure what the point of it was. And didn't they say that there weren't gonna have any free apps? Over half of what they are showing are free....or incredibly overpriced. Oh well, I'm really just looking forward to a new OS. If they can have that out in the next week or so I'll be happy.

Is anyone else having this problem? Originally under games I had a list of under games it doesnt list any categories. It only has 1 game, which is a South Park game.

Any ideas?????

Yep, I'm having the same problem. Odd since it says there are 128 games available and it only displays the one South Park game. Your complaint is the first one I've heard (besides my own of course). I wonder if others are having the same problem?

After reading some of these comments it looks like I'm the only one to say this so far, but I think the App World is weak. A lot of the apps in there were already available OTA or from the application center that came with your BB. I have been waiting for the App canter for ever now, and the fact that they came out with theses weak apps are kind of disappointing. Now the UI works great on my storm and it looks nice, theres just not a lot on there that wowed me. Hopefully over the weeks and months to come more developers will come out with more apps like they do on the iPhone. But seen as how RIM is always a step behind I wont get my hopes up. With all that being said I love the idea of the Blackberry App World concept it looks awesome just hope they keep adding to it.

i am having tha same problem keebler. when i go into categories, its telling me i have 119 games available, but when i actually go in its only showing me one game which is south park. am usine tha storm. does anybody know wats up with that?????????????

Well at least i know Im not the only one..Hope they fix it soon. I dont wanna have to "key word search" for all my games. That would suck.

thats crazy. thats tha only problem i have had thus far, but thats not cool to be key word searching for games when you get everything else right of the bat. geeeeeeeezzzzz!!!!

Why must we view the AppWorld on the BB? While the ability to download directly from the device is nice, I would much rather browse the store on my computer. Then we could have the option of sending the app over-the-air or saving to the pc and installing via Desktop Manager.

I love browsing on my BB when it's the only thing available, but why shouldn't I be able to use the perfectly good pc sitting right in front of me?

(Unless I'm missing something, in which case please set me straight...)

The games category said over 100 entries but only 1 showed up when I hit the category button. Also, I found that just because it says FREE doesn't mean it is really free. Take WisePilot as an example. It is free to download and maybe free for a short period but then it is $100 per year as a subscription...

Everyone complaining needs to shut the hell up. Yes a few of the apps are repeats of what is already available. But for someone who doesn't search endlessly for applications to add to their blackberry this is the way to get them. Not everyone spends times on the internet looking for what cool free applications are available for their time. This spreads that ability.

Those complaining about no selection, this is the FIRST FIRST FIRST FIRST day of release. Give or take a few months, there will be plenty of applications and free things. There is already a ton of free stuff. Blackberry has Shazam now. Great application that is free. Trapster is also amazing and it is also free.

No, this is not nearly as good as iPhone app store but its a start and can only get better. You are complaining about something that came out today. Give it a few weeks to work out all the kinks and it will be well worth it. Those having issues are just the unlucky ones that caught the short end of the stick for a new application released. Not everything works perfectly the first day so seriously stop crying.

Great Job RIM. Way to step it up.


I downloaded the app to my storm but it doesn't work. Anyone else having this problem? I tried reloading and still nothing. What a POS.

I have a Verizon 8830 running 4.5.127 and had big memory leak using appstore, 2Mb in 2 minutes of use just browsing the apps.

This is really cool! I wonder if RIM would integrate this to their desktop manager.

guilty but LIKE ITUNES does.. = )

Kudos to RIM for making this available, but seriously. This is a joke. 90% of the apps are already available at other vendors for even less money and the freebies are what you would expect for a free app. I could complain about the frequent crashing and my phone freezing up, but i know my old iPhone crashed too when i first tried out the app store. But seriously, if you are looking for any shocking or earth changing apps, you will need to wait...

Yeah I got that for awhile while I was downloading apps. It seemed to get better once the apps were downloaded. Other than that and the games keyword search thing, I'm loving this!

App world is great the only thing that I can see worng is that I download app world as soon as I got the email yesterday @ 11:30 pm to my storm. I downloaded it to my wife storm today @ about 6pm and notice that it show there are more apps already add to app world but it never updated on my phone. So dose that mean that app world dosen't update or what?

App world is great the only thing that I can see worng is that I download app world as soon as I got the email yesterday @ 11:30 pm to my storm. I downloaded it to my wife storm today @ about 6pm and notice that it show there are more apps already add to app world but it never updated on my phone. So dose that mean that app world dosen't update or what?

App world is great the only thing that I can see worng is that I download app world as soon as I got the email yesterday @ 11:30 pm to my storm. I downloaded it to my wife storm today @ about 6pm and notice that it show there are more apps already add to app world but it never updated on my phone. So dose that mean that app world dosen't update or what?

App world is great the only thing that I can see worng is that I download app world as soon as I got the email yesterday @ 11:30 pm to my storm. I downloaded it to my wife storm today @ about 6pm and notice that it show there are more apps already add to app world but it never updated on my phone. So dose that mean that app world dosen't update or what?

im loving this app world and its only day one! imagine all the apps in a couple of months?? and once .114 (or better) goes official Blackberry will be up to par if not (well in my opinion it is) better than the iPhone... SHAZAM work AMAZINGLY!!

some prices are steep but hopefully that will go down.. im impressed

I don't know if its just me but when i installed the appworld I had over 14 million bytes free on my 8130 ( After browsing the shop for about 5 minutes I noticed things running very slow and the hourglass showing up a lot so I checked my file free and I was down to 3 million bytes. Blackberry needs to spend a little more time on this before I'll be using it. On the plus side I was back up to 15 million after removing it from my phone :)

on the Blackberry website it says the App Store is only available in US, Canada and UK....

i live in Australia, does this mean i cannot download the app store?

Im on the Bold and am able to download the app but for some reason I get a message saying "Blackberry App World is having Trouble connecting to the blackberry app world server. Verify your network connections and try again"

Please help.

I installed the App world on my storm and it was fine for the first half of a day and then the storm became very slow. I checked the memory and it was down to about 3megs when I had around 30 before the install of the appworld. Everytime I went into the App world it would freeze up and I would have to do a battery pull.

I had to uninstall the app and then reinstall and it seems to be fine now. Will have to keep on testing it. I see that some people have already run into this issue.

I know it's new and all and I should be is so slooooowwwwww. In fact, the times I've tried going back and forth through reviews, apps, and the listings...I gave up for now. Anyone having any better luck?

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