BlackBerry App World Goes Live!

BlackBerry App World Goes Live!
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Apr 2009 01:01 am EDT

True to their word and not a moment to soon, Research in Motion just launched BlackBerry App World. You can head on over to on your BlackBerry or from your PC to download the App World client. For an overview of RIM's new app store, be sure to check out this BlackBerry App World Overview .pdf.

We've been following RIM's application storefront endeavor since they first dropped word of it back at the BlackBerry Developer Conference, so it's nice to see them pull through and get this launched. Big congrats go to the App World team! At the time of this post, we have yet to give the BlackBerry App World a test drive, so we'll report back with our thoughts once we return from a brief world tour and hear what RIM's coCEO Mike L has to say at his CTIA keynote in the morning. Be sure to drop your initial reactions in the comments! 

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BlackBerry App World Goes Live!



You're right. I have no problems finding 3rd party applications, so this isn't that much of a big deal for me and my Storm. Regardless, my AppWorld doesn't work, so I hope the new OS doesn't disappoint me like this has

The Application Center and AppWorld (App Store) are two separate things and have always been intended to be. The App Center is controlled by your carrier and they load it with their own proprietary apps and RIM apps they recommend. AppWorld is controlled by RIM and your carrier has nothing to do with it.

I just saw this and was about to post in the forums but you guys were on it! It looks pretty cool off first viewing. Should be even better once I sink my teeth into it.

Beauty! Now I can load up my 8GB Micro SD with more useless apps!

I use Areize Card Loader to load and run apps all the time. Its great cause I don't ever have to worry about filling up the device memory!

How can you download apps from app world to the SD card. I just recently purchased Areize Card Loader but am not able to download to the SD card.

Shazam had to be the first download, and it works great!

I like app world, it's pretty easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. I'm a happy camper, great work RIM!!

They are great on the Storm. Have been listening and playing with that apps all day. I love music and I could not ask for anything better since Rhapsody has yet to get their act together with syncing music to the Storm.

It's about time I can't wait for this I hope it's just as good or even better then the app store eventually at least good job RIM hope this store delivers

so far so good. i already download 10 apps and shortcuts. I really like the GUI its simple and fast on my 8900

Try this:
Go to option, advanced options, applications, then scroll to "Shazam" and press the BB button, and click on "disable compatibility mode".
This is something you'll have to do with a number of the apps that are most specifically designed for a traditional BB.

first impression of it- the interface of scrolling through the menu's is clean lookin, love the bottom menus. So far its lookin good

i like it a lot, really easy layout. Yes there are free apps.

Nice, much better than i expected. I didnt like the layout of the iphone app store when i first tried it. I really like the layout

I'm just downloading it right now... looks like sleep just went out the window... and after running through it on a pearl... it works AWESOMELY... about time RIM got with the program...

I love the UI, its perfect for the Storm. My only problem with it is the fact that I need to use my paypal account, that I think is lame, I wish I could just link a credit card to it.

i was soooo excited for this, unfortunately when i installed on my bold (at&t) it disabled bb maps, why? i dunno.... i'm not happy tho, and it has totally ruined my joy.

The same thing happened to me, once I installed App World Blackberry maps were disabled. I removed App World but the Maps icon didn't appear. I restored the device from the backup I created before installing App world. The Maps icon reappeared.

What's the most expensive app in the store?

So far the RSIC Survey is $59.99, anyone seen anything more expensive?

at first i thought it was an april fools joke. then i thought crackberry wouldn't be that cruel. then i downloaded it and its working just fine. so yeah... NOT an april fools joke.

Got it downloaded but it won't load. I get connection problems. On Bell Mobility, in case that matters.

I suppose as a Storm user I was hoping for an expansion of the App Center. Not entirely sure what I was expecting. This looks like a great App Center for all BB users, but is there going to be something for the Storm to rival iPhone's App Center?

I think it's pretty damn unfortunate thate it doesn't seem to do any filtering based on the device you have and the device(s) that the software is either intended for, or runs best on. It should only show me the titles that will run properly on the Storm and it seems to just list everything.

Especially with some of those prices. It would really suck to buy a 9.99 game just to find out I cant play it on my storm. Hopefully they will addres this

Looks great: I love it! Incredibly easy to navigate. Visually, it's easy to use and the graphics are great. Large icons are easy to read. Only downside (so far) is that large categories take a minute to load. With more apps coming, this could become slow to use.

I was even surprised to see Shazam is now available for BlackBerry. Great treat! Excellent job RIM!

It would be nice to have a method of viewing new applications. As the App World grows, it'll be hard to see what's new without having to re-check through all the old apps.

it was all going great until it told me to reboot.. and then when my phone came back on, half my icons were missing.. i am now downgrading my phone.

Yeah, only app I have downloaded is shazam and it's sweet. Although there is a lot missing, for instance where do you find utility apps like batterpull etc?

They really did a nice job on this. A bit disappointed in the pricing, but hey, there's actually FREE ones on there, which wasn't expected.

What is the use of the app world if RIM doesn't add apps to it periodically. And not just loads of cheezy fart apps either. I want real iphone qaulity apps. Is that to much to ask?

It just launched for Pete's sake! They will add apps as they become available. They have only been taking submissions for about two months. Give them a break, iToy was no better at launch.

VERY nice interface (on both the Storm and Curve). Runs nice and smooth. Not too keen about having to type my PayPal password into the app on my phone though (it's a mix of letters and numbers) but so far so good. Glad this is finally available.

I just downloaded the app connectorlocal. It doesnt seem to format very well to the storms screen. Maybe they should put that information in the app store so we dont download apps that dont work well with our model blackberry.

USA, Canada and the UK only!
I don't understand why this app's not available Worldwide, after all the hoopla it's a real letdown, you think the Apple App store is geographically limited? Mobihand doesn't care if I live in Spain, they take my money anyway and not just PayPal.

I'm downloading App World onto my Storm as I type. Quick download at this time of the night. Glad to have this on my phone. Thanks for the heads-up,!

I'm loving it!! More Apps for my Storm!!! and it has a cool setup and easy functions. I havent downloaded much yet but maybe 2 or 3 apps but its Awesome!!!

OK a few things...the interface is great on my BB Storm but....
They don't list which BB the applications are compatible with..
Shazam won't work on my Storm :( It's the only app i downloaded and of course it wouldn't work...way to go RIM

Also App world is kinda useless because you can only buy and install so many apps before you run out of room because there is no external storage allowed....kinda limiting their income potential here...

Shazzam works on my storm. make sure you set the permissions under option>advanced>applications then hit bb key and set permissions and disable compatibility mode also.

shazam does work for the storm. make sure you go into options>advanced options>applications>shazam>menu>disable compatibility mode. that should make life a lot easier

Come to rely on for all the necessary apps so many should be pretty familiar. 5 minutes didn't yield anything I haven't bought or trialed and didn't like. No new Facebook app (still 1.2.x). Haven't looked for themes yet.

Experiencing some slow download of icons and while scrolling, no doubt from the high volume.

Seeing some web launchers for free, kinda lame since they're not really "apps". I guess if you can't bookmark in Opera...

it was good to see that RIM held on to their part of the bargain by releasing the app store right on time. Kudos RIM, im about to download the app store now! hopefully it wont be buggy as the Storm hehe

Downloaded and running now...sure are a lot of Terms of Conditions. Pretty slick interface. Works very well on the Storm so far.

Maybe I can lose BerryStore now. So far, I like the search function and from a sheer numbers standpoint, there are a lot of apps to download (lots more than berrystore). The selection is still a little questionable though... where are the IM clients? Not a single one listed? Where are file managers like Aerize Explorer, File Manager Pro, or my personal favorite, BBFileScout? No mention of BBWeather, WeatherEye, BerryWeather or WeatherBug in the News & Weather section??? Even Accuweather and Weather Push which are listed on the site is absent from the list!

But I'm sure selection will improve over time. There are two things I can already tell are going to be MAJOR gripes if not addressed though. One is that there doesn't seem to be a way to distinguish between apps that truly are free and apps that are trial based (I've only been using it for a few minutes so I don't know if this is standard for all programs, but I've already seen one pay app listed as free just because the trial can be downloaded without a purchase). The other thing that's going to get annoying fast is that there's nothing distinguishing "launcher" style web shortcuts from full applications. I think these should go in a separate section. I don't need another icon cluttering up my phone for every web page I want to visit more than once. That's what bookmarks in the browser are for.

I'm anxious to see how well this is maintained, how quickly it grows, how useful the reviews turn out to be, etc. So far, nothing's really caught my eye and prompted a download. The last app I've downloaded was the App World client.

so..downloaded the app, shazam, and worldmate. Now I have "BootFreeStub" and memory cleaner in my apps, but I can't turn off the memory cleaning. the options won't let me. anyone??

All you people saying it works for the storm try choosing anything in the menu other than tag now and see how well that works? Not working on my end...if all you want is tag now thats great

paypal only? seriously? come on. what a way to turn off coustomers. i ahve paypal but only use it to send money. i will not store my bank account info online anywhere. i guess i wont be buying anything from the app store

Ure better off running shazam with compatability mode enabled. this allows u to scroll but lacking the full screen mode. if u disable compatability mode u get the full screen but cant scroll through the menu to close the app and select other functions

That's not FAIR! US AND CANADA ONLY!??!?!?! How can I install this?! :D. Can someone upload the Jar for the Bold? :D

Been looking through everything so far and overall its great. Nice design and pretty smooth. Do agree with some and think being able to distinguish between phone models to find apps compatible with your phone would be great. Still great job by RIM only finally getting it up and running.

this is cool! I'm totally thinking this is the postive step in the right...heck any direction. I can't wait for a new OS and some much needed functionality. .109 was the best i've seen yet and now add APP world in there, i like where things are going...Shazaam is cool too, i jumped on the wagon and found it to be very good at getting even the strangest of songs correctly. It does work on the storm in non-compatibilty mode but as mentioned before you do lose the ability to scroll between the menu's. I find it MUCH easier to leave it on compatibilty mode and just scroll like the pearl/curve for now until it's updated.

Not crazy about that. Would like to be able to use whatever credit card I wish to use -- as I do with CrackBerry App Store, Handango, Bplay. Hopefully they will realize a lot of people will not want to deal with PayPal.

I'm very pleased with app world.. Too bad I don't know how to post my own thread or else I'd be posting about the people who posted saying that it was just a April's fools joke and RIM wasn't going to have it out in time or it would've sucked etc.. Well jokes on you RIM came through... Nice clean interface and easy to use..

anyone else getting an error msg saying "blackberry app world having trouble connecting to server...verify network connections..."

Slick interface, small app size, easy to read layout, quick (no long loading times), lots of categories and seemingly lots of programs. I would like to see something like Apple's iPhone app store with the top 25 free and top 25 paid, but that's no big matter.

Great job RIM!

I am in the UK on Vodafone, I downlaoded the blacberry apps world and it does not allow me to use it.
message pops p that I need a plan that includes browsing (which i do), then nothing happens.


Only 3 countries allowed to use appworld?

UK, USA, Canada, whys it called appworld?

i emailed kevin to update article because when rest of world wakes up on the 1st of april going to have alot of sad noobs spamming forums saying why cant i download this? minimum specs fail error.

You're joking right?

The UK isn't a country.. United Kingdom consists of England, Scottland, Ireland, and Wales..

Does this work for Berry's on Orange UK? I noticed someone with a Bold couldn't get it to work, I have a Curve and it says my phone does not meet the system requirements.

I hear ye mate,

What bothers me is Vodafone really sold the Storm to me convincing me it was the phone to buy and as much as I love it, All I get is an Application Centre that seldom has anything new and exclusion from the App Store.. I'm seriously thinking of switching from the storm to the iPhone which will mean a switch to o2 over Vodafone.



Is it supposed to take a long time to load? My screen has been saying that it's downloading to the phone for about half an hour and there's no progress in the progress bar. WTH? I need my app world!

Anyone with a Storm 9530 having problems? I hit the icon and I get 'Failed To Transmit'. This is twice painful!! I been waiting patiently for both this and an official update. I'm still running the original OS, haven't tried a leaked one as yet. Oh the pain!!!

I am having the same problem. Have tried uninstalling and re-installing 3 times - not luck. Can't figure this one out.

I had to cancel my first download attempt ... hung about halfway done ... retried the download and all went very fast ... clean interface ... needs some device-specific improvements like when I connect with my Storm please don't show me apps that won't run on it until after I buy them ... Paypal must be ELIMINATED as the only way to buy apps ... I have had problems with them in the past ... nice to see Shazam ... they are off to a good start ... I've had good luck on April Fools Day ... bought my now 4 year old Dodge Magnum RT on 4/1/05 and it has been the most reliable and trouble-free vehicle I've ever owned ... told my wife "I'm going over to Longhorn Dodge to buy the HEMI Magnum now dear." She said, "haha, good one, April Fool to you too." And 2 hours later I pulled it into the driveway.

i am getting this error "sorrry your device does not meet the system requirments that are needed to support blackberry app world " .i am using a bb bold in india mumbai on OS version is v4.6.0.247.can someone pls help thnx

it's because you don't live in the US, Canada or the UK.
Seems like we've been left out of the party.
Oh well, back to wordmole i guess....

they call 'APP WORLD' for RIM the world is USA and UK only?

i can't believe that its is only available for USA, canada and UK

WTF hell?


Granted, I am extremely happy that RIM finally got with the program and centralized apps into one location.

I think it's kinda pointless given that we still have to be extremely critical with choosing apps, seeing that we are working with limited memory here. Especially, for us Storm owners who are dealing with an OS with severe memory leaks.

In a matter of hours I went through and added a bunch of apps that I had normally been too lazy to find the .jad on the web, only to find that i had put a serious burden on my memory resulting in slower performance.

My point to this rant? RIM re-adjust your priorities.
I think I speak for many, when i say i'd gladly hand back the app world for a stable and efficient OS for my storm. Next, create a way for me to save and run apps from my memory card and then I will be a much happier recipient of the app world seeing as how then I'll be able to use it to it's full potential.


P.S. I'm running .113

Major issues in the UK - Does not work over here yet. Some error regarding required internet package. Vodafone saying that this is not their issue that its a RIM failure..

So launch does not included UK..... yet!

Please fix this quick! (can I ask the UK get an official firmware release. Vodafone confirm testing .118 - please tell us its stable!)

Not much to ask really

Yet another failure for this Rim regarding the Storm. Supposed to be available in the UK but it states that you need a browsing package which we all have as it is the only one available. Vodafone moderators do not have a clue what's happening and yet another selling point of the Storm VS i phone fiasco places a big tick in Apples favour. Very poor

I get a "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support the Blackberry App World"

just spoke to the Vodafone NL customer support, they know Jack S*** and will include it into their monthly meeting, they know more in a month time :(

I dont understand why the app store from blackberry is not supported by my carrier. What has my carrier to do with this??

Still not availble here... Have a storm with Vodafone and simply doesnt work!! Was really looking forward to this!!!


The stated requirements are:

BB Web access - tick, I have this
Minimum OS is 4.2 - tick, I have
Trackball - tick, I have a Curve 8320
US, CA or UK - tick, I live in the UK

and guess what - "Your machine does not meet the minimum requirements to use AppWorld" - HOW?

The Curve 8320 is not exactly an ancient Blackberry Model, and yet they still don't want my money!!! Frustrated beyond belief, or is the whole Appworld thing an April Fools Joke?

A most frustrated Fr. Simon

Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry App World.

Bold, latest OS.
ARGH, *punches computer*

i get the same device unsupported message on my Bold os.247. i don't see any peeps from the UK on the thread so far saying they have this working either. sort your shizznit out RIM.....

It works on my Bold, on Vodafone. I will try download it on my Storm later, but I think the UK Storm is having problems downloading.

There must be a fix for this to work on Orange UK.

I'm using

Very disappointed.

Just need some clever person to work it out at RIM.

well it's not working here! 8900 on orange and i need to upgrade to OS 4.2 or above, though of course Orange wont let me change the OS, they have to - is this deliberate? are they blocking App World to force people through their App download thing? there's a few comments and threads about this on the BB 'support community forums mobile' thing, seems to be mainly a problem on Orange and Tmobile...

App world is not available outside the US, Canada and the UK. So us irish customers will lose out. What a load of Boll*x. Very Disappointed

APP world looks great. But as others have said, these have all pretty much been available. On top of that, what good is app world when your phone can't consistently run the apps. Way to go RIM on app world, but tsk tsk on the OS. So a big FU Verizon for releasing the phone way too soon and a big FU to RIM for not updating us even once about the new OS. (FU stands for ummmm Fudge Umbrella)

Verdict. App World is Great, but there is no excuse for no new OS. I have my fingers crossed the new OS will drop some time today but I am not holding my breath. There is absolutely no excuse not to have a new OS by April. This is retardickulus.

As I type this, it's downloading and.. oh its done.. installed...
Wait a second, why do I still have my application Center?
Skipping through user agreement..

Ohhh slick interface!
Wow, really happy with this up until now, thanks RIM, looks great on the Storm!
Oh, and thank you Crackberry, I wouldn't have checked if I didn't get reminded by you =)

AU and NZ Residents that are sick and tired of being Screwed by RIM?

Contact RIM's NEW office in Sydney, and make your feelings known..

Research In Motion Australia Limited
Level 6
100 Pacific Highway
North Sydney NSW 2060
P: + 61 2 9463 7600

The App World is great, I downloaded it on the train this morning on my way to work and have downloaded a few appliations so far. I've noticed, however, that so far all of the applications I've downloaded were not built for the Storm, so they all run in that annoying compatability mode with the keyboard up at all times, etc. A quick update to make them Storm compatable would really make me happy, but for now I'm happy with what I've got.

I was able to download successfully, but receive the error when loading, "BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again." I am on a Verizon Storm. Any help appreciated.

downloaded this morning and played around and definitely thought the UI was very easy. Works pretty quick and has plenty of options already. Definitely enjoying some free options too. I guess I'm glad I got my Storm less than a week ago. Now for that firmware update...

Really didn't think this would happen today, Kudos to RIM! Now please get back to work on perfecting (fixing) the Storm. :)

Just downloaded and it is great very clean fast now only if they can get the OS for the storm to be as good or better.

I have both the BB Bold and the iPhone. I was sooooo looking forward to this new app store as a way to compare, pardon the pun, apples's.

These apps are waaaaaaaay too freakin' expensive. I feel like this will be another way BB will be unable to compete in a mostly apple market.

Now, IF they could make the apps price competitive, THEN and only THEN, could BB really try and gain some more of the mobile consumers.

when i try and open says

upgrade your service to a plan that includes browsing and discover a world of possibilites....etc

but i have all that that :/

So how long before Blackberry makes apple stop playing those "only on the iphone" commercials? Regarding shazam seems to be a limited use application before you have to pay. I would also like to see a filter that would allow you to view storm specific apps. Huges surprise last night and im happy with the interface but we will have to see how they run with this.

Your a Dumb As***** Those apps are made by ppl like us that is what is wrong with the economy ppl like you!

Since I own both the iPhone and the Bold, I was anxious to see what the new apps were going to be when they rolled out this morning.

I was excited to get Shazaam. Well, until I read the fine print. Only free until May 31, and limitations on how MANY times you can use their service before you're over your allocation limit.

Not only was this app FREE on the iPhone, but, I am unaware of any "limits" on my allocation of their services.

I guess "free" isn't always "free!"

At least something did come out for the Storm. I am tickled to death to have this on my phone. All I am hearing this wont work, that wont work man get a life. This shows me that rim is ready to take the Storm to the next level glad I kepted it. Some peopleare never happy.

I went to download the App World Client on my Rogers Curve 8900 and I got an error telling me my system doesn't meet the minimum requirements. What a joke!

My friend here at work is on sprint with a curve and I have verizon. I wanted him to download xtreme labs speed test and it is not available to him.In the search I put in speed test on both curves and mine on vzw showed the app his dont. Under categories on vzw I show 228 games his on sprint shows less than 50. What does the carrier have to do with it?

This is niiiiice!!!

Stop complaining and comparing to the apple store guys!

But I cannot find the ticketmaster app that is in the pic.

so this isn't that big of a deal, you can't sort by price or by name or anything it's just there...on top of that when i go to the icon on the home screen i can't pull up the menu!!!! I can't move the freaking icon and i have mine grouped by category in a way...and this just sits in the middle of the screen and i can't move it or put it in a folder or anything!!! WTF RIM!!!

I'm was getting this same error on my AT&T Bold earlier today. I cleared my browser caches(Browser => options=> Cache Operations=> Clear History, Clear Pushed Content, Clear Cookie Cache) on my BB and it appears to be working now.

Really?! No wi-fi support?!

Will RIM ever fully integrate wi-fi support in their devices the way WinMo and Apple has? Almost all data needing services work over wi-fi on my PocketPC and Apple's iPod touch only has wi-fi, yet nearly all of the data needing apps work on it as well. What is RIM's holdup? Is it because a great chunck of their net profit comes from thier BIS services?

an iPhone with the 3.0 update looks mighty appeasing now

What was the point of signing up for advance notification to "be the first to know"? I still haven't received an e-mail from RIM.

This thing is very nice, and fast. Although I think it's a little slow on the app images ... still playing around, but so far very happy !!

Hey is anyone else having problems downloading this? I'm on my Pearl and it takes me to download page but doesnt have a link......

It installed to downloads, but I wanted to move it to applications. When I try to access the menu for moving, I can't get a menu. Other apps have the menu. The app works, just can't move it.

Am I the only one seeing this when I try to open the App Store? I'm running on an AT&T Bold with the latest software. It installed just fine but when I try to open the application, it just sits at the progress bar and then comes up with this error.

I was going though the Blackberry App World and it seems they don't or Aerize Card Loader doesn't accept the apps from there to be installed on the SD Card ? With all these apps it already has slowed down my Blackberry Bold and had to delete them. I was wondering if you can make suggestions for everyone or contact Aerize ? Thanks a lot keep up the good work !

So last night in all my excitement I bought the PictureID app. After installing and trying to set up I realized how hard it is to navigate, you cant see the thumbnails when trying to select a picture and the pictures end up sideways and upside down. Contacted support and they were horrible. Anyone figure out how to get a refund for an app yet? PictureID is not worth $8 and a waste of time.

Do I have to pay a subscription for their website? NO. so why charge for the mobile version. I guess I will be keeping the free on.

I won't be buying anything from the App store because the only method of payment is PayScum, I mean PayPal. Too bad. I would highly suggest that blackberry add another method of payment otherwise a lot of Crackberry members won't be doing business with them. my 2 cents

I'm pissed that I paid for apps on crackberry and now they are F'ing free!!!! wtf?! and ones that were free i.e. talklock you have to pay for!