BlackBerry App World gets updated to v2.1.4.9

By Bla1ze on 12 Jul 2011 11:56 am EDT
BlackBerry App World

The latest BlackBerry App World update is starting to roll out users, no  -- it's not App World 3.0 but that's coming soon. The latest, is v2.1.4.9 and as it is right, no change log has been added to the release notes. Meaning you'll just simply have to dig through it all and let us know in the comments if you happen to find anything new. You can grab the update by refreshing App World or from the link below.

Download BlackBerry App World directly on your smartphone

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BlackBerry App World gets updated to v2.1.4.9


Hi man, making a break, I tried to download some of your Beta Apps but I can't, I get the following error: The requested document was not found on this server. Also at the top of your page it says something of (PIN specific keys required) but what does it mean. I have to do something else?

There require a pin-based activation code. The applications (betas) youre having difficulty with have been pulled from the BlackBerry BETA Zone. You will most likely need to sign up for the BETA Zone if youd like to use those apps.

Thanks for your answer, but it's a shame that in my country (Peru) I can't create an account in the beta zone, it says my country is not yet supported :(

Thanks rroyy,

I downloaded your link and it worked fine. For those wondering what is different, I just rebooted and loaded it up and it does seem a little snappier. The transitions are different, but its just a minor update. I'm using a Storm 2. Can't wait for a 1.2GHz Blackberry!

These core app updates are always good. Good sign that RIM is maintaining the ball rolling. Don't give up RIM!

Because it's the internet and things take time to propagate, clear your cache.. refresh app world, use the other OTA links or just wait longer.

That's what it's showing for me too. I was thinking its the same version number for me since I'm in Australia :s

I got this update a few days ago. Strange that it's just turning up on Crackberry. Catergories are broke up into three initial areas: Apps, Games and Themes.

Not sounding negative, but my app world was showing the 3 catergories thing since last week and it wasn't updated until now. I found the update because my BB froze then took 30mins to boot up. Starts up and bam app world update, I install and reboot and back to normal 2mins.

How did I know this was Bla1ze...
Oh wait.
"Meaning you'll just simply have to dig through it all and let us know in the comments if you happent o find anything new"

:) Haha Jk Bla1ze. we all love you. :)

Personalize the blogs. I love it.

Used the link above and it is asking me to update to the version that I already have Since the categories are as stated above (Apps,Games,Themes) I guess I have the same version as crigga84. I got that update 3 days ago.

I'm pretty sure the new categories was just a back-end adjustment made on RIMs side. Saw the same on my Playbook last week. I haven't been able to get the new version, although after hard resets I was given the notification. I'm sure it will show up soon though.

Im glad they re-categorized the apps. I hated having themes mixed in with everything else.

Got this update this morning through App World updated then my App World was completely removed from my phone and then tried to redownload from the net now getting

Tried clearing the cache, still seem to have a problem to show the new version. Anyone got it working yet?

Thanks Royy for the download.

But do not see any difference.

RIM and their updates with no noticeable changes strikes again.

Going no where mighty fast!


v2.1.4.9 notification just pushed to my Torch on Rogers, Canada EH?!!

file size may have increased slightly from 1mb to 1.1...


Just got my OTA update...from crackberry on my Social Feeds :D

Featured items definitely seem to be scrolling by faster. Nice update.

I've used App World before and could never figure this out: how come apps like Google Maps, Beyond411 Search, or Opera Mini won't show up when you do a search? They exist for Blackberry, so shouldn't they be included?

It's a pain to have to go to the respective sites to download those. I'm a BB fan, but I have to say, the Apple store or Android Market is so much better. Wished RIM would fix this!

I'm in Australia and received App World notification approx 3 hours ago - downloaded and installed - no problems.