BlackBerry App World filling up with BlackBerry 10 apps

BlackBerry App World filling up with BlackBerry 10 apps
By Bla1ze on 28 Aug 2012 09:34 pm EDT

For a while now, BlackBerry developers working on BlackBerry 10 apps have been able to submit said apps to BlackBerry App World. As it stands now, only those with a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha can see the apps being submitted but recently someone at RIM must have laid into the approve button and allowed a few more apps to be shown off.

One of the many things many folks agree with is the fact RIM will need to grow their ecosystem in order for BlackBerry 10 to be a success and from the looks of it, there appears to be quite a bit of activity happening in the developer community with more on the way.

Sadly, I don't think RIM will be pushing any of the bigger named app developers to App World for testing ahead of BlackBerry 10, meaning they won't show anyone the real goods until they are ready but I firmly believe RIM has been working harder at lining up partners for this launch then at any given point in time before.

What do you all think? Has RIM realized they need to make this ecosystem pop? Are you a developer working on a BlackBerry 10 app? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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BlackBerry App World filling up with BlackBerry 10 apps


"Sadly, I don't think RIM will be pushing any of the bigger named app developers to App World for testing ahead of BlackBerry 10"

Womp Womp. That sucks. Seems pointless if they dont have any big named apps. Havent they learned by now.

You misunderstand. They'll have the big name apps, just NOT reveal them ahead of BlackBerry 10 to those with dev alpha units. :/

IMO Blackberry/RIM need to approach the BB10 Phone like a Apple phone while at the same time making it all Blackberry endorsed and easy to use and still performing like a Blackberry with Apple "like" features and apps etc.

I think blackberry is doing a decent job so far with bb10. i don't think they need to mirror apple to be successful. blackberry has always been unique and i hope it doesn't end up like the android apple lookalikes out there. not counting the hardware because theres only so much you can do with a touch screen phone before they all look alike.

They are waiting for this September when the native SDK is finalized in the core. Don't worry, you will see, trust me ;)

But you see, that's the actual issue that has fractured and all but destroyed the reputation of Blackberry in North America - the "dont worry, you will see, trust me" rhetoric that was spouted by RIM seemingly on a daily basis these past few years and echoed amongst blind fanboys who utterly refuse to hold RIM accountable for their actions or lack thereof.

There's a saying that goes like this: "______ or get off the pot!" RIM needs to do this; they need to shout it from the rooftops that namebrand developers, first-party apps, and the like are on board for BB10. Who specifically are on board? What apps are specifically going to be available at launch? What first-party developers are supporting the Playbook?

Because unlike most of us on these forums who will be buying BB10 regardless and are aware of the push that that RIM has been doing to attract developers, the average consumer doesn't know this. They still believe that there are no apps for RIM period. They still believe that a Blackberry is a product that can't do that when it comes to apps. RIM can not afford to wait and suddenly spring BB10 on people and expect people to just buy it; they need to start preaching the message now in the an attempt to convince people that Blackberry products CAN do that.

cosign, spot on.

Many people think Blackberry already went out of business or are like HTC...about to fall off...

So this "keeping things secret" until promo month is useless.

In order for people that are not Crackberry users on a daily basis need more exposure in order to optimistic in the brand named BB10/Blackberry.


I disagree. With TH at the helm and strategic management decisions made under his watch things are different. To tell people five months before launch of which major apps will be on board is a bad idea. You don't give away your major secrets this far away from launch. They're not a car company. No other mobile device company does that and neither should RIM.

Consumer average would see something like Netflix or Skype but still dismiss BB by saying the brand has nothing else to show and it's still a fail. I say slowly release the secrets a couple weeks before launch then blitz with ads the closer we get.

it's only a bad idea if it is a surprise app that nobody else has. in this case, RIM needs to play catch up and convince the market that anything you can do or play on iOS or Android, you can do on BB.
As for "TH", I don't think we've seen anything out of him that shows he is the right man to lead this company to where they say they want to go.

RIM needs BB10 to do what android and apple do and go beyond that both for professionals and consumers. RIM cant play catchup, they've been doing that the last few years. They need to jump ahead with the solutions they offer and be the first choice

"You don't give away your major secrets this far away from launch"
Um if having the big name apps that everyone else already has is a secret, then Rim is doomed. If its something new that no one else have seen. I can see keeping it under wraps. But you can sit on what has become standard for all other platforms. Rim has to ramp up advertisements. I hate apple but you have to follow them on this. Iphone5 Has not officially been annouced and Ive already seen marketing on it. Apple get people so hype about things people stand in line for days. Rim has to do this somehow.

So next week we tell the world "a, b, c, d & e will be on BB10" as you're calling for. Two weeks from now others will say "well, everyone has "a, b, c, d & e". What do you have to differentiate yourself from the competition?" next they will want examples. Repeat the process for a little while and then at launch people will say "There's nothing new. Why should I buy a BB?"

RIM is not in Apple's position. Apple can do whatever it wants atm. I don't hate Apple. I respect the company even though I may disagree with some things relating to them.

potential apps are a secret?? why? for goodness sakes BB needs all the + press it can get, especially with the existing media bias, and apps in the pipeline are an ideal and inexpensive way for BB10 to show off a bit pre release. I don't get the "secret" strategy at all but then so many of their biz decisions are a primer for how to run a successful business into the ground.

What major secrets? We're talking about announcing the availability of apps that are already widely used on other platforms. Whether it is Netflix, Skype, NHL GameCenter, or other apps that consumers want then RIM/BB needs to start now making sure people know that not only will BB10 be a superior OS but the apps that consumers want on their phones will be available.

This is sooo on point!!

The reality as you point out is not can RIM convince the Blackberry faithful to purchase a BB10 device. Their struggle is how are they going to get the guy that just bought a galaxy or iPhone 5 and loves it to one day give up that ecosystem they've invested in for a Blackberry.

I love my Blackberry devices (9900 and playbook) but the company does some dumb sh-t or at least they assume too much about their would-be consumers.

They've got a year to prove me wrong.

Bravo, great view. This is why I left bb a few months ago for android, love its ecosystem while bb has none. However, i am getting real excited about bb10 as more positive news and goodies are being released. I was very sceptical at first just thinking more Rim bullshit lies but I am actually coming around. I just truly hope their is a major ecosystem with bb10 lunch, as I want to come back to bb but without a great ecosystem i will hold off regardless how great the hardware and os will be. Sadly many regular non bb loyal followers share the same view thus Rims current state. Hope we see alot of major and interesting apps with the lunch of what is looking to be a killer device. Rim needs every possible card in its hend to make this lunch great.

BB 9800 n Playbook - What would you consider a major ecosystem? 95,000 apps in AppWorld and counting. What would they need to be considered to have a "major ecosystem "? Let's define it for them.

when you see an app released, most recently I would point to the nice NBC app that was issued to watch the Olympics for iOS and Android - no BB, that you want to do and you see the AppWorld logo next to the other 2 you will have a major ecosystem. That's how I define it. Nothing less

Your arguement is largely valid but its harmed by your tunnel vision that tells you the whole world cares about an NBC app for the Olympics?

Its just my most recent anecdotal evidence - there are many examples that was just the last one for me. Flipboard, Instagram, Pinterest, are more of the same sorts of apps that the others have over time that we need as well.

My point is simply without naming names, when you see something you want to do - there should be an AppWorld logo next to it. EOL

+1. How many apps that BlackBerry doesn't have should people have to name before people find it "acceptable" to voice your opinion about it? Just because people may not enjoy NBC, Netflix, Skype, so on and so forth, doesnt mean that there is not an interest or dare I say, need, for those apps.

One thing that is often overlooked is that "Doing" is not about just using office and sending emails from your mobile anymore, its about doing everything you WANT and NEED to do to be productive while enjoying your experience.

A good ecosysyem to me does not mean netflix or skype. Rather, good ebook reader, rss fead, music, books, tv shows, and movies that can be purchased from app store. Great cloud service, and great apps. Such as educational apps for kids and speciality apps for proffesionals like doctors or engineers for example. Great gaming connectivity with xbox for example that everyone will have but not rim, great social apps like instagram. Something ios and android has and lots of it compared to Rims pitiful offering. This needs to change to sell bbs not great hardware or os. If Rim had this to begin with it would not be in hole it is. So please stop saying skype or netflix, these alone do not make an ecosystem. If Rim currently would have these at present, i still would not comeback as it is not enough. Lets face it the best apps for everything I meantioned above are absent from bb app world. You rather get crappy knockoffs that dont work as great or have a small fallowing.

And yes android and ios has a lot of garbage and bloatware. But they still have more productive and useful and enterianing capabilities then Rim. Not trying to troll just my opion. The current bb ecosystem might work for yoh guys, does not for me and many others that left bbs behind.

while i agree with the basis of your point, the wording is simply wrong.

1st party means built either by the OS/Device creator (RIM) or a part of that company (e.g. newbay/TAT/jaycut etc).

3rd party means a company not directly tied to the product/platform. basically any company outside of RIM. such as anyone ranging from EA, Dropbox, Rovio all the way down to the indie dev sat in his flat. they are ALL 3rd party

so to answer one of your question - What first-party developers are supporting the Playbook - (should be which not what btw lol) that would be RIM, as it can only ever be RIM

RIM are no longer just talking things up as you say, hell they are actually showing off BB10 devices FOUR months before launch to dispel this 'all talk' tag.
Apps additions are an ongoing thing and you can bet your a*se if anyone wants to bring an app to BB10 they have more than the time they need between now and Q1 2013. So the app catalogue is far from complete/known, unlike the hardware/software that needs extensive testing now that it nearing launch.
In addition what makes you think they will not release available apps between now and Q1 2013.

YOu got it. Best post on these forums in a long time.

I'd only quibble with, they need to start now. They are going to get drowned out by iP5 and Win 8, but come November (hopefully the phone come in Jan). They should have an unveild even in which the phone and all the big apps are nnounced.

THis is one time when I don't think they should copy apple in annoucing one week and launching the next. No one will buy.

"THis is one time when I don't think they should copy apple in annoucing one week and launching the next. No one will buy."

That, and Apple would probably sue for stealing the format of their product launch events and RIMM would be out $1 Billion dollars

Yes! This is free promotion and advertising that RIM sorely needs. When my friends ask me why I'm waiting for BB10 and what it has to offer I've got little more than, "You just wait, you'll see, yeah, everybody's gonna want one..."! Kinda lame. MY enthusiasm for a BB10 just isn't good enough to make the sale...only RIM can do that and certainly not by keeping it a secret! Feed the people!!

yeah i totally agree with this, right now they can't do what they've always done.. they cant keep secrecy because they arent in the position where they can afford to lose CURRENT Blackberry users. people are looking for a reason to stay. and I'm speaking for personal experience i jumped ship to android 7 months ago and i can't wait to go back to bb10 but i have nothing to lose since i get my upgrade in january.. more and more people are getting the upgrades as the months go on leading to january and they dont see anything too convincing on bb10 except for all the apps. but angry birds and cut the rope wont get anyone to stay. they need to show that they will get Skype, netflix, instagram (if it ever comes to blackberry) hulu, temple run, all those time consuming apps people use to socialize/kill time. cut the rope and angry birds are too last year.

The continuation of your quote is.. "meaning they won't show anyone the real goods until they are ready."

Read the whole post before jumping to a conclusion.

Man... You guys who are all negative about this don't have a clue. The only ones who can see these apps are ones with Dev Alpha devices. So releasing apps now isn't important. Why would a "big named" company release anything for an Alpha device when all the APIs aren't released yet for native development? We are at Beta 2 with NDK and a lot of the good stuff isn't out until Beta 3. I wouldn't and won't release until there is a Gold version of the phone and software.

I don't think you undetstood the article. It does not say anywhere they will not have those applications. Please carefully read it again.

I've just posted my 2 apps for BB10 is the forum:

Music Timer X:

Flash Light X:

And I believe there are many more to come since developers like me are exciting while developing for BB10. It's such a powerful and incredible platform.

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+1 the last update required a recompile of everything which kind of sucked. Strangely enough. I found bb10 easier to code for than windows phone... That says a lot about the tools rim provided to developers.

Flashlight apps are simple but necessary. The ones that use the LED flash as the flashlight are some of the most useful smartphone apps out there.

If anyone wants any help with getting your Apps on App World for BB10 then let me know on here or Twitter: @ash_blackberry

I've been developing an app for an auction house i work with part time. I am not able to make it to a BB Jam event, meaning I'm forced to test inside a VM. I'd love to have a Dev Alpha to use but it seems that's not possible ATM. There are a few things that aren't working consistently, such as horizontal alignment. Loading images from the web isn't fully working ATM. The WebView component isn't yet as fully featured as the web browser will be. I'd really like there to be a Facebook, Twitter, and the native email/messages app to fully build out different features of my app. I hope the next release fixes all but the missing app problem, though it would be nice if there were bare bones apps for facebook and twitter so i could at least test basic functionality.

The first BB10 phone's release isn't that far off, so it's getting a little disconcerting that I can't finish the app ahead of time and move on. I believe things must be a lot more fleshed out internally and with big-name partners, so I'll just wait patiently for now.

I realy want good apps on bb10 like flipboard, pulse news, good games, and entertainment apps...otherwise Im switching to the new iphone and I'll never look back to blackberry again, RIM should work with developpers to bring the most important apps of ios and android to bb10 if they want to back to the competition or else.... Bye bye blackberry, I realy love my torch but I also want good apps..did u get it kevin I want apps !!!! So fucka tell thorsten that he must convince developpers that apps are so important and he must forget about the fucken "get things done".

Do you have a playbook. There are already a lot of good games on that. I'm really not worried about games. For me it's more the news and productivity apps. Unfortunately the news ones need buy-in like NYT for Financial Times. The Economist put an app on the playbook, but it doesn't work anymore, they are slow with updating it.

"...otherwise Im switching to the new iphone and I'll never look back to blackberry again"

Never say never. Remember all the people who said they'd never use an MP3 player as a telephone? Yep, and now it's the golden standard...(for now)

Devs should be creating BB10 Apps. AppStore and Google Play Store are saturated and BB10 AppWorld will be new and easier find apps in the results.

You guys... Always quick to criticize and judge.
Although RIM has had its share of short comings, that doesn't mean that they don't know how to play the game. Remember people, even if they do not lead the industry they are pioneers when it comes to Mobile Enterprise Solutions. Given their experience in the industry, considering how things are right now with the industry, they are playing it right.

A few things to keep in mind are that the mobile industry has been saturated with a combination of mobile phones, apps, and carrier deals. Gone were the days in which a mobile company can command a carrier and vice-versa.

These days it is more of supply and demand, who can supply the best unit with the best app and the best feature together with the best carrier package wins it all. That said, RIM is taking the first right step for the BB10 launch, they're now getting cozy with the carriers. I assume this is so because they are already confident about the device and its capabilities in terms of software capabilities, apps, and hardware functions. - Hence THE THOR using the actual devices as a presentation point for the carriers.

Another thing to keep in mind is the dynamic demand of design hardware, software and apps. With the left and right patent suits ongoing now, RIM is better of keeping additional knowledge about their device off the grid, assuming that there could be some patent issues - and assuming there are no patent issues, it is still RIGHT of RIM to keep the device and information of it off the grid as it could spark even tougher competition from other hardware as well as developers for competing OS. REMEMBER ONE IMPORTANT FACT - all developers, be it hardware or software have been building ideas off each other for years, hence the saturation in apps. RIM is creating a WHOLE NEW PLATFORM with a WHOLE NEW PERFORMANCE LEVEL, given this fact and the fact that for the past few years everyone in the software and hardware industry have been building ideas off each other, it is in RIM's best interest to keep it silent until a few weeks before device launching. Thereby allowing RIM a commanding position in the industry in terms of hardware and software.

As for all you BB users who complain on why RIM isn't giving a taste of it, the answer is THEY SHOULDN'T! No mobile company ever does. The only reason RIM is sharing bits and pieces of information now is to keep you skepticism and criticism at bay and buy themselves time from your final judgement.

Once again, remember, The Thor knows what he is doing. As a CEO of a company myself, I think RIM is right in what they are doing as it creates a buzz. Even if the buzz isn't good it is enough to keep us on our toes.

Thank you for a thoughtful and lucid reply. It is nice to see someone discuss sound business practice and how decisions are made. There are far too many people on this site that work themselves into a lather about nothing.

In regards to the mobile communications market, I really don't see anything interesting going on. Zip for innovation. I think RIM is the only exception and that is because of the mystery surrounding the platform. So one keeps the buzz going by maintaining the mystery. Marketing 101.

I'm not worried about THOR knowing what he's doing, I'm worried about the idiots in companies like NYT, WSJ Chase and any other huge consumer oriented firms that find it so easy to say, "Na, let's wait and see..." that's the killer that it's hard for RIM to get around.

If RIM can pull those companies into making BB10 apps, I think TH should be CEO of the decade.

Anyone who knows the industry = knows the names.

Doesn't make any sense mentioning these names since the topic at hand is RIM and how they're handling things. I was pertaining to their strategy and providing my insights on their strategy.

Thanks for the feedback though. :)

- More power to RIM -

I disagree. People already know that Blackberry doesn't have these apps so they should announce it right away that YES BB10 will have Skype, Netflix, Instagram, etc. Give people a reason to take notice of Blackberry again.

People won't give a crap about any app if they don't first like the phone... Netflix, Skype, or MyFartApp won't matter.

Netflix is mandatory!!! A BB10 launch without it would be an utter FAILURE!!!!! It has been nearly half a decade too long!!! There plenty of other apps missing but that is #1 priority!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, nothing says quality more than watching outdated television series on a tiny screen. Keep living the highlife everyone.

You don't get it. I agree NetFlix is crap, but the lack of it gives Walt Mossberg and other like him an easy way to tell people not to buy blackberries.

He recently bashed the Samsung Smart TV basically saying wait for an Apple TV (that ins't even coming!) just because he has order to hate Samasung.

RIM can't roll out product without Netflix or skype even if those things aren't really needed. It's simply an investment in protection against idiot bloggers.

Touche! I don't understand why Netflix is such a big deal. I don't want to watch streaming videos on a such a small screen, eating my battery life. I've got other devices for that. Even the iPhone screen is too small for Netflix/video viewing.

why is this so important ? but i do agree that it is weird that netflix is not on playbook yet. i do not really understand reasons behind it. you would think that netflix would like to be on ANY platform.

Just a thought, but maybe you hold off announcing the big names to help avoid other handset makers trying to talk the developer out of making an app for the BlackBerry. You know, avoid the phonecall from Apple to the developer suggesting it would be better to NOT develop for RIM.

When my i-phone 5 contract is up in September 2014, I'll check back with Blackberry and see if they are up to speed yet. I agree it is prudent to not give Apple a heads-up, but waiting another 5+ months not knowing what may or may not be is not an option for me. Not trying to be snarky or offensive - just reality.

i have not seen iphone 5 but i would bet it will be more of the same in new package and updated specs. nothing that cannot wait until bb10 is released so you can compare.

I agree with your assessment (and so does the concensus of imore commenters). I'm no fan of Apple, and I can't stand to be around the clueless, smug little apple-ites, but the issue is there are about 10 apps I need. Two of them are crucial for my business now, not next year. None are available for BlackBerry, and last I checked, no plans for a BlackBerry version.

There is no point in keeping mainstream popular apps a secret. If RIM has arranged for the common big requests (Skype, Netflix comes to mind although I could not care less) to be on BB10 then they should announce it. RIM finally having some of these popular apps won't mean anything to the competition. The competition already have them.
Now - If they have deals with major 3rd party apps as well as their own sensational 1st party apps, that no one else has...that's a different scenario altogether. Those should be a surprise.

Exactly! People already know that Blackberry doesn't have these apps so they should announce it right away that YES BB10 will have Skype, Netflix, Instagram, etc. Give people a reason to take notice of Blackberry again and come back!

I will wait for BB10 keyboard version. I think this will be very good platform because there is more and more positives previews from people who have seen actual phone.

Bottom line: RIM should know that App ecosystem is now just as much part of a smartphone as the OS. If they unveil the phones and they lack the big name apps it's about the same as the half-finished playbook. The playbook (when it was released) had great specs, super build quality and a rock solid underlying engine, and it flopped.

If it was all up to RIM I'd be confident, but as I posted above, to have all the apps RIM need buy in from some pretty stupid companies that see little cost in saying "let's just wait and see" that's the huge problem for RIM.

I personally think that RIM needs to put pressure on the big name app developers that already develop for Android and iOS because without big name developers developing apps for the Playbook and BlackBerry 10, RIM will only have limited success in terms of getting app developers on board. Big name developers have pretty much been the complete reason why Android and iOS have been so successful in regards to their app stores.

Im just the Little Guy sitting in the background watching and listening! If anyone important reads this,.. Im waiting patiently for the BB10. I have had all platforms, ALL. A device that "works" is what i need in my ecosystem. I have found a few apps that work for my needs and have helped me be successful. Apps arn't everything, when it comes down to it most people have there few favorites and make use of them constantly! I beleive RIM/Appworld will have plenty to offer at release. In my opinion hearing about "I" this and that is getting a little carried away. Its like the campaigning ads for Gov postions, eventually you don't even hear them because theres nothing exciting anymore. I dont hate apple products, or android products, dont get me wrong. I want something completely new out of the starting gate!! New built apps,.. not rehashed to fit. New design and hardware,.. not previous and lets tweak. Enough said. I think RIM is headed in the right direction, and the developers are on board! Thanks to all who are in it to WIN IT!

+1 for this! Exactly how I feel. I have had all platforms, too. I'm patiently waiting (okay, more so impatiently waiting) for BB10 to be released so I can go back to it from my Android.

I'm not a huge app guy; I find a few I like and use them. I don't game extensively on my phone, just use it to kill time in waiting rooms, standing in line, etc. I also don't like paying a lot for my apps. The majority of free apps for my Android and iPad are junk. There isn't a lot of thought behind them, and they lack the robustness of a fully-thought out product.

What I would like to see are good, solid apps that are relatively inexpensive that I know I can count on. I don't need 20 different renditions of "Angry Birds" (even though it IS fun) and hundreds of different soundboards.

I think RIM did this before, and I think they'll do even better with it with BB10. (Here's to hoping!)

Bingo. It is all about the new in technology and RIM appears to be in the driver seat at the moment. Time will tell if this is correct.

RIM keeping the device off the grid means that consumers & business have no idea what’s coming and certainly nothing to get excited about anything until 2013 at the earliest. Maybe something along the lines of teaser ad or intelligent product placements to create some excitement, even while keeping details are sparse.

Nokia has an event Sept 5th for windows 8 phone, Apple has an event Sept 12 for the new iPhone 5; and the latest Android OS is out already. All the big players are ramping up for Q4 sales. Where is RIM, making sure the software is perfect? We all know that at launch software will have issues... another 4-5 months, come on, really?

My company (10,000+ employees) already has RIM servers so knowing what new products are coming down the pike would make for good business planning especially as 2013 I.T. budgets get formalized in the next few months.

Interestingly enough, I spoke with my I.T. person yesterday about a separate issue and inquired about out company’s move towards BYOD and BB10. He looked at me and asked, “what is BB10?” He then proceeded to email a note to himself on an Android device.
Unfortunately, employees have gotten quite used to BYOD and nothing from RIMPIRE has encouraged management to change the course.

If RIM really does come out with a revolutionary product and there is demand, how long do you think It’ll take for the competition to pivot and copy? I’d like to see RIM take a commanding lead but the ship is leaking water so one hand bailing the water out while the other is rowing forward.

Telling folks what apps will be available especially when companies (Starbuck) are saying to the world that they’re no longer providing support for the RIM platform would also be encouraging.

Get us something new now and start competing in the arms race.

Your company has RIM servers. Does it have Android or iOS servers? Do you know why your company does have RIM servers?
Your IT guy doesnt know about BB10 but you do and you're not an IT person are you?.....

I'm sorry but your IT guy simply isn't focused enough if he is supporting a BB environment and doesn't know what BB 10 is.

Base on my understanding RIM need to get their act right.. Maybe yes Apple are secretly developed something special for the next iPhone Gen.. However the developer already get the taste of the apps which is keep on building the hype for the non developer user to wanted even more.

Now RIM on other hands release some tease with Dev Alpha however that thing is basically craps. Nothing to talk about hype because its basically a small PB. I want to developed but now I put them on wait and see because its just a HW without nothing. Just browser and camera... ALAS you can only see apps using sideload. So what hype? its just blank and uncertainty and with previous history of RIM I will wait and see until they create PHONE, BBM, FB, TWITTER, and VIDEO apps before I start my development because else what happen if BB10 release but no nothing... I believe many developer are thinking the same way as I did.

So currently we are focusing on IOS and Android dev. which is a sure thing...

I am not too worried about even having BIG NAME apps, just get the developers from the JAVA OS over to BB10 and I'll be happy. I am worried that if I buy a BB10 phone, I still gotta pick up my Bold 9900 for the first 6 mths of 2013 to get the average stuff done.

The apps will make or break BB10 It would be nice if they had 100k apps at launch but realistically I can't see them even having 10k.

As long as there are APPS, then things will be good. QUALTIY APPS, or simple ones. Gosh, people have TOOO much high expectations, which result in DISAPPOINTMENT once BB10 is released. God dammit. Lighten up and don't assume everything will be "perfect", because software can NEVER be perfected. Okay, done.

Why would I believe that Rim will honor the release schedule?
As of today it is all pretty much hogwash and vaporware.
They have blown it few times before pulling the wool over our eyes with the explanation of "chip availability".
What the heck is first quarter... March 31st?
Holy crap! that is like seven months away!
And what if meanwhile the new iPhone or WP8 or Android come up with some new killer hardware, or software feature? Will Rim require another quarter to get another "chip" to get the leg up?

If RIM had apps to announce, they would. it would be part of an effort to get a bandwagon going. Then other developers would say "oh man, PANDORA is getting on board, I better join them"

But they're not. Bottom line is there are 2 platforms any company cares about: iOS and Android. If they're going to do a third, it's going to be Windows 8/Windows Phone 8. Unless you think RIM can outspend M$...

everyone needs to go read the ART OF WAR...

this industry is definitely not a game of chess where you just outright attacking and show your face... do we not know this type of plan got the Americans screwed in several situations as well as the Germans in WWII?

the art of talks about a clear command that comes from the TOP and RIM didn't have that in previous years... now the company going through some reductions and alignment is getting closer to a clear line of communication..

same with everyone saying they should show the apps... why? the comment the CEO made above about how RIM Shouldn't show everything is totally in align with how things should be done! they just shouldn't... EVERYONE is pretty much waiting to see what RIM Does whether u HATE them or LOVE them... and that'll set the stage for RIM to really show everything.. now until then is just them planning and laying out their resources in a strategic manner and get everything into place behind the scenes to get ready for that stage..

RIM is preparing for that stage whether u believe it or not... their plans are coming together and apart of that is the ecosystem (just look at BB JAM). if you say they are not putting effort into their dev community then ur nuts... no other company has done that! maybe they don't need to, but the fact that RIM Realizes they need to and did it, just shows their motivated to do that right things..

if u don't know what the art of war is.. then google it... a lot of people apply it to business strategies ... the guy who wrote it in 500BC had an army of 30,000 and defeated an army of +300,000.....

APPLE = playing a game of chess and will soon be too big for their own good..

Great Post I got here by wondering if I should hold out for the new BB 10 touch Phone. Will it have the apps that make using my iPhone fun. You don't hear to much about iP5 alternatives without the mention of Samsung or Nokia ...but not the potential of a new Blackberry Device?

Are people going to overlook this up-coming BB Phone's because not enough is being promoted? Simple go out and up-grade their current iPhone's or switch to the new Nokia 920 or Maybe the Samsung G3S.

Personally I have a good chuckle when I see a person with small hands holding a 4.8" Samsung up to their face! Or a iPad user taking a picture looks cheesy!

I am or i should say was a apple fan I bought the original iPhone smuggled in from the US and have had one ever since , My wife and I both have a iP4 and Mac Pro for my video editing , Mac book Pro for work... but here is the thing I am sure I am not the only one feeling left unfulfilled after buying the iP4 that is was better in performance the the iP3GS but hated the style and feel in my hand. It only really works in a case that you can grip. I myself experienced antennagate and my first two iPhone 4's were defective.

So I waited for a new iPhone and was stoked in all the rumors about a redesigned iP4 . Unfortunately that teardrop design never saw the light of day and what was the next reiteration but the same phone with a personal assistant that does not work.

I never saw a real reason to upgrade and thought they will do better next time but I was wrong .
The iP5 turned out to be exactly as the huge amount of product leaks said and no real wow for my to want to upgrade its like just a one centimeter bigger phone with a screen that still smaller than all of its competitors!

I for one am NOT buying a iP5 to the shock and amazement of my coworkers and friends. I am holding out for the new Blackberry 10 Touchscreen. For all the info I could find and see I think Blackberry is making the OS i have been waiting for with a phone geared towards a truly great phone first and a great everything else second. Tired of the lack of innovation other phones are making and think Apple peaked and are now coasting on 100 Billion Dollars. Tired am I having to jailbreak my iPhone just to get a decent SMS app , decent Black list app , change my overall look of my phone ect.

Please BB release a phone that truly is a iPhone killer , and soon! To go along with my new 32GB PB I picked up at Walmart for $118

If only at launch time you had locked down my favorite iOS apps like Flipboard, Pulse ,Kindle and Netflix you will make me a happy Crackberry.