BlackBerry App World expands its horizons, opens doors to 14 new countries

By Bla1ze on 1 Sep 2011 04:13 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World

Continuing their efforts to make BlackBerry App World accessible to all BlackBerry users RIM today, announced the availability of BlackBerry App World in 14 new countries. Albania, Armenia, Benin, Algeria, Belize, Burkina, Ghana, Bosnia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, Serbia, Tunisia and Zambia are all now welcome to make use of the applications available. Content will of course be localized and offerings may vary from country to country so if you live in any of the available areas, fire up BlackBerry App World and see what is available. 

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World expands its horizons, opens doors to 14 new countries


Phenomenal news this morning when I found out.
The day when kids started new school year,I greeted BBAppW and started ma' own first steps for the first time in the space of apps! ;);)
Thanks RIM,Finally

Woohooo .... I'm pleased to see those countries being able to access tools we just take for granted ....

Woohoo again!!!

Let's show these 14 countries that App World is the real deal and get more apps in there!! I love my Bold 9930 but its severly lacking in that department.

why Pakistan is not in your list , please also try to open it in Pakistan also .... here we are using BB services without application world and opther lot of applications which we see on web site ... regards ....

Would appreciate if Rim would make it possible to use App World in the existing countries first...still the same here in Sweden (confirmed by operator "Rim is working on it") error 9300 and 11000 (depending on if you try Paypal or Credit card) when you try to buy an app... 2 months now...