BlackBerry App World down for you? You're not alone

By Bla1ze on 3 Feb 2011 05:15 pm EST
BlackBerry App World down for you? You're not alone 

Having issues with logging into BlackBerry App World today? You're not alone. Many users have been reporting seeing the above error when logging in today or some other variation of. We're not positive as to when it started or when it will be back up. Although, at some point it did seem as though it was back then it went down again. We'll keep you all updated on this when it does come back up. In the meantime, check the CrackBerry App Store instead for your app needs. Thanks to everyone who sent this into us!

*Update* - Looks like it's coming back online for most people now

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BlackBerry App World down for you? You're not alone


So it's not just me. I kept getting this while trying to upgrade a couple of apps I have and I DMed @BlackBerryHelp and never heard back. At least now I know it's going to get fixed.

I had the same problem an hour ago trying to update App World to the new version, it is working fine now... One thing I just noticed is that with the new version of App World, Blackberry Podcast got automatically installed, is this normal?

Dude, RIM will never fix their problems. It's one outage after another with these people. This current one seems to be related to blackberry ID because the feeds app won't login either.

You got that right. I have had trouble with App World since I got my new Torch. In fact I still have not been able to download a single app yet. The funny thing is I'm not sure I even care anymore.

It's not just App World. I can't log in to Blackberry News Feeds either. It gives me an Authentication Failure: Unknown Error.


Don't panic it will be up in short time !! is because to many users log in at once for the update and the servers crashed :D when it will clear a bit from all the rush for update it will be UP :)

Good Luck

i thought i was the only one.. i hope this gets fixed soon.. i did a restore and uninstalled it and everything.... ughhh

Check your TCP IP settings.. especially if using a leaked OS. This started happening to me today and I forgot whenever I use a leaked OS it sets my TCP IP settings to something wrong. Once I set it to the proper Rogers settings everything worked fine.


I'M LEAVING RIM AND GOING TO DROID AND/OR IPHONE! they are so much better! they never have any issues, never have any downtime and have all the new tech and and and!!!

ROFL! ;)

I was thinking the same until finding out about their security problems. If my BB is lost or stolen, no-one can respond maliciously to my customer support email, or access my business plans, etc. Android or iPhone? They could get past the lock screen easily.

But drop the "in the meantime". Just use the CB app store. Its a class act. I regret ever making a purchase from Appworld. Luckily I've copied all the keys I need and apps are backed up via the 3rd party app backup procedure.

When it came back on today for a brief time ive noticed that in "My World" i only have one list now with my "installed" apps. And im not sure, may be its just me, but everything is much faster now. More fluid i should say.

smh ! lol i dont really care if its down as long as BBM aint ! <3

its always nice to have a second phone around =] ( DROID )

It's up again :-) Figures now that I JUST found this to confirm I am not crazy that I get it to load and finally upgrade 2 I should have check here earlier.

Was finally able to update today during lunch. Reset the phone and it got stuckin in a loop. Would only load till the E in berry then would reset, had to get a new torch! thanks BB app world

Quick and ez fix () go to log out and log back in and it works fine. I start with this issue this morning.

I had the same issue this morning, waited a couple of hours and then tried again and it work. Now it shows an upgrade for app world, don't know if that had anything to do with it.

Sales and downloads today are much less than usual, and customers have been saying they can't install the apps they purchased.

BAW is fine for me. I have had this issue when the version was updated. All I needed to do was update to the newer version.

I've been trying for a full week to upgrade some of my apps without success, i keep getting that same error message also.

Still can't complete registration of a new ID with App World! "We cannot connect you to.." (Amsterdam, NL)

I updated my App World and shortly after noticed a connection problem. My girlfriend did not update her App World and we are not having stedy internet connections. We are having problems using BBM. I did go into "Manage Connection" then "Services Status" which showed I had no internet connection at all, I did a battery pull and the status changed. But it is still hit and miss with BBM.

i was trying to update the blackberry app world program on 9650 (6.0.415) and i keep getting the "907 invalid cod http error 504 gateway timeout" message

I'm based in nigeria at the moment and for long the blackberry app world wasn't working til of recently it became available for one to use it. Anyway the problem is whenever I try to download the new version it keeps telling me "Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support BlackBerry App World" I'm using bb bold 9780 non-branded. Thx

3 days now i cant get into apps world taught it was my phone everytime i try log in keep gettin this msg an error has occurred pls try again later, i redo my os cus i had a hybrid on it to make sure its not that.... so i put an official one n same damn thing n guess wat i forget to bk up my apps so rite now i have no apps to play with am so pissin rite now i even made another id n same thing with it... i hope they fix this thing soon i really hope

Some customers may be experiencing issues logging into App World. We are actively working on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.

I updated to the 6.0 operating system, and have gotten that message with a several different applications - not just BB App World. Is it the BB App World, or 6.0? Or both?

"Some customers" .... sure. In this thread alone the problem is current on at least three different continents. In my case, for 72hrs and counting, and other reports are worse. The lack of information, explanation or even a general apology on the blackberry support forum, app world website -or pretty much anywhere else- makes me feel undervalued as a customer. Buying a premium phone and paying a sweet monthly sum for blackberry-"service" doesn't account for much I suppose. Sub-par.

Notifications for updates but not downloadeble, app's not avaleble for dowload via app store? TWF.... I bought the app's on the app store, where els can I get updates than?

This one is from the Netherlands...

Still not able to log in. It has been 4 days. Funny, I am coming bac to Blackberry in T-Mobile USA after selling my Droid 2 and this happens.... I cannot get some apps that I really need to use, such as eBay and PayPal...

App World is driving me to distraction. I created a user name and password, waited 2 hours for the authentication email to arrive. I then try to log on and am told "user name and/or password is incorrect". I KNOW the username is correct, so maybe I screwed up my password. I then click on the "forgotten password" link and enter my email address - the same email address my authentication email came to, I get the message "email address not valid" WTF!! Round and round we go in this merry dance unti I gave up. It'll be CB downloads for me from now on, the AppWorld icon on my Torch is being removed!!

BB AppWorld tells me I have a upgrade but it won't download. It will either tell me the upgrade doesn't exist, or it doesn't know who I am.

I'm on a Tour v5.0. Is this a software version problem?

Just tried again. It knew who I am, but tells me once again "Blackberry App World is not available from Blackberry App World."

Maybe I should go to the Deli to get it? In the mail? Coming from Congress? Where else can I get it?