More than apps, super apps - BlackBerry App World commercial hits the air

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2010 10:17 am EST

The latest commercial from BlackBerry shows not a device this time, but BlackBerry App World. Its good to see the apps getting some love and not just the devices. This ad shows off Pageonce in one of what I'm sure will be many more app commercials. There are tons of apps that would turn into great ads, and with the way RIM has been rolling out commercials, I'm sure we'll see a bunch pop up on the airwaves soon.

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More than apps, super apps - BlackBerry App World commercial hits the air


LOL man I can only DREAM of Pageonce preforming that smooth on MY Blackberry.

Instead of the jagged, chug fest of an app that it truly is. I do enjoy the calendar sync alerts though!

i really do like the app, never knew it actually sync to the calendar - weird! u can't miss what u didn't have to begin with i guess.

Since the last update it does seem to run a lot smoother, but still has a long way to go. I still can't live w/o it though. I just let it take care of everything and i don't worry unless it starts freaking out about a low account balance. I guess it's ppl like me, that will use it no matter how choppy it is, that let PageOnce get away w/ releasing such a choppy app.

I gotta admit, their right.
Ran great on the Bold, originally ran great on the Torch. Now? This is odd... like they took two steps back or something.

That is what they meant by super apps? That is the kind of app we have been hearing about over the past year?

1. Pageonce is old.
2. Since when does it qualify as a superapp?
3. What ever happened to widgets?

I can't speak to the app or its effectiveness as a super app but at least they are trying to raise awareness of App World. If it helps put blackberry on developers radar, then hopefully it is a good thing.

Downside may be putting something on their radar that is hard to work with because if someone gets a bad taste dealing with it now, and it becomes a lot easier to work with later due to QNX, they may already have a prejudice against it.

Nice to see this. Of cousre with this comes the droid heads. Also good to know my enterprise mail works with only ONE set-up and not that multiple crap on droid. Oh and its Evo...good luck with that battery...oh wait they have a battery you can buy (should have been included) that's over priced.

Don't hate on RIM because they are simply marketing their products in the same way that others are doing so. Good for them for marketing their products to consumers.

Push notifications, support for many different accounts from shopping, to banking, to airlines, to google, to social networking, etc and calender syncs with alerts? It is a super app!

I know it doesn't work as smoothly as the ad shows but it performs just about the same on my Android device. (I sport Droid2 and Bold2.) I much prefer pageonce on my BlackBerry because all features work better (push notification) than on Android. But it does load faster on my Droid though not always.

While Pageonce lets you chose the country your located in, its useless as EVERYTHING in it is US based, Credit card US ones only, Utlities US only etc. There is very little here to make this app more than very limited utility to anyone outside North America.

God the complaining on this site is really getting old. I had lost count of the number of total shit apps I downloaded on my iPhone when I had it, but you'd never hear such complaints on an iPhone website.

Don't get me wrong, the fawning almost cult-like love for apple is what turned me away from that company and it's products, but the bitching on this site is really getting sickening.


Apple Free since April 2010 and loving every second of it!

Pageonce Pro allows me to see pretty much up to the minute details on all of my bank accounts as well as my Home Depot card that I am using for home renovations. I could probably use it for more, but it is invaluable for that alone.