BlackBerry App World celebrates its third birthday

App World Birthday
By Bla1ze on 1 Apr 2012 08:01 pm EDT

If you've fired up BlackBerry App World today, you will have noticed a banner inside stating "Happy Birthday BlackBerry App World". That's because three years ago today, Research in Motion launched BlackBerry App World to the masses starting off with just over 1,000 applications available for download. In those three years, BlackBerry App World has since grown to what is now over 70,000 applications, extended it's reach to multiple countries and created partnerships with thousands of developers and carriers and continues to be a main focal point of the RIM ecosystem.

One would think there would be a bit more celebration over it's third birthday right? Not this time around. This time around BlackBerry App World birthday celebrations will be quiet and when questioned why there was no further celebrations beyond the highlight inside BlackBerry App World, Alex Kinsella, Senior Public Relations and Social Media Manager at Research In Motion said what I wanted to hear:

Everyone's heads down on BB10 - we'll celebrate then. :)

So alas, while BlackBerry App World is celebrating its third birthday, I take satisfaction in knowing that the reason there was very little mention of it from RIM directly, is due to the fact they're working on many other major improvements instead.

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BlackBerry App World celebrates its third birthday


Its just a shame that every time I open it today on my playbook it tells me it's not available in my country. USA haha

id rather hear that everyone is focused on BB10 then have a celbration for AW's BDay LOL :)... i bet everyone at RIM goes to sleep dreaming about BB10 LOL

I've been enjoying apps, mostly those recommended on CB and I'm loving my Playbook and Bold 9930.
I'm just going to keep buying the good stuff reviewed on this site.

I guess that the developers that support the Playbook and Bold are going to keep raking in the cash.

Loving my Playbook.

Free apps vs paid apps; which have you downloaded more of? So far, its been the freebies! I'm just loving my PB raw ;-)
Happy Bday App World!

Does anyone out there have answers for these questions:
1. What is the ratio of paid apps to free apps downloaded from App World?
2. What is the average sale price for each download paid app?
3. How much revenue (at a 30% profit level) does App World generate for RIM per day?

A lowball guess: Out of the 6 million apps downloaded per day, 1.5 million are paid apps.
The average price per paid app is $2.
RIM is selling $3 million worth of apps per day, of which $900,000 is profit.
So, essentially, RIM is making $27 million per month from App World?

RIM has pushed out around 20,000 apps in the last 3 months. So the average number of apps that were added to app world before that was around 140 a month.

You can see where the problem lies. Jim and Mike didn't put any stock into apps and now it is killing them. Even back in 2010-2011 when they were starting to get big they didn't and now they are playing catch up. RIM needs to push all the tools to developers to make BB10 have thousands of apps. Big names and lots of them.

I don't believe I've ever even looked for a fart app in Google Play or iTunes store for that matter.

There's tons of apps you will never see on for instance the PlayBook. Skype for one. Also Netflix.

There's a complete and utter lack of apps available for Blackberries and I'm not even going into the specialized ones, like apps specifically designed for the medical field and so on.

@neller - exactly! Any time people say that iPhone or Android have a lot more apps, the common BlackBerry sheep response is about fart apps. What a juvenile response. The problem is, as you say, the "complete and utter lack of apps for BlackBerries". Not only that, the App World interface is clunky, takes forever for apps to download and install no matter how fast your internet connection is. I have owned both Android and iPhone (as well as my 9900) and the app store experience is infinitely better on Android and iOS. RIM has fallen behind in almost all aspects with the BB OS. The only things I love about BB now are BBM and a nice physical keyboard. Almost everything else can be done better on an iPhone or Android device.

I do have to agree with you on that but tbh we want more than just 'fart apps' we want amazing games with mind blowing graffics (I have been seeing some in the past month), great utilies and everyday applications and they are just not there!

@stackberry369 That's such a lazy, unintelligent answer. The more apps in the catalog, the more likely you're to find something useful you're looking for, like leading apps on other platforms.

I really think RIM is gonna blow us away with BB10 but will we see a BB10 at BBworld...we just don't know!

(I actually tweeted crackberry about this like an hour before this article :> hmmmm.)

Guys, we love BB Playbook and all, but don't for a second kid yourself into thinking Apple's app store is stupid because it has fart apps.
They have a ton of top notch apps in all categories (art/music/photography/pro-medical/aviation/management/banking/etc...)

Let's celebrate the playbook for what it has though :)

and in three years, the new UI sucks more than has ever (my opinion) and is still lacking in many of the more noticeable apps found on other competitive platforms. Don't get me wrong, those competing platform can have a lot of junk but blackberry appworld just doesn't make me want to go on there - I have a few apps sure but generally I can't say I'm thrilled with the 70K (including themes) that I've recently checked on. I know this will change because BB10 will be more accessible but still that just means that OS6 and 7 could have done so much more to entice developers.

C+ for effort. I still think its got the best name of all the app stores out there.