BlackBerry App World category changes now in effect, beta category discontinued

BlackBerry App World
By Bla1ze on 23 May 2012 03:06 am EDT

If you happened to open up BlackBerry App World recently and noticed some changes you're not alone. In fact, RIM has sent out notification to BlackBerry developers letting them know that new category changes for applications are now in effect for BlackBerry App World and to adjust their apps accordingly if needed. The changes are as follows:

  • News: The News category has been expanded to include magazines. This category is now called News and Magazines and includes Blogs as a subcategory.
  • Beta: The Beta category is discontinued. The apps located the Beta category have been moved to relevant categories.
  • Reference and eBooks & Education: The Books and Reference category has been divided in to separate categories so that these are now individual categories respectively. The Reference category includes Education. This new category is Education & Reference.
  • Shopping: The Shopping category has been renamed Lifestyle.
  • Maps & Navigation: The Maps & Navigation category now includes Travel and has been renamed Navigation and Travel.
  • Music Creation (*NEW*): There is a new subcategory Music Creation available under the Music and Audio category.
  • Children’s Categories (*NEW*): There are two new children’s focused categories: New Children’s Games category within the Games Channel, New Children’s Books subcategory within the Books category

While most of the changes are minimal, the removal of the beta section is a rather interesting one. RIM has spent a lot of time revamping the BlackBerry Beta Zone for their applications so it begs the question how BlackBerry 10 will handle betas, if at all. Then again, the beta section in BlackBerry App World was never really used by RIM themselves.

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BlackBerry App World category changes now in effect, beta category discontinued


This is worth talking about and trying to seem introspective over?

Here is something more interesting and a tip of the hat for RIM they should use in advertising.

It basically says IBM bans Siri use, because they are not sure who sees the information, where it is stored or how long.

Rim could easily go about saying, that new phone you just bought to use at work? Well, you can't really use it at work because work classifies it as a liability. Get a reliable phone, with a reliable keyboard, that is trusted (talk about how OS7 is gov certified or something boring)

These are points RIM needs to make when it talks about security, or the lack thereof by other competitors.

I'm on also and my BB App World doesn't look like the picture above. It doesn't have the side screens to swipe to, and it doesn't have the same listed categories.
Are there different versions for devs and regular users?

Now if only RIM would get rid of the hundreds of crappy Asian Girl apps... What useless turds those are..... Just do a search for photo apps and you'll see what I mean.

"The Shopping category has been renamed Lifestyle" - Yes, shopping becomes lifestyle!
Good work RIM!
But please, can I go to work time to time?
BTW, Beta is still seen on website if use computer's browser.

Now if RIM would only update the entire site to have larger photos of screen shots etc. If I am looking at the site with anything other than a mobile browser, they should be able to tell that and serve me some pictures I can actually see. Then I might purchase more apps if I could see the screen shots better. This is the most annoying part of app world IMO. They should be able to tell if I am on my BB, my Playbook or using my laptop's web browser and change the look accordingly. It is a store for crying out loud, who wants to buy at KMart when Target is down the street. Visuals matter.

Tweet or e-mail this in to RIM, they don't read every single blog post. I don't think they even read comments that much.

With all due respect to the team at RIM behind these changes, they fail to address the major issues that App World has. What is needed is a completely overhaul that incorporates the following (yes, my list is long):

(1) Increase resolution of images.

(2) Increase size of the images.

(3) Images must be mandatory for all apps.

(4) Make the written section mandatory whereby developers actually explain what their app does. And saying an app is "super" does not qualify for this requirement.

(5a) Re-institute the "What's updated" section - utterly stupid for RIM to remove that.

(5b) If "What's updated" is now impossible , add the following to "My World" - a section called "Apps I'm Tracking" whereby the user could add apps that they want to keep an eye on to see if updates have been applied before the app is downloaded.

How is this different from the current My World settings? Well I'll tell you. I had installed RichPix which worked fine for a few months and then stopped working; I deleted it. Some months later, I saw that it appeared in the "What's updated" section so I downloaded it again as the app now worked. I suppose I could have kept the app on my Playbook but for those people who delete non-functioning apps like myself, it would be helpful to be able to track them so that we would know if an upgrade has arrived and fixed the problem.

The other use for this would be as a way for the user to keep track of apps he/she may want to download/purchase sometime in the future as opposed to right now, i.e., like a To buy list.

6) Make it mandatory that change logs be included.

7) Make it even more mandatory that change logs be included when the app switches from a native app to an android app.

8) Make it even that much more mandatory that change logs be included when the app goes from a native app to an android app and loses functionality that the original native app had. Ya, I'm looking at you iSpeechTranslator - changed to Android and removed the ability to speak your text and have it translated. That's a great upgrade - not!

9) Increase the number of apps shown as What's New, Top Paid, Top Free, etc, to, at minimum, 50; preferably more.

10) Increase the options to which a search can be performed. The existing engine is far too simplistic and often fails to find items that are in the catalogue.

11) Add a section to "My World" to which the user could put the name of the developer they happen to like that would actively monitor when the developer adds/updates apps in the store. If said developer has added a new app or updated an existing app, then a notification should occur so that the user is aware of the changes.

12) Provide an indication that an app is "native" vs "native-android".

Why don't you send this to Rim using tweetlonger (or twitlonger)? Then you'll have somebody who can really take it into consideration instead of just us users reading it.

App world needs to load apps more than 25 at a time, endlessly scrolling to the bottom to see more apps is annoying as hell.

whatever, appworld is being developed or not....we have to restart our device whenever update or delete. That's why I do not upgrade and install many apps on mine often. Bold 9900 is functionally a sophisticated garbage.