BlackBerry App World available in 9 additional African countries

By Michelle Haag on 12 Nov 2011 07:22 pm EST
BlackBerry App World
It's very frustrating for BlackBerry users in countries that don't have access to BlackBerry App World to try to download apps. Though it's not available in all countries yet, RIM has expanded the accessibility of App World to 9 additional countries in Africa: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Lesotho. Customers in these countries can now download App World for their BlackBerry and enjoy all that it has to offer. Thanks for sending this in @as_faruk!
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BlackBerry App World available in 9 additional African countries


This may not be a big deal for many people but I love the fact that RIM is a true global company. RIM is changing the lives of people and going deep into places to both make a profit and provide social good.

RIM proves you can do both.

Go RIM! I'm proud to be member of an ethical organization that continually gets recognized for their positive social contributions.

Come on Mike L. prove the naysayers wrong. Launch an awesome BBX phone. There are 70 million of us still with you.

This is great its good to see that Rim is reaching out to these countries even though they have trying circumstances. Its good to see that their still within the loop and continually growing

RIM really is an international company, over 50% of their market share comes from overseas in Eurasia, Africa and Oceana.

Lol... I love history lessons and so do many students across the world who study history... You're probably no one

I think RIM is turning things around. I just downloaded BBM music. I didn't know what to expect really, but was pleasantly surprised. It's really an awesome app! Keep 'em coming RIM!

This is Good but not enough i cannot use my credit card to purchase apps from app world because the country list at the payment section is not updated along with the app world availability somebody please alert rim to make it available to be able to buy apps free apps are simply inadequate please i badly need IM+ pro for my playbook here in Ghana

why RIM is opening the appworld in africa but can't do it in all europe country! I live in Estonia and App World is not avaliable in my country... RIM PLEASE EXPAND THE APP WORLD TO ESTONIA=)

make sensible comment is RIM from Europe or Africa? its from Canada.why not make your own appworld if you dont understand why they go to africa you racist

I would like to know why do you think that i a, racist=) It does't matter to me is he an african on asain.
I have meant that RIM need to open the app wordl in estonia and that's all=) I didn't said in my previouse commet that i hate africans. So you are just pretending something in "Canada". It doesen't matter from where are you are=)

this is awesome, i bet a ton of new downloads will be made - $$$ - in the bank

plus # of over all downloads should go up a lot, free and paid

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BlackBerry App World available in 9 additional African countries...

Yet, this month, Koodo drops carrier billing support in Canada.


This is good news for blackberry and great news for those who now have access to app world.

On a side note; these have to be some of the most "interesting" comments I've ever read on this site lol.

how come you can ask that stupid question .if african country have phone .l can tbelievethat . how old are you ? please ask ask this question to your father .you dont have education

you dont have to talk because i can imagine not everyone that comes here yo post comments are humans they just resemble humans but have no sense of their own total retards thats lives in a hole like rats.

Well, the question, actually, should be like "Can they afford.. ?"
We've heard so many begging for help,
and now we learn that they use BB over there!

I Think slot of you need some common sense,education and need to broaden your horizon,Africa is a continent not one country I have no surprise though as some of you base your arguments on the obsolete things you learn in your schools.don't ask if they can afford slot of us can afford things you people cannot afford in your damn get a life and do a bit of travel don't sit in your mums house
And to the guy asking why I think you are A racist,you didn't have to question why RIM opens up app world in African when they are not done in Estonia they do things in a business point of view what is there in Estonia that is not there in africa? Most people are waiting in line I had to wait all this years from owning os 5 product to now os 7 before app world was open for us.
To those who needs most stuff from app world and they have no access can check this link out:

Brilliant move RIM!! With Africa (as a continent made up of 53 countries) being the 3rd largest consumer market in the world (per capita) after China & India (Africa has a combined population of nearly 1.2billion people); the cheap BIS service & $0.99 apps is sure to drive greater efficiency & productivity across a continent that is growing at a pace that outstrips almost all other parts of the world!!

A Blackberry Lover & User of a Playbook & Torch9800!!