BlackBerry App World now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World Beta
By Adam Zeis on 26 Jun 2012 03:45 pm EDT

A fresh version of BlackBerry App World is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Version brings some great new features and fixes, so if you're a Beta Zone member you should get on this one. Updates in this version include: 

  • Download all app updates with the new "Upgrade All" button
  • Share your list of installed apps using NFC technology
  • View lists of installed apps from multiple friends using NFC technology
  • Connect BlackBerry App World to BBM to display a variety of new BlackBerry App World actions in your BBM personal message
  • Finnish language support 
  • Various bug fixes 

This one will spend a bit of time in beta before hitting and official release, so grab it and give it a whirl. If you're not yet a Beta Zone member you can register at the link below.

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Being somebody who only gets an update notice once every few weeks or so, "update all" isn't really all that. It does seem to load faster though. I welcome any and all updates. They're like little gifts when least expected!

I'm glad to see this update, but would be even better if it wasn't just queue based and could update al at the same time. I am glad that they're working on this.

My 9930 basically shuts down when doing 2 updates at once. Even one update at a time slows my phone down to barely being usable. Updating all apps at the same time would be impossible with this software even if they were powered by quad-core chips. Things like this are why the entire OS needed to be rebuilt on a new kernal. QNX will be able to handle the little things like this MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the current Java based OS.

SWEET!! It would be nice to see a way to click "ignore" on an individual app so the updated notice doesn't keep showing up on my PlayBook.

If you don't use the app and don't want an update notice (be it legit or rogue/redundent), uninstall the app, or update and be done with it.

Updates contain fixes, improvements, etc.

Downloaded it, did the reboot, but I can't find the Update All button. Where is it? Thanks.

@dg12, check the drop-down menu where you'd usually find the update/upgrade search options, it's on the top-center area of My World, where all your apps are listed.

UPDATE: Upon further experimentation, I've experienced the following:

1- Rebooted the first time after installing the new beta App World ( as required, the 'update all' button didn't show up correctly, its icon was cut in half with the right half overlapping the left half...

2- Rebooted for a second time hoping the image glitch would be fixed, button was completely gone, but option appeared in the drop-down menu, however it couldn't be selected as it was grayed out, two apps showed updates available, I figured something must still be wrong...

3- Reset App World (alt + rst) and proceeded to reboot again...

4- After third reboot 'update all' button now appears complete, below the drop-down menu, slightly to the right of center, same two apps still showing updates available, I chose to update one of the two, proceeded to reboot as required...

5- After fourth reboot all seems well, button still shows even though only one app is now showing an available update, updated app and had to reboot again...

6- Fifth reboot is complete, no apps show available updates AND 'update all' button has disappeared.

I will definitely report it this weekend, I've been awfully busy the last two days so I didn't have the time to even come by CB till now. Thanks for reminding me @emtunc.

The 'Upgrade All' option is a long overdue step in the right direction, however, the ability to checkmark either all or some of the apps the end user wishes to update/upgrade would be the best option. Why is it that the simple, logical options/solutions seem to evade the minds of RIM's App World developers? Even when feedback and requests are submitted by those of us who participate in RIM's beta testing, it seems to take months or longer for any of the basic requests to come to fruition, if ever, hopefully the new RIM would improve this process.

I have not been able to fully backup the playbook 16Gig model. Only settings, no apps not anything else. If this update do a full playbook backup that will make me happy.

Apart from above, does it support multiple devices, I have a 9800 and a 9810 and 2 PlayBooks. I wish sometimes if I could have just one account and have all of them managed from there. I may end up having 3 phones and 3 playbooks when BB10 arrives, so I just wish just one place to manage all.

I guess they forgot about delete this app from my history....and the ability to filter PlayBook apps from BB handset apps.

This is a major issue that needs to be corrected on both handsets and the PlayBook. They are punishing me for purchasing too many apps!

Some times dont apps upgrade from a free version to a paid for version - this could be a problem for upgrade all.

I hope this fixes the "push" updates to my home screen, instead of lauching app world and refreshing my list to see if there is any updates.

About freeking time we got an "Update All", and as mentioned above, the PlayBook really needs this as well!

I wouldn't mind a pop up list allowing you to deselect apps to update, just in case, otherwise long overdue.

I left a comment in the beta testers section as well, that stated I have not seen anything different or any changes or added features compared to what I had running, even though this version replaced my previous version. 4 reboots and everything is the same, so don't get your hopes up too high for the update all feature. That is the first thing I looked for and still don't have it. Hard to believe that beta versions are missing a lot of things. Beta on any other device at least in my experience usually means as close to perfection as it is going to get. Does not seem to be the case with this. At least not me. Have to wait for the official version I suppose

In my case (Curve 8530) App World loads everything much faster than before (non-beta) and the BB's reboot time has improved by over one minute, so the time wasted waiting for the BB phone to be useful has improved, hopefully by the time this release reaches GM status it would be even better.