BlackBerry App World now available

BlackBerry App World
By Adam Zeis on 16 Dec 2011 07:58 am EST

BlackBerry App World hit the beta zone not too long ago with some great new features including gifting/begging, wifi only support, content ratings and more. It has been updated a bit to verison and is now officially available for download. Features include:

  • Gifting/Begging - allows you to request that a friend or family member pay for any application within App World.
  • Content Rating - allows content providers to rate the maturity level of their content and for you to filter content based on their desired level
  • WiFi Only Support - will allow App World to still operate when a you only have a WiFi connection
  • New Language Support - Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Dutch

You should be prompted to update if you have an earlier verison installed, or you can head to from your device to download.

More information/download of BlackBerry App World 

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BlackBerry App World now available


i agree, RIM Pakistan is one of a large growing BB community and when we dont have such things we shift. I held back to my bb thinking this app version would work but NOOO!!
hell with it android is my new choice. scarifising BBM for app can be done!

ya thats the reason bb is not liking in pakistan . as stupid rim y cant they understand i have iphone and bb so i prefer iphone. RIM sucks its 21st century still y they can't launch the appworld in whol world i know because they make difference .

i hate RIM

I have tried to locate and download, but I keep getting prompted for an older version. How will I get the update notification?

The update will be automatically pushed to your phone to prompt you to update when it is available to you.

Not for me in the US either, Torch 9850. Is it only for os6 or lower?

I went to the website as I don't have cell service at my desk (one of the reasons I want to upgrade to access appworld through wifi), and it has version still.

I'm running OS 6 on my 9800 and I don't see 3.1 either. In the U.S. too. Still getting from the BB site.

Same here. Seems most people are reporting the same experience. I don't want to be picky but wouldn't it be better for RIM to announce the update when it's more available?

Not here in Telus Canada.

EDIT: OK I got it around 11:00 AM today.... Funny thing I noticed, several "sex apps" are marked as General while even "Screen Muncher" marked as Teen. Oh come one RIM! LOL

ended up connecting my phone to my computer and logging into app world. There they showed a updated version of app world. downloading

No update here in Netherland Amsterdam. Still getting
But its no problem for me, i got version from beta zone.
So i can wait..

How about you integrate App World with BBM so you can see your friends 'wishlist'. That way they don't have to beg you to buy them an app.

It works for Amazon.

Same link sent from site, which did not work a few hours ago, but is now.

question: I see the gifting/begging thing. Does this allow for me to pay for an app for someone without them asking. Like there may be an app I want my girlfriend to download but she wont. I would like to be able to pay for it then she get notification that it has been paid for and she can download.

If this isn't a feature I would like to see it be. I know app world would make a pretty penny off me.

Yes you can do that... It is what they called gift giving. You can give a gift to her. But it is up to her to decide if she should download or not. She will have the final say in it.

I installed it & now I get "app error 523" "reset device"

and the worst thing is, I didn't backup b4 installing. I meant to, even pluged it into my computer, but then I forgot :(

Downloaded in Australia last night - 11pm ish Sydney time.

Update notification came via BIS notifications on home screen.

Had to re do updated BB ID screen 3 times before it accepted - and yet after every attempt screen said that it was successful.

So, I did a battery pull and all ok.

Dont know what people are talking about i went straight to the BB site and downloaded it with no problems whatsoever. Im in Miami Fl USA and it went smoothly on my Bold 9650 It also showed some improvements to my BIS

i just went to and downloaded it no problem. it still has not prompted me to update so i just did a download and it installed just fine and updated no problem. why don't some of you settle down with all the negative responses and use your brain to figure something out

I have a 8530 with OS5 and a couple hours ago I was prompted about the App World 3.1 update. I happily did the update but after the reboot I got this error:

“Uncaught exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError”

And I get the same error every time I try to run App World. I have tried uninstalling App World and re-installing, Wipe the phone and install before restoring from my back up and I get the same error.

So here I am now with an empty phone and no working App World to get my apps back.

Any Ideas?

I have the exact same phone and the exact same problem. This sucks! It seems that RIM has to improve their beta testing!!

Getting error id: 47030 after installation. Cannot access apps.
Anyone knows how to solve this.

UPDATE: apparently there is a lockout time period of 15 minutes. So I just waited 15 minutes before the next attempt and it worked.. There was no need to reset the password or create new ID.

Seriously I too am having update problems. I went to do my updates like I always do..installation went went to reboot..after reboot I get "Uncaught exception:java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" and app world will not open. I have done reinstall after reinstall, battery pull after battery pull yet always getting the same error. For the first time since app world has existed I am now unable to even have it on my phone!! WTF!! I love you RIM but updates should IMPROVE an app, not render it useless. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

It Bricked my 9900!!! JVM Error 545! BB's own software bricked my phone! Spent 2 hours restoring my phone, lost 2 days worth of data from last backup! And what's the point of restoring a blackberry if your apps don't get restored! WAKE UP RIM!!!! Fix your OS!

I am having Bold 9700 having version 5, when I went ahead and upgraded to App World, I got the message "Uncaught Exception :java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" With this Appworld is also not opening. RIM need to improve testing before launch or else the existing depressed users will go away !!!!!!!!!

I would also like to point out this dumb error that I got.
Uncaught Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

Same as everyone else, I now have a useless Appworld installed, get this error when the phone boots up, and when trying to open AppWorld (it appears after I close the app)...and says "loading" and goes on and on to no avail, then I hit "end" key, and that error pops up.

I too have multiple times battery pulled and uninstalled and tried to re-install the app, with no success!

How do I revert back to a previous version, now that RIM has put this new 3.1 version on the AppWorld site, and you can't go back? Guess I will have to do a manual downgrade from a backed up one I did the other day.

I am a BB beta tester, and beta tested this app, the 3.1._._ whatever it was in beta mode...I had the exact same error, and submitted my feedback in, yet the app is now launched live, and people are getting this error, not just me!

I run OS on my BB Storm 9530 (us older device users still exist!).
Appears that users getting this java error are both Canadian (like myself) and American, AND elsewhere in the world!


Same error as everybody else above.Uncaught Exception: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Love RIM and BB craze. How do I go back to my old app world version?

I too got this same problem. BB Tour OS 5. Took it to the tech repair at the store and they wiped my phone. Couldn't even install app world afterwards same error message. I left with a android. I love my BB but this appworld update and the previous one gave me problems. Hopefully RIM comes up with a solution. If they do I would go back to my BB and return my new phone. Very disappointed.

I have a BB Style and the app does load and start but gets stuck in a loop when trying to agree to the service aggreement. I agree and then agree again and then again.... well you get the idea. So I'm unable to download anything or even access 'myworld' or 'my account' Not happy!

I talked to a Saskel support guy today about this Uncaught Exception error. He was actually really helpful and suggested that even though it looks like it's App World that is at fault, apparently Uncaught Exceptions are usually caused by a problem with the OS. He suggested that one installs an older version of the OS using the files and procedures from Crackberry then going to your network providers website to get the official network supported version of the OS.
I’m going to try this when I get home from work and I’ll report back on my success or failure.

What device do you have? and what OS? Seems its mostly OS5 owners getting this error, I just want appworld 3.0 back so I can atleast access it!

I realize what the Sasktel guy may have mentioned to ya, but it just seems odd that after all these people downloaded the new AppWorld, is when this error suddenly appeared for everyone..and not something random....

So that means EVERYONE is having issues with their device OS versions then?, all at once?

I have OS on an 8530. Now does anybody know where to find somthing older then that without going all the way back to OS4. LOL

I upgrade yesterday to the new app world, also my GF upgrade. But on my BB 9780 Bold the icon for BB App world is GONE, and i get a start up error, so i had to downgrade to!!!!!!

Does anyone here knows where and how i can get App World

And how i can download it to my BB. My GF don't get the startup error on her BB, and her BB shows the BB App World Icon......

App world installed just fine on my Storm2 - 5.0 OS. Whats really not practical in this version is the Begging feature... I will never beg a friend to pay for an app for me, its lame.. instead they should of added the feature to buy an App and send it to any friend with a Blackberry!

I just did the upgrade and when I try typing into the search field the font is so small. What's up with that? I don't like it.

I have a Torch 9800 with the latest official carrier OS and it puts my phone into a reboot loop each time I install this update to App World. With BBSAK I can take all the .cod files related to the App World off my phone and it works, if I reinstall, opps reboot loop again. This is being caused exclusively by App World, have lots of memory; What's up?