BlackBerry App World 3.1 coming soon -- Includes WiFi support and 'gifting' of apps

By Bla1ze on 16 Nov 2011 04:26 pm EST
BlackBerry App World

For those of you who have ever been frustrated with the fact you can't download apps through BlackBerry App World without a data connection, the next update -- App World 3.1, is said to correct that. Being tested internally at the moment, BlackBerry App World 3.1 is also said to include 'gifting' of apps where you can purchase apps for others and also, what is referred to as 'begging' where you can request that another user pay for any application within BlackBerry App World. No time frame for release has been noted but it shouldn't be all that long before it shows up in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Seems like it has been a long time coming but those features will be greatly appreciated once they arrive.

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BlackBerry App World 3.1 coming soon -- Includes WiFi support and 'gifting' of apps


I can't.
It said :

We're sorry, the application form is not yet available for your country. We are adding new country locations over time. Please be patient as we continue to expand across the globe.

Maybe it is because i live in France ?

"Includes WiFi support" This exists already daughter downloads apps all the time using wifi without using a data plan???

It certainly used to! When I had a Bold 9000 I could use App World on a wi-fi only connection. When I upgraded to a 9780 I was astonished to find that this no longer worked. God knows why!! I spend all my working life without a mobile phone or data signal so this affects me a lot.

I am glad to see it coming as well. It would be nice if every app from Rim would be WIFI capable from now on....

I wonder why you can't get Appworld gift cards like you can with iTunes. That would make my wife's Christmas/Brithday shopping so much easier. I guess this is as close as we'll ever get.

Wow. This guys are busy!

They are rolling out BB Traffic with voice navigation.
They just rolled out BBM Music
They are launching stores all over the place.
They have purchased JayCut, newBay, and signing deals for content. BB Movies, Newspapers, etc.
They are giving us 100 bucks in free apps.
They have rolled out a ton of tools for developers with TAT assistance

The new OS7 devices are just awesome.

I think it is a good time to be a BlackBerry owner. These guys are working for our business.

It really bothers me, today some local news anchors on the radio were talking about how if RIM wanted to survive, they'd need to "sell out and split into different companies", and whenever they talk about RIM all that they can do is hate. When BBX phones are announced, even though they will have modern specs, they'll criticise them anyways just because they're not iCrap.

I remember when the Torch 9850 was announced they criticised it because it lacked the famous physical QWERTY that Blackberrys are famous for, and then they criticized the Bold 9900 for having a small screen when they could've got rid of the keyboard and made it all touch. Oh well, haters gonna hate, and we can just hope that the media's had enough RIM bashing for now. Go shoot something like webOS that's already dead, don't criticise RIM as they're doing well and have great devices.

yeah they're busy.. totally busy, but THANK GOD for this update! i'm looking forward to seeing the new Appworld here. it should have to work on wifi, Thank God RIM will bring it back, now, don't put it on beta testing for too long.

also.. yeah, release the OS 7.1!! can't wait for using the wifi tethering for my playbook rather than using the bluetooth (apart from the bridge browser..)

speaking of free apps and gifting where is that latest free app from bb. last ones i got were vlingo and shazam which works amazing on os7, 9930. that phone is hotter than hansel, i love it. waiting on the next free release

haha lol they're using this as well as all this poisitvity so that they wont have to fork over the rest of our free apps. The BB store in Indonesia app world 3.1 BBM Music BBx hehe we see you Rim >:)

I think that this was a really smart move. I have no cell reception at my house (yes - there are silly places like that in the US. So, I have to load all Apps when I am in town, even though i have Wifi at my home. It has been annoying and almost pushed me over the edge.

yes it's been a long time coming for this feature that should have been avail in the first place...who wants to use their data to d/l games and apps when you can use WIFI?!

When will they introduce AppWorld Gift Cards?
I don't like associating my credit card for online content stores.


I have longed for this idea. This would be a great addition for App World; easier for kids, teens who have a BB Phone and/or a Playbook but don't have a credit card.

Also could make it easy as an impulse buy item at the tills of stores in the same way that PS3, Xbox, Itunes has their cards on display at the check out counters of most electronics stores.

Also increases their name being out there whereby you see BB App World cards everywhere you realize that they actually have a store.

I have no idea why this hasn't been done before but in this day and age, it would be heaven sent and can only bring nothing but benefits to BB.

am how is this a new feature? This used to occur in the first couple releases of AppWorld then it stopped......crap...Glad it's back but nothing new here.

I must agree, RIM has been busy! When they released BlackBerry Traffic I thought it was ok but wondered how they thought they were going to compete with Android/Google without turn-by-turn spoken navigation. Well, now we have it (beta)! It seems to work great. Between that and my free Vlingo reading texts etc. my trusty 9800 has a new lease on life and I no longer feel compelled to upgrade it.

Great to see some progress from RIM and love the gifting idea but what about coupons - DEVELOERS need coupons for contests and giveaways, etc... Uuuggghhh!!!!

I'm ready, I want it, now, bank account is ready, bring it on for my Bold 9000 and torch 9800, wifi look out, here I come.

This is a great move RIM. There are a lot of user who like to use BB but they have give up due to those limitation. Now this will bring a lot of user back to BB.

I was a die-hard blackberry fan but not being able to access the App World through wifi is just insane. I mean why do RIM even want to do that in the first place? The App World is already quite limited and by limiting the App World only through BIS/BES is just out of the world. I'm glad RIM is fixing that now, but it's a little too late (for me) as I've already jumped ship to my Samsung Galaxy S II. I do wish RIM all the best in the future of the upcoming BBX phones and really hope they can sustain the hype for QNX platform. Just my thoughts..

Great news, can be such a pain when your signal is bit weak to have app world disconnecting all the time. good move RIM, lots of good news for blackberry owners at the mo :-)

The blackberry app world sucks the apps suck prepaired to the apple store. The free apps suck why should i pay for shitty apps.

your telling me that blackberry app world is good. The Apple store has so many apps. You have to pay for the apps for blackberry that dont do shit. My life does suck because I have a blackberry and I have to wait for my contract so I can get a real phone Iphone4s.

your telling me that blackberry app world is good. The Apple store has so many apps. You have to pay for the apps for blackberry that dont do shit. My life does suck because I have a blackberry and I have to wait for my contract so I can get a real phone Iphone4s.

Does this mean that i can download apps from app world, even though appworld is not currently supported in my country ???
i remember downloading apps over wifi from appworld 1.1 some 2 years ago.

Everyone on a Social type plan has WiFi access to app world already. It's about friggen time. Why is RIM always 1 - 1.5 years behind the times?

Ok, so this means its possible to access app world, even tho i dont have a service plan to support it?

There is only one provider in Norway that got the service plan for blackberry, unfortunately that provider sucks.
I was able to access and download apps on my 9300 before the last update, after that, no joy.
And now, with my 9900 i cant access it, because im not on the service plan. So if this update means i can finally download some apps again, im stoked.

And, is this a server side update? Or do we, the end users update something aswell ?

now, in the best interest of RIM's future, completely allow people to use all other apps on wifi only, wihtout any BIS, and also pressure skype to make an app that works on wifi only wihout any sim card in the phone and there might be hope that I wouldn't leave when I get around to buying a android or iphone (i need skype, I hate data plans when I have wifi everywhere)