BlackBerry App World 3.1 arrives in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

BlackBerry App World
By Joseph Holder on 5 Dec 2011 02:44 pm EST

*UPDATE* Another release has now been issued to address the BlackBerry ID issue. If you were experiencing that, go ahead and grab the newer download.

Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season, that new and improved BlackBerry App World experience we've all been waiting for is finally here... well, in the Beta Zone at least. This week, App World Version hit the BlackBerry Beta Zone and is ready for you to try your hand at gifting and begging for apps.

What's New in 3.1

  • Gifting/Begging - allows you to request that a friend or family member pay for any application within App World.
  • Content Rating - allows content providers to rate the maturity level of their content and for you to filter content based on their desired level
  • WiFi Only Support - will allow App World to still operate when a you only have a WiFi connection
  • New Language Support - Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Dutch

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    Reader comments

    BlackBerry App World 3.1 arrives in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


    Oh, I figured it was just a placeholder, but I had to give ya a hard time.

    It's all in good fun! :D


    I've been waiting for wifi support in App World. It sucks having to download over EDGE when I have a high-speed connection available.

    Too sound old-fashioned, I usually plug my BB into my laptop, connect to blackberry appworld website, then download apps using my USB cable, reducing my wireless account data usage.. (But that's just me, this will make things easier) :-]

    Does anyone know if this is compatible for latest os 7.1 cos I got unable to find app and codeline after I pressed the download button ? Or is it same as latest bbm and is incompatible ??I have loaded plenty beta zone stuff in past

    Yeah, I've found this to be a problem too. But I'm not willing to give up Wifi calling, so I guess wifi downloads will have to wait.

    I hope this one is better. I hate being on a beta program and they don't use all the feature enhancments suggested

    Keep getting "Blackberry Identity update needed.." Tried doing the update and various battery pulls to no avail and the same recycled notification.

    Anyone else?

    From the beta forum, its reported to work:

    "go to Aplication Options and delete the current BB ID version you hold, then reboot and go back to app world, it shows a message for you to install the BB ID, once you've install it already, reboot and then it would work perfect!I had the same issue, I did what I just wrote up lines and that's it!"

    Of course I've installed it and the icon is now missing after multiple reboots. Why does RIM have so much trouble with these disappearing icons? Search the forums. This has been happening for years and years with AppWorld and BBM especially. *sigh*

    According to the beta support people, BBM 6.1, Twitter beta and App world 3.1 are not 7.1 compatible just now. (even though i have had the 1st 2 running for 2 weeks) lol

    I requested a beta code but they havent got back to me so guessing they wont supply one unless you can download the app :(

    Installed and seems to work great, so nice to be able to use it when I've got crap reception at home, works fine with network off just solely on wi-fi. Seems to refresh quicker using alt rst now aswell.

    ok. having the same problem as everyone else (Glad i'm not alone) there a solution? i hope someone has gotten hold of somebody from RIM about this....

    Do what spike said a coupe posts up. Worked for me. I had 3 different BB I'd's. Deleted them all. Go back and download again. It seems they had problems because all 3 ID's had different version numbers. Thanks Spike.

    No prob really. The credit really goes to the folks who posted the solution at the beta forum. Its easy to forget that its the proper place to look for the answer, but this site is so addictive and useful itself!

    Anybody have the .jad file they can post? I can't download this from Beta Zone, since I'm running OS 7.1. I'm looking to install an "Agent Switcher" addon for Firefox, but the web site isn't responding.

    Nancy hi DL App world and have the above problem. Blackberry identity update needed. It says would you like to install it, I say yes,it seems to try to install a 0. Doesn't work,sometimes it trys 100 and hangs. I looked in options and don't appear to have device option. Have BB version,curve 5820. Please help.