BlackBerry App World now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 14 Oct 2011 10:03 am EDT

BlackBerry App World

The tip line is blowing up with news of the latest BlackBerry App World update. Version is hitting the BlackBerry Beta Zone for most users and is ready to download. The update includes some various tweaks and fixes to keep things in top shape. Updates include:

  • Performance and speed enhancements across all BlackBerry devices
  • Multiple translation/localization errors
  • Multiple instances of UI lag
  • Apps not appearing in "My World" for some users
  • User continuously notified to update the same applications when on the latest version
  • Memory leak occurring and taking up too much device memory
  • Null pointer exception during downloads
  • Escaping out of viewing app description returns user to top of installed/uninstalled list - App World should not go back to the top of list but return to the previously viewed app in the list
  • Error when opening and closing some apps with the error message: "Uncaught Exception;Attempt to delete a field that doesn't belong to the manager"
  • Unable to upgrade "Try and Buy" app after installing App World 3.0
  • "OutOfMemoryError" when attempting to launch App World
  • No "reinstall" button available for Facebook / BB Bridge / etc in App World after deletion
  • The "Reboot" option is available in the menu of AppWorld 2.1.x.x and it does not show in AppWorld 3.0.0.x

If you're a member of the Beta Zone you should be able to download the new version now. If you haven't yet registered you may do so from the link below.

Enter the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone


Let's hope all these bugs are actually fixed! I Will wait for some more feedback before I bail on is running just fine on my 9810, thank you!

Awesome, thats a very good list of bug fixes! hopefully it does not introduce other bugs and they release this to the public soon!

Look at all the problems....

It really says something when RIM can't develop a RIM application for RIM devices without any trouble.... any we wonder why we don't see good apps like on the iPhone and Android.

If RIM can't do it themselves using their own tools on their own devices, how do we expect developers to come out with great apps.


So you're saying iOS and Android Apps aren't on bb because RIM's apps aren't perfect? Sounds like your logic is sad..

I don't know of a single consumer company that produces flawless software on the first attempt. Can you name one?

The only nearly flawless software I've ever heard of is from the team that created the original NASA shuttle software. But that's because they didn't work at the extremely quick pace of consumer electronics and had 6 people (from what I remember) review every code change.

The fact of the matter is software, especially in the consumer space is going to have bugs, and the best we can hope for is that they are dealt with quickly and correctly.

Are you from one of those "other planets" the CNN piece was referring to? Dude/Dudette, cut those guys, RIM, some damn slack. Haven't you heard the old saying, "You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar?" Quit spewing your vinegar! Look, it's simple, if you don't like BBs or RIM, then go to one of those other planets where you can find an Apple or Android device.

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I have to agree with the message. App world is a major part of the BB ecosystem and the previous version should never have been released with so many bugs/errors that are now fixed in an update. RIM needs to put out better quality products. The days of their monopoly on the smartphone market are long gone. They are now competing with three of the largest, most resourceful companies in the world. This just won't cut it anymore. The bar is set much higher.

Can't get it to work. Beta Zone member when I download it and then try to open it the permission screen does not come up--just says loading. Anyone else having this problem?

No, my install went smoothly. You may want to try deleting and going through the reinstall process again.

8330 - 8530 - 9630 - 9650 - PlayBook - 9930!
Once you go Bold, you never go back...

Updated App World doesn't load now :( ... wth??

**UPDATE 3:52PM - THANKS TO RROYY.COM/OTA - REINSTALLED previous version... Learning my lesson, not jumping to beta updates same day it's released anymore...


- Performance and speed enhancements across all BlackBerry devices
I can't vouch for this one. Actually, it feel sluggish to me;

- Multiple translation/localization errors
Yeah sure, but still they have Aplicativos de Armazenamento (Storage Apps) instead of Armazenamento de aplicativos (Application Storage) even thou I pointed it out oh so many times;

- Multiple instances of UI lag
That's affirmative, I have multiple instances of UI lag!

What is the best way to let RIM know of App World issues?

Torch 9800/OS6 b2647 (.600)/AppWorld

When looking at an app and reading reviews, leave by scrolling left or right to description or screen shots, then return to review screen causes two issues:

1) entire screen shows for a quick moment, then right most 2 to 3 letters are cut off from top to bottom (for example, if the word "right" was at the end of a line, after leaving screen then returning it would become "rig", with many letters cut in half) [font Verdana, font size 12, plain style, font smoothing on if that matters]

2) no matter where I am in the review list, it throws me back to the top : I think it should return me to last "section" I was in. Usually caused by me accidentally scrolling right/left on accident as I have been too lazy to adjust touchscreen sensitivity.

I don't expect perfection (mpscan) but I do appreciate effort towards it. Thanks RIM for caring enough to keep working on your products.

If your having trouble with the install, you should be reporting it to the beta folks, and not here. not going to get much in the way of help, plus over in beta zone, they can actually fix the problem and release an update.

I already reported in Beta Zone, but just an FYI, alot of people including me are stuck on the loading screen. Going back to the previous version now.

Just installed it and so far well...the loading time seems about the same, slow. I do think though that once it's loaded it moves a bit faster. That so far has been my only complaint about the 9930. I will keep tinkering with it. I can say that so far I have not seen that "incredibly cute and lovable clock". :)

Stuck on Loading here, too. Hey, it's a beta ... it happens. Went back to the leaky-leaky version, which seems to stabilize after approximately 1,232 reboots or so.


UPDATE: After really getting fed up with the leak-o-matic version, I uninstalled it, put back on and, wonder of wonders, it asked for my beta keycode and began to work!

Go figure.
My brain hurts.

Well I downloaded and experienced the exact same frustrating log in problem I had with 3.0 stable. "An error has occurred. Please try again later." I've tried changing the Time Zone as suggested and still nothing. This is beyond ridiculous now as forums are packed with many users complaining about the same thing! They can't even seem to get their own app world app to work as it should. I'm NOT a RIM basher and I understand glitches happen, but why is it that I and so many others should for weeks on end be unable to log in to their latest BB App World. Guess it's back to version 2 for me, that one works fine. It's sad that we have to go this. Hopefully they sort the log in issue for BB App World 3.0 sooner rather than later. I was truly hoping that the beta version would've fixed it.

Don't understand why we have this BlackBerry APP World new version every 3 days?!! It's just a tiny tool to manage the list of APPs! For me, this is a sign that they never know what they are doing and change their mind all the time!

Please spend more time on more important things, such as innovation, less problem of email, sms, and etc.!!! BlackBarry is in hell now, and will free fall soon!! Stupid and useless version.

If there is nobody use your phone, what's the point to have this fancy Apps?

Well the install was smoothand it seems a little more snappy but the memory issue that they said they fixed was not fixed. It is still saving all the img/logs/screenshots to device memory. No biggie for me though,I will just continue to do what I've been doing all along with 3.0. Files/device/home/user/appworld/img/log---DELETE and get back my precious device memory from appworld :)

Verizon 9850 OS
Loving this version it works flawlessly on my phone ... btw ... It never asked me to enter in my keycode ... Lol :)

does anyone know how to archive apps?? i have about 20mb of memory left. been tying for over a week? or does anyone know how to downgrade? to a older app world?

oh dear we,ve had the crappy last version 3.0.73 for 6 weeks now ,everyone has told them how poor it is ,then they give us this version
come on rim give us something to be proud off ????

Beta site now has this:

Users stuck at "Loading" Screen

Hi Everyone,

Some users are reporting that they are stuck at the App World "Loading" screen after downloading v3.0.1.20.

I apologize for the inconvenience this issue is causing. I've forwarded all the relevant info to the development team and informed them that this is an urgent issue. They are currently investigating and I'm hoping we'll have a resolution soon.

I've been informed by some users that one of the following methods has worked for them to get past the loading screen.

1) While in App World, hold ALT and type RST. This will reset the App World cache. A user has told me that after doing this 3-4 times, App World now works.
2) Uninstall App World and then Reinstall. This has worked for one user after 2 attempts.

However these methods will not work for all users. If neither of these methods solve the issue, then we kindly ask that you downgrade to the previous version of App World ( available at

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience and frustration.


(Jeff is not me, Jeff is the dude that posted this on the Beta site)

I took the last version off my 9700 after it ate up 22 mb of memory and continued to grow. One shouldn't have to continually clean up cache, I don't have any other apps that do this. Not worth the aggravation. Easier just to download when needed, then delete. Kind of stupid. Just a waste of time either way. But rim has a captive audience.