BlackBerry App World 3.0 now in BlackBerry Beta Zone

By Adam Zeis on 5 Aug 2011 09:38 am EDT

BlackBerry App World 3.0BlackBerry App World 3.0

The long awaited BlackBerry App World 3.0 has finally made it's way to the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The overhauled app gets a few much needed updates including and all new UI. Surely it still has some bugs as it's in beta, but hopefully things move along quickly and an official release isn't too far off. Features include:

  • Sleek New Design - The BlackBerry App World experience has been enhanced to help users discover the latest and greatest apps and content, starting right on the BlackBerry App World home screen where rotating spotlight banners show off all that's new and exciting.
  • New Channels - Apps, Games, and Themes now have their own channels so users can get to what they want even faster.
  • Introduction of My Account - My Account makes managing BBID and payment options easy with direct access to all account information from the home screen.
  • New My World Features - My World gives users a streamlined view of their apps and status, and now at a glance, in addition to seeing which apps are installed and uninstalled, users can manage subscription content and services. When new updates or subscription renewals are available for apps, users will be notified using push technology.
  • App Social Sharing - When a user finds an app they can't live without, they can share it directly from the app details screen through BBM, Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS
  • Evolved App Details Screen - At a glance, users can get a quick summary, check out reviews and star ratings, take a look at screen shots, and more
  • More Search Options - Quickly find apps with a Search Bar now appearing on the storefront home screen and search results are presented across Channels as well as My World. Search Bars are also within each Channel and users have the ability to filter by App Name, Price, Rating, Newest, Best Match, or Popular

BlackBerry Beta Zone users can grab the download today. If you aren't yet a Beta Zone member, hit the link below to register.

Register for the BlackBerry Beta Zone

Source: Inside BlackBerry

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World 3.0 now in BlackBerry Beta Zone


Is the PlayBook version available in Beta Zone too? I always have trouble buying apps in the PB and looking at the forum seems like I'm not the only one...

Since I bought my playbook I haven't even looked at whats new in my phone's app world, kind of lost the interest as I already have all I need.

The category icons don't really look "BlackBerry" like to me, I don't like them. I think that's something that needs to be changed, Idk maybe it has to grow on me. Anyone else feel the same?

It works in Lebanon (not a supported country in version 2.x)
I wonder if thats the case going to be when its official :)

Tempted! But, I will wait for the official version. The 2 times that I've installed softwares from Beta Zone I started to receive app execution errors on my 9780. This app might work out differently, lets see if I eventually decide to go for it anyways.

it's most likely going to require a keycode, so even if we can download and install it, we won't be able to use it. unless someone here can confirm that no keycode is required?

I am a member in the beta zone, but I cant find the AppWorld v3.0 program to enter it to download the app. What I was asking for is the link to the beta program, not the beta app

oh my bad. yeah I'm a member too and I can't seem to find it. I guess we'll just have to wait a bit and it should eventually be there?

Thanks for the link but I get this error message: "Sorry, you are unable to download this file. Please contact if you have any questions.
You are not authorized to view this program area."

It seems I will have to wait until it become available for me.

It depends on your country and they also don't roll out apps to everyone at once. If you are using a leaked OS the keycode won't work sometimes as well.

Maybe, I have changed my country option to USA and now I have the program available.

Start downloading and testing

Initial impressions are that v3 is a LOT faster. For example, if you look at an app all the screenshots are loaded at the same time in the screenshots tab. So there is no more of that stupid -- scroll --- wait --- look at image --- scroll --- wait ---- etc.

And new look is now aligned with what we see on PlayBook. The category icons are now the same.


What I think is missing the most in the AppWorld is a way to filter by geographic region. I'm based in France and when I look for a news app or a weather forecast app, I'm primarily interested into an app which gives me news or weather forecast from France !

I hope the v3 will allow for this kind of filtering...


I'm surprised no one's yet to notice that you can now "Ignore" a selected "Uninstalled App" making it disappear from the list forever.....unless of course you refresh your app list lol. But it's definitely a much needed option!

The app seems faster but i'm not liking the UI all that much but it's functionality over UI anyday.

I'm done downloading stuff through the Beta Zone. Three times my BB 9650 locked up and erased everything. I had to restore my entire device and re-enter all the password for my programs. After I quit messing withe Beta Zone, I have not had one problem.
I'll wait for official versions from now on.

Really? I'm downloading stuff from Beta Zone all the time on my 9650 and never experienced this. When you say "my programs", you mean every app you've downloaded? Please elaborate...don't want to have the same problem.

I too download stuff from the Betazone all the time!! BBM6, FB2.0, TW2.0 and now BAW3.0! Not a problem whatsoever!

WOW. I must say this is a major improvement. Even on my Storm2 the new App World is smooth and responsive. Instant navigation through categories, paid or unpaid, screenshots and reviews.

It has a great look to it and much more user friendly. Great job RIM.

Hi @RyMac04,

Alex from RIM here. Thanks so much for being a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone and for all your positive feedback! Our goal with App World 3.0 is to give our millions of BlackBerry users, fans and developers worldwide a new and improved BlackBerry app experience. The feedback we’ve received so far has been outstanding, and we’re always open to hearing more about how we can make it even better.

If you’d like to share any other thoughts or feedback, feel free to reach out here, or even on Twitter (@BlackBerry) or Facebook (

Alex, RIM Social Media Team

Wow. The UI could use a little tweaking but it's SUPER FAST! Even on wifi or G3 it would take forever to get screenshots or reviews to load on the old appworld.
Here on EDGE I am flying and everything is RIGHT THERE!
Sweet, sweet candy

WOW! I just got this running and I can honestly say that it is extremely fluid. Very appealing to the eye as well. Thanks for the notice.

downloaded it. looks amazing except (yup already and except!) it doesn't update my apps gives me an error. Only updates my installed apps made by RIM (BBM, BlackBerry protect, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook & Twitter)! Update is already required!!!

Go the My World, click Blackberry button(aka menu key), on that menu select Refresh List. It will update the apps. I didn't have apps when I rebooted the phone and I got it back by doing that.

it's not about seeing the apps it's about upgrading them!!!! Cannot be done from AppWorld 3.0!!!!!!!!!!! WTF i'm stuck.



The issue seemed to have fixed itself. Now loads all my previously purchased apps. When I first downloaded it and rebooted then tried to use it, it wouldn't load any non RIM official apps. I tried refreshing list many times but it would search for a long time then would give me an error and freeze up. Just tried it again today and now it loads everything. This update is amazing and a great improvement.

This version is so much better, it's much faster (8900 user), richer UI, you can finally ignore uninstalled apps. It definitely feels like it was designed for a touch screen/larger screen though.

On old Blackberry App World, I used to see who much memory available for the apps, now I can't find that information. Do you know where they put that info?


Please tell me they've added an option to delete uninstalled apps on MyWorld.
It bothers me to no end having every single stupid app I've tried, that I know I'm never gonna use again, on the list and not being able to get rid of them.

You can put them on IGNORE.go to my world and click on uninstalled then click on menu button you will see the option to ignore.

Well rather than having purplish mundane background, i would have liked bb logo in the back rather than plainish purplish UI, will try to give feedback to RIM about it in beta itself, like twiiter hopefully they ll react and change it. Rest everything appreciated.

I'm unable to get any full pages to load in beta zone on my BB. Whole blocks of the pages show the white, blank background. Anyone else experiencing this?

I updated to the new version 3, and found that my blackberry bridge had an upgrade to installed that, and when i checked, the was still listed in my app list as well for some reason.

At work so i can't say if my bridge still works with the new version or not.

Why are people so excited about App World updates...? It's not like we're getting more apps, or that they're getting better.

I definitely like the flow of it, and it looks great, hopefully developers pump it full of premium content. Posted using my white BlackBerry Bold 9780.

this is totally amazing , the filter option is sooooo goood , plus the delete uninstalled apps . 3.0 is the new future

this is totally amazing , the filter option is sooooo goood , plus the delete uninstalled apps . 3.0 is the new future cant imagine it on OS7

this is totally amazing , the filter option is sooooo goood , plus the delete uninstalled apps . 3.0 is the new future cant imagine it on OS7

the good: nice looking and fast.

the bad: (so far) unable to updates when they're available.

the ugly: having to sign in each and every time i want ot go to my world; not all of my installed apps show as installed in bbaw when device is linked to computer.

these are things i've noted so far. there are a couple more "issues" noted in beta zone.

I liked it but wouldn't show my installed apps after a day of having it and soesnt show the availabel memory anymore. Had to down grade back to the older version.

i thought at first very nice looking but
i ignored over 80 of my 170 uninstalled then did reboot later and
they were all back tell me i did something wrong i scrolled to app
in uninstalled and clicked ignore !!!
also in the reviews all the crappy adverts of people s pin no etc
litter the reviews
and finally every time you use app world to even just look
you have to log in ????????????/
help this is their big chance to impress and i think theyve failed
miserably ?/

hello I do not speak English and use the google translator to write this truth is that I welcome the page to download blackberry 3.0 world as it was the version that best served to me, a friend recommended the website but does not give the option and would like to help me find a site where if you can download the previous version in Spanish bb world for 8530 curve if I do this I would greatly appreciate Fabor gracias y adios