BlackBerry App World 3.0 - Managing your applications

Managing applications using BlackBerry App World 3.0
By Joseph Holder on 11 Oct 2011 02:29 pm EDT

So, first things first, managing the applications on your BlackBerry Smartphone probably isn't the coolest thing you can do with your device. But - like filling out TPS reports or cleaning the cat's litter box - eventually you're going to have to do it. Thankfully, the BlackBerry App World application makes upgrading and even deleting applications an almost entirely automated process.

There are all manner of applications on your BlackBerry. Some are a part of the Operating System (for example, the Clock application). Others might be downloaded or purchased from a site like the CrackBerry App Store. Still others are downloaded or purchased from BlackBerry App World. It's this last set of applications that can managed with the BlackBerry App World app. Applications like Twitter (for BlackBerry), Facebook (for BlackBerry), and BlackBerry Messenger can all be installed, updated, and/or deleted using just that one app.

My World

My World in BlackBerry App World

After starting BlackBerry App World, click or tap the My World icon found at the bottom of the application. Once you've logged in with your BlackBerry ID, you'll see a list of all of the application on your BlackBerry. If you tap or click where it says "Installed" at the top, you'll get a drop-down menu where you can select categories of applications. For example, you could select "Upgrades" from the menu to see all of your applications that have been updated. Speaking of Upgrading...

Upgrading Your Applications 

Application Upgrade available - it's the one in the middle

When new Upgrades are available for application installed on your Smartphone, you'll see the notification in the same area that you see new message icons and the like. Once you've clicked on the My World icon in BlackBerry App World, you'll see the applications that have updates, they have "Upgrade Available" on them in yellow text.

Applications ready for upgrading have the yellow text that - oddly enough - says Upgrade Available

Clicking on one of these applications, you'll see the upgrade screen. Usually, you'll get a brief description of why the app needs to be updated. Tap or click the Upgrade button to start the process. You'll get a warning that the application already exists, click or tap "Yes" to start upgrading the application.

When complete, you may get a message telling you that your BlackBerry must be restarted to finish the upgrade. When you exit the BlackBerry App World application, you'll be prompted to do this. This way, you can upgrade multiple apps and restart your Smartphone once.


Deleting Applications

An alternate way to delete applications using BlackBerry App WorldOccasionally, you will find an app or a theme that you want to remove. A springtime theme may no longer be needed in the fall, a free trial might not have worked out, or you simply want to remove the apps you no longer use.

Open App World and tap or click the My World icon; this opens your list of all the applications and themes you've downloaded from BlackBerry App World. Tap or click the application's name to see more information about it. You'll see the "Delete" button at the top. Tap/Click the button to start the process.

When complete, you may get a message telling you that your BlackBerry must be restarted to finish the deletion. When you exit the BlackBerry App World application, you'll be prompted to do this. This way, you can delete multiple apps and restart your Smartphone once.

BlackBerry App World does a great job of quickly letting you manage the applications installed on your Smartphone. Whether a theme; an purchased application; or the latest Official BlackBerry application from the folks in Waterloo, BlackBerry App World can help you keep that app up to date (or even delete it if things just didn't work out). It's by no means the only way to manage the apps on your phone, but that, my friends, is another article entirely.

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World 3.0 - Managing your applications


Its important to remember that when you see the New Upgrade icon but don't want or need that upgrade (e.g. BBM for me because I don't use it but can't delete it), if you go to App World and view but do not download the upgrade, the notification icon on the home screen will go away.

There's no need for the archive option with this version since apps are divided into lists/menus (installed, uninstalled, upgrades and subscriptions). Also, my guess is that since your apps are suppose to always be available to you, you won't need to archive a copy onto your device.

You forgot to mention that if you have used App World on a previous device or have upgraded your version you need to click menu button then select Refresh List to get all your apps (installed and uninstalled) to show up in the lists.

I would love it if app world for my OS7 devices wouldn't show me all of the apps I have for my playbook listed as "unavailable for this device".

You think that's bad? Apps that I purchased when I was still with my Storm2 are listed as "unavailable for this device" but they are compatible and are available in App World. It seems they want me to buy all these apps again.

Yeah, I've ran into that problem a couple times before...

But the Playbook apps will never make it to my OS7 device. Why taunt me with them???

And to keep in line with Lumute's comment below, uninstalled playbook applications serve no purpose on my OS7 device list of uninstalled or unavailable applications. Since it's so easy to install apps on my playbook, I have virtually hundreds listed as unavailable on my phone now... Monkey's ass indeed!

Cool but it is still not possible to remove apps from the list which sucks monkey's ass... I have tested hundreds of apps and deleted them minutes later as they were just not up to par, the list of uninstalled apps is huge and makes everything slower, it would be awesome to be able to permanently remove them...

The hide feature just does not work, first, every time you hide an app it goes back to the top of the list which makes it hell when hiding several apps, as a matter of fact this happens whenever you do anything to any app, goes back to the top, please RIM fix it. Secondly, you spend an hour hiding stupid apps and then a couple of days later this resets and all apps are shown again, WTF!!!!

Also, sometimes you get an upgrade for an app and the version reported is the same you already have, and the upgrade button does not do anything, the only way to fix it is to delete the app, reset the app world cache and re-install... this is a bad bug...

Apart from these, I love the concept of App World, actually, I uninstalled the crackberry store app and re-purchased all my apps through app world just for the convinience of management and easy activation when switching phones... execution though, still needs some polishment...

I agree!! I wish we could permanantly delete or hide apps that we really have no intentions of ever installing again. And the thing with it going back to the top of the list is EXTREMELY annoying. I also wish they would get on these "unavailable for this device" apps. I have several apps that I had on my 9800 that I would love to have back on my 9810, and I have been waiting patiently for the past couple months for them to be updated or whatever the deal is. I really don't see how the old torch and the new torch can be THAT different.

"I really don't see how the old torch and the new torch can be THAT different"
Try just about ALL of the internals! Pick up your 9800, use it for 30 minutes, and then tell me it's not THAT different.

The main problem there is the OS version difference, 9800 uses OS6 and 9810 is OS7, most apps need to be updated by the developer to work on OS7, also because of the screen resolution difference...

Automatic upgrades? You are joking I hope.

Countless numbers of people experience problems upgrading. Especially since App World 3.0.

The App World infrastructure clearly can't handle patchy connectivity or almost any other technical issue. We spend hours each week helping people through upgrades from the wrong app files being served up, to errors in installation.

You could argue its the developers fault, except the simple solution to all of our calls is to offer people the chance to download OTA from our website - which invariably works flawlessly.

App World is a failure of RIM proportions. (The term "RIM proportions" describes a completely avoidable commercial FUBAR).

why is there not an option to save the appworld log/img folders to your memory card? If i surf appworld for 5 minutes i will lose anywhere from 5 to 20mb of device memory, i have to delete the logs and images folders all the time to free up my device memory again. It gets old quick am i missing something? Is there a way to direct these logs and images to the memory card instead of device memory?

Rumour around Waterloo is that the infrastructure around App World (Oracle) is flaky as hell and crashes repeatedly. Many man-hours are used up baby sitting this ugly step-child.

I'm surprised so many don't want bbm. It's not life or death for me and even to a point not needed but out of curiosity why delete it?

Why is there no option to "Upgrade All"?
Currently I have to go into every app that requires an upgrade and manually do each one.

There is a lot to love on my 9700, but Blackberry App World is sadly in need of an "Upgrade All" feature. (cough, cough, iOS...) Having to upgrade each app individually is not automatic by any means and very unproductive and time consuming when you have more than one or two apps to upgrade.

At least you guys can actually log in and download apps. Haven't been able to use BlackBerry App World 3.0 on my Bold 9780 for weeks. "An error has occurred. Please try again later" is what I'm receiving. I gave up on it and resorted back to version RIM seems to be having all sorts of issues with 3.0.

Upgrading to App World 3.0 on my bold 9700, has screwed with my purchase of BeBuzz... It says something about payment issues, so basically I can't reinstall the program every again unless I rebuy? WTF!