BlackBerry App World 3.0 coming today [Update: Is Now Available!]

By Adam Zeis on 6 Sep 2011 09:12 am EDT

BlackBerry App World 3.0

Update: That was quick! Looks like BlackBerry App World 3.0 is already available. Head to from your device to download.

BlackBerry App World 3.0 has been in beta for a few weeks now, and according to Alex Kinsella, Team Lead, BlackBerry App World Product Management, it looks like a public release may be on the way today. The beta has been pretty smooth with no major issues, so the official release should go over pretty well. BlackBerry App World 3.0 features a new UI, new My World features, new channels, app social sharing and much more. Stay tuned later today for an official release.

More information/download of BlackBerry App World

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BlackBerry App World 3.0 coming today [Update: Is Now Available!]


Personally I think the main homescreen on the 9780 is the ugliest yet among other disappointing design choices. Luckily for kinsella, if I were his boss, I'd have sacked him for that horrible piece of UI. :p

Ughh, I totally agree - from the perspective of OS5 devices this looks horrible - like something from the early stages of app development. The highlighted apps are now too small to see, aren't names and have no price. The whole thing seems jerky and why have five main options (BB 9900 in mind?) rather than four? This spills and just seems clumsy. Love BB, use app world a lot, and this seems to introduce clumsy added steps to get to the same info. The only good addition I've found is the introduction of top 25 paid themes.

"The beta has been pretty smooth with no major issues"? Really??? Who is your source, Adam? I think not getting alerts and not being able to update apps that you have received alerts about is a pretty big effin issue? Don't you???

Let's hope this version has these bugs sorted out and is not being released due to some refresh timeline push.

All the best, someone please pop up the version number? I am getting a 503 Service Unavailable message on the BB browser at the moment. Thanks.

I got all notifications when there was new updates on the beta release! not a single problem at all.

Did you not read the beta zone forums? I had TONS of problems, many of which were shared by several others. Plus, the UI looks like ass.

posted minutes ago by betazone Jeff:

"The development team is currently working on implementing a fix for this issue. In the meantime, are you able to get the upgrade from the App World webstore?"

the app is still not suspicion is 'someone' pushed them to release it.

d'load with caution and beware of the bugs it has.


Why the hell are you giving him sh@t for?! If you had problems with app world then don't download the new one. Simple -__-

I agree. The beta was riddled with bugs ranging from lack of alerts on app updates to the Re-Install/Download button disappearing altogether. The beta zone is loaded with reports of these bugs

I hear ya! I had my own issues though and I feel they were related more so to the 9780 form factor. I get the feeling non touchscreen + smaller form factor devices are getting the shonky end of the stick.

The turnaround from beta to official release seems odd to me - It was fast considering the issues that didn't seem to get resolved in the update from the original beta release.
I heard rumours the bloody thing was suppose to have been released officially a few weeks back.

The FB app was given time to improve the UI stability/bugs and overall look. It feels more like they were pushed and pressured to release this sooner. Looking forward to App world 3.1 (or should that be 4) when they realised the UI could have been better.

Biggest problem I had in beta was the looooooong loading times.

I was waiting 2-3 minutes (not an exaggeration) for it to authenticate my BBID. The beta forums showed that I was not the only one with this problem by a long shot.

The last update helped immensely with that, but to sat that it had "no major issues" is a major crock.

What !!! this is the next step and i really and truly hope that they do. Personally i dont want the filthy Android and all its malware running on my precious BB

Just finish downloading the new app world and its great on my 9800. The layout is a great improvement. Can't wait for AT&T to release the 9900 already

Every time I try to download it, it cancels the download on its own.... wt h-e double hockey sticks?

**Uninstalled the beta in order to download the official.

Any word on support for installing apps to SD cards? I thought I'd read that this was coming in "future versions" of the App World.

Man you guys sometimes act like all you want to do is complain. It's working just fine for me. hope you guys have a good day. Bunch of whiners

Why in the world does it ask about every single module that's new and whether I am sure I want to proceed? So annoying!

make sure to reboot the device and let it sit for a few minutes before accessing app world. i would also suggest opening app world and letting it sit for a minute too. that always seemed to help reduce lag in the beta versions.

load this new version now! as someone else posted the beta was .71 and this official release is .73!

OK I'll ask again - how do I recover a lost password? The link to do so on the current app world consistently refuses to connect to the server, never mind that all other connections are just fine. What is the workaround? Thanks!
I can't do anything with app world - much less download a new version - until I figure this one out.

Thanks, I did, says this site no longer valid.
Got to it through the main site but it refuses to accept a correctly entered verification code (the random letter/number thing).
Is there an 800 number I can call?
This is my wife's phone and we can't update BBM, App World, etc. until we solve this.

I hope they fixed the cache that is saved on the device memory. Too much space is taken up by saving the screenshots of applications.

An AT&T store now appears in my Appworld 3.0's main menu. I am running an unlocked 9900 with an AT&T SIM card. Previously, I was using an AT&T Torch 9800. I participated in the beta of Appworld 3.0 with my Torch and OS6 and never noticed an AT&T Store before in Appworld 3.0.

Not installing for me, hit from Bold 9900 on Rogers network get to the download link. I can see the App name Version:, click on download link, it immediately pops up and says Cancelled. Hit ok then I can see replace or cancel. Hit replace and look at the download progress and it's says cancelled.

Tried over 3G and Wifi same issue.

Is this normal?

Downloaded 3.0. After the download, a device reboot was required and prompted.

The device reboot has now been stuck at approximately 75% for 10 minutes. Is this a long install or has something gone wrong?

BB 9900 os 7---.129


Hang on .... after leaving the device alone it looks like the install finished.


Complete overhaul it seems which is why it most likely took so long on the device re-boot.

Did they test this on the Storm 2? The "Maximize Panel/Minimize Panel" toggle doesn't work. It's just stuck on Minimize Panel after it's already been minimized. The lower category pane just turns white on it's own every once in a while. The blue highlighted square around the categories highlights and latches with two selected sometimes. This is rushed.

Man, I kept getting a 503 error saying the server is overloaded. It took me like 10 tries before the I finally got it. Crazy crackheads :p

um when i go to on my phone and click download it loads a page that says "sorry, your session has expired. please close all of your browser windows and then return to the welcome page to start again"


*now the sites down..

*up again, but still giving me session expired error...cmon blackberry, there couldnt be that many people trying to download this. send me the update to my phone through appworld immediately instead of in two days, thanks...

Updated from the beta version to this download and now, for the first time, my 9800 is stuck in the infinite reboot cycle. Hope to fix this soon as I get time!!!

Had to pullout BSSAK and delete the app world .cods. That worked and got me back up and running. I would suggest that anyone switching from beta to official to uninstall and do a fresh download and install of App World 3.0.

I'm liking the new look! More more modern and quicker to get to categories. Like having a quick link to the AT&T Store, right from App World.

seriously RIM? The official release and it still does not format correctly for the torch 9860? I love the phone and I can understand 3rd party apps not being updated for the resolution of the new phone yet (as punishing as it is that 80% of BB apps look funny on my screen) but i would expect first party apps to be FLAWLESS on all blackberry.

im still getting a session expired did you get it onto your 9900? not that desperate im just pissed when things dont work

Downloaded and installed it .. but when i open it i get "BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World Server. Verify you network connections and try again."

Any ideas ??? My Connection is Fine ...

Hmm.. i updated the blackberry app world about 2 hrs back on my bb 9780.. my first impressions were.. hmm.. looks good. :)

The UI has changed .. like it. Looks organized... like it. But after playin around a little saw some slowness while navigating across screen... hopefully further updates will address the lag. I believe the app world would look more better on a touch screen...

yes thank god finally it is here the sleek design and better ui improvements as well as the coding itself!!!

We Need Apps ( and not shitty useless ones like on the stupid App Store)
They have 400,000 and only about 2,500 are even relevant

Hello from Spain

Anyone else is having problems with home screen icos in the app world? I cannot see Games, Apps and Themes Icons, and some others.

Seems like this problem is only from spanish language, "good work" RIM...

Waiting an update

YES!!!!! It's driving me nuts! If you click on an actual app, all you get is a blank blue screen... no descriptions for upgrades, nothing!

Is there a fix, or someway to downgrade?

Can anyone please inform me as to why BB cant simply update an app without having to fully reboot? Does it have something to do with the hardware or with the code they use to make the actual apps or is it just a lack of software development on rims part?

I agree - I had 8 apps last night that all came in at once needing to be updated. And all 8 required a friggen reboot of the device. I detest, hate, dispise, having to do it as it is soooooooooooo slooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I just downloaded the new version of App World. First thing I noticed was "Payment Option". After loging in, I noticed that I can charge apps to "Rogers". Just think this is a great option. Been finally waiting for this. Did the other Carriers (Bell, Virgin, or VZW) got this feature?

Wow .... I really like this new version!!!

You can tell it's been designed for touch screen usage (i"m on a 9700) - but it still works really well.

I like the new interface and the whole app seems better designed.

Had no probs downloading OTA - I'm in Aus.

+1 from me!!!

yeah, i'm also in Australia and i've just downloaded the new version here on my 9780 over the wifi, took me less than 1 minute to download and as usual, got my BB rebooted.

overall, yes, this new appworld UI is heavily designed for touch screen devices particularly for those new BB 7 OS devices but it's still doing good for me, i just love the fresh displays, the layout of the menus and the UI. it's sometimes a bit laggy, but i think that's due to my BB's hardware.

THUMBS UP for RIM! can't wait for the Bold 9790, the new PlayBook OS 2.0 and the revised BBM 6.0.1 to arrive!!

Still hangs on my 9900 with an unending "please wait" loop. Just like the previous version. Nice interface, but cant download any apps or enter my world feature. Using OS7.0.0.261.

Why even bother. Besides a new UI and some sort of social thingy, why would I want to mess with something that isn't broken and take up more memory doing it. App World currently takes up enough memory thank you. On 9700, so every KB counts. :)

Life is like a cup of coffee

I'm still getting this error ... "BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World Server. Verify you network connections and try again."

Just updated to it is huge improvement from the last version. The only issue I had with it is scrolling through the apps the list refreshes to the top making you have to scroll through all the apps again. Other than that great update.

am having the same problem with mine too am keep getting this error msg saying
"BlackBerry App World is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World Server. Verify you network connections and try again."....
anyone have any idea wats up with it

I dont know if anyone else noticed, but with the new BB app world it wont show any app/game/theme that doesnt already have a rating when you browse a category...doesnt matter which search criteria you use. This is extremely bad for us developers and needs to be fixed asap. New submissions wont show up to people browsing since they dont have a rating yet. The only way to see it is to directly search for it...but people have no way of knowing what to search for. Basically no rating means it doesnt get viewed, meaning it doesnt sell, and doesnt get a rating. O_o

This thing is horrible, doesn't even work on my 9930.
It just stays on the please wait loading icon whenever I try searching or downloading something.
I should of not upgraded.

i updated my app world yesterday now all the apps i downloaded before was gone.. when i checked my owrld from the computer everything was under the uninstalled tab even if its still there on my phone.. i tried installing it again thru my computer but it always say sync problem or something.. do i need to unistall and install everything again?