BlackBerry App World now available for download

By Adam Zeis on 2 Feb 2011 11:01 am EST

BlackBerry App World 2.1

BlackBerry App World has received another official update and is now available for download. This version has been in the Beta Zone for a few weeks and comes in the form of Some new features in this go including:

  • In-app Payments - App World 2.1 includes support for in-app payments. How does this change the way you interact with certain paid applications as a developer or as a consumer?
  • Filtered Featured Items - Once you open this latest version of App World, you'll notice that Featured Items are seemingly more relevant to you. Well, we decided to change this functionality based on the feedback we received from you during the App World 2.0 Beta Program. Featured Items are now filtered by carrier and country to ensure that you are presented with the most relevant apps as soon as you open App World.
  • Extended BBID Login Session - We heard what you had to say during the App World 2.0 Beta Program last summer and decided to make some changes to the BBID functionality in App World. With this latest release, a single BBID login session lasts for 20 minutes, making it easier for you to download and install as many apps as you'd like in one go. Please remember that during the 20 minute BBID login session, you will not be prompted again for your BlackBerry ID to complete a purchase. If your BlackBerry smartphone gets in the hands of someone else, they could make a purchase that you're not aware of.
Things went well in the Beta Zone (as they always do) and this one is ready for public consumption. Point your browser to to get updated.

Download BlackBerry App World OTA from your device

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App World now available for download


Damn it..! There are still no new countries supported..? I live in Greece, this is freakin stupid..! I own 3 BB's (8900, 9700, 9800) and after all these years nothing changed...

Not happy that they did away with only having to tap the screen to scroll to the next featured app. Now we'll actually have press down...not major, but I enjoyed only having to tap...similar to the emoticons on bbm...oh well. Still holding for the Storm 3.

I like the fact that they changed it. Apps that don't use the standard touch-to-highlight, click-to-select behavior on the Storm2 drive me nuts, especially when the behavior is unpredictable from one part of the app to others (Opera Mini, TripIt, and Facebook are still offenders in this regard).

If you didn't know, you can also swipe left and right to go to the next featured app.

I like that they changed it also. Sometimes I would open the app instead of tapping/sliding to the next one. Just slide, one gesture, one result.

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filted featured items specific to device ......souunds like they are gearing up for the playbook. use the pb open appwold and get pb specific apps. i like

Un-supported countries are waiting ... :/
This is really annoying ... Why is that they are discriminating some countries... -__- -.-

Unfair... Still waiting ...

maybe you should try upgrading to .450, im running it and i just installed the new version of BB app world and it works fine.

I'd love to see an update to AppWorld that deletes all the reivews that nothing more than lame "Hit me up on BBM" statements. That would be awesome.

There are some new countries indeed on the list from late january.
Mostly eastern-european countries, like Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia...

I'm on Sprint, living in New York. I have a BalckBerry Curve 9330 with OS6 and it's not letting me download. Hit me up, if you can help. Pin# 326615EF

I have a Storm 1 with the latest Verizon OS. Downloaded the app fine. Rebooted. Now I try to use it, and it times out when I try to log in.

Why do I even bother. The Verizon iPhone pre-order is tomorrow.

Downloaded no problem. But when tried to purchase an app got different messages 9300, 30252. Never happened before. After ALT+R+S+T no response when press "purchase". Everything else works fine.
Bold 9700.

BTW: upgrade available for all three messengers, yahoo, google and windows. smaller sizes too memory-wise.

After bunch of emails and several hours of trying to solve the problem i just realized that there is no customer support for Appworld. All i get is a bunch of useless links that lead nowhere and solve nothing.

My apologies to RIM they actually came through. Issue has been solved.
Apparently American Express is "....NO longer included in the approved methods of payment for Canadian customers...."


I downloaded the new BlackBerry App World for my Torch (9800). There's no logo for me to access it. It's in Application Management, when I tried to reload it, it was already there. The app is not "hidden"; I've got "Show All" chosen. Yes, I've pulled the battery twice. Anyone have any ideas?

Downloaded the update, worked fine but when I went to upgrade some of my apps, it's not responding and not upgrading.

I would like App World much more if they would get rid of (or at least not clutter up the Newest category with ebooks. 19 out of the current 25 are ebooks. It's great they're available, but I'd rather see them in their own categorgy.

did anyone else notice when your in the app and you click on the bberry button theres an option that says "scan a barcode"? i dont know if it was in the previous one but this is pretty nifty!!

Still waiting for it to be available in Serbia...
Meeeaahh meeh meeehh maaah
Enjoy your BLACKBERRY app world guys!

Yep, I confirm that AppWorld is working now in Romania!
But strange, when I want to update it to this last version, it says : " Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support Blackberry App World" ??
I have a Bold 9780 and when I installed App World, i didn't had this message.
Any idea why?

I'm living in nigerian bb app world Is working here but when trying to download the latest its saying my device doies not have the requirments bla bla bla using bold 9780

tyrobinson, am having the same problem as yours. I've tried uninstall App World from the Application List and reinstall App World afterward but problem persist. The App World icon is no longer showing in the Main Menu. HELP~!

Yeah, been trying to log in all morning. Now it says "Blackberry App World is undergoing maintenance. Please try again after later." Didn't say that earlier.

I have downloaded this new version but since the upgrade I can't download any apps. Its too slow and is says unable to connect to app world server. Tried to contact service provider but no luck. Just wonderin if it is temporary or a long term issue?

This new version of App World is having issues. It complains about not being able to connect to the servers. When it does connect, it'll download 90% of an update to Blackberry Traffic and then crash the phone. I have to reboot the phone in order to get functionality again.

I hope that the beta version is still posted in the Beta Zone.

I don't think it's just the new version. I tried to get into my old App World earlier and kept getting the cannot connect to server message so I downloaded the new version (thought that maybe I needed to upgrade to make it work) but it did the same thing. :(

Well I was fine in App World with the old version. As soon as I upgraded I was dead in the water. Initially I was told that App World couldn't connect. Now I'm getting a server down for maintenance message!

I am notified that I have apps that need upgrades, that works fine. Just that I can't actually get signed in to do the upgrades.

It says "please try again after later". Gee, maybe whoever wrote THAT intelligent sounding error message screwed something else up.

There is something wrong on their website too. If you click Sign In on the App World page, it takes awhile and then you get this message:

Proxy Error
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /bbid/login/.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

I don't think it's the app itself, they seem to have other issues... My old App World didn't work either.

bb9800( on AT&T and I cant even get into old app world to download the new one.
Keeps giving me "there is an issue with bb app world. bb app world must now close"
Gee thanks blackberry. not only am i unable to download the new version I cant even get to the old version to uninstall apps :(

2 battery pulls and it still doesnt work. Anyone else having this problem?

I am a Torch user on Rogers and I am getting the same error messages (server issues, maintenance, etc) trying to update or sign on. I would not recommend anyone update until they sort out the bugs. A number of us now have no app world access.

I don't know what is wrong but it is a major screw up. I downloaded the new App World, now get the error message that I cannot connect to the App World Server and to verify my network connections. I am also getting this goofy text message from Blackberry (so ATT customer service says) that says this:
1000000000 phone number)&p(smiley face)S=I&s=5433&t=(my phone number):A:NORCROSSAP46:ms12:client:53173

What is all this? They finally got App World up and running, but I am still getting this weird text message.

App World is connecting again and a newer app world is already available. Also several other upgrades all dropped at once so there must have been a glitch in the last 2 upgrades that kept updates from hitting.

Some customers may be experiencing issues logging into App World. We are actively working on a resolution and apologize for the inconvenience.

I downloaded the new App World app to my 9780 and now am stuck in the neverending reboot cycle. Now I'll have to spend several hours reinstalling OS, apps and passwords. Grrrr. Definitely not worth it.