BlackBerry App World 2.0 roll out to begin soon

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2010 05:34 pm EDT
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After having just recently been released in beta form, BlackBerry App World 2.0 is now set to roll out to the masses at some point today. Lots of new things happening with the actual release version that were not fully present in the beta release. A quick breakdown is as follows:

Credit Card Payment Option

  • With the new BlackBerry App World, customers are able to purchase applications using major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Carrier billing may also be supported by certain carriers.

Easier Application Discovery

  • BlackBerry App World adds new tabbed sections for various applications lists. Users can horizontally swipe or scroll to quickly view the Top 25 Free Apps, Top 25 Paid Apps and Top 25 Themes, as well as the Newest Apps and Recently Updated Apps.

QR barcode scanning

  • Is now  supported, allowing users to scan a QR code associated with an application from anywhere – the web, print ads, brochures, etc. BlackBerry App World will quickly find the related application, and automatically open and download its page.

BlackBerry ID

  • BlackBerry ID provides customers with a device-independent user identification (ID) for BlackBerry App World. It enables credit card payments and allows customers to seamlessly transfer their personal library of free and purchased apps when they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone.
The UI changes and overall performance enhancements that BlackBerry App World 2.0 brings should make it a great update. One of the most notable changes however though, is that BlackBerry App World as of today will allow developers to set pricing on their apps starting at $0.99. The upgrade is set to be rolled out today, so be on the lookout for an update notification so that you may get the most up to date release when it becomes available. In case anyone was counting as well, BlackBerry App World now has paid apps in 58 countries.

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BlackBerry App World 2.0 roll out to begin soon


BBLeaks just tweeted that it was now available? I'm not sure. I've been using the beta 2.0 for a few weeks now.

yes, I've been using the BETA but BBLeaks gave me the impression that the official release was now available to all, not just beta members. sorry for the confusion.

will this be release be country specific like old app world? or will all countries get it now?

quote: "In case anyone was counting as well, BlackBerry App World now has paid apps in 58 countries."

I take that as a yes, it is country specific :(

Will beta zone even exist anymore? Haha. Everything I was testing has been released in the last week or so. Hopefully we'll get something new coming.

Will beta zone even exist anymore? Haha. Everything I was testing has been released in the last week or so. Hopefully we'll get something new coming.

i been trying to download the 2.0 version and still showing .... i guess is not officially available for all to download

Who and the hell uses apps from bb world. They are expensive and worthless. Create some new apps or steal droid or iPhone app maker.

I use them. I love them. I have 47 apps for the app world Free. And they are all wonderful (60 apps over all and only one cost)

Then clearly they didn't listen to my beta survey that said "not ready for public release". Unless they release a newer build than what beta zone users have.

Hey, im using the beta appworld 2.0 and i tried searching the appworld app from appworld and it isnt there? iused to do that when i had appworld so i can get the update quicker. How will i know when appworld 2.0 goes live?

Go to app world, do a search for bb app world. When it comes up for you to download press Alt+RST. Exit out, and then go do the search again and it should show you the upgrade!

I went to the appworld, searched "blackberry app world" and version appeared. I downloaded it and am rebooting now =D I have a curve 8520 and I live in Honduras, just in case it has something to do :)

What part of Honduras do you live? My ex lives in Tegus. I also have a lot of friends from SPS, and La Ceiba.

I'm diggin 2.0. Thanks for the heads up again. Yesterday I get an update for FaceBook that actually makes it usable and now this? It's good to be a BB owner.

what is does anyone have this? is this only for beta testers...i have been searching for it for hours now and can't find anything about it

It's for everyone. Just go to the Appworld site on your BB browser. Latest one is 2.0.36 or .38 or something like that.

I followed the instructions that are pasted below and I was able to upgrade.

4:48PM - PST

"Go to app world, do a search for bb app world. When it comes up for you to download press Alt+RST. Exit out, and then go do the search again and it should show you the upgrade!"

Anyone have a link. I'm having no luck! I'm not to this either. help a brotha out lol. Hook us up with a link!!!!

I got a message saying that App World was available for download, then when I clicked the message it took me to the upgrade screen but told me that an upgrade was available to (which I already had). I chose to update anyway, it asked me to reboot and I did, and when it started up again I still had, only now the original message to update to 2.0 is completely gone. I tried Alt+RST as well, which didn't work either. I feel like I was so close to getting it and now I don't know what to do except wait :-/

FYI I'm using a Curve 8530 on Sprint.

It's a shame that in Hungary the complete app world is unavailable. Not only the paid apps nor even the free ones. After ALT+RST my previous version just sent me an error message and closed.
Beware if you live outside the lucky 58 countries and using an "unofficial" app world on your BB!
I need to wait for an OTA link... (Thanks in advance! :) )

Im still getting i tried the alt+RST but that doesnt work hope to see the update soon ...... any links????

Finally, EVERY SINGLE ONE of my downloaded apps are showing up in My World. Previously, ones I downloaded OTA would not show up. I am definitely liking this part. Also seems a bit faster. Kinda sucked having to create a new account (device ID), but hopefully that will keep future purchases and upgrades to appear quicker in downloading. Anyways, definitely better than the previous App World, IMO.

Oh, and I'm rocking an 8520 T-Mobile Branded Curve on ATT. Took about a half a dozen Alt RST's, but finally showed as upgrade.

The update is still not showing up for me, i tried alt+RST and It still shows the old version that i already have :(

can someone please effin explain to me why the hell is app world country specific!?!?!?!

pleaase, i really want to know! coz it makes no sense!

So far everything looks pretty similar as expected. Smoothly running on a Storm 9550 with the latest 5.0 os.

Go to and download it from there. Might need to delete the previous one if it doesn't work. Got mine running already. Have one ? though: in My World, what is the gain of the apps in 'Archived'. Can I just delete those?

can someone please help me or tell me what i'm doing wrong ? ive tried to download app world 2.0 via browser on my bb but when i go to and click "download app world" it keeps looping me back to that same page without prompting the download.. whats the problem here ??

Just started dling 2.0 just went into app world and searched it and it came up as a free upgrade.. Obviously :-p

I'm having the exact same prob and I agree, its maddening. I upgraded to the new fb too and same issue. I've been told to battery pull but that doesn't work. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and still no luck. Would someone pleeEeeeeese help us!!???

I went into appworld did a search and Ver 2.0 came up.I installed.My Icon is still there as usual I need to explore to see what's new.

Im having all the problems ppl are describing above.
shows 2.0,036 is avail to download, but then it downloads 1.0.35
but then app world disappears frm my bberry.
ive even had the update notice on my phone, but now its gone.
appworld link doesnt download, it just sends me back to the same page.
its frustrating.

as of now, i dont have app world installed, but i do.
if that makes sense.

I was on the Beta 2.0, and I got notification about an hour ago that there was a newer version... I think. DL'd the 2.0 on my wife's Storm2 from appworld also.

I clicked on the link to open 2.0 in blackberry app world. It asked me to upgrade to 2.0....It's loading now....Hope it works!

Downloaded; restarted and works perfect. I love how the trackpad rolls from side to side...Going to be great to get BB 6 os!!!

Updated is available in australia on telstra!
App is working great and purchases are available (over pay-pal and credit card) as well!

crap... not working here, says its not available in my country. Yet im using the beta with no problems.

Im in Nicaragua using Telefonica as a provider.

ok so I downloaded it and now everytime I try to download something I get taken to the BB Agreement popup and then to the BB ID page. THis is p'sn me off can I get some help please

I got Appworld 2 TODAY, just downloaded it. Looks pretty, we'll see how good it is...

Update went the normal way, small icon in message bar told me that update was ready to download. ~750 kb.

I just had an update notification from BB App World.
It's available in Belgium, and it's not the beta.

alt + rst worked for me like a charm. Im using a Bold9700 in India on Vodafone, if that has something to do with it.

This is for all blackberry users, there is a new version of blackberry app world and facebook available for download through your blackberry bookmark browser, be advised that you will need to create a blackberry app world user account using a validated email account. To use the new app world and you may also need a paypal account too so you may need to upload the paypal app prior to this and go on line to open an account, there is a few changes to app world and only slight changes to facebook but you may have to upload the new version of app world to get new version of facebook. Good luck and don't forget if you open a paypal account keep your details safe.

Loading pictures and screenshots seems to take forever on my curve 8520. It doesnt seem to be using Wi-fi even though its on and connected.

Anyone else experiencing this?

My phone told me app world had an update this morning. I DLed it and now it wont let me log in. It says my blackberry ID or password is wrong...hmmmm. Maybe I need to go to the browser and try it again....

Another blog filled with complaints. What's up with that? I mean y'all need to learn about technology and how to work things, because most of you really get on my nerves trying to bash something because you don't know how to work it.

I went in to Appworld this morning and in My Apps it showed as available for DL. Doing that now.

I only use Appworld for free stuff, but at $.99.....I may give apps and themes more of a chance. We'll see.

Got alerted to the new AppWorld version this morning. Started the download, which now requires you to log in with your Blackberry ID login. In doing that, it gets stuck on "authenticating". Several battery pulls and get the same thing.

Oh well, maybe the next release will work better.

BlackBerry AppWorld 2.0 Just became available for download. I love the speed on the beta build, hopefully it remains the same or faster :)

I'm trying to download it now, but the app world is crawling. Probably wasn't the best idea to push this out along with notifications to update facebook last night.

I currently have the Blackberry 9700 and I think it's an awesome phone. I do need to take care of it more because I find myself dropping a lot. It is definitely stronger than my former Blackberry Pearl phone. With that phone, the ball kept falling out and it gets dirty pretty easily so I had to purchase a new trackball. I did that two times and finally decided to get the Blackberry 9700. I heard about the Blackberry Torch though through one of my friends on twitter.

He mentioned just one of the new features and made a comment about when it was going to be released. By that time, I just purchased the Blackberry 9700 and when I heard about the new one I said to myself "Oh come on! They have a new one already?" Anyways, I certainly would not mind acquiring the Blackberry Torch. Then I won't feel so technologically behind even though the Blackberry Torch has not been on the market very long.

Not liking how they didn't take my feedback of allowing App World to remember your user/pass when going to "My World" and therefore having to enter it practically every time you go to that section.

Installs but when trying to launch, get an error message "There is an issue with BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World must close". Tried uninstall/reinstall several times, to no avail. Has anyone else seen this problem? Am running OS on Bell Mobility.

i can't download it. if i go to ... it just refreshed the page every time i click download. anyone have an OTA url? yes, i've cleared the cache. it keeps refreshing

tour9630 vzw. anyone else having this problem, if they're trying to download it?

I went to the App World site on a 'real' computer and signed up first for the BlackBerry ID. Then I went about sending 2.0 to my 8520. Lag in the mail, so the link didn't immediately arrive. Went to on my BB and downloaded/installed it directly from there.

A reboot (and another one to get the App Icon to reappear) and then into the App World. 'My World' required the BlackBerry ID, but once signed on, everything there. I kinda miss the specific listing for most popular Free and Paid products and I've yet to try buying anything (using a credit card rather than PayPal), but everything *seems* fine.

Where did I go wrong?


I have been trying to download the 2.0 and can't do it. Tried the website and app world unsuccessfully. Any ideas? Thanks.

So i have been having this problem for a while now. I was running a hybrid OS and the beta zone version of App World. What was happening was that i would try and download an app. It would get to my Blackberry ID screen where i had to put in my email and password which i did. It authenticates brings up the membership addendum. I scroll through and accept it which it authenticates again and brings me to the Account Info page. Since i dont want to change any info, i hit save. At that point it says its updating and then i get to the part where it asks if i would like to migrate my previous BlackBerry App World Purchases, this is where the issue occurs. No matter what i hit, whether it be yes and try and fill out the Paypal info (which it doesnt accept my credentials), or if i hit "no", it ALWAYS takes me back to the Account Info screen.
Thinking that it might be the Hybrid OS, i reinstalled the latest OS from Verizon and even deleted the Beta Zone Version of App World and installed the new .36 and i'm getting the same problem.
Has anyone had this issue and/or know what is going on and how to fix it?
Sorry for the long post, i wanted to be as detailed as possible.

Looks like RIM is taking the right steps now to catch up with the App world of iPhone and Droid. sounds like 2.0 will be much more user friendly, developer friendly, and cheaper!

I visited from the device and clicked on the link to download AppWord. You are taken to a page with a link "Open in BlackBerry AppWorld" which is the one I chose. It gave me 2.0.36. My device is a Bold 9700 from T-Mobile in Puerto Rico with the latest official OS for T-Mobile: v5.0.0.714.

Just got the update today.. so far it looks really solid and stable. Need to create BlackBerry ID for my first download. I noticed under 'My World' there's a list of apps I installed compare to the previous version it won't detect unless I reinstall it back. Now I wonder, if I change my device and sign up with the same BlackBerry ID will it detect apps from my previous device?

I was on the beta test of app world. I did ALT RST and now I cant login with my old email and password. It also tells me that my ID is already taken. I created a new login and ID but, I need help at re-activating my previous login

hey just saw this post and then saw i had a new upgrade message :)
took a while to download then i had to reboot but looks sweet its having problems loading my world says its having a network connection problem im going to keep playing around with it might be from everybody upgrading but who knows maybe the systems bogged down from all the uploads.Seems alittle quicker then before and i like the look when you click the top 25 but its jumpy on my touch screen when i move from newest to free kinda but its cool.

ok it wont let me get to my world damit
keeps saying check my blackberry id or email how do i check my blackberry id? its the correct email ok im pissed

Was sent an email early yesterday morning to download it, and I have to say it runs as smooth as the videos i've seen of the OS6 working on the Bold 9780.

Apparently my country doesn't support BlackBerry App World....however it was working fine before on the same BlackBerry App World 2.0

BlackBerry fix up....

Is there any way to get back the previous version (downgrade)? I cant create a BB ID, it said error in connection. Damn! Now I cant download anything from App World

My issue with 2.0 is that I can't get past the acct info screen where u have ur email and username. After I save it, nothing happens. What am I suppose to do after saving it?

Immediately after downloading this update to BB App World, my visual voicemail shows an error "Uncaught Exception: Object Already Exists." My voicemail wont work now.
I have tried battery pull, restoring to previous OS, restoring new OS, everything and anything. Still shows same error and no voicemail.
i even tried downloading a new voicemail program, but, it wont work because it seems that visual voicemail is still in control in background.
so - how they hell do i fix this problem?

thanks BB App World 2.0.

Hello, I am from Grenada. I recently upgraded my version of Blackberry App World to 2.0 and now I am getting a message that it is not currently available in my country. Why is this? How come the old version was available in my country and not this new version? Can anybody assist me with this?? I can't function without BB AppWorld! I contacted my service provider and was told that they have been getting lots of calls from persons with that issue, but there is nothing that they can do. I was told that I would have to wait until Blackberry fixes this issue. Please help me somebody!

The version that came with last Thursday's release of the Torch was better. That app world had a free themes category. This new one doesn't. Why?

If I leave the newest version of App World open for longer than 5 minutes my Torch will reboot.

Needless to say, I deleted App World.

so i recently downloaded this new version, but everytime i open it it shows "no applications are being featured at this time"..

i tried a battery pull.. still no help..

any help????


I mas say that appworld don't have the option that I would of like to see. I don't have pay-pal acc. An it would of be nice to be able to bill to my carrier ( ROGERS )

Visit from your phone or desktop browser.

[You can adjust to the correct region if you wish once on the Appworld website.]

Once there, you will have the following options: send yourself a link, download the new Appworld on to your browser, or download it into your desktop ready for transference to your device via Desktop Manager.

I sent myself a link and I am currently downloading Appworld II.

Hello there!

Lately, I was upgrading my OS. Afterwards, I get App World problem:
"There is an issue with blackberry app world. Blackberry app world must now close."
How can this be fixed?

Thank you in advance.