BlackBerry App World 2.0 launched in BlackBerry Beta Zone!

By Bla1ze on 29 Jul 2010 12:47 pm EDT
BlackBerry App World 2.0 launched in BlackBerry Beta Zone!

As we've known for a while now, BlackBerry App World 2.0 was set to arrive eventually. Today as it turns out, happens to be just that day. BlackBerry Beta Zone participants have been sent out invites to the all new BlackBerry App World 2.0 release and can now sign up for the download if you are indeed eligible.

Lots of new features have been built into version 2.0 as well, the layout of how things are displayed has also changed for users. We've outlined a lot of the changes previously in our "What's coming in BlackBerry App World 2.0" so that is certainly worth a look over. We'll get a better review up here in a bit for you all but, right now it seems as though the downloads have slowed Research In Motions servers to a crawl. Stay tuned folks. If you managed to get it downloaded, please feel free to leave your comments on what you think about it. Full press release now available after the jump.

RIM Announces BlackBerry App World Updates

New BlackBerry App World Features to be Available for Beta Testing in the United States and Canada This Week

WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 29, 2010) - Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ:RIMM)(TSX:RIM) today announced updates to BlackBerry App World(TM), the official application store for BlackBerry(R) smartphones. BlackBerry App World provides BlackBerry smartphone customers with an intuitive, integrated service for discovering, downloading, recommending and managing mobile applications for personal or business use. BlackBerry App World now supports new payment options, includes enhanced discovery and search features, and introduces a new user identification system called BlackBerry(R) ID.

New Payment Options

BlackBerry App World will support new payment options in addition to PayPal. Customers will be able to purchase applications using major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, in various countries around the world. RIM is also working on integrated billing with various carriers to enable BlackBerry App World purchases to be applied directly to the customer's monthly bill from those carriers.(i)

Easier Application Discovery

BlackBerry App World adds new tabbed sections for various lists of applications. Users can horizontally swipe or scroll to quickly view the Top 25 Free Apps, Top 25 Paid Apps and Top 25 Themes, as well as lists of Newest Apps and Recently Updated Apps.

QR barcode scanning is also supported, allowing users to scan a QR code associated with an application from anywhere - the web, print ads, brochures, etc. BlackBerry App World will quickly find the related application and automatically open the application's information and download page.

BlackBerry ID

BlackBerry ID provides customers with a device-independent user identification (ID) used with BlackBerry App World. It enables new payment options, including credit cards and integrated carrier billing(i), and allows customers to seamlessly transfer their personal library of free and purchased apps when they switch to a new BlackBerry smartphone.

"BlackBerry App World continues to grow with a rich catalog of personal and business oriented applications that further enhance the BlackBerry smartphone experience," said Alan Brenner, Senior Vice President, BlackBerry Platform at Research In Motion. "The new features in BlackBerry App World make it even easier for customers to find, purchase and maintain applications for their BlackBerry smartphone."

Nearly 30 million BlackBerry smartphone users have downloaded BlackBerry App World and an average of over one million applications are being downloaded each day. Available in more than 65 countries, BlackBerry App World allows users to discover, download, recommend and manage the applications that help them get the most out of life while on the go.

The newest version of BlackBerry App World is available for beta preview to customers in the United States and Canada from BlackBerry(R) Beta Zone (

(i)Availability of integrated billing with specific carriers to be announced at later dates. Requires a carrier post-paid service plan.

Image Source: Al Sacco

Reader comments

BlackBerry App World 2.0 launched in BlackBerry Beta Zone!


So Beta Zone sends me the invite, but their website is rendered virtually useless so I can't access the download. I swear I love the idea of the Beta Zone, but the execution is absolute crap. I swear I've had more problems downloading apps thru the Beta Zone than I've ever had in my entire life. Unreal.
But at least I've got the first comment!

Have you completely filled out your profile and all the information? They usually send invites to people who put down as much information as possible in all the categories. I've only signed up since they released the BBM beta, which I didn't get into, but I was invited to this because I put down all the information.

@Nashstruck have you tried loggin in and checking under my programs? also u have to do a few survey about the type of bb you have what you use it for etc!!

Hey guys thx for the replies. The link now popped up under my "eligible programs".. but no invitation email as yet.
Tried clicking on it with this message

"We appologise, but this program is no longer accepting participants at this time."

O well....

p.s. Tried doing some of the profile info filling up. Fingers crossed! x

Same here. More often than not, getting to the download page requires jumping through tons of hoops. Normally I can deal with that but today I'm getting all sorts of gateway errors and so when I finally did get to the download page it failed, and then I had to start the whole process over.

The BetaZone website absolutely sucks though. It's like they don't know what the hell they are doing.

The other day I counted; it takes you twelve page loads to download a product you've already registered for, when starting from On a mobile device, this is just painful -- it's something that could easily be compressed to one or two loads.

Let's not get into how you have to type your password into a masked field every time - given the complex password requirements, this is an exercise in frustration all on its own.

I'm sorry, but in the Beta version - On my phone, I click BB App World, then I click the BB Menu Key, and press on "My World," and there are all of my apps listed. All I have to do is click on one to open it up to download; at least that's the way it seems. The screens come up very fast and it is a pleasant experience.

The BB Beta Zone program is a big hunk of shit! You can't use your desktop browser to get any apps unless you want to brick your device using that garbage web install app--thanks RIM.

They don't link to an OTA in any of the invite emails so you are forced to navigate their shitty web interface with your device.

Hey RIM, send me a QR code or an OTA link via email or some other method. Maybe some sort of link in the message center like you used to do with App World updates or like your twitter app does?

i already am a member of beta zone but ever since i got the email saying app world 2.0 was out i have been getting errors trying to log into beta zone online.

is this happening to anyone else or is it just me?

I imagine the carrier billing is not there by design at this point since the app itself is in beta.

Enlighten me on this "Blackberry ID" you speak of.

I didn't expect carrier billing to be a go as of yet.

Now if I could only log into Beta Zone and download App World 2.0....

Carrier billing is only available to AT&T customers on BIS. Do you meet those 2 qualifications?

I also received the email about 20 minutes ago, and I have yet to get in. I'm sure by the end of the day we'll all be able to get in. I look forward to seeing what the new App World is bringing!

+1 Gosh darn fandangled proxy error!

***update, with a lot of patience, persistence, and swearing, I was finally able to DL it. Works nice. Interface seems to be a lot smoother. I like the side swipe of the categories.

Cant get into BetaZone to get my hands on the new stuff... I cant wait! Hopefully we will get carrier billing!! Let's see what RIM has been working on... Uh, can i DL BB6?? LOL!!!

I got it "downloaded", but in true app world fashion, it disappeared as soon as it was installed, and now I can't find it. On top of that, it's not listed as being installed on my phone, even after multiple battery pulls, and i can't get back into the site to download it again.

But aren't ready for the amount of people ready and willing to download it. Well I guess it'll be up in a hour or so......I hope

I think its just that everyone is tryna get to the site at the same time and their site cant handle the traffic, i got the invite and keep getting shut down

I got all the way to the download page, then got a browser not supported page. Crap, I'm on Firefox... haven't gotten back in since....

On my PC I made it all the way to the screen to load the app on my device, only to get an error downloading the app, and to check my internet connection... BS man...

I had similar problems with the Beta Zone when I tried to access it from my BB browser. I remember when I tried to download an update to BBM, the damn site would keep kicking me back to the log in page, it'd take me like and hour to download a simple app update. I don't really understand why there are so many issues with the service!

They just pushed out to too many people at once so their servers are under load. It'll work later in the day, I'm sure. Go get a coffee or something.

Ssssssooooooo i keep trying to get my wife to switch to black berry bbbuuuuttttt its little things like this that give here the opportunity to laugh at it....

remember this release is Beta, this is not for everyone or a finished product. When selling BB to someone focus on their proven technology and how freakin cool they look! LOL!

what proven technology? please don't say security cause every phone has some level of security and blackberry messenger because that's not different than aim/aol, live, ymsg or gtalk

After hitting refresh on every error page I'm finally downloading it!!! Haven't installed it yet but will post again as soon as I have used it...

Didn't get an email, but I was finally able to log in and it showed up, clicked on it, but back to the 502 proxy errors. I'll try again in a bit.

People need to relax. Beta Zone is in a BETA stage too. Plus, even if you manage to sign up you still have to wait for the activation key.

I agree, but I was hoping to at least get my agreement submitted so I can at least get my keycode to download it later. I can't even get that far.

I believe your activation key stays the same across programs and is hardware PIN based. (This one didn't ask for it at any point!?)
I saved my key in the Password Keeper so I can copy & paste any time I get in another beta.

dont worry, they havent even given appworld 2.0 to their appworld approved vendors!! true appreciation of devs for ya that is :(

Proxy errors are driving me crazy. I've been re-freshing pages over and over again to get registered. I'm trying to get the download to fire up now.

Good luck all!

I didn't need a keycode. It just asked if I agreed to the terms & conditions & once I did that it took me straight to App World.

Been trying to log on thru my phone. Kept failing and now I've been locked out...greeeaaaat. Try again later?

Maybe I got too excited about the invite lol.

This beta site sucks. Super get this invite to something that a select "few" people will have access to, and you can't even get it. Pathetic!

tried to download it mins after getting the invite. some wrongs woth the Proxy. just have to wait until later until then just reply to the email you got to notify them on the issue we having.

In your post, you ask us to tell you what we think. As part of the Beta Zone Ts & Cs, we're NOT supposed to do that.

This is bullshit. Beta Zone is so ridiculous with the steps before you can download. FINALLY started downloading and it failed. They can suck it until their server isn't being bombarded!

I got through, I got through, I got through... Yesss its been like a week trying this... an I got through... muahahahaha


RIM needs to have smaller groups of users receiving the invite at any one time. I have no idea how many they send out, but let's say that it's about 5000 for something like appworld. Start the first week with at most 50-100 a day. Check your server load and then ramp up to something like 250/day. They just need to load balance better......

It's almost like websites put up the news that App World 2.0 was available and a massive amount of people went to the Beta Zone and crashed the servers.


most everyone received their beta invite emails a little bit after 9am. servers were swamps immediately. it had nothing to do with Crackberry making the blog post, which was almost 4 hours later.

Got the invite too but the site's down. This is my first invite so I was excited, even if it is only for App World. ;)

Got to the download, still getting proxy errors. Just keep refreshing and logging in until it works.

It took forever - the Beta Zone must have been getting way too much traffic - but the new App World is pretty nice. Carrier billing through BB ID but only with AT&T BIS customers for now. The whole thing is very smooth and from what it says, with the new App World switching phones will now allow the transfer of all purchased apps through App World.

I just tried to log in Beta Zone and it returned some proxy error as below:

Proxy Error
The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
The proxy server could not handle the request GET /beta/persons/programs.

Reason: Error reading from remote server

Anyone encountered this ?

What a stinker!! I can't believe RIM did not foresee this coming thus preping their servers for this type of load. What the heck.

You people complain way too fucking much. You do know the App World 2.0 is only in beta right? don't get your panties all wet now. The site down so what? big fucking deal. Go outside and have a life before you know it the site will be up in no time.

We're fat people that sit in our parents basements with PS3s, XBox 360s, and Skype an arm lengths away as we soil our whitey tighties and wait for new blackberry beta tests. I'm guessing you didn't get an invite and that you are on your lunch break nerding it up.

Really??!! That's your best come back??!! Lmao.. I got my invite since early this morning buddy.. but for real though nice comeback douche lol

Clearly things are taken personally with Mr. Blazed. Are we going through withdraw in an attempt to find a real job?

no comment is really necessary, we already know- "Nice comeback, Douche! Tehehehe."

go suck a ducks a** blazed12...........if u dont like the comments or complaining then take a hike. no one needs your BS either. so take it easy

Looks like it's finally working consistency -- now (after I've finished my download ;) may be the time to try again for those who were going to try back later...

** - a free Telnet and SSH client for your BlackBerry device.

Try using IE. I attempted with both BB browser and Firefox MANY times without success. First attempt with IE, worked like a champ. I knew I'd need it someday.

Got my invite email. Found out that beta zone doesn't really like biggie not a lot of websites do, it was similar when Firefox first hit. Did OTA took 4 min.

The Website is back nd i just downloaded it ;; they sent me the invite this morning , the website was down but its workinq now ;!

got mine downloaded pretty neat, nothing to brag about except that they show you everything you ever downloaded, even the free items that in the past you could not see after deleting.

Is RIM's incompetence perhaps deliberate? Some sort of obfuscation, a ruse to throw the competition off, only for one day when they go POW! And hit 'em with some unexpected, devastatingly smart move, a fait accompli if you will, that puts RIM streets ahead, in one fell swoop. Or maybe RIM really is just run by a couple of incompetents who should have been paid off and shipped out so they could concentrate on hockey or whatever, a long time ago.

I finally got it to download. No big deal, just larger icons on the bottom row, top 25 now has different options such as free, paid, themes, etc. and it asked me for an App World ID which I registered.

when I got the invite the site had a proxy error, just got back home now and tried it again and I got in. just waiting for my keycode to install...

i just went back on the beta site and realized i could just download right from the site.... so i came on here expecting someone to call me a dumbass...THANKS!! ;)

If you are getting the proxy error when trying to download keep reloading the page and it will eventually work. Took me about an hour of doing this and multiple failed downloads before it finally worked.

I don't know why everyone is complaining, I got through just fine. It took me about 10 minutes to get to the Beta Zone website but it finally worked. You all just need patience and it will be fine. As far as App World 2.0 goes, there's nothing terribly different, besides the BlackBerry ID which lets you use PayPal to purchase apps and save credit card info for easy purchasing. I'm really not a fan of App World, so I deleted the original one. I'll definitely beta test this one though.

What a load of bullcrap- as usual I miss out on all the cool beta zone stuff. No invite despite filling out everything there is to fiLl out.

I was able to log in and get the download. So far I like the way the menu slides and it seems to not be so lagging. I'm stil playing with it.

Totally not wroth the wait or stress u have to deal with to download. Pretty shit i must say. No difference other then the way you slide to the next page. Apps LACK SO fing back

Geez, if it weren't for whining and complaining, most of these comment boards would be empty. So the site was down for a few hours. Every site experiences that. Deal with it and stop with the complaints. Reading these comments is like listening to a 2 year old. Please don't comment on this post. Its not worth your time or mine.

I had a hard time downloading initially, kept coming up with error messages but after some patience I finally was able 2 download app world 2.0! They've changed the icons a little seems 2 b smooth though. To the people who have signed up for the beta zone and haven't received an email, do your whole profile(I had to also) I'll keep the CB nation updated on 2.0!!!!

Funny how most of ya'll complain like a 5 year old not getting the ice cream cone because you missed the ice cream truck...guess what, time it better the next day, you have your ice cream cone...or run faster, lol! Ish like this happens, especially when servers get many winey kids that got invites I see...

Yep I got it after getting a few server errors...the app is pretty sweet....BETAZONE is getting selective with who they chose for the beta programs because someone has been leaking the beta versions which is def not kool!! All you have to do is sign up and do a few surveys at least once a month and you are in u get the BETA's and the keycodes....

Awesome I got the invite! And it just finished downloading!! Can't wait to try out all the new features!! And I had no problem getting to the download page on my Storm1....

I had some troubles with the download as well. Took quite a few attempts before I was successful. Only difference I see is that it gives you the option to pay by credit card instead of solely by PayPal account.

Please Verizon...hurry up and get the iPhone already. It's been long enough. Now I hear that Storm 2 won't get BB OS 6.0, I say screw it. I'm so done with Blackberry and RIM.

What the hell does the second half of your post have to do with anything? All you annoying people need to stop coming to this site to bitch. Verizon isn't getting the iphone, it has nothing to do with Verizon and everything to do with an exclusive contract signed between AT&T and Apple.

When you bought your S2 there were no guarantees it could run OS6, Android doesn't allow all of it's devices to upgrade to the latest OS either. Have fun "jumping ship" and realizing RIM isn't the only company to not waste money updating old devices' OS. The Storm 2.5 or 3 will be out before year's end...

I downloaded it without any problems. The new layout is pretty cool and it is easy to navigate around. The only problem I am having is that the app won't let me sign in to my account.

I use Mobihand to purchase all of my apps but occasionally there is something that is only offered on App World. On those few occassions it is nice to have App World but I'm not sure that this app deserves a permanant place on my phone.

Just got invited and downloaded this! I like it so far. Had a few quibbles with set up, but it's good to go now.

Hmm.. maybe I'm missing something, but outside of the Top25 which CB posted on previously, I'm not seeing any real difference. Yes.. the BB ID thing is new... but frankly not of use to me since I only have one device and don't tend to swap out (Storm -> Storm2 so far) much.

Was hoping there was more to it...

Couldn't access from my PC. Just kept getting server error messages. So I logged in from my phone and, though slow, was able to download. The app is amazing. Very fast and slick. A definite improvement over 1.1

I like it so far. Smooth transitions. Laggy at first but smooth after another reboot.

I like the way the top 25 screen looks.

BB-ID is a nice idea to have as well.

Best 2.0.0.XX runs smooth replacing the 1.6.XXXX version I had, and yes I got the email and YES it does work. Nice job RIM

I signed up for BetaZone about 2 weeks ago. Got this invite this morning, attempted a few times but the site had errors.

However as of an hour ago everything worked fine, have it installed and I find that it responds and transitions through menus much faster, and as mentioned by some earlier, the navigation and handling all around is simpler and easier than previous versions.

Nash... When and where are u getting this error message? Personally, I browse the App Wold Beta site and (App World 2.0 beta) download link is no where to be found.

Unless someone on this board or the Net (beta tester) post/upload the file for download you are really out of luck.


Meh, still the same ole look and UI, could we not get a little more creative with it. It's faster I'll give it that, but same lame look. God, what is it with this company and it's BORING looks.

I've tried numerous times to DL the app and keep getting a proxy error. I have better things to do. I'm happy to be previewer of beta, but if I can't even get it to DL, howmany times am I to try? Especially since I have to do it through the awful BB browser (which I hate).

I got my invite this morning then the BB site crashed but I downloaded it around 3pm. I like the new features the added like the barcode scanning of apps

I try to sing in, an it make me fill up the form many times telling me that my password wasn't good enough I got tired so I mas say that it sucks I really wann it . Too bad. No very happy

I immediatly liked the 2.0 Beta because it does a far superior job to the prior version of cataloguing the apps you have previously downloaded from App World. In fact, it is now listing (uninstalled) apps I had long since forgotten having downloaded.

A big test will be to see how it responds and catalogues after an OS upgrade (after which it has traditionally suffered amnesia).

Hooray! I got an invite and downloaded it, its awesome but carrier billing is missing? Anyways a lot has changed in the UI such as the top apps section, its awesome and if you havent signed up for beta zone sign up now, you get awesome stuff like this!

No changes to the looks. It does have a nice top 25 selection by categories though, and something it definitely needed some speed! That was the biggest and best imorovement. Im happy. Maybe I will actually keep it installed on my phone permanently now instead of monthy checks to see what's new! lol.

how do you get blackberry app world from the application list to somewhere you can use it? mine is just sitting here and i do not know how to move it. Thanks.

Select the BB menu key > move to folder, select home & that will move it out of the folder then you can hit the BB key again, select move & move it wherever you like. Hope that helps!!!

After overcoming the website access issues, finally got it installed on my BB9650.

Runs nice, overall appearance is similar to 1.x. Searches are faster. Biggest improvement is it displays entire download and installation history for your user account.

Wow! Lots of unhappy people here. Sorry guys. When my email came in I deleted my installed version before even bothering to log in. I didn't have any problem with OTA. They actually suggest that you do it that way instead of PC from what I read. I'm almost sure they didn't space out the emails and all us BerryHeads went straight for it. Server overload. Anywho, I love the way it recognizes my dl apps so easily & the BB I'D is a great idea! Haven't had a chance to use the barcode scanner yet but love that the option is there! Very nice R.I.M!

I have been waiting for this! I was in the middle of sleeping from working last night... but when I got the email, I almost woke up!

All I want is App Worls back, I was one of the people that when updating last time on app world dissapeared! And haven't found a salution if 2.0 can fis that, bring out now!!! No Beta bs!!

downloaded i like it looks good makes it easier to go through menus and i like the credit card thing i put in my card to be able to purchase apps because i dont use paypal. good job blackberry

Just got it recovered and then was able to download and install. No problems. Setting up the BlackBerry ID was a little clunky. It wouldn't take my PayPal login/password. Created the BB ID though.

This is my first beta app, i signed up a few days ago.

It did take me a while to get the app installed and up and running, but well worth it. Great features, easier to use and I believe the apps might load faster...but that might be my imagination.

Two thumbs up.

can someone tell me how to find it on my blackberry? I have it listed in my applications but can not find it or move it to a folder where i can use it. Thanks.

I did not know app looks were so much important than new/improved features! Can we all vote now for the best looking app, regardless of usability?

Enjoy App World 2, people...

I succeeded in downloading BB Appworld 2.0. And bricked my Bold 9000. Sadly, I did not have a very recent backup on my computer. Reloading as we speak. May try installing again - after all, I can't lose anything else!

Got my invite to test out the new app world and I must say it is pretty nice. It is a little laggy on some of the transitions but I am also on a 9530 so everything is laggy. Glad to see they finally have a section devote to new apps, it was always suck a pain to go through each category to find what was and was not new. Also the ID thing is promising, I dont know if anyone else had this problem but each time I would do an update the myworld section would go blank and I would never get notifications for updates.

I did notice there is a blank tab on the far right corner not sure what is going there.

Overall it is a big improvement.

Not many changes but the changes are better. The scrolling left and right for newest, top free, top paid, etc is neat. Other than that its just regular ole appworld. I wish i got the invite for the bbm beta tho..thatd b awesome

It was slow in getting the download, and after many time out errors, finally got the app. And it looks great and much smoother. cant wait for the final roll out.

My mobile carrier is T-mobile, I just became a beta tester two days ago, and I got an invite to test bb app world 2.0 No problems downloading here. No problems installing so far. I had two go thru three clicks to download but that's about it.
Make sure you are downloading from your device and not on the laptop or desktop.

Ok I DL the app fine tested it yesterday all went I go to DL and app it goes through the whole BB ID process asked if i want to update pass purchase to my acct I said yes...nxt it ask for my paypal info I set it,then it say AUTH came back with an error msg...with (3) options to set up another method of payment, or retry or set later I select set bounces me back to the BB ID section; I tried several time same issue....Now I have that verisign protection where I have to put in a PIN everytime I enter paypal via comp to stop fraudulant purchases; how do I get pass this?? BB might be having issues with that cant login because BB need the PIN but u r not asked for a PIN when bb tries to LOGIN to PAYPAL it just comes back #FAIL!!! Any sugg for the time being I downgraded to old version...maybe on final release they will get it fixed!!

So far its pretty nice smooth scrolling loads a little better an faster I had a hard time to getting there to you have to keep trying it is a pain in the a**

2 days of trying to get logged into Beta Zone after getting the invite...
Multiple attempts, emails to beta zone about the problem, admins reset password twice- still no luck even logging in. Lol, just give me some tissues for my crackberry addiction issues, I give up.

I was able to download it...very nice so has a bettr "look" to it..also seems faster when loading the info on the apps!! Everyone should be quite happy when its released!

I rec'd an invite and downloaded last night. I must say it's a better looking application, quicker, and a lot more responsive. You do have to set up a user account however..another user name and password to remember.

Yes, getting to actually download the new beta app was more than painful. Kept getting server time out errors. After 30 minutes got the new app.

Searching is a little more refined with more options, although it looks like icons are missing from from the bottom of the app. (bottom ribbon has all the icons pushed to the left side) just seems out of balance. Small detail, but I'm supposed to review it and be honest.

The personal screen is better with the last 25 apps installed and deleted. Nice touch.

Grabbing new apps is a pain with having to log in each time. Can we get a "remember me" button added? Unless this is a security feature to keep purps from loading purchased apps to your phone agaisnt your will.

Overall the app seems a little faster. But I just reloaded my BB Storm 1 to factory and improved my memory just prior to test drivingg this app.

I think it's a subtle improvement from the old look. Enough to help us all out without having to learn a totally new interface.

BB, keep up the good work. Oh, and get IT to figure out what's up with your download servers.