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BlackBerry App Roundup for September 17th, 2010! Win 1 of 25 copies of Tether!

roundup sept 17
By Ryan Blundell on 17 Sep 2010 03:58 pm EDT

Howdy and welcome to the weekly app roundup! At the end of last week, we saw Dave Peckens join the CrackBerry Posse; I know he’ll definitely keep his CrackBerry badge polished. On second thought, the whole Crack Team should keep them extra shiny, as we are currently in the countdown to Devcon 2010. Most of the Crack Team will be there to cover it with six shooters-a-firin’! Well maybe not, they might get kicked out. As far as contests go, we have the winners of last weeks Fixmo Tools giveaway. This week, we have 25 copies of Tether for BlackBerry up for grabs! Have a terrific weekend! Giddy up!

Freebies of the Week: Fono FX, Caller ID Ringtones

In Case You Missed It: Mobile Recovery, Rubik’s Cube, MiniNotes

New This Week: eWatcher, Undelete, Blaq

Cool at BlackBerry App World: ArtGO! Coloring Lite

Contest: Enter to win 1 of 25 copies of Tether for BlackBerry!

Freebies Of The Week:

Fono FX

Fono FX -Do you Deal or Transact in Foreign Currencies (Forex)? Does Fluctuations in rates Dent your Profits? Get Latest Forex Exchange Rate updates – Live and always on your Phone!

You need FxPro if you or your Business is any of these: Importers, Exporters, Traders, Forex, Banks, Tourists, Business. All Major World Currencies are covered and Forex Rates runs as a Ticker on your Phone Screen. Set High & Low Target Prices for Currencies and get Auto Alerts as soon as Target is Hit!


  • Set your Base and Counter Currencies
  • Check Rates as Cross Tables of your Currencies
  • Forward / Email Rates from Phone to others
  • Easy & Updated Currency Conversion Calculator
  • Convert any Amount from One currency to another
  • Data from World Banks, Forex Markets & Institutes
  • Get Tips, News & Forecasts on Currency Exchange Rates

Free from BlackBerry App World

Caller ID Ringtones

Caller ID Ringtones -Hear the name of the person calling you! Caller ID Ringtones delivers over one thousand high-quality ringtones directly to your BlackBerry. You can browse a large sample of these unique tones and quickly download your favorites with the touch of a button.

Thousands of names to choose from! If you enjoy our sample application, please consider purchasing our full version. It contains over 10x the number of ringtones and offers UNLIMITED downloads.


  • Three ringtone downloads for no charge
  • Multiple ringtone versions for each caller's name
  • Instantly install ringtones to your BlackBerry
  • High-quality ringtone mp3 files
  • Note: Data fees may apply to your calling plan/li>

There are separate applications for male and female names. The full versions of each are currently on sale for $2.99 at the CrackBerry App Store.

This version (males names and female names) is free from the CrackBerry App Store

In Case You Missed It:

Mobile Recovery

Mobile Recovery -Your phone found. Misplaced your phone? No problem. Use Mobile Recovery's Phone Alarm feature to sound a loud tone from your phone until you are able to locate it. If your phone is outside the audible range, Mobile Recovery can locate your phone on a map and give you turn-by-turn directions to its location.

Your privacy secure. If your phone is ever lost, use Mobile Recovery to remotely erase the contacts from your device and lock your phone from use to keep your private information from falling into the wrong hands.


  • Sound an alarm from a misplaced phone, even if it's set to silent
  • Locate a lost phone on a map, with turn-by-turn directions
  • Lock a lost or stolen phone to ensure your privacy
  • Remotely erase contacts from a lost or stolen phone

This is only available to Verizon customers with TEC (Total Equipment Coverage) on their plan.

Rubik Cube

Rubik’s Cube -Rubik's Cube: The #1 best selling toy of all time, now on your BlackBerry! Play the classic cube anywhere, anytime! Test your skills against the familiar 3x3x3 cube, or tackle other sizes, up to 5x5x5! Haven't figured out how to solve the cube yet? The included solution guide will help! Track your performance as you learn to solve the cube more quickly and in fewer moves! Go global and compare your times with the best in the world! It's all made possible in the only officially licensed Rubik's Cube game!


  • Classic 3x3x3 cube
  • Alternative cube sizes: 2x2x2, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5
  • Track your time and number of moves to solve the cube
  • Compare your stats on-line
  • Included solution guide to help you solve the cube

$6.99 from Bplay


MiniNotes -MiniNotes is a fun and cool replacement for the native MemoPad application. With MiniNotes, you can easily categorize you notes, alter the font to include italics and bold and more. Universal search with OS 6.0 is also supported.


  • The Notes are stored in the SDCard.
  • The text in the Notes can be formated: Font, Color, Size, Bold & Italics.
  • Notes with a image background, we offer 10 different colors.
  • Notes filtered by categories.
  • Notes filtered by words in the titles.
  • Custom labels for the categories.
  • Export to a text file.
  • Import of existing memos in the MemoPad application.

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store

New This Week:


eWatcher -eWatcher provides two great sections for anyone on a diet.

1. The Diet Food Guide: A full list of foods with their associated points value. This list is always growing and updates are free.

2. Points Calculator: Use this tool to enter a food's calories, fat grams and fiber to get the total value.

The Food Guide is a database of hundreds of foods and popular restaurant and coffee houses. You can easily check for updates to this database at any time and quickly download them with one click! A great reference tool for anyone on a diet!


  • Easy to use
  • Powerful Calculator provides points and fractions of a point
  • Full Food Guide has hundreds of popular foods and even popular restaurant items.
  • Download free updates to the Diet Guide with one click!
  • Light application, optimized for fast performance

$4.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


Undelete -UnDelete captures and enables the recovery of deleted items from all of the standard PIM apps (Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, MemoPad) plus Email* & PIN Messages on BlackBerry smartphones running 4.5 OS or above.

* Some limitations apply when recovering Emails - refer to help document for more details.


  • Supports all PIM apps - Contacts, Calendar, Tasks & MemoPad + Email* & PIN Messages
  • Direct access from the “UnDelete” menu option in each of the supported apps.
  • Quick and easy recovery with minimum keystrokes and automatic return to app.
  • Recover back to a different list if available (i.e. multiple Calendars).
  • Separate deleted item folders for each type (Contacts, Calendar, etc) listed by most recent.
  • Control the maximum number of deleted items held at any one time separately for each type.
  • Control the number of days to keep items for separately for each type.
  • Hourly background task maintains folders based on user criteria.
  • Manually delete (permanently) items or empty an entire type’s folder of deleted items.

$2.99 from the CrackBerry App Store


Blaq -There has been quite a buzz surrounding this Twitter application. Many have been waiting for the day this app would be unleashed. Tired of keeping a handful of Twitter apps around on your BlackBerry smartphone just to obtain a faux sense of having it all? We are, too.

Never before has a BlackBerry Twitter client truly satisfied the user’s ideal picture of the perfect, well-rounded app — until now. Enter Blaq — a feature-rich Twitter client for BlackBerry that brings the best of all worlds with the functionality you need, but also the stunning visuals that you’ve always yearned for. Download Blaq now and start experiencing Twitter — the way you should be — on your BlackBerry smartphone today.

Some features include:

  • Quick Tweet - launch a Quick Tweet box over whatever you’re currently doing, and post tweets without ever opening the app.
  • BlaqOut – advanced filtering options to “blackout” specific Twitter users or phrases Multi-Account Support

For information on the full suite of features, head over to The full version of Blaq is $4.99. There is Blaqlite for free, but doesn’t include the following:

  • No Quick Tweet plug-in functionality -- Quick Tweet still available from the BlackBerry menu on all pages
  • No individual timeline refresh setting capability -- timelines will all update at one set interval
  • No simultaneous cross-account posting -- multiple account use still supported

Cool In BlackBerry App World:


ArtGo! Coloring Lite -ArtGO! Coloring Lite turns your BlackBerry® smartphone into a coloring book. Pick up your crayon and go! ArtGO Coloring will make sure you stay inside the lines, so you can just have fun and let your imagination run wild. Or select a blank coloring page and draw whatever you'd like. Set your drawing as your wallpaper, or email it to a friend or relative. The lite version includes a few coloring pages, and a selection of colorful crayons. No full version of ArtGO! is available at this time. ArtGO!


  • automatically keeps your coloring inside the lines (this feature can be turned on or off)
  • save your art to work on later
  • send your drawings to a friend
  • set your drawings as your device wallpaper
  • Zeebu's locking mechanism can be enabled to keep little ones from getting out of the app

Free from BlackBerry App World



Have you ever been stuck in an airport, hotel room, coffee shop, or on the road with no Internet? Frustrated paying $9.95 for 30 minutes of internet service? Resorting to your Blackberry, but wished you could use your laptop? Tether is here to provide a solution to all those worries!

Tether is an application that allows your PC to take advantage of your Blackberry's data plan, allowing you to access the Internet on your laptop, anywhere there is cellular coverage, from your BlackBerry.

Tether is easy to install, easy to use, works practically anywhere, and is cost effective.


  • Internet Anywhere: You can use Tether anywhere you can make phone calls.
  • Easy Setup: Download our software to your BlackBerry and another for your laptop... Then surf the web and email just like you would with any Internet connection.
  • Fast Speeds: Download speeds that are impressive. Our users download at speeds up to 1,800 kbps.
  • No Tethering Fees: Tether uses your phone's data plan and we do not charge tethering fees. (refer to our Terms of Service) (Note that significant charges may apply for data usage if not on an unlimited data plan. Please check with your carrier.)
  • All BlackBerries: Tether is compatible with all BlackBerries.
  • All Carriers: Tether has been used by carriers all over the world. Some carriers do require APN settings, though. It appears our product does not work on the iDen Network.
  • PC & Mac: Tether works on both PCs and Macs.
$49.95 from the CrackBerry App Store

We have 25 copies of Tether for BlackBerry up for grabs! All you have to do is leave a comment to be entered. Winners will be announced next week. Speaking of announcements, here are the winners of the Fixmo Tools contest.

Contest Winners:

*Congrats to everyone! You should receive emails soon, so reply ASAP*

Until Next Week..

Well there you have it folks! I hope you enjoyed the apps we managed to corral this week. If you have any information on software (including news and tips), or if you are developer looking to be in the spotlight (or contest) let me know via email at or

Of course, we also have many more New BlackBerry Apps, Updated BlackBerry Apps and Free BlackBerry Apps available at Be sure to visit our software store for more great deals on BlackBerry Applications!



Hook me up with tether for my berry
So I can be on crackberry


I have always wanted to try Tether... Winiing it would give me that opportunity :)


always traveling for business and such, I will promote to everyone if I won one :D


Please pick me to win a copy of Tether!


Free tether would be nice!


He's 7 months old and those bad boys are just cutting through the gums, and I think a tether would really help him out!


I absolutely love Tether. I didn't realize how good tether was until i used it myself. Unfortunately when my free trial was over the sale was long gone in the superstore. I would absolutely love if i could win a free copy.


Would love to have Tether


A copy of tether please...


BlackBerry tethering is really made easy with tether!


plz give me a free copy of tether I need it it badly!!!


The tethering app is a great prize!


Awesome product. Would love it being a truck driver!


Entering in the contest...TETHER! :)


I could really use a copy of tether!


Yeah this one app that I would like to have.....


this is what I've been waiting for! thanks CB, give me a free copy. :D


I recently purchased the Tether app for my blackberry. It is by far the best purchase I made for my blackberry so far. You can use the internet anywhere you have service. This is best application for the year!!


I had an aircard for my laptop through work, but I've lost it and i'm not getting a replacement. Thanks crackberry and tether for the awesome contest.


I would Love to Win the most Perfect and the most Wanted App ever for my BlackBerry.
My BlackBerry would never be Total without it.


I would Love to Win the most Perfect and the most Wanted App ever for my BlackBerry.
My BlackBerry would never be Total without it.
Want to Win this.


I have the demo and love it. Works flawlessly.


The tether would be awesome!


I currently use the free version of tether and it is madd stressful trying to use the internet on it but I'm forced to wait for the page to load me being a college student in the county is quite stressful due to the lack of internet so yea I could use it.


Tether is great. I'll take one.


Been traveling for a while with my friend and we have to pay for room internet service, and i really need this app so i could save on bucks


Here's hoping my 9700 gets a new app, one that is actually useful. :D


I was on the road a couple of weeks ago visiting family. Knowing I had two time sensitive documents to e-mail I walked in the house with laptop in hand only to be told there was a system wide failure. Wound up driving 45 minuets to a cafe to get internet access. Came very close to purchasing Tether then. Crackberry, please help me and my Bold 9650 out.

The Consigliere

Definitely in on this, would love to win Tether!




One for me please ((=


Tether would make my life so much easier!


would love to use this app on the road.


I've been holding out on buying tether, but if I don't win it here for free, I'll probably pick it up the next time it comes around on 50% sale.


I would love to win a copy of Tether its going to be very useful to me.


Best of luck to everyone! :) hope I'm one of the 25. :)


The only thing better than a free $2 app (thanks for the wordbldr by the way) is a free $50 app!


Great app for the deserving. Hopefully this will end up for my BB.

Thanks for giving us a chance here.


Would love to win Tether.


I would love to use the tether.. We're gettin EVDO in our area finially in the next month.. would actually benefit from it now :)


Never thought would be giving away tether.


I would love to win this wonderful app. This application would give me more chances to do things with my family. I am currently going to school full time, working full time, and I have a family of two children and a wonderful husband. Having this app I would be able to do my work anywhere while being able to be with my family.


Would love to have this


Go ahead and make my day cb!


Would luv this app.. The old laptop runs out of wifi pretty quick around here..


This would be great to win. I would give it to a friend who really really needs it. Thanks Tether and Crackberry!


one tether for me pretty please!!!!! :D


I can has tether for my Blackberry?

Derwent Graphite

Please! Never won anything on here before :(


New user to blackberry, what a wonderful site. valuable information and free giveaways. Every site should offer such wonderful things.


I'd love to get Tether, it's nice CB gets 25 copies!


First time BB user and now understand all the hype about BBs! Would love to win the tether app! :) Family member recommended CB and glad I've found this great website! Great info for a newbie like me!


This would be great to win!


Tether would be a great thing to have!


I've been considering this app, would like to save myself 50 bucks.


I am a humble person from virginia I would like to have the tether program as it's the only way I have to look at the internet when not at home I would like to thank you in advance


Tether would be very helpful for me for college. I would truly appreciate a free copy of as money is tight for a college student. Thank you for your consideration.


...that I've wanted for a long time, but it never fit in the budget. I'd love to win a copy.


thanks for the opportunity of winning this tether it would work great!


PLEASE choose me! I want!


This is a very useful app, I could really use it.


I desperately need tether. The area I just moved into only gets terrible comcast cable service, which I refuse to pay money to use, and no DSL providers can reach my house...
Hook me up!


tether would be awesome on my Storm.


One day tethering will be included on a dataplan for no additional charge. Until that day comes, I hope I win a copy of Tether! Thanks for the chance Crackberry.


Hey I want to win tether


I've used it before works great.... I'd like to win


Winning Tether would be amazing...


I would love a copy of Tether for Blackberry...YESS


I would like to win this app!


The Tether application would be very useful when I don't have internet around on my laptop.


I'm always out and about so Tether would be the greatest thing ever for me.


Would love to win a copy of tether!!


Tether would be awesome!


I cant wait to use tether when I am out on a shoot. Gotta stay up to date on Crackberry nation!


This is one awesome app!


Would love a copy of tether! Thanks!


Would be nice to have. . . hard for me to part with 25.00 when it's on sale not gonna happen at 50.00, free. . . YES Please!!!!!


I love Tether. I use it at the airport when there isn't a secure connection available or at hotels when I don't want to spend the fees for wireless internet. Get this if you can. I'd love to win a paid copy.


Thanks for the great blogs and Chances to win cool stuff! Cheers


I am tired of giving my money away. Verizon has been getting $30.00 a month
extra out of me for way too long now. Not only that, (unlimited) data plan does
allow for unlimited tethering. My 2 questions, is this truly unlimited use?
And is it compatible with a p.c.?

Help me stop giving away money, please.
Thanks in advance.


It would be awesome to win tether!


yay for tether! I hope I win. good luck everybody.


I want to be tethered.


Tethering can always come in handy! :D


i always wanted tether on my bb but never go the change to wino one i think this is my chance


I really need this tether thing because I'm a college student and can promote the purchase of such a product!


Would love to get a free copy of Tether I could use on my bold2 when travelling for business.


I really need this..!


Would love a free copy of Tether!!!


Thanks for the giveaway. Really could use a copy of tether.


Would love to win Tether, please select me. :)


I need Tether for my new BB!!


/me is completely tethered to Tether...!!!


I'm trying to moniter my sons WOW usage>> without pulling the plug on the router. If I had this I wouldnt be punished with him.....thus saving his life!!! :)


Free Tether will do nicely thank you.


Both my BB and my laptop need this Tether app! :D


Would love to win a copy of Tether. Thanks much for the chance to win!


I love and need tether!!


id love tehter let this be my first win plz


i'm in - hook, line, and sinker :)


Great program-would love to win!


Tether would be great, I could really get use to having it, but you know what be even better a Storm3 or "Storm/Lightning Tablet" (my name for it, cuz BlackPad makes you look desperate. Yeah, I'm talking to you RIM) to use it on?... :)


Really want to try out the tether..thx


I would DIEEEEEEE if i could get the tether app for free! (not in a bad way)


I would love to win a copy of tether


I would love a free copy of tether.

I used to enjoy tethering back in the days of hacking my Moto E815 and RAZR. Got me out of a jam quite a few times.

Now I can do mostly what I need to directly on my BB, but there are times when I miss having the capability.

I keep saying I'm going to pull the trigger and just buy tether, but something always holds me back. winning this contest would be great for me and my very thin wallet. :)


Very useful app, would be great to win a copy


Tether me.

You know that it is my birthday.


I would love a copy of tether.

Cheers CB!


I want tether badly but haven't been able to justify paying for it yet. Thanks Crackberry!


The pooh!! :p

I want this app.


Being able to tether my 9700 would be super useful...pick me please!


Free is the right price for tether.


Put me in for the Tether drawing


Oh do I need some tether, oh do I need it. So much travel so little internet


This would really make my week (month)... TETHER!!!


I wanna win. Pick me please


pick me pick me plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I would really appreciate this Crackberry!


I hope I win Tether, I definitely have times when I need my laptop connected but I don't want to pay a montly bill when i don't need it.


I promise not to write poetic love letters to you guys.


Tether would be awesome to have when traveling. Pick me!


Would b super awesome to win


I love free stuff. Woot Woot


Oh. Please please let me win Tether. Pretty please. I love this program & I have a use for it every single day of work. I would love win this & spread the word for ya.

Thanks a lot


Id love a copy of Tether!


I want a copy! Over here! Pick me! Pick me!


Hook me up with a copy! nice


I sooooo want this!! Pick Me!!


Would love to win the app!


This sounds like it should be named app of the year.


I went on vacation and was in my hotel room and this was a 180$ a night hotel so nothing cheap in my book. This hotel had everything happy hours, pool jacuzzi, breakfast, room service all included. BUT NO WIFI!!! I could have died, i had to tweet about how bad my vacation was without internet, if only i would have had Tether my vacation would have been complete.


I would like to get in the drawing.


Would love to have this app. Pick Me!



I could really use the teather app. Someone hook me up please!!! Good luck to you all!


I would love a tether :) i live on my BB i dont have cable, imternet or a home phone. all to exspensive :( so being able to use my computer for other than solitaire would be amazing! hook me up with the free tether! PLEASE!!


Woot! More contests!


Tether would be cool!


I would love to grab a copy of Tether!


Wow, if I would win Tether I would be eternally grateful CrackBerry!


Nice program for surfing...thanks for the chance to win!


me please, i really could use this. Thanks!


Ping me more time PING!!!


I could use some tether


Ping me more time PING!!!


I have been looking at tether for a long time but can't explain $50 for the amount i would use it for


Too much going on to be without access anywhere. Airports, work, school, anywhere. Tether is it!


Hope to win a copy of tether


i travel alot and would love to win this app thank you


Tether would rock my world. Here's hoping I get picked ad a winner!


please....this would be awesome


I hope I am not too late.

Please consider me.



i want in on this too!


I'd like to win a copy of Tether!!!
That sounds like an awesome app!!!!


Wow!! Would love to be able to use this with my Bold.


Non mi ricordo se mi ero già inscritto


I love my Tether and want to win one for my husband, who is tetherless.


I love CrackBerry and would LOVE to be the winner of Tether for BlackBerry!



And My Laptop too..!!! :P
Tether... I love You!!


This is The most useful app that ever existed for bb !!!
i cant beleive how helpful it would be !! :D


And Thats Deffinetly the definitely be worth my first win :)
anyways !... Crackberry is still the best website on the web !!!
i dont know what to do without it :P


I would absolutely love a copy of tether!!!!!


Does anyone know if tether performs faster than a standard air card? Some folks near where we live have to use air cards because they cant get internet access. I have heard the air card is terribly expensive.


Please allow me the pleasure of using the tether with my laptop. Great program.


Wow. Hope I win this... One time baby!


Come on Crackberry, tether me.


I love technology. Having internet available anywhere I am would be a wonderful thing.

This is one of those apps I've been waiting for. Even if I don't win it, I am really tempted to go out and buy it.


Would love a copy of tether. Thanks for the great contest!


I would love to try tether


I really need this great app, hope to have luck this time. Thanks CrackBerry for the contest.


Now here's one worth winning!


Tether would indeed be nice for my BlackBerry : )


I would love if CB & Tether can untether me from ATT and hugely monthly internet cost. Am student need break from IT


Please throw my name in da hat!!! Good luck everyone...


I need one ... no wireless in my office :(


I would do ANYTHINg for this app!


Please Please tether meee !!


Hope I'm not too late could really use this


I could really use this! Being able to tether my mac wherever I go is crucial


i have never used tethering. My gurl and I are both trying to save and we need a low internet price of us because we are trying to expand our careers by working full-time and taking classes to become more marketable.


i would LOVE to win a copy of Tether!!!


I Want Tether, for free. Please.