BlackBerry App Roundup for May 2, 2014

A weekly look at new, exciting, and cool apps to try
By Alicia Erlich on 2 May 2014 10:16 am EDT

Howdy CrackBerry readers. Today is Friday and that can only mean one thing, that it is time once again for the weekly App Roundup where I rustle up some interesting, fun, and useful applications and games for you to try. Also, big news this week as Smartwatch Fans is now officially Connectedly and to celebrate they are holding their first community contest which you should definitely enter. Be sure to check out this week's picks by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for May 2, 2014


Hey man, can you answer this question about that app? Can you have it so when your phone is on "normal" sound profile, it'll play the sound and vibrate while in the holster but only play the sound without vibrate while out of the holster? And when in "vibrate" sound profile it'll only vibrate in and out of holster? Thanks.

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Reading the description and looking at the screenshots it appears what I'm looking for isn't possible. Just switches between the normal set profiles...

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CB reviewed my app !!! OMG !!!
Thanks a lot Alicia, and I do have many improvements coming down the line :)

It's a shame you need to pay for 5 of these and 1 only is free. It's not Blackberry's fault but come on - that's probably the biggest difference with the app world/play store imho, the fact that you need to purchase every other app on Blackberry world.

What you can't afford 99cent? If you want free apps then get yourself an Android phone and go crazy with the Play store. I hate reading this everyday why apps aren't free on BB.

Everyone wants something for free, but they don't consider the effort developers go through to bring worth downloading apps to the BlackBerry World.

.99C is nothing, and developers don't even see most of that money.

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If to try 10 apps without even knowing if they're good, I need to pay 10 bucks, then no, I cannot afford 99 cents. Whether you hate reading it or not it is still a major reason to why the BB world is considered so poor.
Dylan, I'm a developer so I know what it's like (roughly) - but still, compare with the amount of free apps on the other 2 worlds. Why not even a trial period? And wouldn't developers get a way huger amount of downloads if they made it free, sponsored only by ads?
Don't get me wrong, I'm a die hard BB fan. But I do think so many paying apps is harmful for the company's popularity.

As a developer, you too should know that you can't spend strenuous hours on developing to get nothing in return. It's a business, not a charity. There are plenty of free apps and games, I think you're complaints are a little exaggerated, and not very invested in fact.

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The sentiment expressed in the above comments ignore the fact (as usual) that the consumer's perceived value of the app is not necessarily driven by the effort and time expended by the developer.  It's more likely driven by the perceived or actual usefulness, necessity, and/or enjoyment of the app. There may be one or two, but for the most part I wouldn't consider apps to be worth 5X's their current price if the Dev had spent 5X's the time and effort - for whatever reason. Ultimately everyone determines the value for themselves. Most importantly ChrisLeNeve was expressing his opinion, which is no less valid than yours. 

Btw, "it's a business not a charity" works both ways. With all due respect to developers, that you built it does not mean it's worth buying. IMHO

I'd like to put forth my views as well.
As a developer, even we'd love to give out everything for free. It helps us get more installs/ratings that way as well. But it's not always profitable that way!

For games, we still have an option for putting in Ads and InApp (which only users who like the game will buy, no force involved), but for Apps it's not always that easy.

Devs need to survive as well while supporting the platform they love, so it's only right the users support them back.

What I want my apps to be "free of" is advertising, spamming, privacy invasion, security flaws, bugs, and miscellaneous support hassles.

Since I don't live in Sub-Saharan Africa or Bangladesh, $1 USD is trivial to me, and 5x$1 USD is also trivial to me. I don't think the world owes me things either.

Yes, Google Play has more free apps than BlackBerry World. It also has 1000 times more malware, 60% or more of its apps have NEVER been downloaded even once, and a huge amount of junk.

If people want "more free junk", then they are on the wrong platform and I wish them luck with their new Android device.

In the meantime I like to reward quality developers with some remuneration for the fruits of their labors, especially when they are directing their labors to this "unloved fringe platform that doesn't have enough 'free stuph' for some people".

As a developer, I choose to spend hundreds of hours making non-cookie-cutter apps that I believe are useful and unique. I then choose to charge or not to charge. (E.g. some I make free and open source.) As a user you choose to purchase or not to purchase. I don't complain much on forums about the huge effort it takes to make the apps, the late nights I spent working around obscure issues so users can have a nice app. But it seems like you are choosing to complain about the few dollars an app may cost. Do you believe that's fair?

How is the sound quality of musalizer compared to neutron? It has a lot of playlist features I am looking for but I love the sound quality of neutron...

Also, the holster profiles, can you set it so that it maintains your profile but only changes whether or not it vibrates while in normal profile? Meaning:

Sound profile set to normal:
Out of holster it audio notification sounds.
In holster it vibrates and audio notification sounds.

Sound profile set to vibrate only:
Out of holster vibrates only.
In holster vibrates only.

Is that specific combination possible with that app? Can someone who already has it please check? Thanks. :-)

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On another note - Alicia it would be great if the content of your app reviews would become the standard, including discussion of the permissions, and your opinion on the pros and cons of the app.

Thank you so very much for choosing to mention our app Krungie Player for audiobooks and podcasts. While I also am a big user of Audible, I found there were no really good native BB10 apps for sideloaded audiobooks, so chose to make one using Cascades. Now I can finally catch up on some good reads from Librivox, including Frankenstein which I've somehow managed to not read yet. I find using my BlackBerry to listen to audiobooks and podcasts is one of the ways I can be more productive by reclaiming lost time (typically while commuting, but sometimes just to relax). I hope you enjoy it too.

Alicia I would love to see an article about your top 20 apps (productivity apps) that you have on your phone.

I always enjoy learning about apps that I haven't found! Thanks!

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All Crackberry staff work is BRILLIANT!!! Thanks for what you are doing for all BlackBerry Community!

My respect!

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Works on both. It doesn't matter which. It will also work if you put a strong magnetic on the back of the BlackBerry.

Personally I don't get the obsession for apps. Just silly toys in my opinion. Rather have a phone that is a business tool. Keeping me efficient.

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Who know how to fix download failed because resources not found..trying to Install respawnable...please help..using snap

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