BlackBerry App Roundup for May 14th, 2010; 25 Copies of HedoneDesign's Chryom Theme to be Won!

The BlackBerry App Roundup
By James Falconer on 14 May 2010 01:08 am EDT

Happy May to all! As per usual, I hope you're all having a great month. I've got a lot of great stuff this week in the roundup, including our weekly giveaway and an app that will show you how to fold napkins all fancy-like... you know, like you see in expensive restaurants. I know you've all been waiting for this! :) Covered this week in the BlackBerry App Roundup are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Chryom BlackBerry Theme

Freebies of the Week: Hertz Rent-A-Car, Don't Be Bored!, SmartBBattery

In Case You Missed It: CrackBerry's Free OTA BlackBerry Apps Page, Fancy Characters Updated to Version 3.3, Allstate Mobile for BlackBerry

New This Week: Pushups, Napkin Master, Snaptu

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Yahtzee Adventures

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:

Chryom BlackBerry Theme

Chryom Theme

Compatible with the 8900, 9000, 9500, 9600 and 9700 series, the Chryom theme from HedoneDesign is one of the hottest themes to hit the scene in some time. The theme is based around a circular dial selector of sorts. It sets on a leather backing, and makes it easy for you to grab your latest emails, check your calendar, make phone calls, and much more. You can customize the icons found in your dial, and much more. This one is premium custom theme-making at its best... So be sure to answer the question below for your chance to win a free copy.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 25 free copies of the Chryom Theme, answer the following question in the comments:

How often do you change your BlackBerry Theme?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

Hertz Rent-a-Car

Hertz Rent-a-Car App for BlackBerry

Book your reservation in seconds; find the closest location with addresses, phone numbers and driving directions all on your BlackBerry! If you travel a lot, why not save your favorite locations for future reservations on your BlackBerry? This app is really a must have for frequent travelers and anyone that is visiting a new city. Future enhancements are already planned and will be available shortly. They include multi language capabilities, editing of your current reservations and WiFi support. This app is supported on all devices, in all countries and by all carriers!  The app on the BlackBerry Storm is not yet touch screen ready, however all of the other benefits are available on these devices.

Get a copy of Hertz Rent-a-Car in App World >

Don't Be Bored!

Don't be Bored!

With over 1000 funny pictures and over 1500 jokes to enjoy, we know you will get many hours of pleasure from the Don’t Be Bored app. Download it today! It works on OS 4.2 and up with a color BlackBerry screen on both Non-Touch and Touch screens with OS 4.7 and 5.0. You can also find the best daily links from such popular sites such as digg, reddit, delicious and fark. Share with your buddies, colleagues and friends. Everyone will enjoy the Don’t Be Bored app...

Don’t Be Bored can be downloaded here >



SmartBBattery runs on your home screen providing the battery charge status as a percent of the total charge. With auto updates, the display will use icons to show battery status in color. Green for battery status of more than 80%; yellow for battery status of 20% to 80%; and red for battery status of less than 20%. You can have this app auto start or optionally start it manually. It is very easy to use and lets you keep track of your battery status easily. Charge your battery at the right time with SmartBBattery!

Keep track of your battery with SmartBBattery, download it now.

In Case You Missed It:

CrackBerry's Free OTA BlackBerry Apps Page

Free BlackBerry Apps

This is a different style 'snippet' for the roundup. Instead of telling you about new cool apps, we're asking for our readers to send us an email about new, neat and cool apps that you have not seen on our BlackBerry Apps Page. Send an email to wap AT with the subject “OTA App Directory Submission” to tell us about new apps that readers may be interested in. You can also tell us about apps that should be removed or links that are broken. This is a great way to help keep our site useful and up to date for all of our readers.

Suggest your free BlackBerry app today >

Fancy Characters Updated to Version 3.3

Fancy Characters

The latest version of Fancy Characters is out with more characters, more symbols, better organized, a refreshed user interface, fixed country flags and a simplified activation model. This is a great app to add symbols to your emails, PIN, IM, BBM and even SMS messages. You can even control buttons color and menu position with this latest version. Liven up your messages with Fancy Characters in all of your social networking messaging. Impress your friends with the latest characters and be the first with the newest and fanciest characters.

The latest update of more Fancy Characters can be found here >

Allstate Mobile for BlackBerry

Allstate Mobile for BlackBerry

We all know 'You're in good hands' with Allstate. They've told us that for years. Now, they've taken things to the next level by putting the power of personal account management in the palm of YOUR very own hands! With the new Allstate Mobile app for BlackBerry, you can access account info, look up policy details, read claim information and much more. If you're an Allstate client, you may want to give this a look. Very handy.

You can check out Allstate Mobile in App World >

New This Week


Pushups for BlackBerry

We all need help to motivate us to work out and keeping track of our progress is a great way to be motivated. Use this new app called Pushups to create a six week training program and to track your progress. Once you have entered an initial number, Pushups will set targets over the following six weeks to challenge you and increase your strength and endurance. With a combination of discipline, a log book and graphs Pushups will help motivate you to increase your strength and over all well being. Pushups works on non touch OS 4.5 and up and on touch OS 4.7 BlackBerry systems.

Get Pushups in our store >

Napkin Master

Napkin Master

Looking for ideas on how to fold napkins and impress your guests? A well folded, decorative napkin can really make your table stand out and be the talk of the evening. Large square napkins larger than 12 inches provide the best effect. Although some of the thinner smaller napkins are great for some of the smaller arrangements. With lots of designs you will never run out of designs to try and surprise your guests. Napkin Master works on BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher on both touch and non-touch devices. Decorate and dazzle your guests with Napkin Master. Click here.


Snaptu for BlackBerry

Now you can combine all of your social networking tools with key information to make your social networking online activity a breeze. Snaptu is a suite of social networking and lifestyle services. Snaptu includes such popular sites as Twitter, Flickr, News, Sports, Sudoku, Facebook, Picasa, Accuweather and Movies. Fully featured, this app is very fast and responsive and a must have for those active networking types who are looking for a fast way to keep up with their friends. It works on OS 4.2 and higher on Touch and non Touch screens 4.7 and 5.0.

Download Snaptu from our store >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Yahtzee Adventures

Yahtzee Adventures for BlackBerry

Now you can have one of the most classic games of all time on your BlackBerry! Working on all devices, on all carriers in Canada, Japan and the United States, you can play against yourself, your friends or challenge people around the world. Roll the dice and score Yahtzee before your opponent. Play the classic version or one of the other varieties such as Duplicate, Rainbow and Battle modes. You can even play Yahtzee in a single player version for practice. With automatic score keeping and easy controls, you and your friends will enjoy many hours playing Yahtzee.

Get your copy of Yahtzee Adventures today!

Until Next Week..

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App Roundup for May 14th, 2010; 25 Copies of HedoneDesign's Chryom Theme to be Won!



I would say probably once a month. I'm really into my poker and love the 'PokerKing' theme, however, if I could bag this theme: definite takeover! Love it!

If I find a good theme, it may last several months. Decent themes last about a week. The chryom theme looks awesome! Hope I win

almost once every two weeks I mix it up. Usually switching to my free copy of the Statue of Liberty theme--a timeless classic.

If I had Chryom though...

Honestly it drives me nuts that there isn't more themes for the 8350i. I change my theme every chance I get... my "ADDness" doesn't allow me to stay with one specific theme lol.

i change my theme every week just because they seem to get boring and not be as interesting as it looks. as of right now i have the gucci theme and this theme that is being offered right now is the hottest one ever that ive been trying to grab and keep for good not change again.

I always think I find a good one until I come across a better one. I would probably put it to about a new one every month unless its one I really do like then maybe 2 months.

i change my themes once in a month.. but the fact is i come back to the default theme.

But this theme looks damn impressive. loving it.. already heard about this theme from a couple of my friends. Hoping to win this theme :)

Sorry I forgot to answer the question. I change my theme monthly. I hope I didn't kill my chance for it by the second post ;/ if so, goodluck to everyone else.

I always switch my themes around, since the two to three weeks I had my new 9700, I've changed at least five or six themes.. Hope to win this theme! (:

i change my theme atleast twice a week. The longest theme i kept was bedroid. i had it for about 3 months. i took off because i didnt like the update they did to it. im on a custom theme i made. It has a landscape home screen, which for me, is awesome.

..almost every 2days. But always between a new theme and the  Precision Zen hahah. I always go back to the Precision Zen.

It depends, but when I approach a theme like Chyrom I doubt it would change at all. Very slick and sharp. Good work. I want to see it in action.

I change themes often, sometimes every second day, mostly swapping between my favs. I don't have this one in my collection ;)

the last time i changed my theme was when cracyberry came out with the one for 9700.
6 months on avg i wud say, infact longer.

I used to change my theme weekly if not more often. That is until I read in the forums about Reverie a month or so ago, and I absolutely love it, I've tried changing a few times since but always wind up going back. It'd be cool to try a new premium theme, maybe something will be able to break the spell Reverie put on me :)

I change my themes once or twice a looking forward to that cool theme which i can keep on for months...Hedone rocks!!!

i change my theme whenever i come across a good one.. well.. like this one.. love to try it out.. looks good!! pick me!!

i change themes whenever i get bored or find a new one that i like. generally once or twice a month

I only changed my themes once in a while. After I luckily found a great theme, I will keep using it until something good pop up, ussually between 1-2months. So I really look forward to hedone's chryom. It looks great and promising, especially when it comes from hedone, I have this great expectation that it will blow all the other themes. ‎​​‎​†нªηк's guys.

i only change themes when there is a theme available that both looks good and works seemlessly such as themes from HedoneDesigns, this one looks goooood!!!!

I don't hardly ever change my theme. I've had a BB for 3 years and have only had 4 themes. I would really like a copy of this one!

I have owned two blackberries and have had only two costume themes, I don't like paying for them and I don't like moving my icons to where I like them. But this theme looks promising

I can change my theme multiple times a week, but when I find one that I really like I've been known to stick with it for a couple months. I hope Chryom will be one to stick with!

I usually stick to my 2 favs. However, I truly love this theme! Looks super classy. Definitely art-sy and chic. Great job on this theme! Loved to win it. Thanks ♥ =)

Usually I play around with them every month or so but I stick to one or two I can rely on. Chryom looks intriguing though!

i've only had my 9700 for about 3 days now, so i haven't changed the theme yet. but if i had a nice one like that^^ to switch it to, i definitely would =)

because it's so rare to find a decent quality one. Hedone themes are definitely the highest quality I've found :)

For my 8530 HedoneDesign is the ONLY theme I will load....Chryom is the only theme I dont have...would love a copy

Upside down and inside out, this chryom theme's what it's all about!! Forget hello kitty, this theme is all style... If I got this theme it would be my 4th change in the 4 weeks I've my 8900. A theme should match your mood.. And your shoes!

...mainly just to keep things visually interesting. I have a few different themes, but most are wallpaper friendly. Chyrom would be an interesting one to try since the navigation IS the visually interesting part of the theme. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

i dont usually change my theme im already contented with the precision theme coz its really tight and snappy!but if u give me the chyrom theme for free am happy to use that and its a privilidge for me to have that one!more power crackberry!

it's my 1st BB, and i've literally been changing themes about once a day. i initially looked for themes with the most user defined dock icons, but i just bought quicklaunch (which really is awesome) so i've been using more minimalistic themes recently.

I like to rotate them at least once a week, but I always come back to a favoite. This one looks HOT and I'm sure I will rock it alot!

i have a hard time changing themes sometimes where i like the icons i'm viewing but sometimes I get annoyed really fast like when I had the appleberry theme which i love but with the weather slot on the left it kept irking me when i'd click it was always to the weather so i swapped to another one but when i see one i like i immediately swap and give it a go for a few weeks.

Cool, the hertz app I mentioned via email got in the app roundup this week. As far as a theme, I would like to win one. I got the CB theme for a while now and nothing wrong with changing up now and then.

I saw this theme and thought it was great. I don't change my theme very often. And I'm a bit of a cheapskate so I don't like to pay for themes :) This would be perfect for me.

I change my theme once or twice every two weeks. I try and give each theme some time to fully explore it and see what the theme maker's thought process was in making the theme. This Chryom theme looks sexy!

I change my theme as often as a couple times a week. Altho if I really like a theme it could be a couple weeks to a month until I change again

Constantly changing my theme when a new one comes, expecially to just try it out. But still rocking Natez Pro V4!

I usually switch between themes either 1 or 2 times a day. I like looking for new themes and trying them out! Currently own about 8 and switch between them a lot. This one looks really cool and I want one!! Please! :)

Couse I have my 9700 Bold only one week, I have four thems in this moment. :)). So I'll be greatfull to have this one for free, couse I'm bored to change only this four.

Sallut from 5hine Macedonia !!!

I used to change my theme about once every 6 weeks. Just recently I found a theme I havent gotten tired of and have had it for 6 months. But this awsome CHRYOM Theme is changing my mind !!!

I change my theme all the time. I'm constantly looking for a theme that fits me... but i'm constantly let down.

I change my theme for what I happen to be wearing that day. Blue tie with a blue blazer puts my London background on. Green tie with blue blazer puts my droid theme on. I love to coordinate EVERYTHING in my life, and themes help me do just that.

Several times a week, and sometimes more depending on how much of a battery and memory hog the theme is.

I would love to win.

I rarely change my theme, it's so hard to find a good theme that works great with everything. The market is flooded with subpar, mediocre themes that once I find one I stick with it for quite awhile.

at least once a day. I look for themes in the sections and if there's a new one I like, I install and try it. When I do find one though, I stick with it longer.

....but I found the theme I use all of the time now. I have ended up deleting the themes I purchased and now use a frre one I found for my 9550. I do like the Chryom them and would love to see it.

I hardly ever use anything but one of the included themes. So many of them are buggy and a few have screwed up my berry to the point I had to reinstall the OS. But I'm always willing to try new, free themes!!

I change my theme probably once every month or so. I would change more often if I did not have to reset up all my stuff after every change.

Thanks for the chance.


I never change my theme,can't find one worth the hassle,but I sure as hell would for this one. A work of art!

It depends on how much I like the theme and how often I find a new theme that I like. Sometimes I'll keep a theme going for almost a month, sometimes I'll change two or three times in a week!

I dig the new Chryom theme..I try to change once a week or at least the background. it gets changed when I feel sometimes every mon night...I already sent 6 BB users to CB to check out the new one ..I'll surely load it and show it off....Thanks...

I change themes on average twice a week. But this one is so classy I may not need to change at all!! Hope I win it.

I change my theme at least once a week, but always default back to the one I made. Would like to see Hedone Designs change that for me!

i've got three cool themes that i usually switch between every 2-3 weeks, but this theme looks awesome and would definitely be the favorite!

I went ahead and bought this one. It's really clean looking and I haven't put a theme on my 9700. Last theme I had was CB2 on my 8330 and OSU Cowboys before that.

I probably change it once a month. It always depends on how bored I get, and what's available.

The best feature of any theme imo is displaying calendar events. I like being able to see what upcoming meetings and tasks I have lined up ahead.

Having a spot for your weather program is pretty good too.

I change my theme every week or so. I like to switch it up. It's not always a completely new one, but I often do like to get some new ones too, free or not. Obviously, I'm more likely to switch it up to a free one, because it's free and if I don't like it, it's just gone. But I do like to buy a new one almost once a month, because they're better themes in general that way. This looks like one of those such themes, a good one that would stay in rotation and get switched in again and again over time.

I change my theme every two weeks.Great theme and good job. Don't think I will be changing anytime soon if I get this one.

I typically change my theme a couple times a week. I have 12 non-stock themes that I have on my phone that I just cycle between.

I do love this theme and I'd be more inclined to keep from changing so often.

Once I get a theme I like and has the info I want on the screen, I seldom change it (may a holiday one now and then). Wallpaper changes more often. I just got my 9700 so the search for the right theme is ongoing now.

...but with cooler wallpaper. If themes had trial periods, I would likely buy more, but I've been burned by themes that don't quite work right (I'm looking at you, Hedone, with your non-existent e-mail technical support).

But I will swap to something new if it looks cool...try it out and change back if multiple times a year..but no real number...

I don't change mine often unless there is one that i really think would fit my personality (AKA im jus picky) 2 or 3 times a week max.

I switch every couple of weeks. I love changing up my blackberry to keep it fresh. Right now I'm using BerrySense. This giveaway one looks awesome though! and Ive been getting tired of my current theme!

a day!

yes a day!

i have so many awesome ones that i like that i change it all the time!

i have HDD faon and explict but dont use them as they arent as good as the screenshots suggest! tho this one does look hot!

Until I find one I really like. But then I may change the wallpaper behind the theme weekly. Keeps your berry feeling like new again!

I change my theme every couple of months, unless I see a particularly interesting free one or a novel one like this. Would love a free copy.

At first I changed it a lot, before settling on 3GTour as my main one. I still change themes occasionally.

Chryom looks pretty neat though!!

change my themes, but i do change my background once every few weeks depending on if i snapped anything interesting.

I;ve read so many good things about Hedone designs and their themes and this one looks great...would love to have it on my storm 2...PLLLEEEAASSSEE :)

I change my app quite frequently because I think it kind of makes it seem like you have a brand new least until you find a theme that fits you personality just right.

like the needs of the person using the phone! I for instant some times change several themes a day, and sometimes 1-2 a month... Well, this one sure has some interesting perspective to offer...

I test different themes about once a week, but I find that stick to the same 2-3. I'll switch between those weekly. This one looks awesome. I'd love to try it.

I change my BB theme very often, like 2-3 times a week, as I easily get bored.

I'm always looking for new BB themes :)

Probably about 3-4 times a year. I'm very picky about my themes and spend a lot of time getting them customized just right.

Great looking theme.
I would love it.

I change as often as I find something cool.
I'm a big Today user!

I've only changed it once and that was a the free one you gave away the other day that had when you hit the space bar the "hot bar" shows up. but this looks very nice and if you can chose the icons its perfect cuz im very big on put my own 5 in

Love to win. I have not changed my themes because my 3 "non-bricked OS4.7" do not have and have not downloaded because I am waiting for #3 to brick!! It actually has 5.0!

Imade my own so the only time I do change it is to see what a new one looks like on my phone. Plenty of great themes out there but of course I like mine the best. You can download mine by going to hope posting my site address is not against policy.

I change me theme every day or every 2 days. I keep multiple themes on my BB and change them frequently, and am always on the lookout for a new theme. :-)

come to meeeee :D
i change my theme very rare. i stick with the one that suites my needs.

I have changed it once because I have just returned to using a Blackberry after about 3 yrs and boy I did not know how bad I missed it until I came back from the iPhone. So I have purchased one theme and if I could win this theme I could change themes at least once a week. Back and forth. between the two I would have besides the standard ones that came with the phone, and one of those I would not ever use.

I change between my favorite 3 themes every other day...
This Chryom BlackBerry Theme looks awesome and would like to win it

I only download a theme when I am thoroughly impressed with it. I got my bold about a month back and have changed themes only three times, with the current one being my fav yet.

Would love to use Chryom by buying it but I don't have a credit card or a pay pal account. :(

I really only update when a new version of my OS comes out. Then I wipe, re-activate, and hunt through the forums and look at the newest updated, and try a few out. I pick the one I like, and it sticks for about 2-3 months until a new 9700 OS comes out.

I changed my theme once a month for sure. Depending on how cool the themes are when they come out, I will buy it. Pick me please

I have changed my theme on my Tour once. Previous phones i used to change every month or so, but I kinda like this theme.

How often do you change your BlackBerry Theme?

As soon as I find one I like better than my current one...if i win, this will be number 5

How often do I change my theme? How about everyday. I am a theme-aholic. Would love to have this one. Thanks for your consideration.

I usually change the themes on my bb quite often because I get bored easily =/ but I've been wanting to try HEDONE design from the good reviews I heard and Chyrom definitely looks unique and stylish! :)

I change my bb bold theme every once in a while. when i feel like it, when it's appropriate for the occasion and when i find a new theme that i find cool and would make my blackberry smile like the chryom. :-)

I change whenever the whim strikes, I currently got HD Rollin, and I love it sooo much that I haven't changed since installing that theme

I rarely change my theme, but if something catches my eye I'll try it out...And this theme caught my eye and I'd love to try it out. Looks interesting.