BlackBerry App Roundup for March 6th, 2009!

The BlackBerry App Roundup
By James Falconer on 6 Mar 2009 03:58 am EST

Anyone else out there pumped about the 9630 Niagara? She sure looks like a nice meld of the best between the Curve and Bold series. Until the Niagara hits the market, we'll have to make due with apps for existing Berry devices. Covered this week are the following titles:

New BlackBerry Apps: Massage Therapy for BlackBerry, Fashion Mogul, Girls Night Out Solitaire, MissingLight, MagicBerry, Berry Locator, EasyTip

Free BlackBerry Apps: schizoTone, Pocket Express

Cool Stuff: NuckChorris, StormFu

New BlackBerry Software

Massage Therapy for BlackBerryMassage Therapy for BlackBerry

When I first noticed this one I had to have a little chuckle... But hey, it is what it is, a personal massager! With this app you can choose from 12 types of massages ranging from soft to very hard/intensive. Try it out to see how powerful your BlackBerry's vibrate function really is... it's like having your own handheld massage unit... Great for those stressful days at the office!

Pick up Massage Therapy for BlackBerry for $2.95 at >

Fashion Mogul for BlackBerryFashion Mogul

A new game to our store, Fashion Mogul lets you design your own fashion boutique. Design the space, dress the window, set your stock and do all you can to boost your sales! The money you make can be used to expand your business to new stores... Until you reach 'legend' status. Lots of fun for those that are into the whole fashion thing... 3 mini-game missions are also included with this app to ensure you'll never get bored!

Get Fashion Mogul for $9.99 at >

Note: This game is compatible with the Pearl, Pearl Flip, Curve, 88xx and 87xx series only.

Girls Night Out Solitaire for BlackBerryGirls Night Out Solitaire

Another one for the ladies, this solitaire offering from Concrete Software features easy gameplay and upbeat/colorful graphics. You can even interact with 'virtual girlfriend' characters that make the gameplay more enjoyable. You can customize the cards in the game, practice in an easy mode, or move on to the tougher challenge mode.

Try Girls Night Out Solitaire for $5.99 at >

Missing Light for BlackBerryMissingLight

MissingLight is a small app that will turn on your Berry's status LED if you miss a call. The LED will stop blinking once you've viewed your local phone log. If you've ever wanted to have the LED blink for you when you miss a call, this app is your patch/answer. After you install, the app may ask for permission for phone log access, so make sure to grant it access for things to run as they should. BlackBerry Storm users have reported that the LED light goes on, but does not blink... Please do leave your comments on this one, as results have been mixed.

Pick up MissingLight for $2.95 at >

Magic Berry for BlackBerryMagicBerry

You guessed it, MagicBerry is a 'Magic 8-Ball' app for your BlackBerry Storm. Shake your Storm to get answers to all of your important questions. After you shake, bubbles appear on screen and then the 'answer octagon' appears gradually on the screen. Good clean fun here. If you've ever owned a Magic 8-Ball in the past, you'll surely get a kick out of this one.

Get MagicBerry for $3.00 at >

Berry Locator for BlackBerryBerry Locator

No matter where your Berry is, under the couch, in the car, or just plain lost... Berry Locator will help you locate and recover your BlackBerry. To use, all you need to do is send an email to your BlackBerry with a custom phrase in the subject line. When the message is received, your Berry will make as much noise as possible, even if it's in silent. If you aren't around to find it (if it's lost), Berry Locator displays the body of your message on the screen so that you can send a message with contact information. To make things even better, if your Berry has GPS, Berry Locator will email you a map showing where your device is located. Excellent stuff.

Try Berry Locator for $6.95 at >

EasyTip for BlackBerryEasyTip

New from Adorno comes EasyTip, 'the best restaurant tip and tax calculator'. Use it to calculate tips and tax for your table, or per person. This one is straightforward and very easy to use. It should function nicely on most BlackBerry devices, and there's even a separate Storm edition for use on OS 4.7.

Pick up EasyTip for $4.99 at >

Note: A free trial is also available.

Free BlackBerry Apps

schizoTone for BlackBerryschizoTone

Available for the BlackBerry Storm only, this new freebie apparently generates tones and colors based on accelerometer data. I haven't had a chance to try this one out, so all of the Storm users out there be sure to leave your comments to let me know if this is any good or not. I'm not too optimistic based on the preview image supplied :P It's a freebie, so you might as well give it a go!

Pick up schizoTone for FREE at >

Pocket Express for BlackBerryPocket Express

Compatible with most BlackBerry devices, Pocket Express is a simple and free app that offers you accurate and up-to-date news, sports, weather, travel info and more... Plus inside you'll find a wide range of games, apps and ringtones. Think of Pocket Express as an app that aggregates all of the best and most important info on the web into one handy app. Available for all Berry's running OS 4.1 through 4.7 for the Storm, you can pick up and try Pocket Express for free.

Get Pocket Express for FREE at >

Cool Stuff

NuckChorris for BlackBerryNuckChorris

Are you a Chuck Norris Fan? Or maybe you simply get a kick out of those 'Random Chuck Norris Facts' that have been floating around the net for some time now? If either of those are the case for you, you're going to love 'NuckChorris' from Phrehnck. Compatible with both the Storm, Curve, Pearl, Bold and WE devices, NuckChorris is a hilarious app full of more than 600 facts about the one and only Chuck Norris. Enjoy a good laugh with this random fact generator... Hilarious stuff.

'It takes Nuck Chorris 20 minutes to watch 60 minutes'...

Pick up NuckChorris for $3.00 at >

StormFu for BlackBerryStormFu

One last app from Phrehnck here today. This one is for the BlackBerry Storm only... StormFu is a KungFu/Fight app that makes 'hit' sounds when you swing and punch with your Storm in-hand. Also, clicking the screen will generate a random quote from the one and only Bruce Lee. I'll classify this one as 'fun'... should be a good stress reliever or if nothing else fun to use at that next party of social function.

Get StormFu for $3.00 at >

Until Next Week..

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App Roundup for March 6th, 2009!


I downloaded this app the other day and have found it be be quite fun. When I say fun I mean, finding the highest pitched tone, pressing the locked button, which locks the tone, then hiding your Storm in your cube at work before going to lunch. Oh, this also works at home on cats and dogs if you have them.

schizoTone has been out for quite a few months. I love it. It's just ridiculously useless and fun at the same time. Every time I show it to friends, my son flips out because it's something that is only available for the Storm. There is nothing like it for his iPod Touch.

And StormFu is the best app ever! Phrehnck hit it out of the park with this one. I love to swing my Storm around like I am in a Kung Fu movie and then mouthing the words like I am in a badly dubbed Kung Fu movie when I press the screen. Priceless!

What version of the Storm OS do you need to run StormFu. I have and some 3rd party apps will not play sound through the speaker.

I have the same OS as you and StormFu worked just fine with it. I took a chance, but the item description just said a min. version of 4.7 was required.

All of my apps can play sound in .75, including stormFu. This has been tested and proven during the open beta for all of my apps.

i cant get mine to shut up. lol i tried all the buttons it closed down but the noise kept going. finally had to do a battery pull.

Press Back to shutdown.

If you accidentally press end or switch to another task, just go back into the app and press back.

is my new favorite app. i place my phone places but cant find it cause its on vibrate, so I'm walking around listening for the rrrrrrr sound. Works perfectly! well minus the fact storm cant send gps. (or at least mine can't)

I downloaded pocket express and went to set it up and it asked for a postal/zip code. Im with Telus and it wont let me put my postal code in. It wont let me change to letters on my storm. Does anyone else know how to get it to work???

You missed Wonderful Remote, its a complete TiVo remote for the BB that even allows direct text entry. Check it out over at:
There is a short video demonstrating the app there & you can try it for free for 48 hours.

PS - Do you only include apps from the crackberry store in the roundup? Will this change when BlackBerry App World opens?

PPS - feel free to follow @WonderfulRemote on Twitter for updates on this app.