BlackBerry App Roundup for June 6, 2014

A weekly look at new, exciting, and cool apps to try
By Alicia Erlich on 6 Jun 2014 08:37 am EDT

Howdy CrackBerry readers. The first of week of #MobileFit Month is coming to a close and already our sites and forums are buzzing with helpful posts, workouts, food choices, and, of course, the FitBit Challenge! How did I start my fitness routine? By ditching my MetroCard and walking to and from work without relying on the subway.

Now back to the fun stuff and checking out all of the picks I have for you this week by clicking through the gallery below. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for June 6, 2014


I bought your app and I miss "purchase price" when selling an item. Do you consider adding it at some point? Its hard to remember the prices u paid for them :)

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Hmm...let me think on how to implement that. Maybe I can show a rolling average purchase price.

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Good morning Quick..first, let me say hello to everyone :)

OS - Z10 Bell - My FIRST full touch screen phone.

When I view the article on my Q 10 it's one page, when I view it on my computer it's multiple pages (very annoying).

Secure AntiVirus Pro needs to go headless soon, but has greatly improved since the last update about a week ago.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

Thanks! The headless update is looking awesome, it is coming! We are taking the time to get it right.

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What is the virus engine / database based on?

Any of the big ones that licence out (Bitdefender,etc...) or the free clamav?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

this is a tough question... so the most important thing for me to say I'd that an Antivirus is gross overkill on BlackBerry right now. Applications operate in individual sandbox bubbles - preventing them from becoming a virus as we know it today!

So the Antivirus programs on the market focus more on Android applications, APK packages. And downloaded items. We try to protect against Android malware and to make sure your downloads are safe for Windows PCs.

In full disclosure, I think there are really only 3 use cases for my antivirus. If you are at a work place that requires an AV on your device. Or if you want to monitor your downloads. Or if you want to monitor APK's - then absolutely grab one.

If you only stick to BlackBerry world, I wouldn't recommend one to be honest.

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Also be cautious. There are 4 or 5 fake antivirus programs in BlackBerry World. Some of them have 'fake' virus found alerts and make you do an inapp purchase to clean your device.

The others are just 10 lines of code and loop through file names without doing anything. AFAIK Secure AntiVirus (mine) and Max Mobile are the only 2 on the market that are functional. But I could be wrong.

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Wow, thanks for the info...

Fake AV, that used to be big on XP in 2010/11. Now it's bundle software with downloads... Sorry to LOL, but some people have dozens of these on their PC machines....

Now the things have progressed, hello Cryptolocker.... !

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Alicia, this is a real service you are providing. Although we BB10ers are lacking in apps (allegedly), it's difficult to find the tree you want among the thick woods of BB World. You have lead me to several useful and interesting apps. Thanks!


Z10 and proud! Z10: conceived, designed and built under the leadership of Thorsten Heins. Respect!

eBook reader not supported on Qwerty devices.

It's a good thing BB10 has an android emulator because a decent eBook reader my main requirement for a smart phone.

Had my hopes up that there would be an actual eBook reader for BB10. Sadly disappointed.

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I have 3 native ebook readers on my z10. I'm sure at least one of these is available for the Q10.

They are:
1. Bonfire Reader by Bonfire Soft
2. Playepub Book Reader by Jesus Iglesias
3. Book Reader by Untangled Development

I'm getting really tired of the fact that EVERY app costs money. BlackBerry is a good phone but how does the company not realize that their crappy app store is literally ruining everything. BlackBerry has the most expensive apps and it's horrible. google and apple apps are cheap and plentiful. If google sold a 3 dollar app in its stores you bet it would be a great app. But three bucks for a BlackBerry App is the norm for a mediocre app.

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People have to pay rent - free apps don't do it and BlackBerry sure doesn't pay us.

Also, you'll find 90 percent of free apps on Android have advertisements. Some even install advertisements into your browser. Or use malware to collect information which they then sell.

I have seen maybe two apps on BlackBerry with advertisements (as it isn't easy to implement). In a perfect world - sure all apps would be free. But then blackberry would be writing them themselves.

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Left android for BlackBerry because of the snooping. I've only owned 2 BlackBerry phones and both were bb10. I'll stick with BlackBerry as long as they keep making great phones with this awesome os. Google can kiss my butt. I don't even use their search engine. Start page and BlackBerry. I value my privacy. Keep making apps brother. I don't mind paying for one now and then. It's not like in a huge app user. Just want apps available when I need one.

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With Android and Apple you pay with your personal information and app rights. Let that Android scan and copy your contacts, emails etc ... but hey its free, right.

Triple D's 4G on BB! 

"Free"? Your backside.

You said it, you pay with ad views or data piracy on Android. The telescreen right in your pocket....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Also. 3 of the 6 apps highlighted are great and free. Maybe you didn't read the article?

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Thanks so much for including EvenSteven in your round-up Alicia!

Please PM ThinkQwick right here on or email "evensteven" at "" for any comments and questions. There is also a "EvenSteven" topic in "App Announcements" where you can post questions etc. We'll try to maintain that topic as a "FAQ" as time goes on.

Don't know if anyone actually test these apps before recommending but from last week I've been having an issue with the Fusion app. I wrote a review which was promptly deleted and now there is no longer a review option. I even contacted the developer and no response to date. That app takes upside-down photos so buyers of these apps please beware.

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EvenSteven not available for Z30? I clicked the link from this post and it said "unavailable for this device"... if I search in BlackBerry World, it doesn't find the app. Can it be due to my location?

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Check out AlcoGauge app for BlackBerry 10, the only decent and working alcohol meter in BlackBerry world :)

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BlackBerry needs to come up with prepaid cards to be able to buy things. Just like ITunes cards.. I don't have credit cards or PayPal to buy apps.

Z10 10.2.1