BlackBerry App Roundup for July 4, 2014

A weekly look at new, exciting, and cool apps to try
By Alicia Erlich on 4 Jul 2014 11:25 am EDT

Howdy CrackBerry nation! Today is Independence Day in the US, so I send you my best wishes for the holiday weekend. For all of our Canadian readers, I hope you enjoyed Canada Day. Don't forget to check out the July 4th sale at the CrackBerry store for 20% off all accessories.

We all know you are here to see what this week's picks are so let's get back to the show shall we. Each app or game can be seen by clicking through the gallery. If your favorite did not make the cut this week, remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for July 4, 2014


Ultimate to do list is great! Thanks for another awesome round up!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit

Thanks Alicia.

Ultimate To Do List is excellent. It has been my todo list of choice for a long time now.

I really look forward to your weekly list and have to say a big thanks this week for putting it all on one page :-)

Ultimate ToDo List is hardly new! I downloaded it last March when I got my Z10. I find it really useful and is my replacement app for ToDoMatrix which is not available for BB10

Posted via CB10

the sync lacks most important feature: creating snapshots of your existing system.

the world is coming to an end. please log off

ODF reader sounds good, ODF editor would be even more awesome...

Shouldn't be too hard to implement, a lot of code is open source...

Pasted via CB chen

I'm the developer of the app, I will update it with a new version which includes edition part too and Microsoft office document and pdf too (with edition too)

I love my blackberry but it NEEDS these apps.... not that I simply desire it... blackberry NEEDS to do this to stay relevant...

1). Multiple users on the device.

2). Lock up hub with a separate password from the general phone service.

3). An icon to disable the phone/or lock it/or airplane mode so a user does not appear fumbly before a meeting.

4). Extend OS10 to the playbook.

In the absence of the ability to set multiple users, a patent around since before windows 95, I would like to see the return of that app that lets me lock the phone by pressing an icon.

When I am in a meeting, or at church, or simply keeping the kids from touching my email hub, the ability to simply touch an icon, the way I could with OS9, would be welcome.

Currently, I have to move my hand, and wait three is not discreet at all.

Also, can carlulu be a shared account so I can let my fleet manager know if the yellow engine light comes on?

Also, there is another odd app out there that I hate... it falsely claims to lock the hub. all it does is lock up a message to an app (that can be reinstalled and the password reset). It still does not meet the requirements of privileged communication. If one employee is sending me an email, the other employees shouldn't be able to discern that, even if they can't see what the message says.

What's wrong with blackberry that they can't press their advantage with secure communication!?

Sometimes I would like to be generous to my children and let them play games on the phone. And at other times I would like to leave the phone with an employee while I go into a dirty bathroom.

All of these things can be said about the playbook as well. If you fixed these problems that NEED to be fixed with OS10, then extend OS10 to the existing playbooks, it could ease a lot of the unnecessary grievances that blackberry is earning.

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What is a carlulu and how does it relate to BlackBerry? I think you're talking about a free 3rd party program. Would you be mad at Microsoft because a Adobe Acrobat reader has a bug?

Not sure what you're talking about with other employees being able to read your email because you installed some random app?! Maybe you shouldn't use that app.

Thor already killed the PlayBook so keep dreaming about bb10 for a device that has been extinct for a year. Airplane mode is available from the quick settings pull down menu.

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Is there any developer out there that could make the game 'forge a fortune' for BB10 or something similar?? Much loved game think it was a blue sphere one

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Watchdog cam seems like a really nice app. Only problem is that I would have to leave my phone behind.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10 running