BlackBerry App Roundup for January 24, 2014

A weekly look at new, exciting, and cool apps to try

By Alicia Erlich on 24 Jan 2014 09:01 am EST

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday so far and getting ready for the weekend. It's time once again for the weekly App Roundup. Now I spent my time wisely this week rustling up some new, cool, and helpful applications for all you BlackBerry addicts to try. Be sure to check them out and remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

Shape It by Informatives

There is no shortage of photo editors available at your fingertips, especially when it comes to finding one for your BBOS legacy device. Shape It gives you the ability to add some style to your photos and share them with your friends and followers on BBM,email and Facebook. With the option of creating a new photo or using an existing one, users can add shapes, colors, abstract designs, borders, patterns, text and graphics to any of their images. Once all of these changes are applied it’s quick to share or set as your wallpaper. There is a free limited version with ads and a premium one for $1.99 available that supports most BBOS devices. 

More information/Download Shape It Free  
More information/Purchase Shape It

AppIcons by Toysoft Development

For those of you who are current users of Toysoft’s Shortcut Creator, one of the main features is how it creates your own homescreen shortcuts with the option to use your own images. If you are one of those individuals, who like me, do not want have time to search for the perfect image or sit there resizing, Toysoft developed this handy utility application that provides hundreds of icons for you. App Icons contains 16 different categories from Alert icons, Cars, Camping, City, Containers, Flags, Folders, Office, System, Travel, and Xmas. The second set, AppIcon Set 1, has 4 different icon sets that includes include System icons, Media icons, Folder icons, Application icons, FileType icons, Driver icons, Symbol icons, Hardware and Software icons. Using either of these applications will give you plenty of choices of which ones to use for your shortcuts. As a way to save memory, once you load the icons to your device, you may delete the application. Available for BlackBerry 10, the app is $.99.

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More information/Purchase AppIcon Set 1

StarSkier by Lillum

There isn’t always a lot of free time to get in some gaming action but it’s always nice to come across one that is never tiring and hard to put down. The concept behind this game is far from complicated. Your goal is to touch the screen and draw the snow under the skier to keep him going all while collecting starts and avoiding obstacles. It is actually harder than it sounds but it keeps you occupied. StarSkier supports BlackBerry 10 and the PlayBook and is FREE to download at the link. 

More information/Download StarSkier

Yoga Master by SmartAps

We’re only a few weeks into the New Year and already I find myself struggling to keep up with my resolutions. This one happens to be dedicated to providing you with dynamic yoga sessions with varying durations and difficulty all wrapped in an elegant UI. There are over 300 poses included here yet access to them all requires an in-app purchase of $3.99 to unlock the full version. It also introduces Pilates, originally and creatively designed yoga classes, and programs with scheduled sessions to fit in with your training plans. It supports all BlackBerry 10 devices.

More information/Download Yoga Master   

Note Master by Hx-cellent Incorporated

There are note taking applications aplenty and we’ve certainly covered quite a few over the years. This one happens to offer undo, redo, alignments, bullet and number lists, indents, colors, and more to make sure you stay on top of your tasks. It is certainly a feature rich application in that not only does it allow for audio capture for your notes but password and recovery options, a slick interface, attachment support, smartlist and smartphoto features (i.e. Multiple items and sublists), and the ability to add a calendar event. Whether you want to store your class notes, journal entries, or even your simple To-Dos it helps manage your tasks effectively. You can grab it for BlackBerry 10 for $.99.

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What You Might Have Missed

Sochi 2014 

The biggest winter sports event is almost upon us. So what better way to follow along then with this well-built BlackBerry 10 app. From viewing events, adding them to your calendar and receiving push notifications to reading about the athletes (when available), medal counts once the games begin, and getting the latest news and photos it is a perfect companion application to the upcoming winter games. Grab it for free at the link and cheer on your favorite athletes or home country (OS 10.2 and higher)

More information/Download Sochi 2014


Until next week...

That's it for this week folks. For more apps and games be sure to head on over to the forums where you will find even more hidden gems to choose from whether it be for BlackBerry 10, BBOS or the BlackBerry PlayBook. Of course, you can always find the latest and greatest top editor's picks in the CrackBerry App Gallery. Are there any apps or games you would like to see? Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments. 




So far so good. Hope it continues to perform during actual olympics. But it looks like it will be great.

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3


iGrann will be on next Friday's list.

Posted with my Q10 running


Weather Radar USA is a nice clean simple app!
Backpack is great offline browser app!
VitalSigns is a clean simple Battery status app!

Keep up the great work Alicia!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Alicia Erlich

Thanks. We've already covered two out of three. Will check out Weather Radar USA


I would like to see the Mint by Intuit, Netflix, Siriusxm, whatsapp, and google map with turn by turn voice directions.


See this post:
I wish BlackBerry would address this directly. Almost 1100 comments - that tells me this is a serious problem for the BlackBerry platform. They could use this as free consulting. Listen to what the people want!

Alberta Blue

Sure, BlackBerry can encourage developers, but there is no way to force a company like Netflix to provide an app.

Update to 10.2.1, side load Snap, and download the Android version. Runs like a native app on the Z30.

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Everyone knows the app issue is a problem. But fixing it is very very difficult. You need to get 10s of thousands of developers on board to write native apps for BlackBerry.

I can't even get my family to agree on a movie to watch, and getting all these devs to agree to make BB10 apps is way harder.

However, some BlackBerry users still think BlackBerry writes every app that runs on BlackBerry 10. They don't realize that the majority of apps are written by companies with no relation to BlackBerry.

In BlackBerry World, I see comments under EA games such as Iron Man with comments like "thanks for making this game BlackBerry!" *palm to face*

CB10 : Z10 STL100-3


Yes that's true. Can they encourage the developers with cash? Expert users can do those those steps with updating to 10.2.1(is that a leaked OS?), sideload and download android stuff but what about the vast majority of folks? The average person doesn't want go through additional steps while on the other platforms searching and installing directly from their app store is available.


I may be a cheap bugger (I'm not) but $15.84 seems a bit steep for app icons. Is there a cheaper (or free) version/solution around?

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Alicia Erlich

I apologize for the confusion. The app itself is $.99 and you get hundreds of icons. AppIcons is $.99 and AppIcons Set 1 is $.99 so you get over 700 icons for less than $2


Can anyone explain for me what is happening?
I'm not understanding anything!!

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Alicia Erlich

This is a weekly roundup of Apps displayed on CrackBerry every Friday pulled from a variety of categories in BlackBerry World and from the forums. 


I'm sorry Alica, you just got punked. Look at his post history. He says that all the time. It's his "thing". Keep up the good work though!


Actually I am not kidding I am Arabic I don't understand English very well

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Why BlackBerry didn't make own computer OS to compete with Apple and Microsoft? Since it has the capabilities and known for the QNX stability

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I appreciate the work you all do, and the reviews you give. They're mostly very good, however, please, if an app is only functional on certain devices, or not functional on OS10.1, note that so we don't waste time on the link. Thanks.

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Alicia Erlich

I will do my best to acknowledge OS 10.1 where applicable. Thank you.


Thanks for all your hard work in analysing these apps. It's much appreciated. It's hard to know without wading through the over 100,000 apps in BlackBerry World which would interest me and are good.

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Alicia Erlich

With the exception of Sochi, all the other applications appear in BlackBerry World on my OS 10.1 device. 

jojo beaconsfield

Sochi 2014,BB World has it, That's where I got it,LOL


I know this comment is out of context, but which cover is on the red Z10?

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Alicia Erlich

It is the Seidio Active


Thank you! The thing is, in India its difficult to find covers for any BB10 devices.

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Research has shown BlackBerry users are most knowledgeable group of people. They like to be informed.

I don't understand who or what made the decision to not bring the BlackBerry news feeder native app to BlackBerry 10. Best news feeder above what is currently available. Very efficient.

Big Mistake to Whoever is this taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back!!

The native voice control should improved to the point the difference is day and night. BlackBerry should do something with QNX. Native voice control is vital for future BlackBerry phones. Along with a trackpad/gamepad/editing pad in one!!! with well designed sliding keyboard touch screen. This is the future. I could see BlackBerry leading.

We don't want junk apps from Google Android that turn on GPS to monitor your location periodically.among other things it want to access.This is why android phone batteries drain fast. I think BlackBerry is Careful with quality not quantity. I like to see Google + Pintrest , Instagram. Native apps.

Today Israeli Tech firm discovered Google Chrome could be eaves dropping on people via Mic. Google says they will fix it but no action is being taken.

BlackBerry Lead. Do not follow      

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R. John McKinley

Z 30 for Rogers update coming soon?

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We need apps that render better on the Q10. Lots of apps render text that is practically unreadable.

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