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BlackBerry App Roundup - 25 free copies of Timer/Stopwatch by Vorino Software to give away

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BlackBerry App Roundup - 25 copies of Weather Plus by MMMOOO to give away!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for September 11, 2011

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BlackBerry App Roundup - 50 copies of Snappy by BerryGoodThemes up for grabs!

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BlackBerry App Roundup - 25 copies of Battery Monitor up for grabs

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BlackBerry App Roundup for July 30, 2011

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BlackBerry App Roundup for May 6, 2011 - Win 1 of 100 copies of Mp3CutterPro!

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BlackBerry App Roundup for February 5th, 2010; Contest: 50 Copies of TyperSpeed to be Won!

The BlackBerry App Roundup
By James Falconer on 5 Feb 2010 07:36 am EST

This week, I'm going to introduce a new feature to the App Roundup... The weekly giveaway! That's right, each week I'll have a new app up for grabs... All you have to do is answer a simple question I ask regarding the featured app each week. Leave your answer in the comments (please only 1 answer per person), and we'll randomly select winners from your answers. Winners will be announced in our weekly winners announcement on Tuesday.

This week we've got 'TyperSpeed' from our bud Fabian Heuwieser up for grabs... and we have 50 free copies to give away. Keep reading for all the details.

Giveaway of the Week: TyperSpeed

Freebies of the Week: The Help Haiti App, Imagining Theme, Carbon Fiber Theme

In Case You Missed It: Verizon Launches VZ Navigator 5.0, Storm Unlock, AT&T myWireless App

New This Week: inText, Piczzle, Dog Emergency

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Madden NFL 10

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:



From BlackBerry App Developer Extraordinare Fabian Heuwieser, TyperSpeed is a nifty little app that helps you measure just how fast you can type on your Berry. Results are displayed in words per minute. Not much more to it than that!

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 50 free copies of TyperSpeed, answer the following question in the comments:

How fast do you think you can type on your BlackBerry!?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

The Help Haiti App

The Help Haiti App

I have to mention this app once more in the Roundup. If you still haven't made a donation to any of the amazing charities doing work down in Haiti, the Help Haiti App can hook you up. Using it is easy, and with it you can make donations from the US or Canada to charities including the Salvation Army, UNICEF, World Vision, Oxfam, the Red Cross, and many more.

For all the details check out the Help Haiti App in our store >

Imagining Theme

Imagining Theme for BlackBerry

I noticed earlier this week that more than a few free themes were popping up as quite popular in App World. The first one I noticed was the Imagining Theme. This new addition from MMMOOO features a custom background and much more. The developer notes that after installation and activation, you may nee to do a battery pull rebook to finish the installation properly.

Check out the Imagining Theme in App World >

Carbon Fiber Theme

Carbon Fiber Theme for BlackBerry

The other notable theme I noticed up for grabs (for free, for a limited time) was the Carbon Fiber Theme from Motek Americas Inc. Give your car that ultra high-end sportscar look! You'll get custom message icons, call screens, backgrounds, and a heck of a lot more. Do yourself a favor and check it out, heck, it's free!

Pick up the Carbon Fiber Theme in App World >

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

Verizon Launches VZ Navigator 5.0

VZ Navigator

VZ Navigator 5.0 is now out, and many updated features have been brought to the table. You'll now find options to update your Facebook status, the ability to send your location to dispatchers when using roadside service, and much more. Of course, the update includes the usual bevy of tweaks and bug fixes, plus load times have apparently been decreased which should make for a much more enjoyable in-app experience.

For all the details, head on over to Verizon >

Storm Unlock

Storm Unlock

A good one here for the Storm users, Storm Unlock is a new app from MMMOOO that enables pattern unlocking on your device. Create a pattern for locking and unlocking your Storm, and from then on simply punch in the pattern to lock and unlock your device. Easy. Oh, and I can't forget to mention this one is free. Awesome.

To find our OTA download link, hit up Storm Unlock in our store >

AT&T myWireless App

AT&T myWireless App

If you're up and running on AT&T, you'll want to check this one out for sure. Just a little while ago AT&T released their new myWireless app, which gives you access to your bill, usage details, your Berry's current and available features, and more. If you have multiple lines, no problem... the app can even break those down for you too.

For the OTA download, hit up from your AT&T BlackBerry.

New This Week



inText (aka Internet Texting Codes) is a small app that gives you access to the most popular texting shortcuts around. If you do a lot of LOL-ing, let this one be your bible. Over 300 of the most popular texting codes are found within, making it an ideal reference guide. Unfortunately this one is only available for the Storm at the moment... But if you have a Storm this one can be yours for only $1.99.

Check out inText >




You know that old sliding puzzle game you used to have hangin' around the house when you were a kid? You know, the one that had a picture on it, or maybe they were numbers that you had to rearrange into order... You know the one? Well that's exactly what Piczzle is, but for your BlackBerry. Shuffle the pieces around to form a picture, and when you're done you can chose to do another puzzle, or set the image as your wallpaper! A new puzzle is uploaded each and every day, so there's something new all the time.

Piczzle is available for $2.99 >

Dog Emergency

Dog Emergency

Dog Emergency is the must-have guide for any dog owner. Knowing what to do with your beloved pet in an emergency is critical. Dog Emergency was designed to help guide you through important first aid techniques, and also provides you with the knowledge you'll need to be prepared for almost anything. Learn how to deal with such things as acid poisoning, burns, fly bites, electric shocks, and a whole lot more.

Check out Dog Emergency in our store >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Madden NFL 10

Madden NFL 10 for BlackBerry

With the Superbowl coming up on us fast this weekend, I clearly have football on the brain. To tide me over until the epic battle between the Colts and the Saints, I may have been tempted to load up Madden NFL10 :) You get exactly what you expect with this game... EA almost always delivers the goods. Play as your favorite team and while you do, hear commentary from Madden, Hammond and Collinsworth. The only possible sticking point is the price... To purchase it'll run you $6.99.

Check out Madden NFL 10 in App World >

Until Next Week..

Have news on BlackBerry Apps? New BlackBerry Apps, Updated BlackBerry Apps, Free BlackBerry Apps... it's all good! If you have any software news tips send them in to me at I can't do it without your help!

Of course, we also have many more New BlackBerry Apps, Updated BlackBerry Apps and Free BlackBerry Apps available at Be sure to visit our software store for more great deals on BlackBerry Applications!

James Falconer James Falconer "Community Manager, Mobile Nations" 354 (articles) 750 (forum posts)

Pilot Prop

I think I'm at about 60wpm on my 9700 not certain though


I reckon I can do about 40 WPM on my 8900 with predictive turned on. That would have been about 4 on the Pearl I had previously...

Pilot Prop

60wmp on my 9700....I think


probably 35 -40 wpm


curious to see how fast i can type


I cannot remember what I did on my Bold 9000, but Im thinking it will be less on my 9700.


I type fast on a regular keyboard, and type pretty fast on my BB. Would be cool to know exactly HOW fast.

Count me in! Crackberry rules!



I think I can get over 60. The storm is pretty good at texting really. Just have to get the timing down


i can type fast as hell but i would like to know exactly how fast


"How fast do you think you can type on your BlackBerry!?"

Approximately ~35 WPM.


type roughly 50wpm on my bb


I would say about 35 to 40 wpm.


35-42 if im lucky.
Without correcting typos, 60 lol


I'm guessing I am around 30wpm, but I want this app to know for sure!


I would love a copy of TyperSpeed to see how fast my family and I can type on the blackberry! I would guess 40 wpm but my kids can type much faster.


45-50 words per min I believe. I got fat thumbs. I'm gueSsing vlingo doesn't count, haha.


I'm probably 40-50 words per min since I can do about 50-60 on the standard keyboard.


Should help me train my typing speed


Should help me train my typing speed


im sorry but releasing apps or themes only available on app world is really stupid if not all countries are supported to download app world! at least give the people who aren't allowed to download app world a chance to download the jad file or something!


I'm guessing around 50 wpm. but i'm probably giving myself some credit. So really its probably more like 35 wpm!!


I need this app to help build my speed. I'mm so slow:


I'm guessing I can do maybe 20-30 wpm in landscape, and maybe 10-20 wpm with SureType. Slow, I know, but I'm gradually improving.


I'd say about 35-40, but I'd like to know for sure!


I'll say about 45words per minute.


Love a copy of TyperSpeed to see how fast I can type on the blackberry! I'm guessing 40-50 wpm but again I can only guess for now.


It's all about me. LOL


I am guessing around 40 wpm but would love to know for sure.


I believe I can type 150 words per minute.


Maybe more like 40 wpm.


I'm guessing 30-35 wpm, maybe higher if you don't count punctuation.


On a good day like 30-40wpm?? I dunno what's a decent speed.. On a comp I can type 90-100... I hope I win so I know my berry wpm!!


120 WPM on typer shark deluxe :)


But I wished she types more lovely


I believe it would be like 30 wpm for me...


i can type faster than Steve Jobs can come up with products I don't care about.


id love to have this wpm app! please pick me! thanks


I think I can probably type 35 WPM on my Curve 8330


I would say probably ~45. I type about 150 wpm on a real keyboard so that's just a guess. If I win the app I'll let you know for sure :P


48-56 on my Storm 2.


Im prolly around 30-40.. however that may be hampered by my Storm.. My storm 2 arrives today... I will be interested to see how much my speed improves with the improved typing on the S@... now If I had this app I would be able to check what my speed was.. hint hint. Pick me!


well, since i have a storm... i type pretty damn fast using SureType if that count :D about 50 on that... on landscape keyboard... id say about 40-50... its not that hard to type haha. best ive ever done on a physical keyboard is 70 wpm. with only 1 mistake :]


some say i can type faster on my bb than a computer!


I think I am about 37 words per minute.would love to have a copy of this


I would like to think I can hit 40 WPM. I'm in to give this a shot.


I wonder how fast I can type, seems like a ejoyable game. Wouldn't mind having it.


On my Storm, I SUCK at speed. That's why I'm going to get the Bold 9700. When I had my 8820, I could easily go 50+ WPM. I don't know if I will be quite as fast on the Bold 9700 because of it's size. I have BIG hands and the 8820, which is relative in size to the Bold 9000, had the keys right where my fingers naturally sat when trying to text, but the 9700 has them considerably "lower" (to where my fingers want to sit when I hold the phone, because it is smaller, you understand). I still think I will be at least 30-40 WPM, whereas I bet I'm only at 15-20 with my Storm.



Tough call. I bet I'm between 50-70 with passable accuracy. It'd be fun to know for sure, though.


Probably not that fast; between 20 and 25.


Yeah, I can type maybe 30wpm


I'm somewhere around 40 wpm.


"How fast do you think you can type on your BlackBerry!?" : Probably in the 30's wmp :)
I'd love to win a copy!


maybe about 15, IDK really>>


this would be awesome for my storm so I can see how fast im typing!


won't know till i get that app


Don't know....that is why i would need an app like this...:)


probably 25-30 wpm aha


My bets guess would be somewhere around 36 wpm. However just like the computer, if I had a typing program to practice with, I'd get much faster


I'd say about 45 wpm :)


Im pretty sure bout 25-40 wpm.


I'm confident that my typing speed on my original Storm is about 50 wpm. If I win, I'll reply to this post and let the Crackberry nation know!


I can type about 40-50wpm on my blackberry tour 9630. I can even type without looking.


That probably describes me best


I might be able to type at 55-60 words per minute. I haven't timed it or anything of course but that's my assumption.


probably around 40 wpm. People I text and BBM with say I am fast...not sure what that means. I been typing for one long MFing time!


I figure I can type about 70wpm



I'm guessing about 15 wpm landscape, 10 portrait.


I believe i can type around 20-30 wpm. I have just upgraded from a pearl to 9700 so trying to get use to the new keyboard layout. This app will help alot with improving my typing speed :D


I would like to get selected for this giveaway.


I can probably type about 60 WPM in suretype mode.

Pastor Ron

I'm the slowest guy on the planet in my Tour, but can type quite rapidly on the desktop. Probably about 10-15 WPM on the Tour.


I'm new to bb so my typing is rather pathetic at 20-30 words per minute and I'm being generous.


I'm gonna say 666 wpm because I'm just that good.. or bad...


I'm guess I can do about 30-35 W.P.M.; okay, probably 20-25 is more like it but maybe I can!!! Would love to find out!!!


I would estimate about 40-50 words per minute. Lemme at that app so I can confirm it!


I think I can type about 40 WPM with no mistakes? I WANT TO KNOW!


I'm confident 35-45 wpm! =D


I can pull off about 200 wpm lol I'm goofin I would sat 40 wpm or wat ever!! Well sign me up :) thanks


I think I can type around 65 wpm on my 9700. I've mastered my device ;)


i love a free copy, can't beat it. I don't think anyone can type faster then me or least among my friends.


I think i'm aroun 50wpm on my Storm 2


i can definitely hit 70 wpm on my Tour. And Madden 10 for BBerry? Awesome!! Purchasing now :)


I bet I could get up to 60 wpm if I do not need to be graMmatically correct, have great spelling, and minimize punctuation. Otherwise it would probably be between 30 and 40 wpm.


I would think I could do somewhere in the 40 wpm range or so.


I'd say about 30-40wpm, but would be awesome to know the exact number!

Rapid Dr3am

I can touch type on my BB.
I touch type on a PC, so using the same logic and converting to two tthumbs.

That along with this whole post took less than a minute.

35 WPM

Rapid Dr3am

I can touch type on my BB.
I touch type on a PC, so using the same logic and converting to two tthumbs.

That along with this whole post took less than a minute.

35 WPM


I'll take a free copy! Free anything is good.


I have no idea how fast I can type on my BB. I'd guess 38WPM.


Hmm, let's say... 36 wpm. I will let you know after I'll get this sweet app from you ;)


I'm probably only at about 15-20wpm, but would love to use this app for practice!


not fast enough. always room for improvement


I think I can type about 60 words per minute.


Well I do not write very fast on my BlackBerry, maybe it's my age (51). But I'm willing to try anything to help me improve my record of words per minute.


I'm most interested in figuring out my speed difference between SureType and Landscape (and between lagged v. non-lagged Storm OS typing)... ;-)


probably about 40-50 on my S2. Would like to know for sure though!


I think I can type about 45 words per minute on my BB 9700....


Maybe with typerspeed i can do more!


It would be interesting to know how fast I can type on my bb....maybe 50?


I would like to having it.


I can type 111 wpm, maybe more.


On some days, I type like a man possessed, on others, I can barely type out a few words at a time. If only there were some way for me to find out once and for all.....


Would be nice to get my speed past the 20's.


I have no idea, but if I had this App I would certainly be able to give a more accurate estimate.


I can probably type 40 WPM


i'd say prolly around 45wpm. give me a free copy and i can find out for sure!


This app would help me find out!


I'm in for TyperSpeed! I think I can type faster on my BlackBerry than I can on my computer. I'd have to say at least 50 wpm.


I'm pretty sure I can probably type about...

48-50 words per minute.


I think i can do atleast 50+ on my 8900.




heh I bet I'm at like 10 words on my storm!


i type around 65 -70 wpm on my computer . i guess around like 45-50 on my phone


About 44 words per minute


I think. I'm around 40 per min but I'd love this Fabian offering to help practice and improve! Thanks for the offer!


I could probably average 40 words a minute and at best be about 45


I am unsure about how fast I can type, probably upwards of 50wpm. I really hope I win!



Would like to find out :)


I think I can type around 40-50 on my bb tour. This would be a cool app to have especially if I'm bored. and good practice to get faster at typing :)


about 40 words per minute


I have no clue. I would guess at least 35 wpm.

Shay D. Life

I have no idea how fast I can type, but I know I can really get the keys going on my S2 so I'd like to see just how fast I type.


I bet I can type about 30wpm on my blackberry curve 8330. Hey, I just got it at Xmas, give me a break.


i can type like 30 words a minute...i hope haha


I haven't tested it, but I'd have to guess around 20 WPM or so. I haven't practiced much, plus I'm on a pearl, so using multi-tap. Plus, I don't have a way to check it....yet. :P


I'd guess around 30-40wpm on the 9700, but I really don't know. Would be interesting to see what it actually is


I think I type around 20 to 30wpm.


superspeed rocks!!!


I wouldn't mind giving this a shot.


I can type around 70wpm


Looks like a neat little app!


Please let me win this application!


it s a lot..... perfect and great :)


i'd say i can type at around 10


I'd say I do about 30 wpm on my 8900


i can probably only type 25 words per minute, but with the app I can try to improve :)


20 to 25 wpm...i'd like to check this app out....


If I did 25 WPM, I'd be surprised!


At least 40 words per minute on my Storm 2.


Prob 25 words per minute


If it's jibberish about 100wpm...LOL really? I don't know... I would love to know though...and this would be such a great time to turn me in to a winner on the crackberry


i want a free app so bad


about 40 WPM more or less. Need the app to get to know it :)


Sadly, I think I may only be able to type 15-20wpm on my BB :(


I type maybe 35 -40 wpm and that is on a bad day. lol


wooohoooo I think im at 30wpm


I think 30 wpm. Can I save and print if I'm faster? I want to show my boss I need a raise.


Probably around 30 to 40WPM on my storm.


I think that I type about 35 words per minute on my BB 9700.


10-15 wpm (If I'm the judge :))


i bet i type around 30 wpm, but it'd be interesting to know exactly has fast i type!


I think I can type close to 60wpm on my Bold 9700


Pretty fast I think.. Probably 35 or so wpm


i type no where near as fast as I can on the pc since i was trained that way but i'd hazard a guess at maybe 45 and that'd be pushing it I think


I would say 55 wpm on my curve 2


Would love to finally win something.......


not sure on an exact figure but i sure as hell can tell you its shedloads more now i've switched to the Bold 9700 with its bigger (better)keypad from Curve 8900, as i have huge sausage fingers used to find it fiddly
Anyways, all sounds like fun, so i'd love one :)



Looks cool and interesting.


This would be great. Pick me. Thanks.


free copy would be great


Thanks for the opportunity!


I really need this! Free would be best!


Pick me on this please.


this is grrrrrreeeeeeeaat


looks like a cool and kick ass


Would love a win of this


Thanks for the chance to win.


gimme gimme gimme! lol i really would love to win this..


I like to see how fast I type - I'm thinking it's really a low wpm.


I'd like to test it, because I won most competitions when my friends and colleges challange me that I type slower than him/them.

They had been wondering, why I choose Storm over Bold :-) bacause on Storm they believe, to type on virtual keyboard is always slower than real keyboard .. and I have proofed it, and would like to proof it again my self and be one of the fast typer on Storm.


I'm thinking probably around 40-45 WPM.


i want this!! i can type pretty fast on a keyboard.. about 60wpm but not sure on my tour! i'm getting faster every day!


I think I can easily do 45-50 wpm on my BB Curve 8300.


Yay I finally won a contest! I thought I could do 65-70 wpm but I've only come as close as 55. I'm curious to see what the fastest time is, sounds like its time for a type-athon to determine the winner!


This would SO help me out.. Hope I win!!