BlackBerry App Roundup for February 19th, 2010; Contest: 50 Copies of Vorino Battery to be Won!

The BlackBerry App Roundup
By James Falconer on 19 Feb 2010 08:01 am EST

This week we've got 50 copies of Vorino Battery to give away, courtesy of Paul at Vorino Software. As per usual, just leave your answer to the giveaway question in the comments for your chance to win. Covered in the app roundup this week are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: Vorino Battery

Freebies of the Week: iFood Assistant LITE, Goal Mobile, The Help Haiti App

In Case You Missed It: BOLT Browser 1.7, skySYNC Launches in Beta, Verizon and Skype Team Up

New This Week: Fixmo Tools, Restaurant Inspector, Privacy Star

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Scotiabank Show Your Colours Navigator

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:

Vorino Battery

Vorino Battery

Vorino Battery is a nifty battery utility that runs in the background. It will notify you when your battery has dropped to any percentage of your choosing, and when your device is fully charged. Many features are customizable, including the ability to change the appearance of icons, the backgrounds, and more. Notifications can be set via ringtone, vibration and LED.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 50 free copies of Vorino Battery, answer the following question in the comments:

Which feature of Vorino Battery do you anticipate using/liking the most, and why? (For example, charge monitoring, level monitoring, live icon, charting, appearance customization, etc.)

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

iFood Assistant LITE

iFood Assistant Lite

The first freebie this week is iFood Assistant LITE. Brought to us by the folks at Kraft, iFood Assistant LITE delivers recipes of the day, plus access to thousands of other recipes from the Kraft kitchens. There's also a budget-minded section to help you put together delicious meals on as little cash as possible. iFood Assistant will also help you snack healthier and smarter, for those times when you need a little nip but are reluctant to grab that tasty chocolate bar :)

For more information check out iFood Assistant LITE in app world >

Goal Mobile

Goal Mobile

Goal Mobile is a must-have app for any football, er, sorry.... SOCCER fan :) After download and installation you get access to breaking news, World Cup 2010 updates, plus the latest from the Champions League, England, Italy, Spain and more. Inside you'll also find exclusive interviews and photos... The developers at Handmark are promising an update to feature multiple languages, live scoring and personalized alerts... so keep an eye open for this in the near future!

Check out Goal Mobile in App World >

The Help Haiti App

The Help Haiti App

One more time for good measure. The Help Haiti app from Xtreme Labs (in partnership with CrackBerry and MTV) have put together this app which not only delivers the latest news and photos on the Haiti situation... but it also makes it extremely easy to donate to the cause. Give it a download right now on your BlackBerry and give if you can. It's the right thing to do.

For all the details check out the Help Haiti App in our store >

In Case You Missed It...

Just in case you missed these titles, below are some apps that were covered in the CrackBerry Blogs this past week. Check 'em out!

BOLT Browser 1.7

BOLT web browser

Personally, I can't believe BOLT has been around for a year already. Doesn't seem like that long, but it has been! Earlier this week BOLT updated their browser to 1.7, and some new features are on-board. You can now find widget support, keyboard shortcuts for zooming, Twitter integration and much more, all from within the browser. If you're looking for a better browsing experience, or just want to try something new, take a few moments and check out from your Berry to download.

skySYNC Launches in Beta


skySYNC is now in open Beta, and is a new service that allows you to stream your iTunes library to your BlackBerry. All you have to do is download the BlackBerry app and combine it with the PC/Mac/Linux desktop app to unleash the power. In a nutshell, skySYNC lets you keep all of your music in one place, while making sure it's always synced and available on your BlackBerry. Very cool.

skySYNC 1.0 is available as a free download right now. For more details hit up the skySYNC website.

Verizon and Skype Team Up

Verizon and Skype

At MWC, Verizon announced that they have partnered up with Skype to bring the popular application to a number of devices in their lineup. What this means for all of us in the BlackBerry world is we can look forward to a Skype client on the Storm2, Storm, 9630, 8830, 8530 and 8330. Look for the new client to become available next month on Verizon. For more information, hit up and punch in your email address for email updates.

New This Week

Fixmo Tools

Fixmo Tools

Fixmo Tools promises to 'Make Your Smartphone Smarter'. Quite a grand promise... But a good one. Fixmo is, as they put it, a 'utility belt for your smartphone'. Many tools are packaged within to help you undelete items, retrieve old email, calendar events, memos and more. There's a cool 'Flame Retardant' utility that warns you when you're about to reply all to a message on which you were BCC'd... when you're about to send potentially inappropriate content... or when you add unintended recipients. Could be a life saver for sure. The list of features goes on, including a built-in battery watch 'early warning' system and memory monitor.

For all the details check out Fixmo Tools in our store >

Restaurant Inspector

Restaurant Inspector

Want to know a little bit more about that restaurant you want to hit up? I mean, not if the food is good or not, but if the place actually passes inspections? The Restaurant Inspector app lets you review official restaurant inspection scores... Over 400,000 of them, in fact. It gets better yet though... If you spot a health hazard, the app lets you report it on the spot. Every time you spot something that shouldn't be, Restaurant Inspector will deliver your comments to the appropriate health agency depending on your location.

For more information check out Restaurant Inspector in our store >

Note: This one is for the U.S. only!

Privacy Star

Privacy Star

Privacy Star from First Orion lets you build your own personal privacy list. Select anyone on your call log, or simply punch in a number manually to block them. Unblocking numbers is just as easy, plus, you can also use a powerful look-up feature to find the name for any number that is calling you. If you get continual and unwanted telemarketing calls, you can also use it to report the number to the appropriate authorities.

More on Privacy Star >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Scotiabank Show Your Colours Navigator

Scotiabank Show Your Colours

Last week I touched on 'Winter Sports Live', to help you get the most Olympic coverage possible. This week I stumbled across the Scotiabank 'Show Your Colours Navigator' app (for Canadians) from Simply Good Technologies. With this one you can locate venues in Vancouver or Whistler and grab helpful information to help you get around the area. Take and upload your own photos, view and vote for other photos that have been uploaded... Discover places to eat, party and more... and of course, you can use it to find a Scotiabank branch or ABM nearest to you. :)

Scotiabank is also running a contest daily until April 30th. Just use the app to upload a photo that shows your Canadian spirit (show your colours) or vote for your favourite photo, and you could walk away with a Flip MinoHD camcorder among other prizes.

Check out the Scotiabank Show Your Colours Navigator in App World >

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App Roundup for February 19th, 2010; Contest: 50 Copies of Vorino Battery to be Won!


I am eager to use the "battery full-alert" function. There are times when I leave my phone in another room charging when I'd rather know as soon as its completely charged. I aire appreciate a detailed battery readout.

I like the charge monitoring the most. I never feel that you really know when the battery is fully charged and am always wondering if I overcharge the battery. Overcharging is bad according to all I read.

I like knowing that Vorino battery will alert me when my battery falls below a certain percentage of charge. This would be very helpful - especially when you're so busy on your blackberry that you forget to check the battery power level. What a great program. Would love to win a copy.

Is exactley what we look for, a real information about battery status. For me my main concer in Mob phones...

Charge monitoring would be a good feature to have, I like how the app can help you monitor not only the amount of charge the battery has but the battery temperature as well.

For me, it's the detailed battery level. I need a good estimate of the time left since I use it all day at work. Sometimes ALT+SHIFT+H isn't as handy. A nice visual would be handy. Maybe I'm just lazy..who knows..*yawn*

As I have a blackberry storm 9500 and have issues with the battery life being tempromental im sure this app will be a life saver so ill be able to ensure my phone stays charged using the alarm function which sounds a great idea ill also be able to monitor how and when the problems occur with my BB using the log facility. It sounds like an app that should be included with battery draining phone such as the Storm.

Def an essential app !

Would use the level monitoring the most. I current have to check options -> status to check %, too many steps.

I like the thought of knowing when my battery is fully charged as opposed to always having to check on it. Would like to give this app a shot.

I would love a copy of Vorino Battery! One of the features which jumps out at me so far, is the level of customization of not only appearance, but of notifications.

I would use Vorino Battery all the time because lots of times i don't realize my battery is almost dead. The notifier would be great because i would set it for a tone just to remind me that my Berry is almost dead.

I would use charting on Varini Battery app. I like to see how new leaked OS's perform on battery levels. It looks like a great app. The meter would also be used to check real battery levels!! The one Rim gives you only shows in 10% increments.

The Borg

Having an app that gives more detailed info than RIM built into the phone would be a definite plus. The low level alert would come in handy since I'm usually not aware of a low battery until it's almost too late and I'm left frantically searching for a charger. The visual "cool" factor alone would be just as good of a reason to have this as well. ;-)

I could really use an app like this! My Theme doesnt show the battery meter in detail. Its just high, med, low and then it dies and I don't even know where my battery level is. This looks like a precise way to see. Please send one over to me! :D

I could really use an app like this! My Theme doesnt show the battery meter in detail. Its just high, med, low and then it dies and I don't even know where my battery level is. This looks like a precise way to see. Please send one over to me! :D

The flexibility of being able to set your own level for an alert about your battery is an excellent feature. But also the ability to check your level anytime is a definite plus.

I am interested in the charge monitoring because while I work I have a feeling my phone is not really charging via usb. the notifier would tell me if the battery is almost dead before I drive home.

I would use the appearance customization the most. I like to change up the look and feel of my Bold 9700 each day. Please pick me.

I would defininetly use the monitoring feature, as we all know when the BB battery is too low for radio usage its a bummer. Very cool app since it is customizable, Thanks :)

I love these round up blogs. Get to find software I missed during the week like that iFood app. Voriano Battery looks like it will give me actual battery life without having to go through ale EACE

I would love to know when my berry is fully charged so as to not overcharge and blow through extra money needlessly. Vorino could potentially save me quite a few extra bucks with this feature. Nice work guys!

The alert letting you know when the battery is low would come in handy. Sometimes I just forget to charge my BB.

I like the charge monitoring the most. I never feel that you really know when the battery is fully charged and am always wondering if I overcharge the battery. Overcharging is bad according to all I read.

I would love to have this app. for a more accurate reading of the battery power level and being able to get an alert when its done charging.

i like the idea of being alerted of the battery level, when it is low on battery and when its fully charged. the features of this app should even be integrated into blackberry software versions. great great app, I would love to have a copy, veeeeerrrryyyy useful :) bb rules!

I would like to use the app mostly to notify when the battery is low, since I use my BBerry pretty heavily so this is important.

I use my BB to stream talk radio all day, and so I'm not always watching my battery level. Would love to have an audible alert letting me know when I need to put my BB on the charger. Would save me lots of hassle at the end of the day!

Sign me up!!!!!!! I would love to have this app...The fact that it will give me full battery alerts really draws me in.

This looks like a really cool app. I would use it primarily for the battery level indicator. I like the fact that it runs in the background and I don't have to give the three finger salute to access it. The customization is also a plus. A very useful app -- I'd love to be a winner of it.

The Vorino Battery Application has features that are going to be very useful: Being able to monitor when your Blackberry is charged whether in the car or at home, being notified when the battery has reached the critical remaining power level. Many times in the past my Blackberry has shut down or quit receiving emails because of low battery and I was not aware of it. The notification of remaining battery level feature will be fantastic. I look forward to using this new application.

I will enjoy knowing how much battery life I have left. There is nothing more upsetting when you still have errands that need to be run and you only have one bar left.

I like the fact that i can tell me when its fallen under a certain percent. and being honest, who doesnt like a free app.

If i can get it free from crackberry, then i will definitely use it and BTW this is my first post on crackberry as i am a new member in crackberry community and Blackberry mobile.
Hope i get it.

I like most the fully charged battery alert. This will be best for me as most times when i tend to leave the phone charging for longer periods than required, i'd rather know the exact moment when it is fully charged...

I am looking forward to using the overall battery monitoring. I check my percentage often and I think this program will make it much easier.

There are 2 things I am most intrested in. The first being the battery full sensor. Many a times have I left my Storm charging longer than I probably should have. Second is the charting. This will allow me to carefully monitor what drians the most on my battery!!!!! GREAT APP!

I would use the completed charge notifier to prevent having to constantly check to see if my phone fully charged. Also, a notifier when the battery gets to 10% would be useful during times of constant, heavy use.

I plan on using the battery monitoring and appearace customization features the most. Thanks for the contest.

I was just looking for something like this. I spend a lot of time traveling and stuck in places where my phone bounces from coverage to no coverage (basements, etc) which kills my battery. Having alerts and a monitor would be great. Pick me.

I would use this feature for the fact that I have many hand - held devices charging consecutivly - The alert feature would allow me to power down the surge devices I use faster.

I have been told that overcharging a battery really kills its lifetime, and I've been known to blow through rechargeables likely due to this. So knowing when my battery is fully charged would be very nice so I don't keep it plugged in too long.

I would use every feature of the application. The battery monitor would be the most useful with the the other features icing on the cake.

I'm really needing this as my battery on 9000 is draining like crazy and I've turned off everything that eats battery life. My phone is not that old....

Having a constant visual reminder of what the percentage is on the battery, or even a pop-up that tells me it is time to charge will be really helpful. I am constantly checking the About screen to figure out what my remaining battery life is.

Charge alert, so I know when to drop it in the charger. Also, Charge monitor, so easy to see at a glance when it is fully charged.

I would use the alert customization so that I could "hear" when it is charged or if at work I could set it to "vibrate" and when it is charged it could do it 's vibration move across the desk which would be entertaining.

The customization of an alert for the battery will be number one on my usage -- I'm always cutting close to the bone and would love to have a little bit more of a heads up. Graphing over a period of time will be the second. Helps me to better understand my usage.

I think it would be great to be alerted when your battery power drops to a certain level. It would eliminate panic attacks from the unexpected discovery that your battery is really low and you aren't able to recharge it until later.

I'd like the app for the level monitoring. I use my 8550 so hard that often I have to rotate the battery at least once to my backup battery, so having a handy way to monitor the level would be sweet.

I would most loook forward to using the level monitoring feature. Most BB owners own a car charger, and most probably carry their wall charger with them as well. Imagine having to carry around one less piece of equipment if you know you don't need to!

the alert that lets me know when my bb is fully charged cuz sometimes I forget its charging and I leave it there for hours!

the live icon and the battery level are my favorite thing about this app... very useful, good too everyone

i need in my daily use to know very well the level of the battery. running out when you mostly need it is not a good ideea. so, level monitoring will be the mostly used.

This sounds like a great app. Being able to get notified by LED or vibration that the battery is running low would be a great enhancement to my cell phone. Hope I win to try it.

I'd see myself using the level monitoring the most. For the past few days, I've found my battery draining a lot faster that normal. Level monitoring would be a great help.

I would love to have a live icon telling me the % of my battery. I am using a QL macro to get my "info" to find out my percentage.. would love this!

The simple thought of knowing the exact percentage of my battery left makes me want to have this amazing app !!

The feature I need the most is battery level. I am on email, music and phone much of the day, and this would be a gem of a feature for me. :)

The battery alarms would be awesome since my 8830's battery life has become less awesome with age.

I would love to be able to see a more accurate reading of my battery level, so I don't suddenly find myself out of juice.

I would love the low battery alert. I use the xm radio app alot and have completely drained my battery before. I'm a police officer and always need some power in case I need to make a call.

The ability for the app to notify me when it is need of a charge at a certain percentage or when it is fully charged up! I can save some precious moments from having to look at my BB 9700 all of the time to see if it's at full charge...

Now I can actually know when the battery is getting low when I'm watching my movies when I'm supposed to be working. I hope it will notify while other apps or programs are running.

it would be nice to know when my phone is fully charged at work, i hate taking it off charge when it is not, a simple led or vibration to tell me it is done would be nice.

i would use the level and charge monitoring. would be cool to be reminded when you can jump back in fully to your crackberrying ...(yeah i used it as a verb)

I would love the charge level monitoring the most. I like to change up the look and feel of my Storm 9550 each day. Hope I can win!!

WOW! Finally an app you can customize to monitor all of your battery conditions dynamically without having to open some clunky, ugly, app that provides a snapshot of your battery condition that may be incomplete, inaccurate, or both. With Vorino Battery I won't have to worry if my battery charge is going to last if I haven't checked the status of my battery, and it lets me take my BlackBerry off the changer immediately once it is fully charged or without wondering if it is overcharged. This will save me both time and money. Wait time is money! The icing on the cake is that this is a great looking app too.

I think the best feature will be the notifications. I get the jitters when my berry gets down to 20% and its only 4pm. At least now I'll know when its down to 25% or 30% and slow down with the usage until I can charge it again

I would use level monitoring. So useful that I can disable data service, wifi, bluetooth to safe battery usage on tight situation

I would love to be able to identify when I load new applications how they impact my battery life - Vorino Battery would be a key tool in this - I am also a bit of a 'crack-head' and I love to play around with the personalisations, so the fact that you can customise so many features is awesome

Thank you for the contest!!

I would use/like the battery level monitoring the most. It seems like I'm always caught off guard by a low battery. This application would give me the ability to make sure that I charge my battery appropriately and not be caught by any surprises.

i think the best part about the app is the alarm that i can set to go off when the battery falls below a certain percent. cuz my tour, when its gets between 45% and 30% it starts to die very fast. i also have weird hours at work and school since im a college student. Hope i win.

Oh shit, my battery is drained and I am waiting for an important client call! This is why I would like/need a copy of Vorino Battery -- specifically to alert me when my phone battery is down to less than a 20% charge so I can recharge it before it shuts down right in the middle of (or before) an important client call. This is a typical crisis situation for us Blackberry email addicts on the road.

The feature that most appeals to me is being able to set alarms for when my battery has completed charging and alerts for when my battery gets to a certain level. I always forget to charge my phone, so this would definitely come in handy!

What a huge help that would be - I support 50 users and to show them this functionality would be great. Battery life is always an issue and request for improvement - great idea!!!

The new Vorino Battery App looks great, as well as being functional, which is important to me. I would like to win the Vorino Battery app to be able to see just exactly how much battery life is left and whether I think I'll need a new one while I'm out. Thanks for the chance to enter the contest!

my phone spends a lot of time sitting in pockets, thus the ability to set it to vibrate when battery is low would come in handy.

I think it is very handy monitor battery usage over period of time, then I know the health of the battery, and also identify the power hungry apps.

I anticipate liking the level monitoring and live icon the most. The currency battery level indicator is too vague and I always have to go under option->status to view my exact charge level. Having this app will be a great help.

I am trying to think what I dont like about it and I cant come up with anything. I think that because you made the app so customizable it would appeal to everyone! Being able to change its appearance is important, But I think that the custom alert setting is the most desireable feature, if I had to pick one.

For me, it's the detailed battery level. I need a good estimate of the time left since I use it all day at work. Sometimes ALT+SHIFT+H isn't as handy.

Thanks for the contest.

I think when the battery gets to a lower state, this app will appears to try and prolong battery life. Thats the #1 feature I am looking for. So lets hope this happens!

That battery app would be great. It would keep me better informed on when I need to swap out my battery before it actually dies.

I think the thing I'd find most useful is the notification of when my battery has dropped to a certain percent.

I like the charge monitoring the most.
I will use the alerting feature the most,
I like knowing that Vorino battery will alert me when my battery falls below a certain percentage of charge.

The theme I currently use doesn't display the battery level accurately...this would be uber helpful!

I think just knowing how to make my battery last longer will make this app very appealing. Hope I win!

i would definitely use this for the fact that i could monitor my battery easily and see when it is charged without over charging it.

I would love the battery utility notifying me when the battery reached a certain level. This would let me know when my phone is about to enter the "no-radio" state. If I am out and in a no-radio state, that puts me in a fix not being able to call, msg, email.


I am most interested in the better operation conserving battery use, also like the look of the monitor. I would be proud to recieve a free copy of this application for my curve.

Which feature of Vorino Battery do you anticipate using/liking the most, and why?

Would like to be able to monitor the level of my battery in a more efficient way. Thanks!

Not only monitoring battery state on my new BB, but now the 14 year won't be able to use the excuse that the battery was dead because he didn't know charge state. Little does he know Dad was 14 once upon a time. HAAA