BlackBerry App Roundup for April 9th, 2010: 25 Copies of FlightView to be Won!

The BlackBerry App Roundup
By James Falconer on 9 Apr 2010 08:50 am EDT

Howdy folks, hope you've had another great week, I know I have! As per usual, there's lots of goodness included in this weeks' roundup, including our usual giveaway. Keep reading for all the details... Covered this week in the BlackBerry App Roundup are the following titles:

Giveaway of the Week: FlightView

Freebies of the Week: Thomson Reuters News Pro, Belladonna, iSki Swiss Lite

In Case You Missed It: Jam for BlackBerry, BlackBerry Messenger Available in Beta Zone, LinkedIn 1.0.1 for BlackBerry, CrackBerry Theme Updated to Support Multiple Devices, AstraSync Updated

New This Week: BuzzOff, No Smoking, FrazRaz

Cool at BlackBerry App World: Tower of Hanoi

Note: Don't forget, you can always search for titles featured in the App Roundup within App World... Some apps mentioned may be available there for your device.

Giveaway of the Week:



Frequent fliers will really appreciate this new app. Imagine you are on the way to the airport and wondering if your flight is on time and whether your rental car is reserved at the destination end.  Now you can get real time flight information online in real time and stay up to date with any flight status changes no matter where you are in North Amercia. You can even add information about your car rentals for example and integrate both the FlightView information and the rental car information directly in your calendar. Keep abreast of airport status across the nation to help manage your own flight changes. This version of FlightView tracks flights with at least one end point in North America. If you're running OS 4.5 or newer, you should be good to go with this one.

If you'd like to enter for your chance to win one of 25 free copies of FlightView, answer the following question in the comments:

How will FlightView make air travel easier for you?

Leave your answer in the comments now... Good luck!

Freebies of the Week:

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Thomson Reuters News Pro

Are you the type that needs to stay on top of the world’s news? Now you can keep track of what is happening in the world with the Thomson Reuters News Pro app. Thomson Reuters is one of the leading sources of intelligent information for business people and professionals around the world, who need to stay abreast of events that occur. From the stock markets to the latest political events to serious weather events, you will have it all with this new app from Thompson Reuters News Pro.

Get the Latest Breaking News with Thomson Reuters News Pro.



Looking for an inspirational quote to give you a lift when you most need it or something to quote on a presentation to add something a little different for your audience? Belladonna might be the app for you with inspirational quotes on demand as well as automated twice a day delivery of quotes. You can even be notified with a musical alert! Belladonna can change your wallpaper as well every day at midnight to inspire you first thing in the morning. The control panel lets you control the display and you can pull up a new inspirational quote anytime with the dedicated display button. This is a free app and a must have. Belladonna runs on OS 5.0 or higher.

Get Belladonna in our store >

iSki Swiss Lite

iSki Swiss Lite

If you are an avid skier, then iSki Swiss Lite is the application you need to stay on top of ski conditions at all Swiss ski resorts! Supported by all BlackBerry devices and OS releases, the iSki Swiss Lite provides you with the latest information for Swiss ski resorts from anywhere in the world.

Sort by name, region, snow conditions or the resort size and display information about the status of the ski area, the weather forecast, a panoramic skiing map, facilities that are open, length of ski runs, snow conditions and quality, look through live cam’s, find the status of open toboggan runs, cross country runs and winter hiking trails. All of this information at your fingertips and it is free! Avid skiers should not be without the iSki Swiss Lite on their BlackBerry!

Download the iSki Swiss Lite via App World >

In Case You Missed It:

Jam for BlackBerry

Jam for BlackBerry

Jam for the BlackBerry is one of those applications that is well worth the money whether you get it now for $4.99 (on sale 'til APril 15th) or after at the full price of $9.99! It is actually a collection of small apps that have been built into one application that runs on OS 4.3 and above. Some of the main features that are included are LED and screen tweaks, video light, I charge cool, screen capture, in call notifications for various actions, alarms for charging, overheating and for target charge reached, locking screen rotation and detailed meters for the battery for your device storage, media card and memory. With so much in this app, there's almost something for everyone.

Check out Jam for Blackberry in our store >

BlackBerry Messenger Available in Beta Zone

BlackBerry Messenger

RIM recently sent off some emails with download links for BlackBerry Messenger The changes (at least as far as we can tell) seem to be 'behind the scenes' if you will, no huge cosmetic changes at this time. However, some key updates have been made. First off, you can now decide how you want to display contacts and groups: in one line or two lines. Two line displays shows larger sections for BB Groups. Also there is a better styled interface available to launch and send a voice note to friends etc. RIM has also worked on the SMS contact integration issues and the beta testers are expected to provide their thoughts on these improvements. RIM is certainly aware that this area needs work and is adding focus to this area. There may be more changes to the BlackBerry Messenger and the beta testers may identify more issues, however most users will appreciate the improvements.

For more information, click here.

LinkedIn 1.0.1 for BlackBerry

LinkedIn 1.0.1 for BlackBerry

Linkedin 1.0.1 is a bug fix release that addresses a number of issues various BlackBerry users may have noticed. For example if you had difficulty logging in over BIS or Wi-FI, this release should address these problems. Some users experienced “Unable to Connect” messages or “Invalid Email or password” messages. This new release addresses these issues so that users do not waste time trying to log into LinkedIn. If you are using an older version of the app, remember that once you install the new release you will need to restart your device for the new app to take effect. Last I checked, this new version was now available in App World. To download OTA, hit up

CrackBerry Theme Updated to Support Multiple Devices

CrackBerry Theme Updated

The CrackBerry Theme has been, oh, I don't know, just a TAD popular since michaelwpg released it. Due to the popularity, he has added support for most Berry devices. Hit up the download links below to get your copy.

If you'd rather just go with the CrackBerry wallpaper, you can get that right here.

AstraSync Updated

AstraSync Updated

AstraSync has been upgraded with a new version with some new features. Features such as various performance improvements, auto discover, email draft and auto save as well as sync pausing. The performance improvements include the capability to throttle back background operations to improve the performance of foreground activities. You can also create new contacts in the contact app from email recipients. And one feature that many users will appreciate are that the shortcut keys are now supported on all screens. AstraSycnc supports most Blackberry devices except for 7000, 8100 and 8700 devices.

Get a copy of AstraSync in our store >

New This Week



Still get calls that you do not want, even though you're on the National Do not Call list? Now with BuzzOff you can block any phone number, block private or unknown callers and even stop them from leaving a voice mail. This is the first app that will stop a caller from leaving a voice mail. Users can customize the callers you want to block using the Call log, messages and/or your address book. Also avoid interruptions by blocking the sound as well when a caller is blocked. Even use the wild card feature to block all 1-800 callers or other marketing callers from 1-866 etc.

Another neat feature for busy people is the ability to block all calls for a period of 30 minutes to 8 hours with the exception of those people you really want to talk to, while you prepare for meetings or even attend meetings. You can keep your phone on and only talk to people that are important enough to interrupt you in a meeting. There are numerous other easy to use features which many may be interested in.

Get more info on BuzzOff >

No Smoking

No Smoking 

Everyone needs some motivation, regardless of what they are doing and that includes people who are trying to quit smoking. The No Smoking app uses a combination of managing your smoking level over time and providing you with statistics about how much money you save, taxes and nicotine that you are reducing. The app starts in learn mode where it learns your smoking profile over a few days depending on how much you smoke in a day. Once it has this information, it will switch over to a new mode called Quit, to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. Many people do not even realize that they are smoking less until they look at the stats that this new app provides. Smokers who are not ready to quit, but want to get some control over their habit can use this app to help them maintain control and avoid increasing. In fact some will find that they actually decrease smoking when they had no plans to do so.

Future updates to this app will be free to any customer who has purchased an earlier version. It currently runs on OS 4.2 or higher.

More info in our store >



We can all use a little help when it comes to picking winners in horse races or any other type of race. There are always favorites, but if you pick the wrong one, you are out all of your money unless you have FrazRaz!

FrazRaz helps you with your betting strategy to ensure that you make a profit almost every time by taking into account the odds of each racer, and proportioning the betting across the 2 or 3 racers you feel have a chance of winning. By proportioning the stake money across the potential winners based on the published odds, you will win the same amount regardless of which of your favorites wins. Although not fool proof, anything we can do to increase our chances of making a little money is welcome. FrazRaz works on horses or greyhounds or any race where there are multiple runners. Choose up to 4 potential winners, enter the odds and presto you have the amount you should bet on each to ensure that you have a winning hand. This app works on OS 5.0 or higher.

Start winning today with FrazRaz >

Cool at BlackBerry App World:

Tower of Hanoi

Tower of Hanoi

This is a really neat game that tests your logic skills to see if you can move the discs from the left hand peg to the right hand peg with the smallest number of moves. There is a minimum number of moves that can be achieved if you manage the correct combination, however most people take some time before they can beat the clock. Start with 3 disc’s and then increase the level of difficulty by increasing the number of discs. Remember that you can only move one disc at a time, when you move a disc it can only be placed on top of a larger disc or on an empty pole! Good luck!

Can you beat the Tower of Hanoi?

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Reader comments

BlackBerry App Roundup for April 9th, 2010: 25 Copies of FlightView to be Won!


I'm always late for flights partly b/c I always seem to lose track of time. This would be awesome.

I often travel with kids, it would be much easier if I was aware of delays prior to arrival at the airport. Especially on flights with stop overs.

help me? It would prevent ulcers I get when I am driving 114mph to get to the airport. Now I'd know if my bird was on-time!

It would make my air travel easier by knowing if I should risk flyin down 95 because the flights on time and can I go "laid back" :)

well i wont have to rely on others to call me when they land. it is a lot to ask of your loved ones. will use this often. thanks for the chance.

An app would be easier to pull information up on instead of going to the website. Doesn't it do notifications too? That's a killer feature!

This would be awesome for me right now. I'm back and forth between the States and London as my mother is very sick.

Getting ready to start a major nuclear project which will required significant travel on the east coast and California.
This app will be a must to know flight status and wether I have to leave earlier or later from meetings to catch a flight.

Used similar products on the web, but it would be great to have on my Storm 2.

Pick me please! Hurry! need this for my trip to charlotte at the end of the month!

I fly every day, 2 to 3 times a day and this would be very helpful to let me know where my flight is and when i should be at the airport now. Please consider me.

This app would make my life a lot easier. I travel quite a bit but my family and friends do as well. It would be great to keep track of their flights and know approximately what time I need to head to the airport to pick them up.

I travel quite a bit for work and it always seems that my car reservations are never set up properly. This would be a huge help to make me aware of the situation earlier.

This is a great opportunity to own a phenomenal application. I hope I am lucky enough to win a copy.
Thanks CrackBerry!!

I travel quite a bit for both work and with the family. Having the ability to view connections and make adjustments before getting on the originating flight would be priceless. With the HIGH percentage of delays from airlines in this day and age this program is a life-saver. The only additional thing is that I wish I had this earlier this year when I got stuck for almost 2 days at a central airport trying to make it back from the West Coast (to the East Coast) and another time trying to make it home from the Caribbean (Although if we had been stuck longer in the Caribbean that would not have been all that bad).

The flight to sfo that later I take out is late. If its late then my flight is late. Or I'm waiting for my bosses flight to pick him up and its going to be EARLY! If its early and I'm not...I'm dead. Please make my job less stressful. Isn't that why we have the BB!

I travel often and this app would really help make the traveling easier, especially when traveling with the kids! Being stuck in an airport with a 2 year old is no fun!

This would be very useful for me. My wife travels a lot and it would be helpful to know where her flight is so that I don't have to wait at the airport because of a flight delay.

I travel a lot and it is nice to know when the incomming flight will actually land! Usually I know more about when my flight will depart than the people at the airport counter. I always use the web version of FlightView when traveling and this app would make my life easier as I could look up flights quicker!

You mean I could actually be at the right place, at the right time?!? That would be fantastic. I fly often and inevitably I'm sitting at the gate for hours waiting, or running to the gate late. FlightView would give me back my time.

I have been looking for something like this - I travel frequently for the Army and to visit my family who aren't near me. This would make a huge difference in keeping me on track for my endless list of connecting flights.



i wont have to rely on the airlines' delayed online updates! i pick my dad up regularly about 3-4 times a month.

JFK and LGA have the most delays i've ever seen. Last winter I waited 2+ hours for my grandmother while driving around the airport bc I couldn't leave the car without parking. In the end, I finally parked after a few drives around the airport, just to find out the flight had been held up, this would have saved me lots of time, gas and frustration. This is definitely a cool app.

While standing in the looooong line at the airport it will be comforting to know that if nothing else you know where your plane. Pretend control.

Flightview would be great for me since everytime I fly, delta either cancelles or delays my flight and does not tell me. Flightview WOULD tell me!

Oh man, oh man - how many times do I call the airline and am told "flight is on time" to get to airport and find out it hasn't even left where it's coming in from -
This would soooooooooooooooooooooooo greatly improve my travelling life. I wouldn't feel so inclined to yell, scream and throw a tantrum.
Thank you for letting me vent!

It would help especially when i got connecting flights and my current flight was delayed how to better plan my next move.

As a flyer who flies well over 100K miles a year, this would be an invaluable tool for me to ensure I am monitoring any flight status changes -- which, if you are a frequent flyer, you know is one of the contansts of flying: change...

As I frequently travel from Laguardia/JFK/Newark, I have to deal with numerous delays and cancellations. Hopefully this app would save me the hassle of traveling 1-3 hours to the airport only to find out the flight has been canceled.

Dad is 2 million miler and I about to eclipse 1 million.. all for work.. PLEASE help... Will work for Apps...

This would be great for me to track my wife when she is traveling! Would have a better idea of when to pick her up at the airport. Thanks for a chance to win a copy!

It will help me plan my travel effectively by knowing any changes to the schedule in virtually real time

I travel for business to some remote locations. Since the plane coming in is the plane taking me out... this would give me a general idea if I can sleep in or not.


The convenience to check departures and arrivals literally "on the fly" would greatly assist my frequent internaltional and domestic travel . . . not to mention, what a relief it would be for my wife (whoops, I guess, I just mentioned it). GOOD LUCK to everyone who wants, but more particularly, NEEDS this app.

This would have saved me from sprinting from terminal A to terminal C at Detroit airport a few months ago. Hopefully, it can save me from the same fate at LAX in a few weeks.


I fly into and out of the most congested air spaces in the country; LAX Atlanta Chicago and NY. My plane and the preceding flight that will service my trip is very rarely on time. It can be anywhere from 20 mins to HOURS . This app would give me more time to be with clients and plan my trip to the airport better instead of living in the airport like Viktor Navorski (The Terminal)

Having to pick up people from the airport all the time having this app on my BB would make my life sooooo much better. Damn this is one of the coolest apps ever made!!

help me stay on top of flight delays when time is of the essence. As an employee of the American Red Cross I am usually headed to a disaster location within the U.S., so the less time I am stuck waiting and more time preparing to help victims of disasters would be good. This could be one more tool in my tool belt in helping people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. I appreciate this opportunity! Thanks!

I travel a lot for work and feel as though flights are rarely on time nowadays. Being late for meetings and conferences is always embarrassing. This app would help me out a ton just so I can always update my colleagues as to my arrival time. Such a great idea for an app!!

As a frequent flier who is also a cardiac patient, this would minimise stress AND give me a "head's up" if I indeed have more time to make my way to or through the airport. Hope I win. Great site, by the way!

Having the ability to track when my boss is arriving, as well as when my wife is on her way will help me be right on time to pick them up and scores points!

Been delayed many times when the aircraft "left it's destination late and is on the way" but hasn't left the ground yet. This would be useful to get the truth!

This is the best flight tracking app ever. I'm always dropping off or picking up at the airport. This helps me track flights and know if a flight is delayed or on time.

I am always the one that is asked for updates on travel information and statuses on fellow workers comings and goings. This would be EXTREMELY helpful to me!

Having one place to check flights for any airline and rental car company saves time and aggravation from having to check individual airline and rental car websites. Thanks CB and thanks FlightView.

FlightView would be useful for both my own traveling and tracking flights for visiting friends/family/co-workers. It can help minimize my time circling the airport to do a pick-up!

Flight View will open up my view into the travel world and make my business trips less stressful on my brain

I would love this app so when I hopefully get a job with lots of travel, I can make sure my flight is on time!

I pick up people from the airport almost every week.... Flight View would make my life a ton easier to keep track of when people are landing! I seem to be the go-to car service now!

Nothing worse than spending hours and hours at the airport for nothing. This app would help me know what's going on. Also useful for tracking family members' flights, so I know when to pick them up at the airport!

Is my itinerary from August 5th to November 22nd. FlightView would be the perfect app for my travels, as i'll be hopping from plane to plane once every 2-3 weeks. This will be the first time travelling on a major scale, by myself and I think I'll need all the help I can get. I'm kind of nervous because all the flights have booked are non-refundable, thus if I miss even one of them, I'll be forced to pay for another flight to the same destination. This app will surely keep my travels much more organized. Even if I don't get it through this comment, I'll surely purchase it anyway!

Thanks Crackberry!


FlightView will make air travel easier for me, because when I travel with friends or family we always end up waiting in lines to get information about flights and/or rental cars. This will help facilate the whole trip in the fact that everything will be at my fingertips with updated information.

As much as I fly (which is waaaay too much), this would be a great app to have to keep track of flights and whether or not I need to make other arrangements.

We all know how unhelpful and misleading the gate staff are at the airports and this would go a long way in helping to go to plan B in certain situations.

This looks like a great app! I am a pilot and I would love to have a way to look at my flights and see if they are running on time. Hook me up please!

just wanna keep track of my loved ones who travel. i have alot of family members travelling from east to west coast,

FlightView will make my life easier - I already use - and a native app would be awesome! I track my flights all the time already.

I'm traveling to Ohio from Alaska this summer, and to Florida next summer, and this would make my traveling life so much easier!

Flightview would be great to keep track of my "never calling when they reach a destination" grandparents. They have a cell phone between them, but it is rarely turned on, even before the captain says to turn it off. It really is a headache to try and track them down, especially when they go to please make my life, and my Mom's life, a little easier with Flightview for free.

I am constantly at airports, both as a passenger and picking up my spouse and friends. . .Have you ever been late to pick your wife up at the airport! ! !?
Oh, I need this! ! !

I use this all the time on my desktop computer - and it would be sweet on my BB Curve! (Fingers crossed.)

I would love this app. for my Tour as i am an avid flight geek that will be soon getting my solo license for small single engine aircraft. Thanks for this opportunity for a shot at this cool freebie.

Sounds great, would help out alot! especially as i travel alot. Also knowing when anyone i have to pick up at the airport will arrive is very cool, so i will always be updated on things and can plan accordngly.

It would be great if I could use this to figure out if my luggage and I were going to arrive at the same place at the same time.

Thanks James!
But it's a pity that linkedin does not support Storm yet...
Otherwise I like the apps of this week :)

flight view will help me see where the plane is at so I know how much time I still have to work on my BB before they make me put it away.

Just moved across country (still moving actually), and keeping track of flights back and forth for me, my wife and 4 kids has been crazy. This would be an awesome app to have. Thanks!

It is a wonder app. I travel 3 or more days a week. Usually long airports at DWF, JFK, and ATL. It is a great tool to look up the airline. Someone recently emailed me why the JetBlue was an hour late to West Palm Beach and it was circling over the ocean for a heavy squall line to pass through the airport. It really would be a nice treat to have it back on my blackberry!

The plane has landed, the anticipation begins to get to the connecting flight on time. Offboarding is controlled panic, the thought of having to get to the status board inside the concourse to find out where the plane is boarding... did the times change, etc., only to get there and see that the gate is in a totally different concourse and the flight departs in 20 minutes... course it would have been 30 minutes but had to wait to offload and then navigate through the crowd to get the status update.


"You may use electronic devices" ... think to self for a bit that it's interesting that the startup time for the tour on os 5 is the same as the version number... still waiting to offload, blackberry is up, hit my status, as soon as I exit the ramp, I'm off to my connecting flight.

Yeah, this could be useful. :)

My wife would love it, I am a mobile trainer for the air force and she can keep tabs on the flights i am on while traveling.

I have a spouse that travels regularly, and I drop her off and pick her up from the airport. I use this site regularly to track arrivals. Would LOVE this for my phone, so I will not have to be sitting at my desk!! Cmon, be so nice!!!

Flightview would help me a lot, because my family is always travelling, and with flightview i would know exactly where they are !

I use the web version of Flight View everytime I travel or have relatives coming to visit. Having an app for Flightview would make it much better.

Are you kidding, this would be an awesome app for my would help me in some many ways in tracking my flights and in my car rentals....

"How will FlightView make air travel easier for you?"

Well, different than most people, I drive for a limo service and it is beyond helpful to have up to the minute flight info so I know when to meet the people as they walk outside. Its a pain in the ass to sit there for a bit then get kicked out by security, then have to drive the loop again just to get back to the pickup area. Please let me have this, I could definitely use it!

I am a constant flight-checker. I check my flights, kids flights and co-worker's flights. I need this app!!!

I travel quite a bit between the US and Canada due to my business and this would come in handy to know when my flights depart and if I have a car ready or have to walk ;).

Geez. I don't fly nears as much as some of these other folks, but boy do I like to watch little planes fly across maps!

I'm a constant frequent flier who's flying out of town at least 1-2 times/week. Being a newbie to BB, this app would be an absolute MUST for me!

Because I never seem to win, that's why. No really, this product is pretty cool and usefull unlike some other apps.

This would be amazing....I'll know if I have to take a cab to JFK or if my flight is late, I can hop on the subway!!

So few Aviation Apps out so far for the BlackBerry. Thank you for thinking of us in the Aviation Industry!

Since I'm usually the airport driver for my family & friends, this would be a great app to have instead of having to rely on SMS updates.

As my wife travels a lot, this would be a great app to help her keep track on when she would be late and so I'll know that she made it as scheduled.

As a frequent flier, I am always challenged with getting a timely pickup when I return home from my trips. I would use this app by placing it on my wife's blackberry who seems to use it mostly as a phone and maybe this would change that too!. She always waits at home to track my flights on the PC with Flightview. She always however seems to show up late at the airport as she waits at home to track the flight. With Flightview, she can start heading to the airport and continue to track my flights and maybe start being on-time! after a 3-4 day business trip with sometimes two flights a day, the last thing I want to do is spend anymore time in an airport!

FlightView will make my flights easier as I could know in advance whether or not to go to the airport if my flight is cancelled or not. This happened to me last month...cancellation due to weather. Had I known in advance, I would have rebooked over the phone at home rather than drive all the way to the airport.

flight view will make it easier for me to see if my peeps are gonna be on time so i dont waste any precious time waiting at the airport, my friend has it on his Iphone and i saw this app in action last week, its dope!!

Still a fan of the great things you do for the community CB. I've said it before and I'll say it over and over. You always give give give and never receive. Still appreciating these giveaways and the other support.

Why do I have the feeling that about 90% of the members entering in this giveaway would have no use for this app? I see this in every giveaway, they just enter because they can, and they end up not using the app. It's not fair to those who would actually use it, and would actually benefit the member. So those of you who would not need this app, or any other giveaway (we know it sounds and looks cool), please don't enter in it. It's just not fair for you to win it then never use it.

With that said, this would be great for the weekends I fly home from school, or the few business trips each year, and even vacations. But like always I have good faith that CB picks out the 25 who will really benefit from this app.

My girlfriend and I both travel over 100,000 miles a year and not always on the same flights so it will be great to know where each other's flight is as we both have blackberry's with worldwide data

The reason how FlightView will make air travel easier for me is to follow the route with so many pleasure that the flight itself already reduced by enjoy and follow it all twice in one!

As I was sitting in Washington Regan Airport for 3 extra hours because my flight to Charlotte was late because it was still on the ground in PA for "maintenance" it would have been nice to know this prior to getting there. I could have used the extra 3 hours relaxing in my hotel instead of sitting in the airport . . . .i hope i win!

I am constantly running from a meeting in the home office to the airport. Typically, I have a chance to make an earlier flight but hate rushing when the chance to make the flight is not there. Would be nice to sit in a cab and check on those early flights to see if it is worth running to get the early one. Or heaven forbid I am running late, see if I can actually make my flight.

With this application I'd always be on top of my travel plans, always having my flight info at my finger tips would be totally awesome! I hope you select me!

We live far, far away from family and friends. Some we want to see, some not so much. When the not-so-much ones tell us they're coming down for a visit (the downside to living in a vacation destination), FlightView will tell me exactly when they'll arrive and I can time my trip to the airport almost to the minute, especially if it's on my Blackberry. Fun!

I'm always checking my flight status on Google. What an awesome app. Would make my life easier

What a great question. Well first of all, my mom is constantly traveling between places in the world for business and she never seems to pick up the phone when we call her to ask what time her plan will arrive so my dad will pick her up therefore with this app, we will know when the plane will arrive and where the plane is making me and my dad's lives a whole lot easier.

I fly every week all by myself and this would truly help me feel secure about the many places I land!
Warmly, Linda
The Babies Can't Wait Lady

Flighttracker is my kind of app. This is the best way to see when your buddies are going to be on time or not.

I'm not sure if I'm late on submitted this comment for the giveaway. I know excactly how this app will be able to help me. I'm in the Marines and I'm currently returning from a tour in Afghanistan. I have been in transit back to the States for over a week now because our flights keep getting delayed here at Manas when I'm currently waiting, because of the current situation in Kyrgyzstan. So the app would be able to tell me when our flight will be arriving when they confirm which civilian airline is picking us up. Sure can't wait to get home.

I travel for work. When I need to know my flight status I always use Flightview from my laptop. Having this app would certainly simplify my life when on the road.

Two months ago, my flight coming from NYC turned back and never landed. That would have been nice to know where the flight was because at the Continental desk, they knew about the flight... when it landed back in NYC so we had to uncheck all the luggages and take another flight the next day. Also, it would be useful when I pick up people at the airport so I know when they arrive.

I travel for a living, flying corporate airplanes. I would love to be able to track others in our fleet, plus track the airline flights when we're meeting passengers! Thanks!

This app would make traveling easier for me because haveing my plans at the palm of my hand is key. being able to check if i am going to get out on time. also if i needed to change my rental car. instead of jumping around to another site. it would all be there at my finger tips.. Please keep me organized i will really use the heck out of this app

people up at the airport and occasional travel myself, this app will keep me on top of where everyones flights are. Very cool.

i fly alot from place to place and flight view would come in handy so that my wife can track me as i am up in the air or on my way to my home airport