BlackBerry App Roundup for April 18, 2014

A weekly look at new, exciting, and cool apps to try
By Alicia Erlich on 18 Apr 2014 09:25 am EDT

Howdy all, it's time once again for the weekly App Roundup. Now I spent my time wisely this week rustling up some new, cool, and helpful applications for all you BlackBerry addicts to try. Be sure to check them out by clicking through the gallery below and remember you can help by offering your suggestions at the end.

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BlackBerry App Roundup for April 18, 2014


I tried it out, one of three options I've used so far. In and of itself not bad, but came up short for me for a couple of reasons: no sync across devices so you have to add the library in every place, and no auto-scan of the movie files so you have to add each movie individually. Maybe that has been updated since I tried it, but that kept it from being useful to me with 300+ movies and multiple devices I'd like to view the library from (my Z10, my wife's Q10, my PlayBook, her PlayBook, and my Windows laptop).

Another good option is Media Blast, which can auto-build the database from a DLNA server, and can stream to watch on the device if you're on the same network. The data stays intact even when you're not on the same network, as long as you don't rescan, so you could still look at what you have that way.

Ultimately, I bought the Plex for Android ($0.99 on Amazon) instead. Plex on a network drive auto scans (as long as you name the movies properly, as with Media Blast), builds up the same database, and is accessible from multiple devices, including playback when away from your network as long as they're linked with a myPlex account. It isn't the nice BlackBerry UI like Media Blast is (I never loved Media Library's), but it offers much more features and it is still a pretty great UI as far as Android apps go.

I'm not buying any more movies from BlackBerry World! They aren't available for download even though I paid for them.

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I had some issues, use twitter and BlackBerry help.
First, your carrier can refund for the movie you never received, as I got my carrier to do.

what is the issue you were having when you attempted to download?

I downloaded a movie every week now, just about to download quite a few as there is a sale in blackberry world.

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kept having to redownload a license before it would let me watch a movie i paid for and then said i had run out of time to download anymore licenses. if you buy a movie then that should be it. should not have to keep visiting BBWorld everytime you want to watch the movie for another license and then be told the time limit has run out. nothing more than a con. If Chen wants to monetise BB don't have your customers feeling like they're being ripped off.

I got a refund pretty easily the one time that happened to me. I still prefer not to because of having it locked to BB devices with the BBID that bought it, but refunds are possible.

I don't care about the refund ($0.99) I just won't purchase anymore movies from BlackBerry World ever!

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I Definitely recommend BRON. Very handy if you're looking for 'do not disturb mode' on your phone (auto change profiles on defined time).

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Animal Battle should have gotten a mention in the roundup on the PlayBook side for having gamepad support on a PlayBook. A true first and proof that the only reason we don't have games that support some kind of gamepad has simply been devs not caring to write the code to understand the key presses sent to the tablet.

Of course, it's not surprising. CB has been silent on anything PlayBook that isn't a bridge update or negativity, even *leaving out* when a BB10 game includes a free PB copy in a review! Intentional blackout to help bury the device once and for all even as its users say NO?

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Yes and that's why I purchased it from the PlayBook. The larger screen really is a better fit for a lot of games.

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Hurt my eyes playing Eufloria all day. On the Z10's small screen. (Should have bought the Z30 and spend a few extra dollars. Regret. )

Really captivating game ....

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Wasn't Evernote the first non BlackBerry developed app in the Beta Zone

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Thank you again, Alicia!
Would be so cool if the Movie Library app had a desktop counterpart!

I like my coffee BlackBerry Black! What?

Today Quick Money have a small update to version with some small changes:
- Changed splash screen
- Changed color amount of accounts balance
- Changed color amount of bills reminder
- Fixed bug display custom currency
- Fixed bug security setting
- Small changed in UI