BlackBerry App Roundup - 50 copies of Snappy by BerryGoodThemes up for grabs!

App Roundup
By Michelle Haag on 27 Aug 2011 04:25 pm EDT

Win 1 of 50 free copies of Snappy by BerryGoodThemes! Read on for details!

Welcome to this week's BlackBerry App Roundup! This week we have 50 copies of Snappy by BerryGoodThemes to give away! We have searched high and low and found some neat apps to share with you this week, so head on past the break to check them out and enter the contest! If you have an app you want to see featured in the roundup be sure to check the end of the post for information on submitting it to us.

5001 Amazing Facts by XIMAD5001 Amazing Facts by XIMAD

5001 Amazing Facts by XIMAD
This is a fun app to flip through when you have idle moments or when you want to impress someone with some interesting facts. 5001 Amazing Facts is just what it says it is, a whole lot of information, some useful, some interesting, some funny, and some that are just outright weird! The app has recently been updated to integrate with BB6 so you can share facts with friends at the click of a button. For a limited time you can pick 5001 Amazing Facts up for free in App World!
More information/download 5001 Amazing Facts

A+ Picture Effects
A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor by shendz
A+ Photo Effects Editor Tool is a sophisticated photo editing tool with very friendly user interface. You can edit, save, and share your pictures very easily. The app is free to download, and is supported by ads. If you prefer not to see the ads, you can make an in-app purchase and remove the ads for just $.99.

  • basic picture manipulation such as rotate (custom angle), crop, resize or scale, mirror or flip (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • basic color manipulation such as adjustment to brightness, contrast, gamma, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) filter, HSB (Hue and Saturation), invert (photo film effect), and sephia / sepia tone
  • advanced effects and distortions such as perspective view, twirl, bulge (fat effect), squeeze, blur, bump, painting, comic, toon, noise, stretch filters
  • interactive mode. You don't need to input numbers anymore. Just point and click!
  • image preview
  • saving image to memory card
  • history of actions, so you can undo very easily
  • share or post image via Facebook, Twitter via Twitpic, and email

More information/download A+ Picture Effects and Photo Editor

The Jumble by Karmic Apps
The Jumble - one of the most unique, entertaining and mind-bending games, full of cute spiders and tangled webs! Poor little spiders are so messed up that they need your help. The goal of the game is to untangle the lines of web and make sure they don't overlap. Touch the dots and drag the lines to untangle them. Game features 20 artfully designed levels (with more on the way) that provide a smooth learning curve and plenty of brain-teasing fun! The Jumble is free and available for most BlackBerry smartphones.

  • beautiful graphics and easy to use interface
  • 20 artfully designed levels
  • ability to add more levels
  • timer, challenges and much more

More information/download The Jumble

Private Memo
Private Memo pad by Infinite Appz
If you have memos that you would like to keep private, you can use Private Memo to password protect them. Not only can you create memos within the app, it also adds an option in the memo menu to import your existing memos. You can edit, delete and restore memos as needed, and share memos via email or PIN. Available for most BlackBerry smartphones, Private Memo is $1.99 in App World.
More information/purchase Private Memo

What You Might Have Missed


Comcast brings the XFINITY Mobile App to BlackBerry
If you are a Comcast subscriber, and a BlackBerry user you will be very happy to know that they have brought the XFINITY application to the BlackBerry platform. The application allows Comcast subscribers to take the best features of their television, internet and home phone on the go with them while on the go and stay connected from anywhere. The application brings tons of features along with it, for example:

  • Access your Unified Inbox with emails and visual voicemail for your Comcast home phone service
  • Schedule recordings on your DVR so you never miss a show
  • View TV Listings, filter by Movies / Sports / HD / Kids, set up reminders that are integrated with your Blackberry Calendar
  • Forward home phone calls to your Blackberry or any other number
  • Sync your XFINITY Address Book with your Blackberry contacts
  • View On Demand movie trailers
More information / download of XFINITY Mobile


Snappy by BGT
Snappy by BerryGood Themes
Snappy is a new screenshot app from BerryGoodThemes that makes taking screenshots of your BlackBerry screen fun! The app adds the screenshot option to all menus throughout your BlackBerry, or you can set it to a convenience key. When you capture a screenshot, Snappy pops up in the corner of your screen to let you know you got the shot, but he doesn't appear on your image. Screenshots are saved to your media card for easy access so you can send them via email, BBM, Twitter, etc. Snappy is available for $.99 and is compatible with all BlackBerry devices running OS 5.0 and up, including new BB7 devices!

More information/purchase Snappy

Contest: BerryGoodThemes has given us 50 copies of Snappy to pass on to you guys! If you'd like to enter to win a free copy, leave a comment below. One entry per person please, and the contest ends Sunday at midnight. Good luck!

Until Next Week..

Well there you have it folks! Be sure to check out New BlackBerry Apps, Updated BlackBerry Apps and Free BlackBerry Apps available at If you are a developer and want to have your app shown in the roundup or you're interested in having us host a contest for you, drop me an email at cbmichelle[@] See you all next week!

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