BlackBerry App Center - Where Is It Now?

By Bla1ze on 27 Sep 2009 08:26 pm EDT
BlackBerry App Center- Will It Be Used?

It really wasn't that long ago that RIM was hiding the BlackBerry App Center under a shroud of secrecy. Details were slim, facts were not clear and everyone was left wondering what exactly was going on. Well, the shroud of secrecy didn't last that long and RIM began explaining exactly what the application center was to be. We all know carriers love to push certain items to our devices, some are useful some are better off having never been pushed considering it's nothing more than carrier advertising. We all see it, until we hide the icons and forget about them till a later time.

BlackBerry application center was created to clean this up and give users the option of which "carrier related" items they wished to install on their devices as well serve as a repository for carrier approved applications. So..where is it? We have seen it on the Storm and more recently we know for a fact it is still being built into OS' considering all 5.0 leaks have it held in the install files.

It leaves the question will application center be used at some point in time further down the road more widely? A lot of developers ask questions about BlackBerry app world and why not all carriers are having it proloaded and RIM's response to that is that they are indeed working alongside carriers to make that happen, but all are not on board with the idea yet. But if application center was designed for this why does it remain unused? Do you want it or feel it's even needed? Sound off your thoughts in the comments.

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BlackBerry App Center - Where Is It Now?


That's the point though...this isn't and never was App World...this is the App Centre which came before App World. It's never been really put to is it? what are they doing with it?

I think its just that multiple carriers distrubute the same product, and each of them would want to push their own software titles and media download center apps through BB AppCenter.

Now with that said, if the big V pushes out their software over BB AppCenter, along with some nice user features only for their customers,what would stop a Sprint or AT&T user from Downloading the AppCenter from Verizon, and getting that software on the identical device running on a different network? Now you have a SVRATe(Sprint,Verizon,Rogers,AT&T,etc) device that has just bent the rules.

In conclusion, BB AppCenter would have to come out with a version for every carrier. Very Unlikely. This would solve the I wanna showcase my Apps first issue that the carriers would have. However this still doesn't troubleshoot the cross usage of apps from carrier to carrier.

Just my opinion...


I've heard of the App. World, but have not had the desire to download it. I don't really see it being necessary when you can find most applications without it.

This is not about Blackberry App World. This is about the App Center. They are two completely different things.

Anyways, I've had the App Center hidden for months and haven't even thought much about it. I don't really see any use for it.

Personally, I like the Crackberry app store better. It's smaller, lighter, and I believe set up in a really user friendly fashion. I think the initial launch of some half-@$$ed app store is what killed it for me. I think a serious overhaul has to happen because people are familiar with the iTunes music store, a similar format should follow. Especially if you could download and browse from your computer. Then RIM could put a little marketing money into BB + Apps rather than U2 loves BlackBerry...

If it stopped carriers constantly pushing icons to my phone that I don't want then I am all for a carrier branded app center ALONGSIDE my other app getting methods.

Although, verizon already tries to utilize this, AND sends me stupid icons. So what is the point really?

Come on verizon. Make up your mind and stop polluting my Berry!

People, please read the article before sounding off.

It is not asking you if you like App world.

its talking about the carrier branded APP CENTER.

Pay attention people.
Two very different things.

Can the App Center be deleted safely if not used or any of the apps that come with it are not used either?

...but at least most of the comments are somewhat coherent, even if they are completely off the topic. Most blog comments these days are so poorly written it takes a half hour to figure out what in the world they were trying to say.

problem is, partly, that the Big V or any others do not do enough to promote and market and utilize these services. When App World was released to a huge fanfare, and the "other" app centers are just "found" one day on your phone, and noone tells you what they are they are VERY easily forgotten about. Damn.. that's a run on sentence if I ever saw one.

I looked at mine the first couple days I had my BB. Then I found CB. And it became my only source for info, apps, etc.. Now it shares that spotlight with App World. But none the less.. the BB and Carrier specific "app centers" are lost and forgotten.

Conclusion: Not enough done by the companies who put these centers out there to promote, market and utilize.

App Center is worthless. . . . It's been hidden since day one of this tours life. . . . . (Just like slacker radio but that's a personal vendetta)

Don't get me wrong. . . I'm still a VZW fanboy but they do tend to irk me with their annoying push tactics. . . .

But as a former employee of the now defunct Cingular Wireless I understand the "need" to upsell consumers. . . .

Savvy consumers such as ourselves are able to discern often but unfortunately we are not the majority. . . If we were Carriers would be forced to create more productive products and market them more creatively. . .

I deleted App Center (centre?) a while ago, and haven't missed it one bit. I vote to let it die or be put down. I'll continue to hide the crapware icons VZN pushes to my Storm.

Right on NinjaRat. I have made a "useless shit" folder since day one for things that do not delete fully. Or pushed content to hide in.

Many apps listed in App Center (yes, App Center, not App World) that I had already installed on my Storm would say "downgrade". That's because I had either downloaded say, an update to Facebook, from App World or directly from the app vendor's website, but that update somehow didn't register in App Center.

This quirkiness, along with the fact that not all of my installed apps were listed in App Center, made me think it wasn't very useful.

Now, if the App Center would list all of the apps (third-party or otherwise) installed on your phone and would give you an indication mark whenever there was an update to your installed app, that would be useful. It could even list those apps you backed up or archived like App World does.

As long as it doesn't duplicate everything App World or CB's app store does, and if it listed all of your installed and archived apps letting you know when an update was released, then it would be very useful.

I think RIM had good intentions for the App center. Allowing apps to easily show up on the phone in a clean, orderly manner. Too bad it never worked out, almost all of my apps that I have I got from my computer, then had them emailed to my berry.

Now as far as the Blackberry App World. I just feel it hasn't been quite utilized yet. If you think about it, all you see or hear about it the Apple App Center, for the Iphone. This is only due to the fact that there are alot of developers out there that are capable of making some nice apps for us to play with. In order for the Blackberry app store to be successful it must acquire all of the developers. There only seems to be a handful of free apps on the app store, compared to the hundreds on the Apple. Spending more time with developers is what I think will solve this little problem, and cause everyone to start buzzing more about Blackberry and not Apple. Not to mention the fact that you can't really put that many apps on the storm(9530) without it causing the phone to slow down conciderably. But I feel that the storm2 will have this problem solved. Remember everyone, Iphone's are for kids, Blackberry's are for adults :)

The ability to remove, not just hide, pushed apps that we do not use is very much needed. It is very aggravating to have a lot of wasted space because the carrier wants to push an app onto your phone even though you will not ever use the app.

This practice ticks me off and really makes me want to consider other carriers next time around. The devices are limited in memory as it is so pushing apps that just sit there and waste my memory without giving me a way to delete them is unacceptable.

I agree. However, the apps that get pushed to your device are simply shortcuts or links to an OTA where you can download the actual app. So, in terms of memory, they shouldn't be using up much.

are just shortcuts as the poster before me pointed out. They are taking up almost zero space and going to another carrier about it is major overkill. Just hide then in your Downloads folder and be done worth it. All carriers do this anyway so it really does not matter where you go.

That being said I do think App Center is a great way around this practice :-)