BlackBerry annual shareholder meeting to be held on June 19th

By Bla1ze on 12 Jun 2014 05:43 pm EDT

To go along with the First Quarter Fiscal 2015 results on June 19th, BlackBerry will also be hosting their annual shareholder and special meeting that day as well at 10:00am EDT in Waterloo, Ontario. The event will be webcast for all to tune into via the BlackBerry Investor Relations site.

From a CrackBerry standpoint, Kevin will be in attendance to hopefully catch up with BlackBerry CEO John Chen as a six-month follow up to our CES 2014 interview and find out what has changed within BlackBerry since then. We'll likely also fire up a live blog or two, so stay tuned!

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BlackBerry annual shareholder meeting to be held on June 19th


Maybe Freddy will invite you to the most exclusive club in Mobile now.

PS just watched a video of the German Football Coach Low taking photos with a Bold 9900, There is still hope for Classic.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

Maj....keep an eye out for your "Club Z30" membership documents.

Founding Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile

Likely there is not much to report until 2016.

Right now, with the exception of Indonesia, there is no apparent program to market handsets. Market share should remain at about 1-2%.
Enterprise Servers:
BES is being promoted as a trial version, and will have little current influence on cash flow.
Specialty OS products:
Health care and auto systems are at least a year off until they have profit centers.
There is no apparent profit center. However, it is currently a financial drain to operate for free to users other than BB plan holders.
BB app store:
With few handsets in the market, and reducing numbers, there are not too many places to sell the apps.

IMO the stock analysts have already taken into account the above. The price has already been adjusted. The main stockholders are institutional; these are one's who take a long range view in their holdings.

Good news or bad, after the meeting there should be a slight increase in the share price, maybe +5%. (Unless there are unexpected dramatic losses.)

Btw, They're making money off bbm now with stickers. and he's going to explain how well BlackBerry is doing with the use of metrics. He stated this earlier in a interview.

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How many stickers do you have to sell to even make a million dollars if you only take a small share from the dev's 99 cent sale price? Most of those who downloaded them have the freebe Beta versions.
There are not many users out there who will buy them.

Multiple Development Teams, Additional Servers, Additional Bandwidth.... No they aren't making money off of BBM yet.

Even if everyone that uses BBM bought five sticker packs, they aren't covering cost yet. And I doubt they have gotten near that many users to purchase stickers. Some markets they will sell, some they will not.

Finally I thought I was being smart and now I look dumber than ever.... my confidence is squashed.... Tks for that

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Earning report and share holder meeting same day? Must be a good news call! Load up the stock because it's common sense how the earning is gong to be.

Agree, this is the turning point we have been waiting for a long time. The stock is going higher, much higher from here.

Mr. Chen is having it at the same time so he can save money on catering expenses. Smart.


Maby a stupid question, but is there also a possibility to hear more about the Classic or de Q30 at this event?

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You will not hear anything technical such specs but if the management and Chen think is a good thing to reveal they will provide ETA for the product launch and possibly other hints to future product. I really hope they will not reveal too much and too early but just what will be "immediately" available.

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I hope things start turning around for BlackBerry! I think they just need to move a little faster to keep people interested!

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I was at Best Buy Today and a guy walked in and said he wanted to upgrade from his Galaxy S4 to one of the new BlackBerry's with a physical keyboard. The salesman told the guy that they don't sell BlackBerry. When the guy asked why they had them out on Display, the salesman said they were only for corporate clients. He ended up talking the guy into a another Android. I asked the salesman later why he did it. He claimed that BlackBerry wasn't making hand sets any longer. I couldn't believe it! It's no wonder they can't sell phones, the dumb idiots at the retailers are not only promoting their favorite phones, they are steering customers who ask for BlackBerry away! Dartmouth NS if anyone cares

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I believe I wrote this before, but I had a Bell sales Rep tell me a month ago that BlackBerry does not make devices anymore also. I asked "how do you know this?" She said "because customers told me so". Unreal. I can see a few sales reps getting the story wrong a few times here and there, but wouldn't working in a carrier store with a manager close by correct this trend by now? Doesn't make sense?


Yeaah!! Another scotian in the house! :). Nothing really worthy to add to this convo so I thought i'd acknowledge that. I definitely feel your frustration though bro.

Pimp slappin iGeeks and Droinerds with my Q10

Only for corporate clients?

Is that Chen's influence? Is it something hard to get that the masses will want because they can't have it and then it becomes desirable, and *poof* BBRY is popular again.... ???

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I intend to see this, hope I don't miss it. :D

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