BlackBerry Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Live Blog and Chat!

By Kevin Michaluk on 9 Jul 2013 08:01 am EDT

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BlackBerry Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Live Blog and Chat!


It will be good entertainment as they 'manage our expectations' .

Can't wait to hear the fanboi excitement over a new PlayBook variant. Coming soon!. Now with BB10!


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Wonder if the board has seen Google shares heading towards the $1000.00 mark, Apple holding around $400.00 plus mark and BlackBerry in the dump! Within the year expect a $2.00 BlackBerry share price with the actual end of BlackBerry in site! Sad but true.

Where's my FULL BRIDGE Mr. Heins? Please return it!

Your comment is so 2012. Does not make sense.

Past performances are not future ones.

Playbook is a dead product, commercially. Deal with it.

Who made that product dead? Those schmucks from Blackberry. 1GHz dual core CPU and 1GB RAM is not enough to run OS? Please, Apple is using less than 512 MB of RAM android also. They said that they need at least 2GB, I say they are full of crap...

It did come out over two years ago. As the saying goes obsolete in 18 months for any hardware.

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Who is doing what Google does and better?
Who is doing what Apple does and better?

Hint: The answer to both these questions is the same.

The fact is, BB10 was a bust, and they're out of bright ideas for the future. They've got enough cash on hand to postpone the inevitable, but it sure looks like the end is nigh.

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I'm just curious for you three guys, do you wank on Heins and those Blackberry clowns or? You three are reminding me of those Apple zombies that are so brain-dead. Blackberry is lost, they will bankrupt because of their stupidity. Stupidity no1: they promised faster life cycle for their OS (never going to happen due to lack of innovations) Stupidity no2: they promised Blackberry 10 for Playbook, after 7 months of their promise, they said Playbook is gone for good (please don't tell me that they will release an update, because last one was released an year ago)... Stupidity no3: they cannot agree to pay MS, Google and other firms to build most used. Applications eg. Skype, google browser, Navigon, etc, etc... But they hire Alicia Keyes (please, they are throwing money into the fire..)

Are you all for real?? The platform is barely 6 months old. What did you expect by now? $200/ share??
Have patience!!

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Did you really expect it to be at less than $10 a share at this point?

While I didn't see $200 as share being in the future anytime soon.... I did hope that mid $20 would have been a possibility if the BB10 platform had shown itself to be viable.

Youngsters nowadays all want instant result. Have patience. Let's review again BlackBerry performance as a company yearly. Not daily or even quarterly.

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Youngsters? Nah.

Boomers who want to retire like Kings are the ones driving the stock into the dirt due to their desire for 'instant gratification'.

Youngsters are the ones that are going to turn Boomers into pet food when the health/elder care system implodes from all those expensive promises made to each other. Freedom 55 indeed.

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Fact is.... everyone has to wait for the next quarter and US carrier #'s. if that is a disaster!!!!!! It is done, no more excuses and no stories. Tons of money in the bank will not mean a lot if there is no support...... and us CrackBerry types have supported enough.

Still love my z10. Have not had one issue and think it's the phone that suits my needs without the kiddie stuff cluttering it.

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Have to agree here. My Z10 got me to give up my Android. I've been a happy BlackBerry nut since Again

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Company is doing fine. Bb10 and related products will have their time in the sun. Doubters and short sale schillers are just requisite noise on the turnaround path.

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Somebody needs to ask what the hell is going on with the US. They are 3 months behind in launches and updates

Check Apple and Samsungs sales numbers. Tells you everything you need to know.

Also explains why BB10 hasn't done well in the US where the smartphone market is almost saturated and customers evidently aren't upgrading in numbers. Leaving US carriers holding large inventories.

BB10 is an amazing OS with the most potential out of any OS on the market. iOS7 is more of the same, and Android is more of useless functions that dont make life any easier, after all, that is what our phones are for, right? BlackBerry needs its loyal users to spread the word if the company wont. I had a Z10 and now a Q10, and I wear a BlackBerry tshirt at least once a week because I want people to know that BlackBerry is still around, and actually has an OS they should be using. I am 32 year old legal professional from CA and I am a proud BlackBerry user and shareholder.

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True. At least iOS is user friendly. Android is more a geek or budget choice. I think BB can catch a lot of Android users, as the retention rate shouldn't be so high. BB10 feels more polished than Android.

I can't run my ol ladies iPhone it's not user friendly. There junk BlackBerry is the best, ppl just don't know because of shity marketing

Three phones in 6 months isn't enough for you?

With more on the way apparently?

Market conditions have impact BlackBerry - not to mention Samsung and Apple. It's not the best environment to be launching premium devices.

BB is on the path to deliver the 6 devices for 2013: one every 2 months. Z10, then Q10, now Q5. In August hopefully a fourth one. Keep up the good work.

They can release all the devices they want. If not enough people buy them, it's a fail.

So far, it's a fail.

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6 devices... how about working the bugs out of one first. BB10 has great potential, but BlackBerry lately never reaches it potential before they dump a device.

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All smartphone sales were down last year. Apple cut IPHONE production 20%. Samsung missed sales goal. So BlackBerry didn't do all that bad considering market conditions for smart phones. Just keep moving BlackBerry!

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It would be nice to join if I could only fill out the forms on this Damn blackberry

Round 2. Trying again

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As a shareholder I want more from the marketing team- maybe neon Q5s in the US for teens, or a celebrity campaign where BlackBerry gets a device in major Hollywood hands; you know, a real push to be seen. Lets face it, people are mostly sheep and they are told is cool, and BlackBerry needs to be cool. Now is their chance with the novelty of iphone and samsumg devices wearing off. Sorry, but we need more than Alicia keys (on offense). And as much as I dont rely on apps, it is a selling point for the majority of users, so BlackBerry needs to keep pushing app development too. It will take time, but that doesnt mean that BlackBerry doesnt have to keep trying harder.

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The point of marketing is to generate excitement and interest in the product. People don't have to be sheep to excite them or pique their interests. Are we sheep for waiting on a product that should have come out 2 years ago? BlackBerry has been stubborn and arrogant with product development and they're being stubborn and arrogant now by expecting everyone who left BlackBerry to just come back....

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Why are they going to be mad? They knew what they were getting into, everyone complains too much.
You didn't die today, you still have food to eat, you still have a place called home.
Either quit whinning, or sell off your shares.....
They should be happy they get to wake up everyday.
They should be happy that the stock is up.....well from last September atleast.
What did you expect.

Exactly. Unrealistic expectations. RIM/BBRY is close to breaking even. Just have to continue to grow the product line. Grow the app store. Develop new revenue streams.

We need a smaller device to be released. Not everyone likes to carry a brick in their pocket.

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Are you serious? The Z10 is smaller and thinner than the S4, the Q10 is thicker, but smaller, not really bricks. They're not Nokias.

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I don't understand why everyone wants BlackBerry dead. Is it not good to have some variety/competition rather than just android and iOS for everyone?

Btw everyday on my commute to work I see more and more Z10 and Q10's.

I would wish to see them "dead", they scamed 2.5M playbook owners, and they should be punished for that

Heins should explain why subscriber numbers are no longer relevant and how they would be completely different from the old numbers because of the differences between BB10 and the legacy OSes.

AT&T and BlackBerry® invite you to install the latest software update for your BlackBerry® 10 smartphone. Choose from two easy ways to complete the update:

From your BlackBerry smartphone:
Step 1: From the Home screen, swipe down from the top of the display.
Step 2: Tap Settings > Software Updates. Tap Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions.
Step 3: If requested, connect to Wi-Fi to complete the download. Click here to view a video on how to connect to Wi-Fi

From your Computer:
Step 1: Connect your BlackBerry 10 smartphone to your computer using a USB cable.
Step 2: From your computer’s web browser, visit
Step 3: Click the Check for Updates button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that the software update is available at no charge, but downloading the update over the wireless network may incur data usage charges depending on your airtime service plan.

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Hoping for something good to come out of this. It's a good time to buy more if I see a positive indicator.

It is just all routine getting through the meeting agenda....then the fun starts with questions from shareholders after adjournment:-)

A few things. Drop the entirely dumb Idea for a "new " legacy device, focus more on your BB10 platform and OS, highlight the Z10, Q10 and Q5 (yeah the Z10, remember that phone and all the people who bought the phone, including me?!). While the BlackBerry PlayBook might not get the BB10 update, which I can understand from a technical, as well as business point of view, you can at least send a few more OS updates, even small ones, as well as bring back the BlackBerry Bridge. Because if you've entirely given up on the PlayBook but will bring out a legacy device that doesn't make any sense!!!

Get your operational stuff in order! No more amateur hour! No more stunted and fractured OS updates and device releases!

And for pete's sake, advertise and market your damn products!!! Raise the profile of your company and products again!

Finally, get your head out of your collective asses and see things as the are not as they were or you would like them to be! Start there, be confident not arrogant and follow a well laid our plan! Then good things will follow...

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the best add would be a user showing it to their friends and family.....and then communicating etc with them after they get one too:-)

Between my mother and I we have 5 BlackBerry devices, two legacy ones, now boxed, a PlayBook and two Z10 ' s. So I don't need a lesson in marketing ok! I've shown my BlackBerry Z10 to friends and relatives and colleagues. They like it, are intrigued by the BB10 platform but the lack of familiarity and brand awareness keeps them from purchasing it or upgrading to a new BlackBerry device.

That is beyond my capabilities of pursuation! Whilst I don't mind per se showing my BlackBerry Z10, I don't work for BlackBerry and don't get paid by them either...I do have other things to do in my life than play volunteer salesperson for BlackBerry...

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I have the z10 since it's release in the USA after using an Iphone since the Iphone release. The Bb10 Os is better and the phone is excellent with some obvious improvements needed. The negativity is coming from the 180m short play that will do all that it takes to disturb rational thought and tarnish the BlackBerry image as best they can. The product is great and with further improvements and investment in quickly getting the most used ios and android apps to Bb10 the z10 and it's successor coming this fall can grab market share. So we all see this yet we don't see blackberry executing... spend the money and get creative marketing and necessary apps for the mainstream user to bbworld fast. The advertising has been dismal. Learn from those that have captured the interest with humor and the public how Bb10 is better......Samsung did it and many other companies with poor products do it. and yes, get the updates out properly...

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And we are under 2%. Someone tackle this gimp before he takes it back into the negative

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I'm not buying the comment about meeting their internal expectations as compared to the street expectations. BlackBerry did nothing to lower expectations over the previous two months or so. In fact they seemingly did everything in their power to put forth the thought that everything was great and expectations were being exceeded.

I like he said how nobody else protects your information like bbry does. He needs to always stress that.

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Strange that Thor sees mobile devices sales going up. PC and laptop sales going down and forgets to say that the tablets are the reason. Oh wait. He said tablets will be dead in 5 years or so????? True sign of the head not knowing where it is.

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I believe he said that five years from now, there will not be a reason to buy a tablet as it is today. By which I think he meant that mobile computing will have moved on to something like a screen/cradle setup that takes your smartphone as its core processing unit.

Posted via CB10 - Z10 STL100-2 Vodafone NL

I think Thor's doing a good job of telling everyone to basically calm the f**k down and that the world isn't over for BlackBerry.

It's the fact that he still has to that is the problem. That's where BlackBerry is screwing the pooch. I have similar thoughts regarding the PlayBook. They took their most loyal and longest persevering followers, original PlayBook owners, and basically just punched them in the gut and walked away. These (myself included) were their strongest defenders. I'm done defending them now. They are their own worst enemy sometimes.

We could use some explanation. I mean, for now I really think the whole BlackBerry 10 coming to PlayBook was just a lie to sell those last ones in the inventory. I really love my PlayBook and my friends and family too. I bought the first one and paid the full price. I even bought another one after Thorsten's said it would come. I'm very disappointed about it all.

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So did I. I bought both the PlayBook and Z10 on the very first day for full price just to get fooled by Thorsten Heins.

So much for all the talk about tough questions. The shareholders caved. Not a single.question about apps

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I am sure Thor is a nice guy, but he needs to be fired and replaced. BB10 cannot be the only saving grace of BlackBerry because whether he likes it or not, cell phones are not the only thing that matters. BlackBerry NEEDS to have an ecosystem of devices and software. They have to have tablets and they have to have some kind of software/webware to open up the gates to those unfamiliar to the brand (in the general public)... be it an email service, a cloud service, etc. If they want to be business only, or focus mostly on business, then make the QNX into a business desktop OS (it started as a desktop OS), or create a database program that will fight against Microsoft's Access and Apple's Filemaker. They need a foot in the door and right now all they have are 2 phones and incompetence or lies (ie PlayBook).

It doesn't look good for this company. Feels horrible to say that, but it is true.

"We're doing the right things and we're doing the things we said we'd do" - Thor

It's all part of the plan. Let him execute it before you write him off. And before you say "If he fucks this up, then BB is dead", well we knew that going in that this was BB's last shot.

Personally, I blame this on the CMO. I think Thor is doing a good job.

Also, they don't need tablets. Jesus. Look what happened last time they put out a tablet. You want them to go out of business now don't you? None of this stuff you are suggesting can be done over night. You don't just launch a phone os, tablet os, desktop os, cloud services and database program in a day. Let's see them succeed at one thing first OK?

I'll disagree and say they should have a tablet.
It has to do with the screen size. There needs to be something between a phone size screen and needing to carry around a laptop to have a better viewable experience. If all a person is doing is social networking the phone is fine. Or a web site visited has a mobile version to display properly on a phone. But there are still many web sites that are not designed for phone size screens. These can be a pain to navigate. A tablet size screen eases this.

Granted, the PlayBook did not do as well as many hoped. This can be attributed to any number of things. Poor marketing, slow or lacking support or it being a holdover from the previous co-CEO's vision. And the current CEO's vision doesn't see tablets viable in the future. We will never know the real reason, only various opinions as to why it didn't.

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Playbook didn't do well because ridicules price for 7" tablet. For all those that are defending them, think of Nexus 7 and their specs and price...

I agree that the price was way to high. Also there was no e-mail, no calendar, and no contacts. Add to that the lack of apps (which came from the results of the other 2), the playbook was destined to to poorly. Sadly it wasn't that BlackBerry (RIM at the time) didn't do a good job creating it, but rather pushed the hardware out without a completed OS. If they did this with 2.0 then it would have been more successful, and then if they lowered the profit margin or even subsidized the price and tried to get the money back from apps/cellphone carriers (do that before the wifi model), then it would have made a much better splash.

The vision of tablets not being viable in the future is a horrible business move, imo. The fact is right now tablets are selling, and selling well. They will continue this trend for at *least* a few years to come and BB can't afford not to jump aboard.

Saying that statement doesn't instill confidence with investors who look towards the future and short term potentials (and probably long term) and make BB seem like they are stuck on the past and not looking at the present and arguably the future.

Also by ending the life of the PlayBook they declined the marketing of saying that 250,000 (or whatever) BB10 devices are now in the wild (without ever having to pay to develop a new piece of hardware, sell that hardware, market that hardware or manufacture that hardware). Whether or not 250,000 people are still using the PlayBook, they could say that they increased the BB10 devices on the street. That pool is what developers want to hear, and the more developers, the more consumers, and in return the happier the investors. On top of that, bypassing the horrible PR that they give themselves by ending support that they promised, they also made once loyal customers lose confidence in the products that they sell.

With the old CEOs, the PlayBook was a mess to start with, and this CEO made a mess to end it.

Tablets are a huge market. They screwed the pooch bringing the PlayBook out before it was remotely ready, and they screwed up by how they decided to end the PlayBook's life, but that doesn't mean that tablets are not huge money and are not going to be around for a very very long time.

The tablet could have been a cheap 1 day release if they stuck to the plan (unless that plan was tricking people into buying unsold tablets), and then down the road release a better tablet. The software aspect are examples of them to work on and announce (pick one or something else, not saying everything, as you surely know)... but then again they are horrible at announcing anything.

I think the ship sailed for their tablets because of their 2 HUGE mistakes at the start and end of the PlayBook, but without that ecosystem and that seamless integration on devices, they will be in a world of hurt.

Research in Motion was hurting before Thor and now BlackBerry is being temporarily patched up, but nothing is really being fixed. If this is how they are competing with the big boys, they will lose. Even if their stocks went up 3% after falling much, much more than 3%, it still doesn't look good. My opinion is to get rid of Thor and find someone with more vision and drive (and who doesn't give high titles to celebrities for no apparent reason). That will both help the company compete and give stock holders some faith.

"We're doing the right things and we're doing the things we said we'd do" - Thor

Wrong, he said they'd be bringing BB10 to Playbook. Pull your head out of the sand.

One of the biggest mistakes from a hurting corporation is to lie to loyal customers, to look incompetent to customers/potential customers, or look like they are tricking customers to buy their unsold hardware... and they did all three in a single swipe. Also, horrible decisions at the end for a ton of reasons other than just the lying/incompetence/cheat aspect, and it was a horrible decision to remain silence between the promise and the break of the promise.

more and more promises in the pipe.
It's time for a shareholder revolt.
when Motorola X, iPhone 5S, Budget iPhone, Samsung S4 Mini, HTC One Google come out next 3 months.
What BB have prepared?

They will promise BB11 on their phones and then say "oops, can't... but thanks for the quick cash!". :P

Honestly they will probably just say that they are maintaining good standings and that it is like the turtle and the hare and we all know the turtle wins... They will say that all those successful products are fads and will stop making millions and millions in 20 years and so BlackBerry will skip over that. You know, everything that makes investors want to continue to invest.

And everyone is happy now, cause the stocks are waaaaaay now.
Because BB is promising what they said, in a timely manner right.

I waited for a decent BlackBerry mobile to come out rather than buying Apple /Android . It took longer than expected and i had to buy an Android if only to see what millions of others could do. Kept the BlackBerry as my main mail and phone device.

Waited for BlackBerry to release a decent tablet. They sent out the Playbook without email and needing a bridge. While the world bought tablets with everything built in beautifully in one device.

I thought they would make a turn and get the BlackBerry tablets back on stage even if with a partner like Sony.

Waited for bb10 to come to the PlayBook so I could buy not just my first tablet but a BlackBerry tablet.

Guess what does Thor want me to do now. Wait for 5+ years for his tablet less world come through?

Guess it's time to look elsewhere for a tablet.

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Own a Q10 and shares. I'm really pleased with my BB 10 device, coming back from a Note2 & S2 (android). Good, new OS and updates on a regular basis. Never cared about a zillion apps. Stocks are a bit lower but i'm in for the long run and hardly checking the stock price these days. Think BB did good last 6 months, new OS and 3 new devices. Hopefully they bring that A10 or something kickass out so hopefully more eyes will turn towards BB10.

Also concur with Jay Wetcher' post.

It is a pleasure using my new BB10 device. Hopefully this translates in the next few quarters. I would hate to see an undervalued company like BlackBerry get broken up by hungry competitors.

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