BlackBerry announces two new executive appointments

By Bla1ze on 18 Dec 2013 05:05 pm EST

Hot on the heels of the appointment announcement of John Sims as President of Global Enterprise Services, BlackBerry has now announced two more executive hires. This time around we see James S. Mackey appointed as Executive Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategic Planning and Mark Wilson appointed as Senior Vice President of Marketing.

Jim and Mark are important appointments for BlackBerry as they bring extensive experience and add the necessary leadership and depth that will help us drive our transformation," said John Chen, Executive Chair and CEO of BlackBerry. "I have worked extensively with both of them in the past, have the utmost respect for their experience and accomplishments, and we have developed close and trusted relationships with each other that will enable us to cohesively manage the changes required to reshape BlackBerry.

John Chen seems to be wasting no time when it comes to hiring people he thinks BlackBerry needs. We'll be taking a further look at their history here in a bit but for now, you can read on through the full press release from BlackBerry below.

Press Release

BlackBerry Announces Two New Executive Appointments

WWATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - December 18, 2013) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced two appointments that strengthen the Company's strategy, marketing and operations.

James S. Mackey was appointed Executive Vice President for Corporate Development and Strategic Planning, joining the Company with years of experience executing highly successful corporate strategies that drive growth. Mark Wilson was named Senior Vice President of Marketing and brings extensive experience building brand preference and driving integrated marketing for a number of well-known companies.

"Jim and Mark are important appointments for BlackBerry as they bring extensive experience and add the necessary leadership and depth that will help us drive our transformation," said John Chen, Executive Chair and CEO of BlackBerry. "I have worked extensively with both of them in the past, have the utmost respect for their experience and accomplishments, and we have developed close and trusted relationships with each other that will enable us to cohesively manage the changes required to reshape BlackBerry."

Before joining BlackBerry, Mackey served as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Open Text Corp., as well as head of Corporate Development at SAP, where he developed and led the Company's global merger and acquisitions group, including completing more than 40 acquisitions.

Wilson will join BlackBerry in January from Avaya, where as CMO he led the marketing transition to a customer-solutions orientation. He previously served as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Field Marketing at Sybase, and has extensive experience in marketing roles at AT&T and KPMG. At Sybase, he oversaw branding and advertising, lead generation, sales enablement and mobile product marketing operations.

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BlackBerry announces two new executive appointments


I definitely is. As Mr Heins brought in his executives and Mr Chen is too. Just these new executives have mobile experience. Just hope they do a much better job in turning around BlackBerry

Wow, the new marketing guy has mobile experience. Chen is not playing around.


Corporate was BlackBerry's main market, and pro-sumers wanted in on the devices too. I never saw BlackBerry as a mainstream consumer products provider.
If they win enough in the corporate in addition to pro-sumers, the company will make money and developers will be more interested. All of it will lead to growth.
Just keep the good devices and the best OS!!

Posted via CB10

One area of concern with focusing on the prosumer is that 90% of the whole smartphone market is consumer, so it's a big piece of the pie to neglect.

(hate the word prosumer)


But in the short term, next few years, it is where BlackBerry can survive, regroup. It is the only space at the moment to get BB10 devices into the hands of consumers that work for corporations that still supply devices, like our company does. That is why I have a z10, passed it on and have a z30 now. Also, it is why my wife and kids all have z10 devices except for daughter which has an iphone.

Posted via CB10

It's not like consumers won't be able to buy them. But to solidify 10% makes anything consumer, a bonus.

Remember, all these corporate clients have families and friends. If BlackBerry can finally get something (corporate/prosumer) right, it will at least give 10% of the population something positive to say about BlackBerry

Yes but they can make money on margin and not have to dump price to gain volume. Quality over quantity.
As the Bold 9900 is still the best business/messaging phone according to this site they can virtually ignore the consumer market and super high development costs by incremental improvements ............that are actual improvements.

This is a misnomer. For many years going back into the last decade, consumer BlackBerrys were in far greater number than enterprise BlackBerrys. People often think that BlackBerry was "all business", but it really wasn't true. It got its start there, but with the original Pearl and Curve, sales exploded on the backs of consumer sales.

You only think that's the case.

Even in the glory days of BlackBerry, they only ever had around 3% of the cell phone market (until recently that was still the case).

What happened was that the consumer switched the type of phone they buy from feature phones to smart phones. The vast majority of consumers have no idea about BlackBerry. BlackBerry didn't "lose" market share so much as not take advantage of a growing market.

It's true that a small percentage of consumers bought into BlackBerry, but the vast majority of current Android and iPhone users have never used a BlackBerry.

And that is the companies problem. I just relented and bought an iPad. Man that product stinks. It looks pretty and has loads of apps but is terrible to use compared to the Playbook. There's no way to multi-task from a user perspective even in iOS7 and no consistent user experience!

The sad thing is very few people realise just how good BlackBerry devices are.

Agreed. After Thor said the PB wasn't getting BB10 I went out and bought an iPad Mini. It has taken a while to adjust to it being slow and clunky. I'm still not sure why so many people rave about them.

I'm definitely not giving up my Z10 any time soon. As long as BlackBerry keeps making phones I will continue to be a loyal customer.

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Let's not forget the reason BlackBerry tried to move into the consumer market. The rise of byod started to erode BlackBerry's enterprise market.
The consumer market kept BlackBerry alive with the curve being such a huge hit for the younger crowds.
Moving to focus on enterprise only is stupid if that is what they are going to do. The world has changed. No longer is there two markets. Byod has ensured that there will only be one market from now on

Posted via CB10

"Moving to focus on enterprise" is essential to survive.

While there is a perception that BlackBerry devices aren't as good as the rest and therefore consumers choose the rest, it simply isn't the case.

Consumers choose Android and iPhone because their phone operators don't give them the choice of BlackBerry.

No amount of advertising is going to sell devices if when the consumer arrives at the operators store they're told to buy iPhone or Android.

It is because many carriers have ditched BlackBerry (they don't make enough money on BlackBerry) that BlackBerry has seen a sales slump.

Enterprises on the other hand, tend to do comparative evaluations of devices and ecosystems before determining what to buy. And BB10 with BES10 is easily the best mobile solution on the market today.

With BES10 you can still support BYOD - though the experience on most phones is so bad I have no idea why companies go that way regardless of what MDM they use. Usually because they evaluated solutions prior to BB10 and are now stuck with a out of date decision and a huge investment in non-BlackBerry MDM.

He hasn't called me yet... I thought maybe I'd be the third lucky hire. I'd make a great Chief Officer of Motivation and Kicking A$$! :p

Oh yeah, I'd also institute a policy of yoga pant Fridays! 

You have my support, Kevin.

Cheers to restoring BlackBerry back to its corporate / enterprise roots! Those who do!

Posted via CB10

Hope Yoga Pants Friday only applies to the ladies. I certainly wouldn't be want to be in an office full of dudes wearing nuthuggers. Just sayin'

Posted via CB10

Chen should plant you and a co-hort as moles at Samsung and Apple, where you can implement male employees yoga pants Fridays and bring down both companies.

You should start your new yoga brand to compete BlackBerry marketing... `yogi yoga with Kevin`(and Davina... for French people)...

He probably saw all the videos of you drunk and eating a onion that Adam posted and decided against it lol. Seriously though I think you would be great hire as a consultant for them.

BlackBerry Z30 | | BBM Channel C0006E212

Sorry Kevin. You need to first proven yourself at Sybase and/or SAP. Outsiders need not apply, at the moment, it seems.

Who would you expect him to bring in: his enemies? How many of these executives are being brought in as change agents, which generally have a short shelf life?

"Yoga pants Fridays"
I don't recommend mentioning that when you have your interview.

Posted via CB10

It may be time to review that slogan. I liked it before, but now with the lack of uptake in market generally it just seems to be saying what the double entendre implies the consumer should do. Time for a new campaign!

Posted via CB10

It appears that John Chen is drawing experienced people in. That's a good thing. However, I am far from expert, does anyone have any information about these gentlemen? Guess I'll wait for Chris' take on this (no disrespect to you Bla1ze).

Chen is bringing back his film crew from Sybase and SAP. Let's hope it really is the same movie script for BlackBerry's turnaround story.

Only counts to temporarily bump stock price... Let's see how they perform.

JC Penny hired the exec in charge of Apple Stores and he tanked the brand trying to re-brand it. He used the same ideas he had developed for the Apple Stores.

Apparently Mark Wilson was on the TV show "The Waltons" as a child.

Does that help?

Otherwise he's the marketing guy that helped John Chen turn around Sybase, is very experienced at mobile, and helped change Sybase focus from large scale database software to mobile software.

Hope we see better marketing!!
And better specked devices
And better designed devices
And better UI design
I could go on, smh

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Specs- stop giving us outdated specs on a phone that is supposed to be a "flagship" the z10 was outdated when it came out and the z30 isn't much better at all!

Device design- all the bb10 phones look very bland and dull (except q10 imo). The designs look very lazy to me and I just wish my z10 looked more unique, so all my friends can stop saying "it looks like shit iPhone"

User interface- again quite lazy for me. All we have is some live tiles and a grid of ugly shadowed apps. Yeah I know the grid is standard in all phones but why can't they be a little more creative? Why couldn't they utilise some of TAT's cool ideas. And for the love of baby jesus, why can't we have a normal home screen?? For example no tiles, just date and time with some notifications maybe, same as the lock screen??

All this, in my opinion, is BlackBerry still living by the "good enough" approach. It's time for change me thinks!

Posted via CB10

This comment shows how little this person knows about QNX. Give me a real time micro-kernel over the competition any day.

Posted via CB10

OK, tell me why. How exactly does BB10 use the real-time features of QNX? My guess is that it doesn't use them at all, because they impose significant performance penalties if you insist on a guaranteed latency. But, you're the expert, so set me straight.

I will... I programmed in QNX back in the late 80's on an original IBM PC with an 8 bit 8088 processor and a grand total of 640K of Ram. With that machine we could host 80 dumb terminals running an application. QNX was designed from the bottoms up to be a very light OS in terms of task switching capabilities. You don't need to go way deep in function calls every time a task switch happens so the RTOS component is very fast. As I recall even back then we could do something like 80,000 task switches a second (making each of those terminals seem very responsive). The processor and RAM in your BlackBerry is solar units ahead of the old 8088. Granted the OS is doing a lot more these days (UI, full Unix API's, running Android VM's, etc... but it's got the power for sure and the RTOS features are there being used all the time under the covers... fire up the task manager in the latest leak and see how many threads are running... compare that to your PC and you will be considerably impressed.

The task switch latency has zero to do with RTOS functionality. This is pretty much why people troll CrackBerry. There are so many people here who think they are so much smarter than everyone else, yet the level of technical knowledge here is just abysmal.

Why was the amd athlon superior to the Intel p4s at half the speed. Specs have nothing to do with how much can be computed in a given measure. Given a unit of measurement, QNX can do more at a given spec than the competition. That's a fact.

Posted via CB10

I have to disagree with you in terms of specs. Z10 is not outdated specs wise when it came out.looked at the iPhone 5s dual core 1.3ghz and 1gm of ram the screen isn't even 720p vs z10 1.5 ghz dual core 2gb of ram and 720p screen hdmi out nfc bigger battery more durable and so on but the iPhone 5s outsold the s4 in the us and so on because of the brand not the specs. I agree with you though in terms of the UI a bit bland with the icons and so on and the phones totally need a new sleek I want to have it design as well.

Posted via my awesome 5 inch BlackBerry Z30 :)

Stop relying on specs. This isn't the 90's where the bigger cpu and gpu made a difference.
It's now about OS integration. BB10 doesn't need mega hardware to work optimally. Unfortunately, your comment proves a point that people only care about this. It's hard to un-brainwash people. This is a fact that is working against BBRY.

I agree with you on the good enough mentality as it does seem that way from time to time.
I have often thought this, but I do see them getting better with time.......but time is against them so it's a double edged sword again.

Fortunately it is only you opinion. Thank God that's all I can say. BlackBerry cannot please everyone.

The problem is finding someone with it, and finding somewhere to buy it.

Posted via CB10

Blackberry could have the most amazing high spec phone around but what use is that if nobody knows about it. Marketing is their biggest downfall along with lack of apps.

Posted via CB10

There is no perfect phone. All of that could always be better with any phone, any platform. The important thing is performance and ease of use / adaptation. Specs are less relevant to the end user when the experience is on point. Plus, it's not like BB10 devices are in the stone age compared to the competition.

Posted via CB10

Completely disagree.

Specs have proven to SELL. People want the latest and greatest now. They want more bang for their buck. Why pick up a z10 with completely outdated specs when you can have the latest innovations in a Samsung galaxy s4 or even s3 (or any android flagship) for a little more money (taking into account the z10's ridiculous launch price).

I'm sorry but Hub, peek and flow is just not nearly enough to sell bb10 phones. If experience was more important then they should have sold better, but we all know how that went... I think bb needs to attract people on the spec front now and stop delivering outdated "flagships"...

Posted via CB10

Specs sell, that doesn't they matter. BB10 runs faster and smoother on the Z10's "outdated" hardware than Android on the S3's quad-core whatever processor.

I think BlackBerry(And Chen) made their point, they're not focusing on consumers but on the enterprise.

My Z10 with whatever antiquated specs you believe are so important will out perform the competition in just about any benchmark you can conceive. It is not about specs, just performance and productivity.

The innovative features that you have named have absolutely nothing to do with why BlackBerry 10 phones did not sell. The public is totally clueless about BB10 because of no marketing or carrier support. Until pop culture tells them that BlackBerry is cool again they will remain clueless!

IMO The absolute best direction for BlackBerry is to retake the enterprise market and the world will slowly learn how superior this OS really is. Go back to the roots of BlackBerry and have a rebirth of the brand from the enterprise out.


Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

With all your discontent, hope you are still not using BlackBerry because that would very ironic. Lol.

I am still using my z10 which I got on launch day in the UK. While it is Ok, it was and is still missing so many features features that even legacy devices have. Add to that the terrible battery, poor apo selection, and many many bugs! I can honestly say it will be my last BlackBerry unless their next devices can actually live up to the title of "flagship".

Posted via CB10

You must have a bad one. I use mine all day without any problems and by the way pretty much still outperforms anything up against.

Posted via CB10

You must be running a load of dodgy apps or something. I don't have any problem with my battery. I charge it every night but it doesn't need it and I use it all day. Only time I had a problem was when I loaded an eBay app - it drained my battery within hours. After a dew days I deleted it and all ok again

Posted via CB10

Specs sells because of marketing. People wouldn't have even known what the Samsung Galaxy S4 has until it was shown on the television. Android needs the specs because of poor software performance. Apple and BlackBerry both don't need the specs because of how smooth they run with the specs they provide. Shoot even the BlackBerry is still faster than the iPhone 5S processor. Plus BlackBerry already has enough specs for people to play around with hidden in BB10. They just need to be brought out.

Posted via CB10

Completely disagree. Maybe for an older age group but the young could care less about spec...they just follow the trend and unfortunately Blackberry is not cool to them at the moment. Was going to buy my teenage sons Z10 for Xmas - not interested! All their friends, cousins etc have iPhone or Android so they wouldn't even consider Blackberry no matter how high the spec was. Get some cool marketing with top celebrities and they might start slowly winning back the young.

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I think this is a great move to bring the focus back to where it needs to be. The corporate Market is very good, and will bring more prosumer back to blackberry. I think the BlackBerry would be very good in two more markets: education and medical.

The security of the blackberry makes it ideal for those markets. The security, control, and now the android markets are potentially there, I think that would position them stronger than before.

To reach those markets and some of the defense markets, BlackBerry will need to put more emphasis on the playbook or develop more the phablet base.

Posted via CB10

I agree, medical is a field worth pursuing. That world is still not fully digitalized. Systems often operate without being connected. Gathering all that information in a single, secure environment that can also be offered on mobile devices should gain some attraction..

I believe realtors are another market... if they could only sort out the glitches with the E key on the 10's...
My brother in law has been a long time blackberry user... he reluctantly has to switch to an I-toy just for the above reason...eventually his whole family (4 bb's) will go to whatever he has :(

Posted via CB10

My guess is you haven't been paying attention.

Fired a useless CMO recently.
Today, hired someone who may "get er done".

Screw the 'consumer' market and focus on enterprise. Consumers just care about shiny, specs and what they think their friends will think...

BB will be just fine without the sheeple and candycrush.

BB until it is not CDN

Mr Chen is getting on with business here. Lets see what these new hires can do with BlackBerry!

Enterprise BES10 sales and lots of them please, if and when we see this, the share price will then rise!

Looks like BlackBerry is getting ready for one hell of a ride. shall not be forgotten.

We have to get blackberry phones back into the stores. People are waiting for the Z30 in the United States .... I can't afford to transfer service to Verizon because I'm under a grandfather contract (unlimited data plan/AT&T). Most cellphone stores aren't selling blackberry phones....ask/see for yourself the next time your in a store. BlackBerry is a great phone, and we need people to know this! So high tech business people.....change that.....

Posted via CB10

Problem is, none of the staff know anything about blackberry. They need to put booths in every major mall and educate people and show their presence.

Posted via CB10

Not going to happen if they are shifting their sales focus to enterprise. With OS 10.2.1's Android apps support, BB10 phones can do very well with consumers. It's a pity if BlackBerry gives up so soon on the consumer front, but all signs seem to point that way.

Here's hopes that the marketing is finally on point AND consistent. This includes appropriate pricing for each device. I hope the highest priority goes to marketing. The right marketing could dramatically boost sales without having to change anything on any of the devices out now, except maybe the PlayBook. I would do (at least) some minor updates to the software before pushing that back out, which I hope they do. Great marketing will ease the pressure off of getting newer devices out sooner than later, on top of gaining market share and becoming profitable again.

Posted via CB10

I really wish this team had came together 18 months ago. I really liked Thor but BBRY needed (and needs) outsiders and new blood to move forward.

At the time, BlackBerry needed insiders like Thor. A brand new CEO would have ditched BB10. Look what happened to Nokia: They had a beautiful OS in MeeGo on the N9. Elop came in and replaced it with Windows Phone. What has it taken for WP to become "successful"? Major OS overhaul leaving early adopters completely stranded (7.x to 8.x), tons of money pumped into Nokia to keep it alive, yet ultimately forcing Nokia to sell their hardware unit, and tons of money in advertising.

Maybe new blood is needed now, but back then, Thor was a good choice.

#$%!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I lime the sound of that. I feel the force is strong in Mr. Chen... yes.

Posted via CB10

Mark Wilson has Marketing experience and AT&T experience. Hope he can use his contacts there to address AT&T's apparent unwillingness to promote BlackBerry devices in their stores...

Posted via CB10

Hope these are good moves! I am also amazed at how long it is taking the message to get through to some on Crackberry - the message has been very clear corporate/enterprise is the focus. End consumer is not the target. BlackBerry needs revenue and will not get that from handset sales bit will from software and services. Consumer handsets are a thing of the past. I'd consumers want to buy them, fine!! Please let's get the message and not flog the dead "consumer " market horse!!

Posted via CB10


I think that you are right in the short term. BlackBerry has to rebuild based on its historical strengths.

Maybe I am wrong, but five/six years ago the ratio of corporate to private users was very high. Few people were exposed to BlackBerry except through corporate devices. With the explosion of iPhone AND the increase in available bandwidth everything changed. The smartphone became a consumer product. For the endlessly discussed reasons BlackBerry missed that trend.

Still, when BlackBerry becomes reestablished as a serious player, which now can only happen via corporate buy-in, the company will return to the consumer market.

In the interim, it is clear that BlackBerry is not going to be chasing consumers.

Posted via CB10

John used the magic work, "cohesive", something that BlackBerry desperately needs and has lacked.

John knows whats up.

Posted via CB10

This is just foreplay,wait and see Friday what Chen will pop out of his bag of tricks during the ER , probably see the stock go up just on optimism about BB ,going forward.

Enterprise market is not isolated entity that exists in some parallel universe waiting to be conquered. It is a market same as consumer market - filled with Iphones and Android devices. It's a wrong focus.

Ain't no half stepping....Big Daddy Kane

RAW.....Big Daddy Kane

Papa don't take no mess....James Brown

Mama said knock you out.....LLCoolJ

It all about high standards, you fall below them You're out.

Mr Chen's Get Psyched Mix

Posted via CB10

I hope for a turn around, but I don't want them to exit the consumer market and I don't want them to ultimately end up selling BlackBerry (like they did Sybase). The new Marketing CO has experience in the consumer market, so that may mean something.

Posted via CB10

Mr. Chen you have my full 100% undivided attention now. How may I assist you in this beautiful trick that you are pulling out of your armor. History will soon unveil itself and I'm all eyes and ears!

Keep The Faith

History is in the past.

Get over it, and look towards the future.

The only history that needs to unveil itself is the JFK assassination, if Jesus was just a man, and maybe documents re: 'Dubya's war crimes.

Wouldn't mind knowing if aliens have visited too.

BB until it is not CDN

It's becoming more apparent that BlackBerry is now focusing on Enterprise sales and licenses. Software sales have better margins than hardware and they don't need to compete with other consumer focused vendors. Opening BES 10 to Android and Apple is a strategic move that should make BlackBerry relevant again. Leave Apple and Android to the consumers. BlackBerry should once again rule the enterprise!

Posted via CB10

Jobs for the friends that helped him save the other company?

Are you that out of touch with the business world to find it strange that he wants people he can trust and knows he gets along with professionally on his team?

If between these two hires they fast-track something like the "Q40 Slider" prototype, I'll know they're the right people.

If they just continue to put out full slab touchscreen devices "harder and more often" I'll now they're back to the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

EDIT the "harder, and more often" reference is to the Julie Brown parody of "Madonna Truth or Dare" and is at a point where Medusa (Julie Brown) is complaining to her friends how hard it is to come up with original ideas like 'grabbing my crotch', so her friend suggest "grab your crotch harder, and more often". I hope that's not what they end up doing.

This is huge. Continual strong focus on the enterprise. And now a focus of marketing. I now feel this " could "be the turning point for BlackBerry. At this point, I dont mind if consumers space takes a back seat if this means Blackberry can reprise its role as a leader in the enterprise sector. Someone once said that the enterprise user are also the comsumer.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

Marketing experience seems to be purely B2B and no B2C experience no? Little worried the company thinks they can win based on marketing to businesses only. Too many companies are giving the device choice to employees and B2C marketing matters. His B2b experience will be critical for EMM and MDM space.

Posted via CB10

Good stuff. Reasons to be optimistic going forward. I like Chen already for his decisiveness.

Posted via CB10

So basically people should have no hope towards BlackBerry? Let the people have hope. With Thor, people were excited for the change but he was a hire from within. I'm more excited for the John Chen hire because he's an outsider but more importantly he has experience AND success.

And connections in the relevant industries.

Although BlackBerry's execution has not been perfect, it's a lack of cooperation from various industries that is holding them down.

You got nothing to add?

Just a stupid bot promoting your BBchan.

TY, this chan will never be joined. Added this one to my growing list of "never join"... love this remember app :)

BB until it is not CDN

Jim and Mark... almost read that as Jim and Mike. Anyway, hopefully with the ATT ties, BBRY will be able to hurry the Z30 along for release at ATT. Can't hold on to the wife's upgrade forever...

It's clear the new Chen is bringing people he knows, and who know him, to BlackBerry. That's all good. What BlackBerry needs more than anything else is focus. Understand who they are and what they need to do. By bringing in a team familiar with the CEO is a super start and a positive step forward.

Posted via CB10

This is a full cleaning of the house. A huge culture transformation is underway.
I just hope they are careful not to blow everything away. For example, keep making hardware.

Handsets was one of the key point Chen announced to focus on. Just look it up, if you missed it. :-)

What BBRY without its handsets?

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Chris U, I cannot WAIT to see your in depth followup research on this announcement in particular what I see in the announcement are 3 things:

1. "said John Chen, Executive Chair and CEO of BlackBerry."
- anyone here notice that the quote says CEO not his actual title of iCEO (interim)?! Very interesting, sounds more of a permanent placement when official this is not supposed to be the case.

2. Mark Wilson used to work at Avaya, once a publicly traded company and very big yet had financial issues themselves and went private! Chris U mentioned this a few month the back in one of his analyst posts in passing (Avaya not specifically About Wilson).

3. "... and we have developed close and trusted relationships with each other that will enable us to cohesively manage the changes required to reshape BlackBerry."
- key focus on '... enable us to cohesively manage the changes required to reshape BlackBerry.'
- what EXACT changes are required to change BlackBerry that have been publicly stated, what exactly!!?? I'm not talking nor looking for a generic answer, something savvy business executives do far to often to alude quotes for wrong doing in the future when called out; especially when on the opposite end of the board!!

Curious if anyone else sees these like I do?! Things that make you go 'hmmmm'

"I have worked extensively with both of them in the past, have the utmost respect for their experience and accomplishments, and we have developed close and trusted relationships with each other that will enable us to cohesively manage the changes required to reshape BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Well, BYOD is a reality in the corporate world. Most corporations allow it. So let's think of the impact.

If BlackBerry is only going to focus on the corporate market, how will the pressure from employees for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy help companies adopt BlackBerry phones over their BYOD policies? If BlackBerry has little street cred with consumers, it will face resistance in the corporate world. It's not like the old world when employees had no option.

In that case, which CTO will fight the battle for BlackBerry? The market has changed. Employee pressure forced companies to accept iPad in the corporate network for email. If there employee pressure for BlackBerry, it will be that much easier for a company to adopt it.

For this reason, BlackBerry should not completely give up on "consumer market education". I've seen many of my corporate friends, who have been devoted BlackBerry fans, jump ship and go to iPhone and Samsung because they have little idea what the new BB 10 OS is capable of.....

It's difficult to understand BB's strategy in this changed market conditions to simply focus on business customers and practically abandon the consumer market in the age of BYOD. Or maybe that means that BB phones is a dying breed :(


Wish I was a mate of john Chen, I'd turn that shop around.

At least we got someone in the marketing position

Glad they are flushing the execs and getting outside people in. BlackBerry's corporate culture needed changing. Hopefully all this isn't too late. They wasted so much time with Thorsten's run and his team did so little.

Posted via CB10

Go team Go! I love my new Z30 and I absolutely don't miss the keyboard. I can "flick" my words much faster than typing with my thumbs and it is a lot more accurate. If I want to get into power typing the voice dictation is superbly accurate, And it's five times faster than typing on my computer keyboard. Good luck to Mr. John and his team!

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't look at taking the CMO from a company like Avaya as a step forward for BB. Avaya is a company with its own identity crisis, especially after taking in the Nortel product line. It makes some solid products but has a terrible sales and marketing groups. They couldn't sell water to a dry man in the desert. Products lines are confusing and product names change contantly with no significant change in the product. The "Power of We" campaign was a confusing disaster. They continue to loose market share in the UC space to Cisco due to marketing and sales. I would have to think Mark Wilson was responsible for some of this. BlackBerry would have been better off grabbing the Cisco CMO. Hope I'm wrong and Wilson helps turns things around. Maybe a few failures will help lead him to somes successes.

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