BlackBerry announces their Enterprise BBM Suite - BBM Protected

By Bla1ze on 25 Feb 2014 02:52 am EST

The offerings from BlackBerry surrounding BBM continue to grow as BlackBerry has just announced a new Enterprise suite for BBM known as BBM Protected. Take the stage at Mobile World Congress, John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry advised of the service which will be run under a subscription based model and serve as one way BlackBerry plans to monetize BBM.

"BBM has always been an important tool for business users who want real-time messaging that is reliable, trusted and puts control of contacts and personal information in users' hands," said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry. "With the introduction of the eBBM Suite and BBM Protected, we will provide regulated industries and security-conscious organizations with a powerful and best in class instant messaging solution."

BlackBerry has always had an Enterprise IM client but this move takes it one step further and brings the BBM business even closer to some profitability. You can jump below to read on through the full press release.

Press Release

BlackBerry to Launch eBBM Suite for Enterprise Customers

First Solution, BBM Protected, will Provide Secure, Enterprise-Class Mobile Messaging for Regulated Industries

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - Feb. 25, 2014) - Mobile World Congress 2014 - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today announced the eBBM™ Suite, a new family of products and services that work with BlackBerry® smartphones and the BlackBerry enterprise solution, BES and BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, to provide enterprise-class mobile messaging that brings together the core strengths of BBM with features and capabilities aimed at enterprises.

BBM Protected will be the first solution offered in the new eBBM Suite, bringing regulated industries the most secure and reliable real-time mobile messaging in the industry. BBM Protected will provide an unrivalled level of trust in enterprise messaging with end-to-end encryption of messages that uses symmetric encryption keys for BBM messages and best-in-class technology for public-private signing and encryption key pairs.

Employees will be able to use a single well-known, well-loved app to connect with internal colleagues under this regulated level of enhanced security, while remaining free to message BBM contacts outside the organization simply and easily with the privacy, control and security that is already inherent in BBM. For IT administrators and infrastructure managers, BBM Protected will work across BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry® OS smartphones in regulated mode with no OS upgrades required.

BlackBerry's end-to-end security model is built on a foundation of secure hardware interacting with secure software. Security is reinforced at every level of the device from CPU to boot ROM, to OS and file system, and applications. The root of trust that BlackBerry builds for its customers remains unbroken throughout the chain, and is unlike other security models that rely on the interaction of components from multiple vendors.

"BBM has always been an important tool for business users who want real-time messaging that is reliable, trusted and puts control of contacts and personal information in users' hands," said John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry. "With the introduction of the eBBM Suite and BBM Protected, we will provide regulated industries and security-conscious organizations with a powerful and best in class instant messaging solution."

BlackBerry remains committed to providing end-to-end solutions that are secure, reliable and benefit the productivity and collaboration of enterprise customers. "Regulated industries need an option for mobile messaging that maintains compliance, but still gives employees the freedom to be productive with peers outside of the organization. BBM running on BlackBerry smartphones in a BES environment is unrivalled in meeting this need," said John Sims.

BBM continues to be a top choice for business users who turn to mobile messaging to enhance their productivity and collaboration through BBM Voice calling, one-to-one chats, multi-person chats, or BBM Groups, which offers groups of up to 50 people the ability to chat, share calendars, lists and images. BlackBerry users can use BBM for video calls, to share screens and to create private BBM Channels for one-to-many collaboration and sharing.

Pricing and Availability

BBM Protected as part of the eBBM Suite is expected to launch this summer and will be available to enterprise customers through a monthly per-user fee. Useful Links BlackBerry BizBlog BES Information Cybernomics 101 - Vulnerabilities and Mobile Computing BBM Information

About BBM

Introduced in 2005, BBM set the standard for mobile messaging and continues to drive innovation in messaging and private social networking. Today, BBM is one of the largest private social mobile networks, driving real, active conversations. Customers love BBM for its privacy, controls and immediacy with Delivered and Read statuses and message-in-progress notices.



Great news! Have been waiting for this one a long time!


I thought Mr. Chen says he isn't going to make any big splash at WMC. Instead I read all kinds of cool announcement Blackberry have in stores for us fans. He's really not holding back anything. This guy is giving new life to Blackberry.

Prem WatsApp

Underpromise, overdeliver...

(Thorsten couldn't have kept his mouth shut from the airport...)

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)



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I laughed so hard.

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Perhaps Mr Chen doesn't consider this a big splash - perhaps his idea of a big splash is still to come...

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You know what they say about hope in the walking dead?

something something something, don't do it.

jojo beaconsfield

Every press release has emphasized security,I love the direction BB is taking,security is big news right now and BB is well positioned to take the high road, this is what is going to make BB comeback big time.


Can't wait for this one...Love the new plans Chen has in store - Keep up the good work !...

Hope these floating words turn into strong actions...


Good stuff....bbm now ready to make money

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Anything about Blend?

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Let's see hackable What's App or BBM Protected with BBM Voice & Video Calls, File share and more !

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Amazing news!!!

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Chan...... you rock!!!! BlackBerry is now in good hands.

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Yeah. ESN on its way ! Well done.


BlackBerry classic sounds good to me!

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Hello Chris U, are you paying attention now? BlackBerry has figured out how to make money from IM. Not only that, they now have a big time feature that can't be replicated by other security platforms like air watch or mobile iron. Time to stop fawning over whatsapp and write about the real revolution happening in IM. Security and privacy now have value. Without this, you have a low end, low margin business that only makes money by robbing you in your personal information.

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Prem WatsApp

Pay for the service, keep your data private. That's why I'm with another great Canadian offering. Hushmail, IMAP works flawlessly on my Q10.

Gmail? Serious? Scan your email for keywords and behavioral clues to profile you? Yeah, but it's "free".

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Thanks for the tip. I was thinking of moving my personal email account and this sounds interesting.

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you might like can set it up completely anonymous.

jojo beaconsfield

@THBW... sometimes and most of the time I wonder what Chris is sniffing!!!


It is good news and a good start, but the issue will be adoption. If they can't get enough enterprises to adopt it, it will be useless.

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But it works as a secure messaging platform WITHIN an organization so it doesn't depend on every other company having it too to bring all its tangible benefits to the adopting org for internal secure communication.

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The devices are exciting but this might end up being the best new offering for BlackBerry you come right down to it. Imagine the applications for it

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So are they saying the bbm I use now is not secure? I don't get it, what exactly is different about it?



Consumer BBM is not secure enough for regulated work places so it's not included in the Work Space of a BES10 activated BB10 phone. That's largely because every BBM message ever sent is encrypted with the same key, even BlackBerry refer to it as scrambling rather than encryption.

I'd say this Enterprise BBM will use the unique encryption key of the company's BES10 server to encrypt messages, or something more secure than everyone using the same key. That means it can finally be used in the Work Space of a BB10 phone, and hopefully there will be a desktop client too.

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Excellent! Well stated.

BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!


I thought that we already had this functionality to create an organization-specific encryption key for PIN messages sent among company-managed devices.
Allows for encrypted PIN messages within company devices; allows to still receive PIN messages from outside devices.

Agh...whatever! This is good news for future of IM to be able to be monetized for the right reasons.


Internal encrypted PIN to PIN messaging is not really the same thing as BBM and all the extra functionality that it brings nowadays.

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That's the same thing I was thinking.

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This is the way to go in b2b.

C0038297E Quote of the Day (BBM Channel)


Nice, time to make money


Our organization has recently decommissioned our legacy Avia phone system in favor of Microsoft Lync 2010 and along with that package came Lync instant messaging.

I wonder if BlackBerry will be able to offer something compelling enough to make customers like us switch from Lync messaging to this new enterprise BBM offering.
I sure hope so.

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BlackBerry already have an Enterprise IM solution that integrates with Lync. Look up BlackBerry Collaboration Service.

I do wonder if Enterprise BBM will be part of a future version of the BlackBerry Collaboration Service or if it will supersede their Enterprise IM. BBM seems to be heading in to a direction that BlackBerry have already headed in to in the past but back then making use of other company's IM servers instead of their own.

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With video chat coming, enterprises (and consumers) would benefit greatly from group video chat and features similar to Lync messaging - group screen share and ability to give control to any single participant, etc. I'd love to see that offering added over time. They could really start cleaning house on the competition with their reputation for security.

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If they add in a desktop client, as well as group text, audio and video calls to all platforms, then you'd have a pretty decent messaging platform for text, voice and video communication which can be a decent contender to Skype.

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Don't worry it's coming. These guys are not sleeping anymore. :)

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I totally agree but it's coming.

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Now we are talking BlackBerry !!

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I want a home version of this with a yearly subscription of a couple $! I'd love to be able to manage family devices from a cloud based service, and just put everything in one place.

For home and small business

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Pete The Penguin

While introducing BBM Protected is a great idea, Chen say's he'd recommend selling BBM.

See here:

Rubin Boer

Put in context dude.

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Fiddle Deedee

Who wouldn't sell if the offer was ridiculously overpriced?

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Would have been great if End-To-End encryption would also be available for consumers - for example also for a yearly fee.
Many are currently searching for a secure alternative for WhatsApp.


sounds like a Business Idea. License BES and eBBM and set up some secure Email System for users. Then have people pay a yearly fee to use it.... Since BB does not appear to be doing it :)


Again, this is already overdue... announced last month with an ETA "this summer " and comments.

Old bad habits...