BlackBerry announces the BlackBerry Q20 - A keyboard phone with the classic trackpad and function keys

By Adam Zeis on 25 Feb 2014 02:31 am EST

We heard through the grapevine that this one was coming, and sure enough, today BlackBerry has announced the BlackBerry Q20. The physical keyboard device is the third BlackBerry 10 QWERTY model with one striking difference — it marks the return of the "tool belt" (trackpad and function keys) that we haven't seen since BB7. 

The "BlackBerry Classic" will be out before the end of the year. No info on pricing or availability just yet. 

Press Release

BlackBerry Unveils New Flagship BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Designed to Deliver the Full Classic QWERTY Experience

BlackBerry Q20 to Feature the Familiar 'Menu', 'Back', 'Send' and 'End' Buttons and the Integrated Trackpad

BARCELONA, SPAIN--(Marketwired - Feb. 25, 2014) - Mobile World Congress 2014 - Embodying feedback from its millions of passionate QWERTY customers around the world, BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ:BBRY)(TSX:BB), a global leader in mobile communications, today unveiled a new flagship smartphone designed to deliver its full and distinctive QWERTY experience on BlackBerry® 10. The new BlackBerry® Q20 smartphone will feature the familiar and classic 'Menu', 'Back', 'Send' and 'End' buttons and the integrated trackpad to enable the fast efficient navigation and one-handed use that has endeared the brand to its QWERTY customers.

"In my first 90 days on the job, I consistently heard from our ardent BlackBerry customers that the hard buttons and trackpad are an essential part of the BlackBerry QWERTY experience, that made their BlackBerry smartphone their go-to productivity tool. I want these customers to know that we heard them, and this new smartphone will be for them," said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO at BlackBerry. "Today, we're delighted to announce the new BlackBerry Q20 smartphone, which is designed to give you the distinct experience that every BlackBerry QWERTY loyalist and high-productivity business customer absolutely loves. With the BlackBerry Q20 smartphone, you'll get the familiar hard buttons and trackpad that you want, along with the best email service, the best keyboard experience and the best battery life possible."

The new BlackBerry Q20 smartphone will give customers the familiar workflow, efficiency and one-handed use that distinguish the BlackBerry QWERTY smartphone experience. Key features will include:

  • The 'Menu', 'Back', 'Send' and 'End' buttons and trackpad will be made an integral part of the device and user interface, enabling fast, precise navigation and a natural workflow within and between apps.
  • The new smartphone will feature BlackBerry's patented QWERTY keyboard design with frets and sculpted keys for the best typing experience.
  • The best email service including features like BlackBerry® Hub, where you can access all your messages in one place, and enterprise connectivity with BES10.
  • The BlackBerry Q20 smartphone will include a generous 3.5" touchscreen, the largest display yet on a QWERTY BlackBerry smartphone, giving you more space for viewing messages, browsing Internet and intranet sites and accessing other apps.
  • The smartphone will be crafted from premium materials and designed for reliability and durability.
  • A large battery to provide superior battery life.

The BlackBerry Q20 smartphone will come with the latest enhancements in BlackBerry 10 that continue to set the brand apart as the best and most secure tool for mobile productivity and reliable communications. The new smartphone will be available in the second half of 2014. Further details on pricing and availability will be announced at launch.

For more information about BlackBerry 10, visit

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BlackBerry announces the BlackBerry Q20 - A keyboard phone with the classic trackpad and function keys



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Posted via CB10

Me too. I hate the lack of track pad on my Q10... Why have a keyboard but no mouse? 9900 was an awesome setup so I can't wait for this!

Posted via CB10

I'll be getting it for security. Surprised Crackberry hasn't been reporting on the MASSIVE security holes found on iOS and OSX. I guess this is because the Crackberry team touts OSX around like true Apple lovers. However the MASSIVE security hole is news for Blackberry and should be reported somewhere on this blog.

Who is to say they don't intend doing something along those lines too, this device is a play to get bbos users to upgrade to bb10, something like you suggest would be an ideal upgrade for existing bb10 users.

They won't be doing that for the Q20 (making it note 3 size) because the presser says 3.5" touch screen. I would like to know how much screen real estate they can get if they don't have the belt (for comparisons sake).

Don't care.............Just want one.

This will turn the company around and once it starts to move the carriers will sell it.

Not if youre playing games, fast typing or using that stylus.
For almost everthing else, I'm comfortable using my note3 single handedly.

Posted Via CB10 with BlackBerry Q10 2AEFCF1A

Why would you ever need a trackpad/buttons for bb10? They'll have to completely mix the software around. This is not a good sign

Posted via CB10

After a year on my Z10 I miss my "tool belt". I hate touch screens. I will definitely move into a Q20

Posted via CB10

Editing text on a small 3.2 inch display is awful. I can't imagine that it's that much better on 4.2 or even 5. Maybe slightly. The precision of the track pad for editing text is irreplaceable. I actually don't need the other 4 buttons. I do just fine with the gestures. But placing the curson on just the right spot on the Q10 is extremely frustrating. Plus all the awesome copy and paste shortcuts that came w the trackpad. They need to bring this back!

Posted via CB10

Now we have choice, Q10 without, Q20 with trackpad and extra keys.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Excited. Would be awesome if the track pad doubles as a finger print scanner!

Posted via CB10

If my 9900 has the bb10 os and a way to turn off the touch, I would give away my Z10

Posted via CB10

come on , not trackpad again….we are going forward not back again….Blackberry you can do better ..

No, BlackBerry Is trying to get their loyals back. Keep their current customers, current lol.

Posted via my NEW Zed30

See, there's this GREAT thing. If you don't want a trackpad... don't buy the Q20 and stick with the Q10.

What? You mean consumers have a choice as to which product is right for them, and which products to buy? Nonsense :P!

A Torch with at least a 4" screen and all that nitty gritty high end specs will definitely make me go back to BlackBerry.

Posted from my Google Nexus 5

I want a BB10 Torch myself. Just a bigger screen with bigger keyboard and I'm all over it like a fat kid on a Smartie.

Me too. Needs to have a large screen, and good, well-spaced keyboard. Nothing resembling a Torch, except for the logo and slider form factor.

Sigh more track pad nonsense. Guess they really are appealing to he minority.. zzz smh. BlackBerry 10 and gestures are the way to go not this...

Posted via CB10

Maybe the minority of the CB community, but BBOS phones continue to outsell BB10. Maybe this will put a stop to that.

i don't think it was because it didn't have a track pad... i think it had more to do with all the negative press bad reviews... no apps no apps... i can't figure out how to swipe up.... where is the back button...negative press..

no not at was late when i typed it.....what i meant was that the reviewers of the phones..all they kept say was there are no apps.. steep learning curve, and no physical buttons ie back button home button.. bla bla..
which might have put people off from moving from os7 to bb10.

Also, "how do I swipe up?" was never a complaint, and you cite no back button as possible reason Legacy users didn't upgrade; Q20 gains that back button.

Posted with my Q10 running

as i said above i think the reviews by people put legacy users off.. it did with my friends they stuck with thee old devices waiting to see what happened...and the out come.. imo the q20 or what every they will call it, is a step in the wrong direction..and it sends the wrong message..

What happened to the no home button feature of BlackBerry 10? Is it really difficult to swipe up?

Posted via CB10

Yesss trackpad, despite owning a Z10 the keyboard and trackpad setup was what initially lured me in. Seemed more do, less play. Kind of focused.

Posted via CB10

where can I pre order ;)

Posted with my Z10 or Z30! ..mostly on my Q10. ..while I wait for a BB slider.

Trackpad?!? The main reason the Q10 was not embraced was not due to that but rather the puny screen size!

Get your heads out of the sand....

Formerly q10 now z30 was hoping for a q30 or slider!

:( :( :(

Posted via CB10

I agree. The screen is the big problem of Q10. Now who is going to purchase the new Q20. Don't think that there are many who will move back from samsung or iPad to blackberry as the world is moving forward. Q20 will be no event!

Posted via CB10

I think I'll wait to see it before I decide what to think of it.

I'm sure there was demand for the return of the "tool belt" but this sort of gives the gesture based ui we rave about a slap in the face....

A slap in the face? What is wrong with having both if there are customers wanting both?

Posted via CB10 using the super-cool BlackBerry Z10.

They introduced a button-free device and UI while eating how "home" and "back" buttons were a thing of the past. Now they did a 180 and are going back to an all-button assisted UI. Give me a break. This company is doomed to fail. They can delay, but it will happen. Welcome to 2007.

Posted via CB10

On the contrary, by listening to their long and loyal customers they will save the company. More companies could learn from this. Now there is choice for belt/no bet users and I would never criticize either.

I know, right!? Announce a phone now and release it 9 months later. Worked well for the previous launch. Oh wait.

Disappointing much

Still love my BlackBerry in Jamaica

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Dee Bo$$ eNdOr$€d

Posted via CB10

Available December 29th so you will have it 2 day free shipping December 31st. Way to keep promises Blackberry. Yay!

I think it's a smart move. They have finally got this trackpad diehard to upgrade to BB10, and i cant be the only one who's been holding out for something like this. And for those who don't want a trackpad, you can stay with your touch only models. Why not give us a choice?

Guys, stop hating so much, jesus!
What BlackBerry is doing is giving us option, and many of us miss the so called "tool belt".
The reason I didn't get the Q10 was because it was missing the track pad. The track pad is too useful when editing emails/text anything.
Anyways, it is good to have options. You don't like it? Skip it and get the one you like!

From my White Z30

Just a joke. It stems from the opinion held by some that the 'tool belt' is a waste of precious space that could be better used to increase the size of the display. In actual fact, if the 3.5" display specified includes the area used up by the tool belt, it will be the same size as the Q10's. If that size is just for display, without considering the tool belt, then the Q20's display will be nearly 10% larger than the Q10.

Posted via CB10

A software based tool belt would have been better than this abomination.

Why is it everytime they take a step forward they end up tripping and taking 10 steps back.

No offense to anyone that wants this, but after actually using BB10 on a daily basis, there is absolutely no need for the trackpad and less so for a menu button. This will do nothing more than fragment the user base and the OS, not to mention the development (what will clicking back do? Will the menu bring up settings (swipe down) or will it act as the more button (3 dots)? Replicating these buttons in a software sense would let users enable or disable this at will. (Blackberry Legacy mode).

I only hope this stays on this device and does not morph over to other devices.

I've used the Q10 since ATT launch. I want the trackpad back because editing text without it is a nightmare and clicking links is so much easier with it. Half the time I can't click a link on mobile sites precisely - especially in comments threads.

I agree with you. Even though I use the Q10 constantly (and have the Z10 as a spare) everyday I miss many features of the Bold 9900. I am glad of this move to add what was good to the advances of the new BB10. I will be buying the Q20 for sure.

1) Plus in terms of speed and efficiency, the trackpad is wonderful.

How many people got pissed off because they had problems doing such little tasks such as "select" a letter in a word, or a section in a sentence.

2) BlackBerry 10 is awesome but don't forget that most human beings are a bunch of blind idiots because they see what they want to see and refuse to see what BlackBerry can offer them. They are afraid to change or at least afraid to try for a change. They can't learn how to swipe up, down, left, right so they don't buy the product.

(I wont enter into the "app" thingy cuz it's off topic)

I'd also like to point out that my first Android phone was the Nexus One. Guess what, it had a trackball, to complement the touch screen. I loved that trackball on that phone. It even lit up as an alert LED. Not a touchpad, but I see why people would want it.

Does not seem like progress to me , although if helps folk to migrate over to BB10 then fine. Taller querty is what I want.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I think bringing qwerty back into the market this time with BlackBerry 10 will be something to look forward to.....rock on BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Disaster. The Q10 needs a bigger screen, not a track pad. One step forwards, eighty steps back.

Posted via CB10

I like the Q10s screen size. Not too big - not too small. I don't watch videos on my phone though...

One reason I welcome the trackpad is that one of the things I can never do well with the BB10 is, I can never place the cursor exactly where I want on a screen full of text. And sometimes, I never know if I'm just putting down the cursor, or selecting an entire word. (iPhone's magnifying feature when you press and hold your finger down on the screen is the best out there.) The trackpad will eliminate that frustration. Otherwise, I don't need any of the other buttons.


This would be the best BlackBerry if it has a 3000mAh+ battery

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I don't mind the trackpad coming back, but the problem is they are announcing a phone which may get released after 9 months from now.

Why bring back the track pad & back buttons or other stuff I love all touch screen smartphone better let move forward now make BlackBerry faster & better with the 64-bit chip

Posted via CB10

This is huge. You all have to understand that you can have touchscreen AND trackpad. Its all about functionality for hard-core users who must create and edit long dreary documents, like sad lawyers. Think, you critics, think. You aren't going to beat Iphone at its game. But you can make a phone that really serves professionals in the most efficient way. Much respect, Chen. I hope it is enough, and I hope the camera rocks as well.

Utterly disappointing. Do not slide back BlackBerry, move forward, these antiquated buttons do not belong on modern devices.

Call it classic but MAKE SURE that there is a Q20 for those of us not stuck in the past as well.

"Classic" is actually a good move. It should suck in the hipsters that love that kind of thing. Like vinyl records, Converse All-Stars and steampunk. :D

At first I did miss the trackpad a little. But once I updated my Q10 to 10.2.1 the copy, select, and paste options work so well I don't miss the trackpad anymore. I sometimes do still miss the Call and End buttons.

Posted via CB10

I don't get it. Why do some of you seem to be under the impression that with the track pad and buttons that somehow the BB10 experience will be gone? All of the gestures and the things you can do with the touchscreen is still there. This is in addition to, not in place of...

I just wish they would ask about the tech specs. If it's better than the Q10, then I would be interested, if they are going to sacrifice anything for the buttons, then I'm not sure...

Don't be like that asked for it, you said "as long as you bring back the track pad". be a good boy now and go buy the Q20 with the exact same specs and performance as the Q10. After all, you are a power use who needs to edit documents. You don't need anything else. Just the track pad. You will save BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Um, yah, I think maybe you are mistaking me for someone else. Go ahead and find my quote on that to prove me wrong. I'll be waiting.

But if you're just pulling this out of your butt, like I'm assuming you are since looking back at some of your other comments, you like to do that. You are criticizing a device for specs that have never been announced just because it has a feature you don't like (that you could completely ignore if you don't want to use it...). Yep, seems very intelligent to me. :-D

Trackpad has always been the problem with legacy device going faulty after a while I hope they have tested this properly and made sure it works for the long term!

Posted via CB10

Dear God of BlackBerry, please make it a bigger screen.

Thank you for hearing our prayers!!!


It's all about giving the people options -the 9900 was a great phone but terrible Internet browser - bb10 with a keyboard and track pad could be a killer combo - if you don't like it buy one of the other models - the Z30 is great if you want the fully-loaded touchscreen.

Posted via CB10

Track pad is the ultimate in text editing, would also work well with picture password! Big deal if you don't like it, don't buy it... that's why there's the Q10.

Posted via CB10

There was nothing said about the phone other than it'll have some buttons and a trackpad from a different era... oh, and "end of the year." Can someone fire John Chen? 100 days has given us nothing more than an artificial bump in the price of the stock. BlackBerry is far worse than it was under Mike/Jim and Thor.

And, if you are wondering what a real leader might have done at MWC, see Nokia/Elop.

Nonsense, pure nonsense.

Mr. Chen is the best thing to happen to BlackBerry. If we got Chen instead of TH... wow.


Last time I checked, the company did reach profitability, briefly, under Thor. Sure, Thor ordered too many devices and sold too few. But, at least he had a vision in which BlackBerry was a competitor as a mobile platform. Chen has simply retreated from the first world while focusing on upgrading low-hanging fruit -- existing enterprise customers. But, enterprise doesn't buy BES without devices. "Enterprise" isn't even really a market definition for mobile and hasn't been for years. This is what hurt BlackBerry before Thor and Chen is making the same mistake.

Meanwhile, is there any reason why people like us who just like to use BlackBerry smartphones should stick around? Chen has given us zip. Unless, we live in Indonesia. Look, Chen is stupid and possibly corrupt (see the Silver Lake connection and the fact that he still lives in LA.), but even with all that, there's no excusing that Samsung, Nokia, and Sony just demonstrated to us what needs to be done and Chen still didn't get it. People -- even enterprise IT people -- will buy systems they want to use. Samsung, Nokia, and Sony announced plans for making phones that people want to use. Chen announced BES 12 and a phone with barely enough RAM to run BB10.

Don't forget a throwback to 2007 and a launch date that fits the plot of Back to the Future.

Posted via CB10

Disappointment would be the word. By the end of the year. This is not what I expected. I hope another high end phone appears later in the year that evolves either the qwerty or beefs up the touch screen specs more.

Posted via CB10

Where's the pictures for q20 apart from the back? And what's the specs?

Posted via CB10


If the press release to go by, the screen will be a little bit bigger.
Q10 is 3.1 inch, the Q20 that state in the press release is 3.5 inch.

This is probably the only announcement I'm iffy on. Enterprise looks like it will do just fine, Z3 I can see working out in SE Asia and other Asian countries. Q20... can't see a huge demand for it.

keep in mind I have no credibility in any of this. just my opinion

Your point on the Q20 is very valid. If nothing at all, it really needs to have a bigger screen to give it some appeal over the Q10.

Posted via CB10

I agree, the Q20 is going to have to bring something new to the table to attract NEW customers as well as OLD customers.

If they can make a phone that can cater to classic customers, as well as get the attention of those who have never have had, or left BB then it would be a home run. With the BB image not getting any better in the device world, they need to really need to focus on design and marketing for their next flagship phone.

This is going to be a bigger train-wreck than the Z10. Well, I guess the ride was fun while it lasted. Time to start researching alternatives.

Posted via CB10

Like really? Lol like are there any other companies making physical keyboards out there? What alternatives are you going to research? :).
There is nothing wrong if you don't like BB10 phones; you don't need to justify anything, just move on.

Posted via CB10

There is an insane pent up demand for a modern smartphone with trackpad. You'd be surprised how many hipster friends of yours have been waiting for something like this (but would never tell you lol :)

This is what all the hardcore 80 million BB users were complaining about when Q10 was released. Everyday...

'WHERES THE TRACKPAD' Well I got used to not having it in 1 month and love it not being there. HOpe you 80million people buy the phone and save bb.

Best Post:: now there is no excuse best email platform, native file manager, 10.2 1 OS Giving you access to Google Apps, BBM, Remember / Evernote, Storymaker & BlackBerry Express native Apps, Intuitive Tri-lingual Keyboard, get bigger faster specs you 80M users better buy the phone.....enough already !

Posted via CB10

There is always an excuse. You just wait. It will be all like "screen is not big enough" or "the specs suck" or "why can't I have a bigger battery" or "I hate the track pad, where is my track wheel". Mark my words, less than 10% of these dinosaurs will buy the device. Q20 is DOA, well, in 9 months LMAO.

Posted via CB10

Depending on how they're integrated, I think the next complaint will be that the other buttons (non-qwerty buttons) take up unnecessary space....once they realize the fluidity of the gestures and touchscreen UI, they will wish they had more screen real estate. I do like the implementation of the trackpad tho, provided it's not located in an inconvenient area that would affect the 'swipe up' function

Posted via CB10

Yes I pray so too. Hope all these legacy users will have no more excuses. We shall see.

Posted via CB10


Now each time you swipe up, there will be accidental swipes on the trackpad..... Then there will be ppl requesting for options to disable the trackpad lol.

Definately will buy. Love my torch, been waiting for this, thanks blackberry for listening to us die hards.

Press release said 3.5" screen, plus an added row for trackpad and buttons. I wonder if the keyboard will be 3 rows, or 4?

Since you're going back in decades, might as well put in a finger print scanner since your putting in a track pad, would ar least put a little gap in technology wise. Would totally get that!

I think this is awesome, exactly what I was hoping for an one of the main reasons I didn't get a Q10. Was planning on the Z30, but I'm still wanting a physical keyboard.

If the Q20 also brings back wireless charging and a convenience key (or two), man I'd be on it so quick John Chen's head would be spinning.

Hey! Look it's another one of "now if it only had *insert some stupid thing here*, I'd be all over it". Track pad not enough?

Posted via CB10

seriously? you think wireless charging is stupid? if blackberries are supposed to be all about productivity, i don't know why they'd remove one of the better features bb had (one, might i add, that other phone manufacturers are starting to pick up on).

convenience key i could do without, but wireless charging is no where near "stupid" imho.

The world doesn't won't backwards ….
Unbelievable new amazing technology devices out there with so many specs and blackberry back again….
no way i don't want to believe this will happen…
If it does its a disaster for BB .
If i would pay for an expensive BB device , i would pay for specs not trackpads again…
Please JC change mind ….

Nothing has happened. Lol!!! It is called CHOICES. BlackBerry is just offering more variations of the BB10 phones. Buy the one you like. Trust you OS will not be affected because of the introduction of Q20. Lol!

Posted via CB10

exactly. not sure why people are hating on this decision when they don't have to buy it. i didn't like how the q10 didn't have a trackpad and the "tool belt", so did i complain about it? no, i just didn't buy it and stuck with my 9900.

there are other options. your current phones aren't going to spontaneously combust because another blackberry has a few more buttons on it (proof of that is when the z10 didn't combust when the q10 didn't come out).

Well, I don't personally want one, but it does seem to be a great move. Perhaps there will be room again for a choice - a Q phone with and a Q phone without the track pad.

I'll wait for the Z20 or whatever the Z10 upgrade might be - hopefully we will see that before the end of the year too.

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Well, I don't personally want one, but it does seem to be a great move. Perhaps there will be room again for a choice - a Q phone with and a Q phone without the track pad.

I'll wait for the Z20 or whatever the Z10 upgrade might be - hopefully we will see that before the end of the year too.

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was hoping for a larger screen more into the 3.75 to 3.85 inch size need a bigger screen Mr Chen

Posted via CB10

Screen size should be ok if its not 1:1 ratio. It may look like iPhone 4S or slightly smaller than Z10. Hopefully BlackBerry forgets 1:1 weird screen ratio.

I'm super stoked about this. I love the Q10 just ordered on in white with my upgrade from verizon. I have the Q10 in black. I think that this new device will entice a lot of BlackBerry users.

Posted via CB10

Has long as they produce great phones like the Z30, let the traditional BlackBerry Qwerty lovers have their track pad.
But also that S50 Slider 5 inch looks like a Witch of a phone for me to have !!!

Posted via CB10

Smart move. This phone is targeted towards the enterprise and long time users I believe. One thing I hate about Q10 is editing text, its a pain to position the cursor in the correct position. This is gonna make that a lot easier

Also note that Chen also said that there are plans to introduce higher end models this year, but can't say more then that...

I'd wanna think that the buttons will be elegant and sophisticated. Let's stay positive and wait and see. It sounds nice.


I love the touch screen, I've gotten over the trackpad and other buttons. They should ditch that just make the screen bigger with some killer specs and boom that would sell a whole lot if marketed right.

Posted via CB10

Personally, and I've noted this before, but us "low body temp" folks sometimes run into issues with gesture-only UI, especially when the temp drops a bit. Didn't have this issue with the trackpad. Also miss the pixel-perfect, one-handed operation (e.g. speedy text selection and Web browsing).

I see the "backwards" argument side, but also see the productivity argument for business. I fall more into the latter (thus, Q vs Z, though I enjoyed my first foray into Z-ville). Of course, by that, my work is email/messaging-heavy, so pounding out non-iDon'tSpellCheckWell is an important productivity marker.

Also enjoy the idea of no "top down" swipes anymore, which keeps inevitable finger-muck away from the speaker, which keeps inevitable finger-muck away from the ear. Spent many seasons laughing at my flu-ridden compatriots citing their grubby hand-crap getting all over their faces and ears from their touchscreens! Now they all alcohol wipe like I do, but you get the idea. (Doctor friends are now have a mild iParanoia. Lol. ePocrates and that other medical staple, the name escapes me, holds them firmly on that plantation...or orchard...) To that end, Chen moving to put the focus on the "sw moves hw" argument may be the fundamental shift that was needed. Disagree with bailing completely on hw (end-to-end kept the NSA at bay until around '08 or so!), so it seems like a bad idea to have compromised hw components in a security-centric company.

But money is limited, so breathing (staying alive) takes precedence.

Increased productivity and more hygienic? Keep the battery life amazing and sign me up! Let the BlackBerry niche (and I hate to call it that) market sort out future direction and keep refining BB10. 10.2.1 is what version 1.x should have been, but maybe late wasn't "too late!"

BB until the end!

Posted via CB10

I've been using q10 since its launching.. but occasionally I still use the old bold 2 / onyx..(helping some friend do something in her old phone) I still felt more comfortable using the trackpad to navigate things.. and felt everything is faster

Posted via CB10

Yes! The tool belt again, THANK YOU!
One thing I don't like about my Q10 is how I can't move a cursor around quickly and precisely to edit words or highlight stuff, and it's the one thing that I miss about 9900. This will definitely be my next BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I'm torn - I love the gestures on BB10...but having used a Bold, the trackpad is useful at times, let's be honest.
What I'm curious about is how will the swipe up gesture be affected by the trackpad in the middle right beneath the screen? Seems like it might get in the way? I also understand having the menu and back buttons...but send and end seem superfluous, given they are customizable depending on what app or aspect you are using?

Posted via CB10

My guess was to simulate the swipe-down to view the settings in the app or the main settings from the home screen. Maybe holding the button could go to the home screen with the active frames, as that'd be the analog to holding the menu button in BB7 for open apps.

I think they should still have the gestures though, or at least the option. That means they'll need to some up with a solution to allow the swipe up gesture and the trackpad to coexist without causing problems.

It will be interesting to see what it's like it could be the best of both worlds who knows it could be just the ticket

Posted via CB10

Can't wait till the media gets a hold of this one, ughh. 9 months? Really? That's an eternity in the smartphone world.


It is not going back! BlackBerry will have the Q10 and the Q20 so people will have a choice. And attract more consumers for the bb10 experience!

 posted via my Z10

Once the Q20 is out I'm pretty sure the Q10 will be EOL. BlackBerry will not want to cannibalize their own lineup.

Posted via CB10

I agree that the trackpad had/has no equal when it comes to quick n easy typing corrections. I also see the argument that this is a step back from where we are in today's mobile devices. BUT, I will wait to see specs and the actual device in motion before I pass judgment.

I have faith that Mr. Chen knows what he's doing.

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All you guys are saying 9 months...they said towards the end of the year. That could be anytime starting with September/October could it not? Someone commiserate with me on the name - why 20 and not 30? Perplexed.

Posted via CB10

I think it's not the Q30 because it's not going to be the Flagship Q device, a la Z30. I think it's more of a stop-gap to get BlackBerry diehards to get on board. Then once they realize these additional buttons are redundant based on the touchscreen UI, they will convert to something like the Q30 IMHO

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Good plan.
However, the time-frame is a disaster. They wil lose even more customers that will never come back.
Should have been available in the next 3 months or so.

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Sounds nice, a Bold 9900 with BB10 and 3.5"screen and large battery?, was thinking of Q10 to replace 9900 will wait for Q20, the old phone still working ok and would miss Track Pad and buttons,
nice to have the option of Q10 or Q20.

Trackpad, Send, End, Back, Menu buttons - CHECK
Bigger Display - CHECK
Premium materials and durability - CHECK
Superior battery life - CHECK

....Chen's got the point. Love him!

The text editing in BB10 has come a long way since launch, but I still prefer the ease of the trackpad in manipulating the cursor. Underrated, I think, is the return of the physical End button. To me this is where I miss the classic tactility the most.

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Well, they are sticking to their guns. Looks like a nice move, but after looking at recent flagships, it's over.

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Blaasted hating sob's need to get a life. Many wanted the tool belt back and now they got it. Blackberry really does listen! If you think otherwise, you must be living inside your phone and not stepping out for a bit of air from that enclosed space!!

Blackberry isn't going down hill, they aren't going out of business, they aren't failing. Stupid facking trolls, haters, fanboys, go back to your hideouts where you are satisfied with your phone's and leave us the hell alone to enjoy our devices if you got nothing better to do. If you aren't satisfied due to buyer's remorse (or your own stupidity too), god darn it, get a freakin' refund or sell it and get a blackberry. Idiots I tell you!!

At least i'm happy with what I have! Though I should've waited until this coming November to get the new Q20. :P oh well. xD

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Wow reading all these posts it seems like some people will like it and some hate it.

Hmmm good thing it's not the only bb10 device and people will have a choice of one or the other.

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If I didn't already have a Q10, this BlackBerry Classic would be what I would've wanted to upgrade to. It sounds like it has the perfect mix of components and I can't wait to see the hands on... whenever that is.

0.4" extra screen size is not enough these days.

I hope this isn't the only QWERTY keyboard model to come out

The trackpad is a good thing, but home and back buttons are not. They are useless as BB10 is made. Less the back button, since the bottom bar is automatically hidden and you have to scroll down the screen to get it back.

I thought the phone button should have stayed, but with Q10 I've never felt like I needed them. Now I think it's better without them.

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I think I want to try a Z30 next. Hopefully sprint will pick it up or it goes on sale on BlackBerry web site unlocked! Keypads are great went back to Q10 from a iPhone 5 no regrets however it is a little to small.

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The fact that they're bringing back the trackpad + belt shows they don't want to innovate! This is a backwards A** step by BlackBerry and I'm extremely disappointed! CLEARLY people care more about screen size these days than how they navigate. Look at the touchscreen navigation of Android and iPhone in comparison to BB10 devices (touch or qwerty). SO much easier on a BB10, YET they decide to bring the belt back. This is definitely a step backwards in my opinion and for me, the device is DOA if it keeps the 1:1 ratio and is below 4inches. I currently have the Q10 and was looking forward to buying the "Q20/30" however not anymore! I guess Ill go for an all touch.

Great news! The return of the trackpad will finally allow for speedy and precise text selection in BB10. I'm looking forward to the day in late 2014 that Verizon releases the new Q20...

... that is running 10.1 .

(rim shot)

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Wonderful - love it! What I don't love is that my phone is still under contract for 1year ;)
(but before the Q20 is released here in Down-Under it might be more than 1year)

It's the right way to go forward : realise that something in the past was better and bring it back.

Btw - all the whingers in this thread were always complaining that BlackBerry isn't listening. Now they have proven that they listened to their customers but that's not good either...

Very nice, and finally something that can potentially upgrade the super hard core track ball lovers. Good Move BBRY.

3.5" display is pretty big on a QWERTY device, it's like an iPhone 3/4 with a keyboard O_O

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I still just want a damn dedicated period, I do not see how you people go with out it. Double space does not count.

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Shut up and take my money. For all of you guys who are saying BlackBerry is doomed for going backwards, well what I have to say is, if Intel didn't move a step backwards to reinvent their core architecture, they would be wiping the floor from AMD athlon 64

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Hopefully there will be a higher end keyboard device that doesn't have those buttons. I'm glad they're gone, but then again they're following what most people want.

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I wonder how the swipe gestures are going to work with a trackpad. I wonder if the actual qwerty keys are going to be trackpad sensitive without an actual trackpad. Now that would be awesome

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My prayers have been answered! Now to wait for my contract to be up so I can trade in my Q10...

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I have always missed my Bold 9900 and always wondered how it would be with BB10. I am definitely going to give this one a try. Excited!

Zed 10 with 1925 leak

This is idiotic. Let's make it as confusing as hell for users, lets cloudy what BB10 is and let's step back to a phone people associate with constant reboots, lockups and general outdatedness. This is a desperate move.

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"second half of 2014": Ouch
"the best email service": Not for SMEs it isn't. Where are our encryption and other advanced email features?

Regardless of how some people feel about the need for buttons and a track-pad, this is clearly what a lot of people want, who are still hanging on to their old BB phones.
It will be interesting to see how developers try to integrate BB10 with the buttons. My guess is that it really won't be all that difficult. Swipe gestures will probably still work, but the buttons will be the equivalent of certain swipes.

...had to sign up only for this very post! Absolutely lovin' it -- BB you just made my day!! -- I want one NOW;))
On my Q10 I've de facto given up on any text editing -- having the physical keyboard just did not do the trick.. speedy text selection, copy/paste operations and in particular precise cursor placement and one-handed use -- simply not possible without the trackpad, let alone on the go!
Sooo happy Blackberry listened to the lamentation.. Can't wait, an ideal device for me, thanks a million!

The gods have spoken. This is exactly what blackberry needs a familiar feel for former blackberry users. Why mess with what they had working and with the edition of a bigger display and the track pad game is on for the competitors. The new OS is slick too

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