BlackBerry announces BB10 is not coming to PlayBook

PlayBook is Dead
By Simon Sage on 28 Jun 2013 08:24 am


Today on the quarterly conference call, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins announced that BlackBerry 10 would not be coming to the PlayBook as previously expected. Apparently the performance wasn't up to snuff, and Heins want the focus back onto core products. It was definitely something they had been working on - we'd seen glimpses of it here and there. It's worth noting that BlackBerry mentioned they'd continue supporting the platform in its existing state. 

Sad times, especially considering the common QNX core to the PlayBook OS and BB10, but BlackBerry has to be super-lean right now and sensibly allocate their resources. BlackBerry did disclose that they only sold 100,000 PlayBooks in the last quarter, which isn't a lot in the grand scheme of things. 


I would have said this was a good thing before the release of the Z10/Q10, because it would have put a fantastic floor on basic performance and features from which the BBOS10 platform could grow. You know, like OpenGL ES 3.0 support for instance, or, 2GB of memory.

From this point of view putting BBOS10 on the playbook would have retarded the advancement of the platform as a whole, as the playbook only has an OpenGL ES 2.0 compliant GPU, and, 1GB of memory.

But then Blackberry did a monumentally stupid thing and released its new 'flagship' BBOS10 devices sportiing a SoC that uses the Adreno 225 GPU...which only supports the older graphics standard.

And so, the opportunity for a clean slate was wasted.



that's the finial straw for me folks. I was exhausted waiting for bb10. so I jumped on a$300 Google nexus 4, my next tablet will be an android. thanks BB for a great ride!


I bought because of this promise and it was cheap. Moving to windows.

Riccardo Maggiori

The SW for dev alpha run on PB and these "CEO" and his team aren't be able to develop a good adaptation for aren't more BlackBerry device for me.....

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BB10 or not the two-year old PlayBook still attracts the opposite sex............Daily comments when seen with my PlayBook:
Is that the new mini?
What's a PlayBook?
BlackBerry makes a tablet?
That's HOT!


Maybe you should put a post in the forum for, "101 uses for the PlayBook after its untimely demise"


For the record, here's the famous video: RIM CEO Speaks Out on BlackBerry 10, Tablet Market - CNBC

Skip to 5:42 for the PlayBook references and 6:32 for the flat out lies.

Q: (CNBC Announcer) "So if I could follow up, you say the same as Blackberry 10. does that mean you will scrap the Playbook entirely and start over with a new tablet?"
A: (Thorsten) "No. Uh, what we will be doing is, the teams are working on this, we will take it the other way around. We will provide Blackberry 10 software updates for all of the Playbooks that are out there. So the Wi-Fi and 4G version, they will all be upgradable to Blackberry 10."


BlackBerry may have opened itself up for a class action lawsuit. I have to wonder how many people bought their PlayBook because BlackBerry said it was going to have BB10 on it. To me it seems like false advertising. The BlackBerry Bridge and the previous OS's was one of the best smartphone tablet combinations ever. I know people that would have bought a PlayBook if they could have found one. Personally I don't think that the PlayBook was promoted properly with the changing of the guard and getting the BB10 phones out. It is the forgotten child.

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Same case on how many people leave blackberry for android or ios when blackberry annouce BBM will be cross platform.

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I hope someone considers such an action. There are consequences to misleading the public and I think those in charge at Rim should be held accountable.


BlackBerry - Read these comments before it's too late. Sort yourselves out....please! From a Q10 owner.


Guys I think we've been looking at this problem in the wrong way, BlackBerry has developed BlackBerry 10 for PlayBook. How did I know? Heins said BlackBerry 10 was not available for PB because the performance in PB was bad. So guys what's the point updating our PB if it can't be run smoothly. I think BlackBerry had tried their best to bring up BB10 to playbook with a promise. But like dad love his son, they dont wanna give you something that actually turn out bad. Let's hope BlackBerry is fixing all the bugs and error in the PlayBook Current Os.

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I agree 100% with you, if BB10 wasn't going to run perfectly on PB hardware then there was no reason to try to release an OS update for that. But that doesn't mean they should abandon PB OS all together. They should at least build PB OS 3, theres still a small potential for the PB.


Then Blackberry is basically admitting BB10 is an inferior operating system because Apple is bringing iOS 7 to the iPhone 4, which is inferior, spec. wise (only 512mb ram, inferior processor). My guess is BBRY is just lying to us because they don't want to allocate the resources to develop BB10 for the Playbook anymore. In other words, Blackberry is completely screwing over all Playbook owners, and trying to cover it up with yet another lie that the Playbook doesn't have the capability to operate BB10. I mean, c'mon. They are just now figuring out that Playbook can't handle BB10? That is so ludicrous, it's completely laughable. How long has BB10 been in development? They developed BB10 all along for the Playbook to be able to run BB10. BBRY is just lying to us, yet again. They don't want to spend the $$$ any more to f*** around with the Playbook, and instead of coming out and being honest, more lies. Why does that not surprise me? Well, f*** you too, BBRY.


Exactly. This is just a lazy excuse to say, "we don't want to spend the money." In the end, what is BB10? Its PBOS + Hub and a few other gestures. My Dev Alpha started with PBOS, only with the ability to launch apps written with Cascades. They probably started to think about the screen factor, updating all the docs, asking DEVs to support another screen resolution... And decided to scrap it. Now they don't have a tablet strategy, why would someone own an iPad and a Z10? For most people (not the BB loyal), it's not a great fit.


Hey bbiosdroid. Of course BB is lying to us. They went and lied about BB10 to Playbook. Why? So they could liquidate all unsold Playbook stock (wifi and 4g models) before announcing no BB10 for Playbook. That a$$hole Heinz knew if he made the announcement while they had unsold Playbooks in the warehouse, they'd be stuck with them. Currently Playbooks arent worth the cost of the parts they are made of. Playbook and BB stock is worth sh!t since Friday.

BB10 QNX is inferior. Well the iPad Mini has the same tech specs of prosessor and ram (1ghz 500mb) of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 and yet with these specs my wifes iPad mini runs circles around any 7 inch tablet out there. So of course QNX is inferior trash.

Heinz ketchup was warned to make Z10 Android when Z10 was in the dev mode. If they did then all this shi!t storm thats happening with BB right now could have been avoided, Dont worry people, Heinz has mandated 2 banks to do an assesment of BBs finances. What do you think they are gonna recomend? To continue losing market share? NOT!!! Get ready for Google or Samsung to take over. At least BB will get Android...albeit the hard way, and all the poor people who bought Z10 and Q10 are gonna take it up the a$$ and lose on their investment like we Playbook owners did. Because when Samsung or Google come in they ARE gonna make it full Android and that new OS is NOT gonna be compatable with either Z10 or Q10. So anyone sadly who bought a BB10 devices is screwed.


As far as them just figuring out it doesnt work, I doubt it. They've probably have been working for months to try to get it to work respectfully, just for you and can't get it to run. So what, should they keep throwing money into development waiting for a magical solution to appear?? Cut the losses and move on.
iOS7 on iPhone4 has yet to be seen, why don't you wait to see how it runs. Not that it's any different from any of the past iOS's , but now your promoting and operating system thats not out yet for a device already on the market for 2.5 years. Sound familiar? What happens if it doesnt run smooth, are you going to start calling Apple liars too??


Well, Apple never promised iOS 7 would run smoothly on iPhone 4, but they did promise that iOS 7 would be made available for iPhone 4. Therefore, I would call them liars if they did not make iOS 7 available for iPhone 4 at this point. Will I be able to have 20 apps open on iOS 7 without having problems? Probably not. I don't care. I close down all the open apps I'm not using when the system runs low on memory. I am happy to get all the new features Apple is making available with iOS 7, it will definitely improve the experience on the iPhone 4, and I will take it over no update at all.


This excuse was meant for the people who believe everything and it it realy really should be true than BB10 is an inefficient bloatware OS... also not to good for them!


Really ? That's interesting. So then I guess BB will refund Everyone that just recently Purchased a PB then?
I doubt it. Thor is not stupid. This was planned and executed perfectly. They had to sell off and make money on the remaining Stock of PB's. AND THEY DID.
At Loyal BB buyers expense.
read between the lines.


That's exactly it. I can't believe how pissed off people are getting. They did develop it. It didn't work. Move on, don't waste resources.


I do not agree, how bad these performance can be? They released 2.1 version, don't tell me that bb10 version is worse than current version. Btw os that needs 2GB RAM, it is bloatware...


But what I really hate, is the fact that BlackBerry Device never can be update to better Os. Look at the storm 2, I had one, when the adv of BlackBerry6 came out, I really think it's for the storm 2. Then I bought Torch 9860 I saw the BlackBerry 10 leak, I'm pretty sure Torch can be updated to BlackBerry 10 because I've seen some pic in CB that show Torch with BlackBerry 10 Os. BlackBerry I think you guys really need to plan your old device can be update with the current Os. Let see if BlackBerry 11 came out or whatever they call it since they miss the 8 and 9, I would like my Z10 can be update

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Sad...and all the Blackberry folks I'd encounter kept professing " Its coming soon to the Playbook" only to be disappointed.


One day they promise something. Next day, they change what they said. Same will happen with the offer of BBM for android. You will see. they said June, now is september. It will not come at all. you will see.


And now I'm not sure anyone on those two platforms (Apple's iOS and Google's Android) will care with so many people in mass exodus of's like an old tree falling in the forest of technology. I myself don't care one way or another. I did, but not anymore.


Correct BBM for Android/iOS isn't coming either. You will hear Summer, then end of Summer, then soon, then you will hear the performance on Android/iOS left alot to be desired and blah blah blah crap.

All of you guys with Z10/Q10 will get the shaft when OS11 is released in 2015. Done done done with Blackberry and I was an avid supporter up until the beginning of this year. When I didn't see Skype on launch day, I said oh the same old BS, Skype is COMING. Then you needed 10.1 to run Skype, now Viber is saying you will need 10.2 to run Viber.

No more BB.


You are an optimist if you think BB is gonna be around to develop BB11 LOL. Im keeping my PB as a second tablet to do HD stuff via HDMI but I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 long ago and am happy I did.

People should have clued in Z10 was a piece of sh!t on launch day like I did, when there was no Skype. Thats the most basic of apps and Z10 doesnt have it? Forget it. Then you see all these poor suckers who laid out $600 for a Z10 trying to figure out how to use Skype and side load it, when its standard on Android and IOS out of the box. And all this sh!t storm we are all witnessing here with Playbook and Z10 stocks plummeting, Blackberry did it to themselves (and sadly all of us too) and BB deserves what they get.


You sound just like me. Since then I have gone s3 and galaxy note 10.1. Now this is a professional tablet.


Hey Cisco. Thats cool. Well it was either Samsung or iPad mini. My wife chose the iPad mini for herself, but for me $199 for Samsung was better then $329 for an iPad mini. The Galaxy note 10.1 is artwork and is a beautiful tablet.


And this is the 1000 posts!

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TouchScreen123 win a Playbook ;-)


Ow, don't kick a man while he's down!


Sacks! Its time to make decisions

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My Playbook has been the kids tablet ever since I got the Nexus 7 last year and I told myself that I would use it more once it got the OS10 update. Guess it will remain loaded with kids games for my kids and only touch it when I need to charge it. This sucks....was really looking forward to it with OS10. What a waste of $600.....that's the price you pay to become an early adopter I guess.


You know there are a few lawyers out there that will take his previous comments as unilateral contracts. I smell lawsuits north and south of the border.


Safe to say, blackberry is a major disappointment. I had really high hopes of seeing my playbook alive,always been bragging to my friends about bb10, guess they're having the last laugh after all. Been a blackberry loyal since bb curve 8520 came out, blackberry wasn't loyal to any of it customers, from my point of view i suggest to all my devastated fellows to switch to androids, hence they're going to have bbm on them soon #waytogoblackberry


ya know what this means??? fire sale on playbook apps & games...


Well, I never I thought I would say this. But time to ditch the playbook for an iPad :(


Do it. We did that on Friday after hearing Playbook is now dead. We got the iPad mini and its as fast as a Ferrari and literally has a million apps. iPad is #1 and now I know why.


This is a lost opportunity.

I have been enjoying the combination of Bold 9900 and the PlayBook, and was looking forward to a similar combination with a Z10/Q10 and NO I do NOT want a Phablet (or whatever that is called), don't feel like going back to the days when mobile phones appeared and you were forced to carry a brick as a phone.

Mobile phones should be just

For me the best combination is 4.2" to 4.5" device and a tablet. These two devices should talk to each other seamlessly. BlackBerry was on the right path with the OS7 and PB, needed a few more tweaks and more apps.

If everyone in the industry is copying itself why doesn't BlackBerry take some of Apple hints, and says something like hey people, this tablet is old and wont be supported but we have a new one with the spanking OS10.

But no they prefer to release another OS7 device. Even if that makes business sense, it is seen as going back when you should be moving forward.

BlackBerry have a great OS, I just don't understand why they keep on shooting themselves on the foot.

In a time where competition is fierce and increasing (Jolla is just around the corner) I wonder what goes on in the head of Thorsten and his team.

I leave a bit of advice for BBYR management:
Learn from others and DO NOT LIE to your users.



I'm sure something better is coming


I'm really mad at RIM. They cheated on us!
They (Heins) kept telling that OS10 would have eventually been available for all Playbook owners….and now Heins denies it! I bought the Playbook because I trusted RIM, even if making a tablet without a SIM card is a very incomprehensible choice. Moreover, my playbook when bridged with my Curve 8900 has been always very very very slow, and surfing the internet has always been a painful task.
I was hoping to upgrade my Playbook to the OS10 and may be buying a new Z10 or Q10 when my Curve will be out of bisuness, but now I decided not to buy any more BB products. I do not like this, but they do not deserve our trust.


Yup we all feel cheated. You do know why Heinz ketchup lied to us right? Because there's no point in being honest and saying Playbook is dead when you have a whole warehouse full of unsold stock. Now that Playbook stock is sold, Heinz can be honest and admit the truth, while he lined BB's pocket with tons of extra cash dumping all those old Playbooks. I feel sorry for the poor suckers who layed out $600 for the piece of crap Playbook 4g. Get an iPad mini like I did. Its as fast as a Ferrari and literally has a million apps. iPad is #1 and now I know why.


F**ck Heins and his c-s mouth


Well I am not surprised or concerned. I realize that there was a possiblity to update the Playbook with BB10, but wasn't expecting it. The PlayBook is older hardware and as such might not support the new OS properly. If they did push the software out and the unit didn't run properly everyone would have be dissapointed over that.

Sometimes companies have to make decisions that dissappoint their customers, I am sure this was not their intent or are they lying.

I for one would like iOS7 on my original iPad...sure that will not happen.

I am more concerned that they work on making BB10 function with PlayBook the same as they did with legacy BB's.

I like my Playbook the way it is and don't believe and upgrade to BB10 would have improved it.


So, at last......

I believe my Q10 will be my last ever BB product. By deliberately keeping that "BB10 is coming to PB" lie over the months to liquidate their "old or new LTE" PB stocks, there are no more mutual trust. I use to like RIM but not this Blackberry crap.


-Apple can bring iOS 7 to the iPhone 4 (512mb ram, Cortex A8 processor) but no BB10 for the Playbook (1 gb ram, Cortex A9 processor)???
-We have been systematically lied to for over two years by BB...the apps would come, android apps would come, bb10 would come...all lies. I have NEVER been lied to this BADLY by ANY COMPANY EVER!!! The only people who could apologize for this behaviour are in the lifeboat with the FAILED MANAGEMENT at BB praying that their BB stock value doesn't completely obliterate. I have had to make my Playbook somewhat functional by sideloading the few android apps that work on it and running everything else through the browser with links on the home page. QNX, as good as it is, is a BS halfa**d operating system. The Playbook deserves better. The Playbook was a state of the art device when released and still has more than enough capability to run a modern mobile operating system.
-There are still issues with my Playbook after 2 years that need to be fixed. The Playbook has phenomenal front facing stereo speakers, but I still get crackling audio when playing back video files that I do not have an issue with on any other device. QNX is laggy, laggy, laggy. I'm TIRED of pushing the delete button in mail and mail messages DON'T DELETE. WTF BB...fix this BS. It's been over two years!!!
-When the ship started sinking, BB should have focused on a) not lying to and abandoning it's current customers and b) SIMPLICITY and focusing on developing a single smart phone with appeal to a wide market segment (e.g. HTC One) so they could produce and market a SINGLE device. When the ship gets turned around, then BB could start expanding back into other areas. BB management needs to circle the wagons, FOCUS, and stop pissing off current customers!!!


that's it, i'm done with BB, my love for BB is over from this day forward, playbook was a great product but the videochat is only to other pb's, i wanted skype so i could see my girlfriend when i'm not at home, i bought a Android phone a few months ago and a world opend up for me, it is amazing what is availeble on the google store. after hearing this news i wish i've never bought one. just a waste of money, an Android tablet can do the same or more for lthe same amount of money but you know what they say, love is blind.


And in response to Heins comment today I purchased my new Nexus 4 instead of the Z10. He made my decision for me.


So sad,
so give us story maker to the playbook, we need a video editor on the playbook

Pilot Prop

since BB10 isnt coming to the PB. I wonder if/when BlackBerry will be producing another tablet capable of doing BB10 justice.

thank you for all these contests crackberry.... now if you would pick me then that would be very helpful ;)... lol would save me buying a chromebook :P


We've started to crowd source a hacking effort in our forums by QuackQuack147. Please read and donate. If you're a forum follower, you'll see his name everywhere. We're trying to generate $125 CAD and have $63.81 as of an hour ago. We're trying to get some bricked PlayBook system boards over to him in India. I'm here in Canada...most of this will be shipping costs if actual broken PlayBooks are needed. THANK YOU!


I DO NOT CARE ABOUT BB10 on the damn playbook, give me BRIDGE functionality between BB10 and playbook PLEASE.... ./slit wrists (at least what we have with BB7 and playbook)


They killed Playbook so that's not gonna happen.


I bought a storm 2, no updates, waited till it died, had to go to another phone (galaxy S3), sorry i needed a phone not a dream, playbook of some use, but only some. I expect all updates from software to pretty much cease, rendering it a real waste of silicon in the next 6-12 months, so again i move, to a nexus 7 II or a nexus 10, goodbye blackberry, i wait till early next year to update to a galaxy S5.....
I needed real devices not pie in the sky.
Good luck, you have burnt of ove a hundred thousand potential customers....


My sentiments exactly which is why I switched to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 in April. Seen this coming for a while. Nice thing about Playbook going tits up is there's gonna be a fire sale on apps and bet you can find a Playbook at $79 on a fire sale. Nice for a second tablet to hook up to your HDTV, and dirt cheap.


So I bought one this summer for nothing... what a shame u.u


I'm ticked off. Well at least I can get Web access via the Bridge. The Only reason I upgraded to a Q10 was so I could bridge it to the Playbook for Full Touch screen for BBM, Text messages, and all the other stuff that worked via the Bridge. If I had known, I probably would have kept my older device. The Playbook is underestimated grossly. Most people don't even know they exist much less what they can do. My Android friend are laughing at me know. Oh well. Gotta suck it up. I'm still ticked off.


This is a small thing to me, since the incremental improvement is not big. MUCH BIGGER is getting full Bridge capability for the Playbook on the new 10 phones, especially the Q10. That is delaying me from buying a bunch of new 10 phones.


BBRY should never have promised a BB10 update for playbook. All this anger is not about a lacking update, it's all about a broken word. For me, I've returned my Playbook and rescued my hard earned money, and now enjoying an ipad mini which costed less than a playbook in May 2013 (bargain sale, bought from a new online shopping site, and selling the coupons earned).


This bullshit. I am sure that the experience is not that bad. Better stability would be good. How about some updates to the current OS to improve the Android emulation. So much for promises.


Not even small tiny winy update? ....... :(


Now i know what "Keep Moving" means .......


Next will be the Z10!
Many Z10 on second hand stores ....


OK, NO BB10!



Bummer. But, not sure I really mind... the PlayBook works fine as is and continuous updates just take up space

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There's plenty of space on my 64gb Playbook. Bring on the updates!!!


Just told the real reason there won't be BB10 OS on the Playbook is because the company can't afford the cost to keep multiple versions of the OS running. I'm told they pulled everyone to work Z & Q and now can't afford to pull them from the handset programs back to the Playbook. They claim PB will run BB10, it's just the amount of work that has to be done to adjust BB10 for the PB. RIM is in survival mode. Money spent on PB provides zero return. That said, I'm still leaving Blackberry as soon as I can bring myself to sell my Z10....gulp.....and buy a Samsung S4. Maybe if I write this a few times, it will be less painful....


Sorry you got screwed on the Z10. I've seen this coming for months and just happy I didnt buy one. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out BB is in financial ruin. Heinz has mandated 2 banks to do a financial assesment of BB. What do you think they will reccomend? Continue and lose market share? BB can't continue with horrible Z10 sales. BB sold less since Z10 lauch 6 months ago then iPad mini sold in its first day of launch. That says a lot. I think Heinz will throw in the towel. Get ready for Samsung or Google to take over Blackberry. At least if Samsung or Google take over, we will get full Android instead of this little loser app-less QNX that no one gives a sh!t about.


Google will gain Nothing with buying BB. Maybe MS might but it if the price is dirt cheap. Don't forget they turned Down Nokia because the price was too high. I doubt BB is of any Value at ALL to Google or even Apple. Like I said. MAYBE MS.
Also, as an Android User I really find nothing at all the BB has as appealing and that is a MUST have. So really what is there to gain ?


"Money spent on PB provides zero return."... except you and many others would have kept with BB. That's not zero return...


Sounds far more logic! Still they lied at us and tell us dumbshi excuses...sorry but I have no reason to stay with this company any longer


well... as long as my Playbook still works I won't leave BB...
why should I change as long as it works fine for what I use it for
But after that...
both mobile and tablet will change


Thats what I thought, Until I switched to A Nexus 4 Phone and Nexus 7 Tablet. Im sorry but unless you use them then you have NO IDEA how much faster and easy it is to do things on Android JB. Also I use my built in tethering on the Nexus 4 to provide my Nexus 7 with Internet everywhere I go.
Nope I don't miss the BB days at all.


I purchased my Playbook right before Christmas of 2012 when it was on sale for $299 (16GB) and I had over $125 in Gift Cards. At the time, I didn't own a BB Phone nor had I owned one in over 5 years but I did my research and felt it would be the best bang for the money especially because it wasn't an iPad. I waited and waited and WAITED for the OS2 update... waited for Netflix, Skype, a REAL Facebook app etc... and now all I am left with is a really great camera & Angry Birds Space, some other games and that's it. What a shame. I don't even have the energy to rant about how upsetting this is.

Never again...


Well, that kind of does it for me. I was an early adopter of the PB. Everyone thought I was crazy for buying it when it first came out. The lack of apps was pretty hard to take but I figured I'd wait it out and see. Now that I know there is no future for it, I need to sell it and move on. Honestly, I don't use it much anymore. The boot time was just way too long and the lack of apps is discouraging. I've been using it as my Bible for the last year. I have too much old technology laying around. I'm sure someone else would be thrilled to have my 32MB PB. Now, I just need to find them.


I feel your disapointment. I moved to a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0 as I need a tablet that can deliver what I need instead of Playbooks empty promises. I don't know what possesed me to buy a Playbook at almost $600 2 years ago, (I could have bought an iPad for that) but I have too much invested in it to sell it for a crummy $150 that I'd get...if I was lucky. Are you sure you want to sell your Playbook? Even though its dead, BB did say they were gonna support it in its current OS state. I also am keeping mine as a second tablet so I can enjoy a great HD web/movie player and gaming machine over my HDTV. I've collected a ton of BB's great free games when they were offers of the week and am gonna start working on beating them all. The only games I got screwed on were the 4 Angry Birds games on Playbook as they were $2.99 to $4.99 each with NO current updated. Don't really care about that though as I have all updated Andry Birds games on my Samsing, including Angry birds Star Wars. Playbook is worth keeping as a second tablet.


A company that misleads its customers doesn't deserve to stay in business, it's too bad I was a big fan of BlackBerry actually bought 3 PlayBooks and waited patiently for OS 10 update. Now? Good riddens...never will buy a BlackBerry product again.


Thank goodness that's all over. Maybe we can all move on now.

I hate seeing failed tech thrashing around in death throes. At least it's out of it's misery now.


I've seen this coming for a long time and switched in April to Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0. Need a real tablet that can do what I need, not empty promises.


Please... at least one good deed before you bugger off... let us install other OS
RIP Blackberry


I's still a great piece of hardware. If Blackberry is going to abandon it, let us install Android on it.


With the cancellation of BB10 to Playbook, Blackberry has moved one step closer to being broken into pieces and taken over. The Z10 and Q10 are sorely lagging in sales, and I have a feeling Heinz ketchup will throw in the towel. He's already hired 2 banks to get a strategic review done. What do think those 2 banks will recommend Blackberry do? Continue losing market share and run the company into the ground with horrible product sales? Not!! They will reccomend Blackberry be sold off in parts to an independant super company. Get ready for Samsung or Google to take over Blackberry. Blackberry has always has poor leadership incapable of looking outside the box. If Heinz Ketchup had of listened to his advisors last year and made Blackberry phones Android, none of this would be happening now. Any tablet or smartphone which has Android is a guarentee of sucess. Not to worry though, when Samsung or Google take over they will give us what we want and make all Blackberry Android. A shame Blackberry has to be sold to give us what we need. To bad Heinz isn't enough of a visionary to know this trueism.


So if Thorsten Heins says tablets are passe then why is HP releasing a new tablet? Market size must still be there?


Read through the lines. Heinz is a liar. He made this statement because there are actually BB users out there naive enough to buy that BS and buy more Z10s, and BB cant afford to market a tablet...which is why they killed the Playbook. Truth is tablets are here to stay. Apple is worth $400 billion and their mainstay is the iPad...a tablet.


Absolutely agree. Tablets are here to stay.


My Playbook lost Bridge on the purchase of a Z10 and now only gets used as a video camera. Shame.


Doesn't matter if the playbook didn't get blackberry 10. I didn't buy it just for that, I didn't buy it just because it had apps I wanted, or because I thought it was getting more apps like what comes with blackberry 10, I bought it because of the bridge function AND the fact that I wanted an excellent tablet. Just because it's not getting blackberry 10, doesn't mean it's a damn great tablet on it's own. It's not RIP either, it's not even discontinued at all. I will still keep using and enjoying my blackberry playbook, regardless of what people think. Call it whatever you want, say anything you'd like, but nobody is going to change my mind, OR make me abandon the tablet. No android, ipad or windows 8 tablet is going to take it's place at all.

Hal Cull

You (like Heins) are missing the point. THERE IS NO FULLY FUNCTIONING BRIDGE to PB for the Q10 or Z10, only for OS7 devices. The people who bought the Q10 or Z10 based on the MULTIPLE PUBLIC PROMISES that the they would get the full bridge to PB got screwed. Look it up ... consumers living in Germany are right now returning their Playbooks for a full refund (they have up to 2 years) because the PB promises were deemed false and misleading by German law.

Here in North America, the loyal BB users that gave up their perfectly functioning OS7 devices that had a working bridge for the new OS10 not knowing that the bridge was DOA are simply out of luck ... tough titty said the kitty when the promised bridge ran dry.

Those of us who waited to see if BB would follow through before making the jump to Z10/Q10 were at least spared that pain.

Also, I find it highly unlikely that I'm the only person on the planet who will NEVER buy a Z10/Q10 BECAUSE of no working bridge to PB. And I'm sure the company I work for is not the only company on the planet that has nixed ANY new BB purchases because of high risk (due to Heins' outright lying).

Personally, I hope the market continues to pummel BB stock into the ground, they deserve every bit of it.

BB is clueless, they're in a death spiral now. They went after the fickle ifanboy/fanboid market while completely neglecting their loyal corporate user base and now they've alienated almost everybody. Even a Windows (shudder) phone looks more attractive from a risk perspective now.


Shame, Shame, Shame. Where are the promises BB made.

I can't believe the BB OS10 coudln't be tweaked / scaled down for the playbook.

Money. That's all what's driven this decision.


I am disappointed in OS10 not coming to the playbook, but find it a very good device non the less. It does what it was intended for when I first bought it, and performs well. I also find since I bought a Q10, that I use the playbook less. To me it is like a mini playbook with added features, but is a lot faster. I love my Q10, and will keep my playbook for occasional use around the house. Maybe they will come up with some small upgrades to make it a little more useful.


Dumbfounded. I am simply dumbfounded. Doesn't Blackberry know what kind of PR nightmare they just created with their own customers? But let's look into this a little deeper. Blackberry is a public company that is traded on the NYSE, et al. When promises are made to release new products and services then rescinded suddenly, it can be construed to be an attempt to build up the stock price (of course the loss of 30% stock value last week was a shock). I'm not saying they should go down for fraud but the SEC is probably taking more time looking at Blackberry's business practices then they have in the past. I've personally had stock in a company that engaged in empty promises and got nailed. BB needs to keep in mind that if they are going to make a promise they need to follow through - for everyone who invested in the company, both inventors and customers.

Just my $.02


That PB wallpaper certainly looks creepy.


Well to para-phrase Thorston Heins ...
Unfortunately, I am not satisfied with the level of performance and user experience from Blackberry” ...
“I made the difficult decision to stop my efforts with this company and focus on the core hardware portfolio of the competition”

blue. shark

very disappointed! no bridge with z10!!!!!!


Ofcourse BlackBerry only sold 100,000 Playbooks in the last quarter; they have been unavailable for sale since nearly December/January where I live

Also most have been waiting for BB10 to be on them to purchase, it is a sad day for RIM indeed, and for BlackBerry in general. Without a Tablet there is no model to build an eco system anymore, not to mention what happened to QNX being light and fast and being able to run on any system. The superiority of BB10 and the new QNX system was playbook/phone was supposed to have same apps and not need to worry about resolution ect

Many companies are now forced to either buy into the iPad market and Apple's world or the Android market. Which means they'll have to develop the ability to support iOS or Android which now means those companies who were avoiding going to iOS or Android and were loyal blackberry supporters will have to open it up to allow iPhones and Android phones eventually. There goes the Niche that blackberry thought they had.

Greenlight Energy

This is the last straw...I'm going Android.


Get a Google Nexus 7. It is a great buy for $200 and is Top Notch. Not only that but you can Tether it to your Phone and sync and do everything and pretty much anything you want on it.


I spent almost $800.00 on this unit wanting to be the first have it. We waited while BB10 get it's upgrades, Purchased apps and Accessories waiting for that final upgrade. I been using blackberry phones
for more that 10 years, Company and Personal. Time to send a message to CNBC rather than Blackberry
offices. Slap Me!, Let's Slap them Back. Nothing Personal But, This is Business!


Maybe that developer will finally release the iOS emulator for Playbook that was rumoured to exist 2 years ago and it will breath some Magic back into the hardware :)

RP Singh

*shrug* They've changed their mind about it once already, it could happen again, and very well may.


I was holding off on getting a Z10 until the Playbook got the BB10 OS. Now I am going to just hang on to my Torch 9810 and wait for the next best thing. How can anyone trust Thorston Heins when he says one thing, then a few months later completely reverses direction. I think it's lights out for Blackberry for me.

Stephen Trichet

Can't wait and trust blackberry anymore, i have always support, was really happy to have my z10, even if i can't synchronize my calendar or contacts, i could forgive all these defaults but it is the straw that overfilling the tank, i sell my z10 (if anyone want buy it) and go to android.
Good bye bb and see you never....


same for me! I'll not buy another Blackberry product but I'll have to keep using the Z10 because I already spent $800 USD for it. Blackberry shouldn't hire a liar to lead the company to death.

Hal Cull

Thankfully, I didn't get burned with buying a Q10 or Z10 before the bridge to PB was fixed. Since that's now not going to happen, I did manage to come up with an interim solution that suits me fine.

Just bought a mint condition BB Torch 9800 with all accessories in box on Kijiji for $90 (sorry BB no more money from me). At least I can now bridge to my Playbook and it should keep me going long enough for BB's competition to create a bridge like capability to their tablet. At this point, I don't care whether it's iPhone or Android as long as it works properly.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time a tech company was so close to the finish line with such an awesome concept (i.e. Q10/Z10 to tablet bridge) and then completely choked while alienating their customer base. Epic choke destined to be a case study for MBA students of the future.


I never used bridge because I don't have a BB phone, but why would BB develop the capability and then take it away? It's plain idiocy.

Hal Cull

Idiocy is far too kind a word. Thor's lack of vision reminds me of the Simpson's episode where Homer's billionaire brother gives him carte blanche to create the perfect car that everybody wants. Of course Homer's vision bankrupts the company and his brother becomes homeless because Homer's vision is completely contrary to what the market actually wants.

At least Homer was just stupid, not deceitful and stupid.

Thor's tablet prediction will be in the same scrapbook of quotes as other like minded CEOs from the dust bin of tech history:

"There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home." - Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

"I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." - Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

“In five years, I don’t think there’ll be a reason to have a tablet anymore. Maybe a big screen in your workspace, but not a tablet as such.” - Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry CEO, 2013


Internal discussion... A Chinese company is seeking to take over Blackberry. I guess maybe Lenovo or Alibaba or Tencent?? Will see what happen in the coming months.

Hal Cull

Too funny. Our CEO said to me yesterday "Nobody is that stupid (referring to Heins), he's probably making those remarks to drive down stock prices to make a buyout more attractive or BB is going for a stock buy back".

Think I'll put my money on he is that stupid instead of a preemptive buyout or stock buy back. Nobody pisses away that much good will if the plan was preemptive.


I've heard that a requirement of any company to buy BBRY is that they have the proper security clearances with USGOV. I doubt a Chinese Company would meet this criteria.


The most funny thing that there are so many guys in the forum still happy with BBRY and their stupid decisions and defend everythng as plausibale (2GB) and clever (Alienating loyal customers). They seem to live on another planet...

Hal Cull

Yes, I think they're building a fanboy colony on planet Irrelevant now that BB has conceded 3rd place to Microsoft's kludge by default.

Although I must say I did prefer my Palm Treo (running CE) to that horrendous BB Storm that ultimately drove us to iPhones a few years back, even though they would lock up the OS on at least 1 call per day (loved the hand recognition with stylus). We were hoping to go back to BB with the Q10/Z10 PB combo, but now I'm just going to stick it out with my new-to-me Torch I bought on Kijiji yesterday until somebody else figures out the secure integrated cell/tablet combo that BB had with OS7 to PB. I'd even go with Windows (shudder) if they did it, it's that important to our corporate mobile strategy.

And no Heins we're NOT going to carry around "big screens" to take into board rooms and client meetings to connect to BB10 devices, despite your idiotic Homer Simpson visionary style quote ... that's why tablets are here to stay.


I am very disappointed with his decision. I can't connect to Netflix or Amazon's Instant movies and now no update.


Given that we've been strung along for over a year that BB10 will be coming to the Playbook, and undoubtedly a significant number of Playbooks have been sold based on that promise, it seems only reasonable that Thorsten at the very least should give us a consolation upgrade by way of an apology and an acknowledgement that we've been treated badly.

How about USB functionality? If I could use the USB port to access storage drives it would transform my PB. I seem to remember someone hacked a previous PB OS and enabled the USB port for access - surely this would still be possible? Given the PB is now officially a 'dead' legacy device, any bleating about security issues would surely be irrelevant .


The main thing in my opinion is this...BB/RIM advertising sucks a_s, at least in the USA. The playbook was not advertised wisely. The marketing strategy of the PB was poor compared to Ipad, Galaxy Tab, etc. Thornstein needs to spend the money when it comes to marketing. Even the new phones are marketed terribly. O have seen about 10 commercials since getting my Z10. I only saw about 4 commercials when they advertised the PB. I am so afraid that BB users are a dying breed. I know RIM/BB is trying to make a comeback but I'm starting to believe its too little too late. :(

Posted via CB10


The reason their advertising sucks is because they have no revenue to advertise. The reason they have no revenue is they should have went full Android instead of BB10. BB's prob right now is no one wants to dev for them as they have only gotton only luke warm revews. Going Android would give BB instant access to 750,000 apps. Apps are king and BB needs to realize this before they go bankrupt and some giant like Samsung or Google buy them out, and force BB to go Android. Do it volentarily Heinz now or be forced when you go bankrupt and are forced to do it.


To date there's 2.5M PlayBooks in the wild. I don't mid not getting the BB10 Update, but there is no way BlackBerry will just abandon its 2.5M customers, so I expect continued software updates and Blackberry World app additions.


Expect all u like - all we'll be getting is a big fat midlle finger cos BBRY have offloaded all their inventory now.

Oh and maybe a cease and desist order if you manage to crack the bootloader :)


Thorsten: tablets are history - Me: Acer Iconia, my new tablet. Oh btw Blackberry along with all their managers and board member: Go fuck yourselves. I WILL NEVER BUY FUCKING BLACK BERRY, EVER AGAIN. THANKS TO YOASSHOLES. You should all be locked in jail for scamming people by telling them a lie and selling something that doesn't work...


It is a shame that there is no law in Canada for those fraudsters... They keep selling their bullshit, and never be accountable for their actions...


Right. Well, this announcement seals my decision to never to purchase a Blackberry product again. Think that about a year ago I was a hardcore RIM fan and I even purchased three PBs because they were "BB10 ready". I know, who cares about what one user thinks. But when the postmortem is written up please notice Blackberry is just another brainwashing machine pumping up cash into their shareholder's accounts.


The UK Blackberry site is still "marketing" the PlayBook with comments such as " ... beneath its polished surface, the PlayBook packs a blazing fast dual core processor, two HD 1080p video cameras and 1 GB of RAM for a high performance experience designed to be up to the task—whatever it may be."
... seems like it can do everything .... err .. except run Blackberry's own OS10 ... what a joke.


I want 100% refund from Blackberry for my Playbook. This is ridiculous. How can a CEO promise something and not deliver.

Matthew T

People saying the playbook needs higher ram have never heard of the xbox 360 man that shit runs high performance games with only 512mb of ram so I think the playbook could have a few refinements to run better